Linda McMahon's Impact On WWE Programming, The Miz's Status, Survivor Series Chaos, Why Rey Works In A Shirt

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Now that Linda McMahon's political career seems to be over, can Vince move on to make the product more entertaining?

This was the one million… or should we say $100 million question that we knew would come up following Election Day. I honestly believe Vince McMahon is committed to producing a PG product because of the diverse opportunities it provides WWE in today's marketplace. The only situation I can see the product reverting back to the days of the Attitude Era is if a viable competitor threatens them. Linda McMahon's political career has certainly impacted WWE's programming but her loss won't produce the immediate creative overhaul some are hoping for.

What is going on with the booking of The Miz? He made movies for WWE, comes back with a LITTLE bit of a push and now lost the IC title, has been on a HUGE losing streak and is no longer in Survivor Series match. What gives?

It appears WWE is at least teasing turning The Miz babyface. I know people are getting tired of me writing this but The Miz is in a very good position in WWE, poised for another main event run. Not only is he seen as versatile but his future is very bright with starring roles in WWE Studios projects.

If it were up to you, which main event would you pick to headline Survivor Series: the original 5-on-5 match or the new triple threat match?

I always like to see pay-per-views, especially major pay-per-views, headlined by title matches but the situation with Survivor Series 2012 is complex. WWE was looking for a way to continue CM Punk vs. Ryback without having either lose while at the same time preparing Punk for The Rock. Vince McMahon didn't like how the announcement of the original Survivor Series main event went over so he changed it. With John Cena in the match, it gives WWE a way out of their predicament. I am against Ryback in the title picture at this point in his career and also didn't understand why WWE thought the original Survivor Series main event would get over in the first place. It doesn't look like this year's show is going to be successful.

Why does Rey Mysterio work in a shirt?

We were told Rey Mysterio is working in a shirt because his abs are not in desirable physical condition.

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  • jason

    Aka, Rey got fat

    • PainOfDemise

      How many times does this question have to be answered?

    • Ray

      LOL. Rey Fatsterio.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Punk vs Rock should've headline Survivor Series this year not the Triple Threat between Punk, Cena and Ryback. Ryback in no way should've entered WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship picture. I can't see Ryback as a serious competitor with his "Feed Me More" antique. Who he think he is? Some kind of Godzilla or something? Anyhow, Punk must win so he can kick Rock's butt at next year's Royal Rumble. All of you should be with me on this one.

    • David

      its very obvious wwe has it lined up so rock wins at rumble and drops the belt at wrestlemania likely back to cena to avenge last years loss

      • Michael

        not just me then that saw this coming, I thought last WM when I saw that Rock Vs Cena wasn't for the WWE title and Cena not being at 100% that they would consider another

    • diddy

      Um nop am not and never will agree with a prat who thinks everyone is with him when they can make there own opinions instead of agreeing withva troll.

    • Da KiDD

      Professional troll. Not an easy job, but you perform it well! I'm with you!

  • David

    TV-14 doesn't automatically mean better television. Did we all forget Katie Vick already? That was TV-14 and that was way worse than anything under the PG era.

    • diddy

      Yeah so we want more like that now that was entertainment triple h humping a dummy dressed as a cheerleader.

      • bipolar

        seroquel helps with delusional behaviour. you need to go take some as 300mg will help you with your condition

  • Ryan

    With the Miz supposed to be starring in a new TV special (isn't it an ABC Family Christmas movie or something?) I wondered if he might be turning face to appeal more to the viewership of ABC Family.

  • Miles

    Miz….next super Cena but he’ll pull it off more convincingly

  • John

    TV-14 is not going to save the WWE! They have a problem far beyond there product rating.

  • Mojo

    I also work in a shirt.

    • thebops


    • Wrestling in a shirt makes as much sense as swimming in a shirt…

      • Kyle

        Not if you're fat!!! hahaha

  • partyjereme

    That Survivor Series main event would of gotten over if they announced it in front of a good crowd like this weeks crowd, because that Atlanta crowd was horrible. Also you can't blame it on Raw being 3 hours either because they were horrible from the moment the show started.

  • frank

    wwe doing the same storyline as tna with the suppose AJ and CENA affair just like AJ Styles and the tna prez Dixie Carter–it was mentioned on tna by AJ Styles about an AJ and elevators…lol

  • frank

    ryback is 2 big n stiff to win the wwe or heavyweight belt. he looks injury prone. he might win other belts

  • Jbreed

    It's obvious they're going in the direcrion of The Rock/John Cena for the WWE title at WM 29. The idea sucks. CM Punk has been the number 1 guy all year and needs to be in the main event. Instead Punk will probably be thrown into a "dream match" against another old inactive wrestler from the past who will be brought in to boost buyrates. And the worst part is the present guys like Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler who bust there butts all year to earn a big time spot will have there spot taken away from them by guys like The Undertaker, The Rock, and maybe even Steve Austin and Triple H. What a joke. Sooner or later the WWE is gonna run out of ideas for dream matches and when it does the spoiled fans won't care about the top PPV events anymore.

  • willie

    The rock go beat cm punk at the rumble, john cena. Go win the royal rumble & face the rock @ wrestlemania.