Lilian Garcia's Husband Says Evan Bourne Is In Rehab Right Now

Lilian Garcia's husband Chris Jozeph said at the 33:32 mark of AfterBuzzTV's post-Raw Supershow program that Evan Bourne is "in rehab right now" when the they were discussing Kofi Kingston's match against R-Truth.

You can watch the show on YouTube at this link.

Bourne is currently serving a 60-day suspension from WWE for his second Wellness Policy violation.


    How does he know?

    • Dangerous Lee

      Hes probably in rehab with him lol

  • MsMojoRisin

    If it is true lets see how this goes

  • Bob

    I don’t think he’d be in rehab for weed, who wants to bet it’s for ” blues” Oxy’s… Still sucks though.

    • Christen

      it wasn't weed he was suspended for no one knows the drug really probably same stuff both Hardys got on

  • Thumpa

    If you need rehab for smoking weed than there’s millions due rehab.

    • eurosario

      It’s the fake stuff not the real deal

  • Wwe4L76

    Hope he is getting better

  • Synyster

    Even if it is just fake weed hope he gets better I like Evan and I’d hate to see him turn into another Jeff or Matt

    • Abe

      To bring a little much needed humor to a bad situation. He already has turned into a Matt. See what I did there?

      • Kelly Murdoch

        I c wat u did there 🙂