Live Magnus Interview, TNA Star Having Throat Surgery

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Live Magnus Interview

Kendra Bunyon and Alex Barie are currently interviewing Magnus. You can listen live at this link.

Eric Young Having Throat Surgery

Eric Young is having his 16th throat surgery on Tuesday. He wrote the following on Twitter:


  • Nostaljack

    Kendra handled herself quite well. Alex, I really want you do well but it’s not there yet. It’s clear Kendra, while prepared, didn’t know what you were going to do and that should have been orchestrated ahead of time. You immediately went to Kendra and she wasn’t ready for you to do it. The same thing happened when it ended. May I suggest:

    1. Orchestrate beforehand – Kendra and you should talk ahead of time and plot this out. Kendra asks a question, you ask one, then Kendra again, then you again, and so on and so forth. The phone call added nothing and it’s added stress so, if it were me, I would go without them in the future. I’ll get the software lag in a moment but, in instances where it occurs, orchestration helps. You can do that in about 5 minutes – maybe less.

    2. Don’t begin the interview until your guest is on the line – There was a really weird silence as you waited to get Magnus on the line. You didn’t know what to do with yourselves and it showed. If you insist on starting the show before your guest is online, come up with a question for her with regard to her opinion about the TNA product. If you need it, use it to kill time until your guest arrives.

    3. Interact with your guest – You can’t be afraid to do it. Awkwardness translates incredibly badly. Magnus is a very personable guy. It shows here big time. Laugh with him if he says something funny. Really listen to what he’s saying and show that you are. Harder to do with audio than with video but there are still ways to show that you’re really engaged. If you don’t appear engaged, you can lose the guest. “That’s amazing” or “that’s cool” isn’t relating, btw, and both of you were guilty of that… 😉

    4. Use different software. There’s a lag created and it kills any momentum Magnus and Kendra generate. There were also problems on Magnus’ end trying to understand Kendra a few times and those things don’t need to happen. I hope you’ll reply with what you’re using. I do interviews as well so maybe I can steer you in a better direction with regard to a different software choice based on your needs.

    5. Please script your beginning and ending. Both were really awkward (sorry to use the word again but I gotta). There’s no shame in scripting both. I would urge you not to go further in scripting but that would be a good start.

    Again, I sincerely mean no harm. I know I can be a bit snarky sometimes in the things I say here but this critique is genuinely meant to help. If there’s *anything* I can do to help this along, don’t hesitate to ask. I’d really love to see this go well for all involved. It’s a great idea and with a little tweaking, it could be really great.