Lionheart Suffers Broken Neck After Taking Styles Clash

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Lionheart suffered a broken neck after taking the Styles Clash from AJ Styles in a match for Preston City Wrestling on Saturday night. The word is Styles was unaware an injury had occurred until after the match.

PCW has confirmed Lionheart has movement in his arms and legs. His prognosis is good and he will not require surgery and is sitting up in bed without a neck brace.

  • Dave Barton

    That’s the 2nd botched Styles Clash in the last few months…the first one was clearly not AJ’s fault, I wonder what went wrong this time?

    • Deathrace King

      Probably the same thing, the guy bumped wrong on it, and didn’t understand how to take the spot. It could happen to guys who never worked with Styles before or haven’t in a very long time, like Roderick Strong.

  • Josh G

    I agree I doubt it was Styles fault he has done that move a thousand times easily

  • Guy Landau

    I have seen it happen before, there’s a video of such an injury on YouTube. It isn’t the executor’s fault, it’s always the move’s receiver not taking their head back.

  • BIG M

    I’m guessing this lianheart guy made the same mistake Roderick Strong made a few weeks back.
    Putting his head forward insteed of tucking it inside AJ’s knees.

  • Venom

    Back when I was training to be a wrestler the majority of moves you receive you always have to tuck you head forward when landing on your back. I guess some wrestlers forget they have to do it the other way when taking the styles clash since your landing on your stomach. I’m assuming it’s a reflex since your upside down and forget which way to tuck.