Linda McMahon Returning To Her Roots; Will Attend Wrestlemania XXVIII On Sunday

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Linda McMahon is returning to her roots… her campaign announced today that she would be putting the Republican nominating race for US Senate against Christopher Shays on hold this weekend to attend Wrestlemania XXVIII from Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.  This will also lead to media criticism as McMahon has tried to keep her WWE past at arm's reach, highlighting her success as a female executive but having no part of the racier Attitude Era story lines.

McMahon left WWE in 2009 to pursue a run for United States Senate in 2010.  She won the Republican nomination but was defeated by Democrat Richard Blumenthal in the general election.  McMahon is running this year for the nomination to fill the seat out of the state of Connecticut being vacated by the retiring Joseph Lieberman.

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    Long time lurker, first time cetmonmer (though I’ve tweeted you a few times, B).Anyway, I’m convinced there’s a major creative struggle going on in the WWE writer’s room and booking office. Anyone else notice the trend of genuinely great, show ending matches happening right at the BEGINNING of the second hour? I’m specifically thinking of Del Rio-Punk a few weeks ago but there have been many others.It’s obviously the new school guys versus the remaining dregs of the Bitchitude era (which for me is roughly the previous 7 years, although there were some great exceptions in there). What’s really interesting is who is who? Is Vince saying to close out the card with Kane and Cena, or is Triple Ay-chah calling the shots? Is Shane-O Mac marking out for Daniel Bryan?I would love to be in Stamford sometime and see how the hell this thing is run.