Lilian Garcia Returning To WWE As Smackdown's Ring Announcer

Lilian Garcia is returning to the ring as Smackdown's ring announcer.

WWE announced moments ago on their official website after a more than two-year hiatus, she will join the brand for the first time. Lilian worked for WWE as a ring announcer from August 1999 until September 2009.

No word on the status of the current Smackdown ring announcer Tony Chimmel.

  • christianrocker90

    But, but, but. UGH! Put her on Raw!

    • Alex

      This is probably just Vince's way of putting her through the motions since she left. I have no doubt she'll be on Raw eventually. I'd love to hear her announce CM Punk as the WWE Champion. She's the best ring announcer, behind only the Fink (we're not worthy lol).

  • Deez nuts

    Heck with that show that body in a jello match.

  • Doug

    Lillian's the best! I'm glad she's back. She's so classy. I wish she was on Raw so I could see her more often, however.

  • Ian P.

    Woohoo! Welcome back Lillian!!!

  • j8duong

    WHY NOT RAW?!?! PUT HER ON RAW!!!!!!

  • George

    Weather it's Raw or SmackDown, Welcome back Lilian Garcia.

  • Steve

    But I love Tony Chimmel! He's got the best delivery of announcements.

    • Blazeking

      But he flubs lines so much. He's a "wildline" master.


    yeah she shd introduce rock vs cena at wm!

  • Matt K

    I'm glad she's back but she does belong on Raw! I love her!!!!

  • Andy

    Lilian Lilian Lilian, a mere coincidence that the rock will probably be popping in and out soon……we all know you cant get enough of the peoples strudel

  • Ilyas Omar

    AWESOME Lilian is back to WWE.She's my favorite ring announcer.But I wish she could be on Raw.Will whether you're on Raw or SmackDown.I can now she you again.

  • jas

    i appreciate chimel more than garcia and roberts. put her to raw and kill robberts.