Lilian Garcia Endorses Linda McMahon For Senate

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Lilian Garcia has endorsed Linda McMahon for United States Senate. She wrote the following on Twitter:

Voting day!!!! If u live in CT I hope u will vote 4 @Linda_McMahon 4 Senator! Worked 4 her 4 10yrs! Great Lady!! Go Linda!! #Vote @WWE

Richard Reacts: No offense to Lilian but I would think someone in her position would encourage group health insurance for the WWE "independent contractors" rather than $100 million Senate campaigns.  I've said too much already.

  • Doug

    Richard, she knows what side her bread is buttered on. How about all the WWE, current and past workers who the McMahon's have paid their way through rehab ad nauseum, despite numerous relapses. She's exercising her first amendment rights. Lillian is a classy lady.

  • MikeElliott94

    Richard, I usually appreciate reading what you post, but that comment makes you look like an ass. Lillian is entitled to her own opinion and people should respect it, not criticize it.

  • Ross Perot

    Everybody is entitled to back whoever they want for ther own reasons. If people would lay off and just let the process unfold without all the finger pointing and negativity it would be a lot easier on society.

  • SDD619

    You gotta remember Lillian has met Linda & would know what she is like better then we would. That would be why she supports Linda in a good luck approach. Her car accident was horrible we get that, but you gotta remember that its part of the Wrestling business. WWE probably offered to pay her medical expenses anyway.

  • James

    I wonder if she will get fired. What happen to Abraham Washington endorsing McMahon because WWE claims that is why they fired him

  • Clint

    LOL they will blame her for the loss