Zack Ryder Releases Full-Length Song, Titled "Hoeski" - Listen Here

Zack Ryder wrote and recorded a full-length song, titled "Hoeski," and posted it to his personal YouTube channel. According to Ryder, a music video is in the works. You can listen to the song in the video embedded below:

  • Ken

    Considering the poor state of pop music today that has a legitimate chance of being a number one hit.

  • Tyler Bowles

    That actually wasn’t that bad of a song! Lets go Ryder, Woo Woo Woo!:D

  • paul44


  • Josh

    How long before Ryder is Future Endeavored? He won't make past the post-WrestleMania cuts.

  • Andrew Ace

    He deserves to get released after this song

  • It's Over!

    Sorry Zack…This entire Jersey Shore gimmick has past. Even MTV has recognized that ship has sailed. Snooki is having babies for crying out loud. Time to go back to the drawing board bro.

  • Woo Woo

    Personally I think the song is pure genius. I wish Jillian was still around and they did an angle with them.

  • Sweetonion

    Love this song I hope he makes a Spanish version also this song is better than gangam style

    • Ace Vivid

      No song is better than gangnam style idiot.