Linda McMahon Boldly Proclaims She Met Vince In Church

POLITICO has an intriguing article online on Linda McMahon and her second attempt at a run for United States Senate. The piece, which highlights McMahon's failed attempt in 2010, is titled "Linda McMahon 2.0: Ready to Rumble" and looks are her "toned down" campaign. A quote from Linda on the campaign trail is included:

“I met my husband in church, we were married when we were kids,” she told the crowd at a modest restaurant called Off The Hook. “The day before I graduated [from college], I found out I was pregnant with our first child. We had no job, no money, no insurance. So I get what that’s all about.”

There you have it folks, Vince and Linda met in church. Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Richard Reacts: I want to be clear.  I'm not posting this to "slime" Linda nor am I accusing her of making a false claim.  I know Linda and Vince claim they met in church.  My problem is the context in which this was used.  Someone that does not know the history/background of the McMahon family could easily be misled by this comment that sheds her as the family-friendly faith-based candidate. This is the problem with politics.  If you spend enough money, you can be anyone you want to be.  Look into Linda's background, YouTube the angles in which she agreed to take part in - use that information before taking anything she says on the campaign trail at face value.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Jordan for sending us the link.

  • Logan_Walker


  • Mondina

    Vince actually already stated this years ago in the McMahon DVD.

  • G Ilyas

    Is that supposed to sound normal or is she trying to scare people even more?

  • Richard Gray

    I remember hearing they met in church but this is ridiculous. Talk about spinning a comment in order to be seen as the family-friendly candidate, I'm utterly appalled in which the context this was used.

    • n1ck

      its no different than Obama and romney

      • Thebigbowboskie

        Yes yes yes

      • Richard Gray

        It all who can lie more than their opponent but this is especially bad because I know a lot more about their background than other political candidates. Imagine those that we don't know as well… sobering if you think about it.

        • Wainwright

          Can you expand more??

    • Bault16

      Of course you’re appalled, it’s politics

    • mo

      r they divorced

      • Richard Gray

        No they are married

    • John

      What I do not understand, is why you are so concerned with this. She will do no worse than anyone else has or any worse than what is still to come. Our government is broken and the system is falling all around us. As bad as it is, why not just give her a chance to be just like everyone else?

    • WNW FAN

      "I remember hearing they met in church but this is ridiculous. Talk about spinning a comment in order to be seen as the family-friendly candidate, I'm utterly appalled in which the context this was used. "

      First off no disrespect Richard but sounds like your saying it's ok for her opponent to smear her for her past but she can't stand up for herself and mention they met in church? Even if her comment was ridiculous in my humble opinion I don't think is it fair for you to post things her opponent has said in the past and you not say it's "ridiculous" then when Linda says something in her own defense you "roll your eyes". Liberals are allowed to say and do whatever but when a conservative says or does something people scream and shout. I know you have stood up for Linda in some aspects before but her comment could have been much "worse" and ridiculous as you put it. Just my thoughts Richard. I do enjoy the site and my premium subscription.

      • Richard Gray

        I'm not taking a "liberal" or "conservative" position in this argument and as you referenced, I've defended Linda when I've felt she was unfairly criticized. However, there was no way I was going to let these deceptive comments slide and felt everyone should be aware of them.

  • Dave Barton

    I remember seeing Vince in church once…I've even got footage!

    • Wainwright

      Bhahahahahahaha!!! Toché!

  • David

    A Politician who lies, I am "SHOCKED".

    • Richard Gray

      That's the thing, she's not lying. She's telling the truth but using it in a way to deceive others into voting for her.

      I'm not naive in thinking she's the only person that does this but it's especially despicable when literally millions of people know she stands for something far different. I'm not saying Linda is a bad person but to paint herself as someone she clearly is not, is very troubling.

      Bottom line is Linda is trying to get into office to ensure decreased government regulation on businesses such as WWE and to ensure her wealth is taxed at the lowest possible rates. I know this isn't the material that's "electable" but to try and claim she's someone that "understands people" and "knows what it's like" is absurd.

      • David

        Ok, maybe not lying, but you'll never find an honest politician.

        • Richard Gray

          Again, I'm not saying you will. My point is the level of arrogance in the comment. "We met at church," "we had no money," "I get what that’s all about.”

          Utterly absurd. I'm not saying Linda and Vince didn't work hard for what they have either, I'm one of the few IWC writers not against big business. My point is how arrogantly deceptive she is being. It's disgusting.

          • David

            I feel like I am debating you, even though I agree with everything that you said.

      • David

        So I'm guessing if you lived in Connecticut, you wouldn't vote for Linda?.

