Lincoln Broderick Released From WWE Developmental; Risque Photos Of Ashley Valence

- The WWE developmental releases continue as Lincoln Broderick's profile has been removed from the official NXT Wrestling website. You can still access his profile at this link.

- Former WWE Diva Ashley Valence has posed for some very risqué photos. They are not work appropriate so do not click in PG environments. You can view them at this link. (Thanks to WNW reader Fernando for sending us the link.)

  • Mike L

    Ok I won't click them while I watch Survivor Series tonight. 😛

  • mjledesma

    She is beautiful. Wasnt she supposed to be the next Lillian Garcia?

  • chelu671

    Can I just say that Ashely Valence was looking good in those Maxim photos.

  • Keagan

    Helloooooooo nurse!


  • Andrew Ace

    Thanks Richard for the pics

  • Malboja

    She looks just like a girl I was seeing , I miss her 🙁

  • J-Dub

    One Word: "NICE!"