Live Notes From Royal Rumble - Batista Taunts Fans, Xavier Woods Pulled

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Wrestling News World reader Tim sent in the following live report from Royal Rumble as he was in attendance at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh:

Just wanted to sent in a few notes from the live crowd.

The crowd popped for both Billy Gunn & Road Dogg and Cody Rhodes & Goldust. Most of the people around me leaned more towards the New Age Outlaws and the crowd was all for their win.

The crowd was definitely hot for the Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan match. I thought it was an awesome match.

Big Show vs. Lesnar killed the crowd and was terrible live. Not sure how it turned out on tv.

The crowd hated the Orton vs. Cena match. I didn't think the match was terrible, but clearly no one in the arena was interested in the match. At one point, the wave was going throughout the entire arena. I was annoyed with the match because most of it was what I had seen two days prior at the house show until they switched it up with Orton and Cena
doing each others finishers. The crowd was basically dead as the Wyatt's were leaving Cena. Not sure if they showed that on TV.

The Rumble match was awesome. Most of the crowd enjoyed the action going on. The crowd loved Kofi's two spots saving himself. The crowd turned when we knew definitively that Bryan was not coming out, but was against Batista well before then. The crowd was pro Roman Reigns. They were going nuts when it looked like he may have won.

As Batista was being booed out of the building and walking up the ramp, he flipped off a fan near the top of the stage. He taunted the fans with a few "Yes" chants and then left.

- I thought it was worth mentioning that Xavier Woods did not enter the Rumble match even though he was advertised. Wade Barrett, who said he gave up his spot, wasn't in it either.

  • Borgi83

    One can really hope that tonights crowd at RAW will keep the movement going and show the WWE their disgust about last nights PPV. Vince should personally come out and apologize on live TV how wrong he was about DB.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      They have a couple of months to get Bryan into a main event match.. his storyline with Wyatt looks to be over.. don’t be sour over the fact that he wasn’t in the rumble.

  • Eddie Edwards

    The wave was pretty funny last night. I don’t know how it came across on TV, but it looked like Orton was pretty annoyed that nobody was into the match.

    • Tim

      I’m not sure that it made it to tv. I was watching the tron during that and did not see it. I haven’t seen any comments about it either.

      • Jay Marvel

        You could kind of tell there was a wave going on, but it was obvious that they angled the cameras to not show it.

  • Joel Manjarrez

    Possible triple threat for the wwe whc? Bryan vs Orton vs Batista?