        • Richard Gray

          Absolutely positively not. I'm not a McMahon hater either. I respect both Linda and Vince and what they've done for the business but the thought of either governing the country is beyond troubling.

          • David

            I totally agree with you.

            Am I right, is it Connecticut the state she running for, or is it New York?

          • Richard Gray

            Yep you're right.

          • mr shwo

            the thought of anyone other than ron paul as president is way way way way way way more scary

  • Chuck

    Richard I got a pic of the mcmahons swimming and it’s funny to see their kid in a sin cara mask

  • Ken

    As I've been saying, this is all just an ego trip for Linda, just like it is for 90% of all other politicians. There's not one who 'knows what it's like' or has any idea about the real world or has any sort of concrete idea about policy or direction. Just like any other politician or aspiring politician Linda is perfectly willing to put any sort of spin on her image as is necessary.
    It's shocking, disgusting, etc, etc, etc, but what's even worse is that the majority of the voter base is so uneducated and ignorant about anything beyond their own little life that this sort of tactic actually works.

    I'd say it makes me glad not to be an American, but truthfully the UK is just as bad. It just goes to show that democracy truly doesn't work.

    • Doc

      Democracy may have it's holes and issues and definitely big ones at times, but it works better than really any other option right now. What else is there? Communism? Socialism? No thanks.

      This post reminds me of people who rail on the rich despite not knowing that 70% of the Forbes 400 (the 400 richest people in America) are actually self-made.

      As for the original story, it doesn't bother me as much as it seems to bother others. I agree it slants the truth but all politicians do that and I just take it with a grain of salt. Although I think Richard seems to be a good day, I also disagree that it's not "sliming" her to some degree. Maybe it isn't "sliming" her but there's no reason this comment had to be posted as a story. I'm sure there's lots of things that have been said in this campaign that have been untrue or distorted the truth by both sides. Picking this comment out among the very few that have been posted on this site just to give your own thoughts seems a bit odd to me. Then again, it's your site so you can do whatever you want and more power to you. The explanation just doesn't quite float with me.

  • Ricky Valdez

    The father, the son, and the holy spirit squad, lol. Vince lost his marbles back then.

  • AnnO

    I remember Vince saying that they met in church during a TV interview circa 1999. He described his walking into the church while God’s saying, “What are you doing here?”

  • Steve Pritchard

    A McMahon in office is very troubling. Vince’s ring music will cmon before she gives a speech. What idiot would vote for her?

    • Richard Gray

      I would love to hear someone's reasoning for supporting her…

      • Evon Reese

        I'm notin her district but I would support her. I would support someone that had had the ability to build a company and not make it succeed but to soar. If she can use her business sense to turn this country around we need more like her. Of course she doesn't want higher taxes she is paying enough now. I hear Stars in Hollywood saying they need to pay more taxes but I have not once seen anyone of them voluntarily writing a higher check to the government. Which by the way you could do so. I want to see WWE hire more people and expand the company. I am not even going to pretend they should do all this and not make a nice profit. That's absurd. If people didn't like they're product they would not be making any money. No one is forcing anyone to watch or buy their product. I do no hate rich people. I wish I was one of them. If you have never been successful how are you going to run a country successfully?

  • Chris H

    You say you're not trying to "slime" Linda, yet you then say "Look into Linda’s background, YouTube the angles in which she agreed to take part in – use that information before taking anything she says on the campaign trail at face value."

    Haven't YOU repeatedly stated the bullying campaign despite bullying characters, and Eugene Dismore being perfectly acceptable as a character, because they are acting? They are putting on a show? They are being entertaining?

    So why, then, should we judge Linda by the angles she has been involved in? Funny, that.

    I guess it's like those who always preface a sentence "I'm not racist, but…." and "No offence meant, but…" and then follow with racism and offence. Don't mean to slime Linda here, but I will slime Linda.

  • Evon Reese

    So what? I don't see the problem. They may have met in church when they were young. They then went on to build the WWE. She's not claiming they are ministers only that she understands that way of life. We have so many Congressmen and women now that are ashamed to even mention church or God it's really refreshing. At least she has the guts to stand up and not leave that part of her life out. To say she may be misleading someone is just bull and knit picking. She's telling the story of when they were young. They're life now is pretty much an open book and she's not hiding it.

  • Evon Reese

    You must be living in the dark ages if you don't know the history of the McMann family. We are after all living in the age of the Internet and cable news and TV. In the last 4 years voters are more informed than ever. They are starting to check candidates out for themselves and there is this little thing called google.