List Of Sponsors WWE Has Attracted Since Going PG, WWE Cash Concept

Variety has a new article online with several WWE business notes including the social media push and the shift to PG programming. The publication WWE has attracted several huge sponsors since going PG five years ago. Below is an excerpt from the piece:

The “Attitude Era” may have launched the careers of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson during the 1990s, but WWE’s programming was considered too edgy for advertisers. Five years ago, the wrestling conglom embraced a PG rating, and since then it’s helped attract family-conscious advertisers like General Motors, Ford Motor Co., Disney, DreamWorks, Paramount, Kmart, Subway, Taco Bell, Colgate, Frito-Lay, Schick and Mattel. WWE nabbed $160 million through its toy licensing pact with Mattel last year, up from $110 million in 2010.

Variety also reports WWE is looking at a new concept where fans would be able to purchase virtual goods with "WWE cash." Below in an excerpt:

So far, WWE collects a licensing fee and percentage of the ad sales for its content on YouTube and Hulu Plus. But to take further advantage of digital platforms, WWE is considering elements of gamifi cation, where fans can purchase virtual goods or be rewarded with accumulating “WWE Cash” for activity via apps or on Facebook and Twitter.

Click here to read the Variety article in its entirety.

  • cobra

    And there’s your reason why the WWE will never go back to TV-14

  • Zack

    Yeah why would we rather have great superstars like Stone Cold or The Rock, when we could have a bigger jet for Vince McMahon

    • Xavier

      Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker were all created in the WWE when it was PG, so what’s your point?

      • The Super King

        Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker didn’t reach their peak until 1997 during the attitude era.

  • craig

    Article is still a bunch of spin bs. Company net profits off wrestling only (not xfl and the world losses) from the 1998-2001 are greater than any era ever! 2000 is still the greatest year ever for net profits! Basically when the top dog cant carry the load, Cena, then you need ad money to pick up the slack.

    • Xavier

      WWE’s most profitable era was from 84 too 91 when it was PG. no one (including Austin) has made more money for the WWE(F) then Hogan.

      • The Super King

        It’s well known that Austin has sold far more merchandise than anyone else in the history of the wwf/wwe.

        • Jeff

          Umm, I’m thinking Hulk Hogan eclipsed Austin in any merch category.

          • The Super King

            Nope. Vince is the one who told the story of Austin selling more merchandise than Hogan and anyone else in the history of the WWE.

  • Stoney

    Haven’t created any major stars in the pg era, any star that gets a major push usually gets knocked back down into mud card territory.

    • Xavier

      Wasn’t WWE/WWF PG when Bruno, Hogan, Backland, Savage, Warrior, Hart, HBK, Undertaker, Mr. Perfect, Billy Graham got their 1st major pushes. Wasn’t WWE PG when Punk had his 435 title reign? Didn’t Daniel Bryan get his 1st real major push when the WWE was PG? Thought so.

    • N.A

      Cm punk?

  • [email protected]

    Hi my name is Luke Johnathan Holness and i just got joined into people to people and I get to go to Alaska im just wondering if WWE will sponser me