Impact Live From Chicago Rating

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This week's episode of Impact Wrestling that aired live from Chicago, Illinois did a 1.07 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 1,410,000 viewers on Spike TV.

  • jdl

    I can kind of understand why, regardless of how the TNA fans react, Bully Ray is not a draw. I turned the episode off after about half an hour simply because I was sick of seeing him and Aces and Eights. After reading a summary of it, it seems it got progressively worse as time wore on. Regardless, I don’t tune in to TNA to see Bully Ray or any of the WWE rejects that A&8s is composed of.

  • not a good rating for tna for there first live show on the road

  • OF COURSE the rating wasn’t going to change because they went on the road. You have to still market the show better and make better storylines. Why should the audience care if you went to Chicago? What’s going to be different? The difference is the company is on the road because their lease was up and Universal Studios didn’t want to renew their license so they can use Impact Zone as a movie set. That’s it.

  • John

    There has been no ratings growth in TNA for like 8 years now. The only marketing ideas they have is for Dixie Carter to tease a “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT” on twitter!

    The Hogan / Bischoff “era” has sent TNA backwards.

  • soulfool

    Shoulda been higher than that !!!