Lilian Garcia Struck By A Car In Los Angeles

Lilian Garcia is in stable condition at a Los Angeles hospital after being struck by a car on Friday afternoon.

Dot com reports that Garcia suffered "multiple contusions and lacerations" on the left side of her body, but she is expected to make a full recovery. Lilian's neck has been immobilized as she undergoes overnight evaluation.

Garcia and her husband Christopher Jozeph live in Los Angeles where Jozeph has launched a men's contemporary fashion line called VoKARE.

  • Judy

    Hope Lilian makes a fast recovery.
    God bless you Lilian.

  • Miss Paula – USA

    Praying for you Sister.

  • Tex

    Wishing her the best.

  • Doug

    What a classy, beautiful woman. Best wishes to you, Lillian!

  • mainesoto

    I will pray for Lillian and hope she get better fast.

  • Christopher K.

    I Hope and pray she will be ok..I'm Pullin for you Lillian.

  • Alex

    Hope she gets better soon. Our prayers go out to her and her loved ones.

  • Robert

    Hope you get well soon, you are the best WWE has got!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    OMG praying for you Lillian….

  • sayan chakraborty

    god bless u we wnt 2 see u as an announcer ………………..get well soon……………..

    • prasenjit majumdar

      get well soon