Linda McMahon With John McCain, Batista Fighting Tonight [MVP Accompanying Him], Developmental Talent On The Road

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- Wrestling News World reader Jordan sent in this article by The Washington Post looking at Linda McMahon's Senate chances. The article includes a photo of McMahon with former Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

- Despite the threat of cancelation, Dave Batista will make his debut MMA fight Saturday night in Providence, Rhode Island. He will be accompanied to the ring by former WWE star MVP. Click here for an interview with Batista.

- Xavier Woods and Dean Ambrose were on the road with the Raw crew Friday night, both working a show in Everett, Washington.

  • Nick b

    This will be televised right?

    • The Dude


  • hiyahiyahiya

    Where could i see the Batista fight ? I am from the U.K

  • PhilT81

    Your best hope will be a torrent then – not your fault it’s unavailable to purchase. In the UK we get every UFC PPV and event for free, which is pretty brilliant. Used to get all WWE PPVs but now we have to pay for some – such as the big four. We still get TNA PPVs free – and they’re worth every penny but not a penny more. With the likes of Royal Rumble, as much as I enjoyed getting it free I’d gladly pay for it and the PPV fee is much lower here – just £14.95