RAW Results 7/30/12 - They're Coming To Take Bryan Away Ha Ha, Hee Hee, Ho Ho, To The Funny Farm!

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Sorry about the Title, no clue how that happened!

RAW this week starts with King and Cole talk about how during the pyro test there was a fire on the tron. This kept the fans from entering until an hour later than they should have. They showed a bit of the fire, then went to a complete video recap of last week's 1,000th episode of RAW.

In Ring Segment

Punk out to his normal music, but not down on his knee, not checking his watch, then out to the ring. King hopes Punk explains himself. Punk's getting quite the mixed reaction. Punk says everybody wants their WrestleMania moment. Last week he had himself a RAW moment that was bigger than most people's WrestleMania moments. Before he explains what he did to Rock, he wants to shed his light on something. The way the 1,000th episode of RAW went off the air left a bad taste in his mouth. It was King who said, and I quote, "CM Punk has turned his back on the WWE 'Universe'!" Punk walks over to the announce side of the ring, leans on the top rope, then climbs out of the ring and walks to announce. Punk removes his belt and slams it down on announce. Punk then climbs up and sits cross legged on announce, his weight bowing down the front cover. Punk stares at King. He says he doesn't get it. He's used to the usually bad dramatic overly used hyperbole, but it was horrible even for King. How does he jump to that conclusion. If anything it was King who turned his back on Punk. Last time he checked the Rock was was not the WWE 'Universe'. The Rock is one single man. A larger than life, charismatic, completely delusional movie star. He came in and showed Punk, the WWE Champ an incredible lack of respect. He interrupted Punk, as no one should do. When he went into his tired schtick with Bryan, he acted like Punk wasn't even in the ring, was invisible to Punk. He tells Rock that he's been gifted with a Championship Match at Royal Rumble and acts like he's going to just take it? The respect Rock didn't show him, Punk showed by not hurting Rock right there. Then, at the end of the show Dwayne did what Dwayne does, he has to make the entire show about him. That's exactly when Punk showed him what he's dealing with come Royal Rumble. This is not a popularity contest, this is not ballet, this is the WWE and Punk is the Champ. The fans start with a pop and then end with heat for Punk. Punk asks Jerry if he understands Punk. What's Rock's response? They haven't heard from him all week. When Rock was battling with Cena, you couldn't shut Rock up. But now Rock has found his silence and Punk knows what that means. When it comes to King and his little agenda and however King wants to spin it, he can say what he did to Cena, RAW will end, and will always end with the best wrestler in the world.

Big Show's music hits. Punk leaves announce and heads quickly into the ring. Punk says Big Show's out there to steal the spotlight too. Big Show quietly say, "It's not that hard to do." Punk is right. The end of the 1,000th episode of RAW was on Punk, but history will prove that the 1,000th episode of RAW was all about Big Show. Look at the facts. He's the one who cost Cena the Title. He's the last who made Cena the first to cash in and lose. Punk's supposedly the best in the world? Big Show knocked out Cena and Punk still couldn't beat him! Punk ended up in the STF and would have tapped out if not for Big Show. The only reason Punk's still Champ is because of Big Show. Cena vowed that Big Show wouldn't win MITB, and Big Show vowed that Cena wouldn't win his Title Match. He's making another vow too. Big Show vows to be the next WWE Champ.

Punk says Big Show couldn't be Cena at No Way Out, he couldn't secure a briefcase and contract at MITB. Between them, the only one winning anything is Punk!

Cena runs down to the ring, attacks Big Show who flees. Cena wants a fight, Punk just leans back and watches.

Justin then announces the new GM of RAW – AJ Lee! AJ out in a black suit and white shirt and she is announcing the main event. Big Show versus John Cena. And the winner of this match will go on to face Punk at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship. The camera goes to Punk who shrugs and says that's okay. More talk between Big Show and Punk, but all off mic. Cena returns his hat to his head.


Announce Segment

Cole asks King about what Punk said. King says he doesn't agree. Cole then asks the fans to Tout about what Punk said.

Backstage Segment

Bryan to AJ's office, but then doesn't go in, or even knock on the door.

Santino vs ADR w Ricardo

Santino power walks to the ring. Ricardo announces ADR who comes out under his own power – wonder if it's because of the fire from earlier.

Santino ducks ADR and on him with blws, but then runs into a clothesline. A kick to Santino's ribs, then stomps Santino. Santino on ADR, but a suplex puts ADR in charge. Santino into a corner, then ADR uses the ropes to injure Santino's left arm. Santino whipped, but moves and sends ADR over the top, then Santino knocks ADR from the apron. ADR looks up at Santino with a shocked look on his face.


Arm hold on Santino on the mat. Santino to his feet and forces out. A blow to ADR, but ADR back with blows. A double foot stomp on Santino, then ADR kicks and stomps Santino in a corner. ADR on Santino's right arm on the mat. Santino up and out through blows. Santino suplexes ADR and both are down. Both up at five, then Santino with blows. He drops under ADR's clothesline, but was caught with a kick. ADR stands and grinds on Santino with a foot, the other foot in the air, not on the mat. Santino gets the upper hand and out comes the cobra, but a kick to Santino's gut, then shoulder first to the post. Arm breaker on Santino, then ADR locks on his finisher and Santino taps out.

Winner – ADR (7:35)

Video of the high points. ADR stands over Santino and says he just destroyed the US Champ like nothing! Like nothing! Santino is beneath him. Sheamus is beneath him. All of the fans are beneath him. If it's not a World Title Match, he won't compete. So, until SummerSlam, he won't compete. (But he's competing for the World Title, he's competing for the World Heavyweight Title. I might be grasping as straws, but this caught my attention.)

Backstage Segment

Bryan is outside AJ's door, pacing. He almost knocks, then doesn't. He hits the wall with the flat of his hand, but not her door. He looks broodingly at her door, all contemplative and deep.


In Ring Segment

The Funadactyls are on the apron dancing, then into with Funkasaurus, but... EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! She asks if they call this dancing, she calls it a disgrace. EXCUSE ME!! She tells the little girls and big boy to step back and watch what the Queen Diva can do. She dances terribly, and the other three laugh in the corner at Vickie.

Sandow's music hits and out he comes. The intellectual savior of the masses and our martyr. A horrible crime was perpetrated upon humanity. He calls up the DX footage from last week. Back from commercial and Sandow attacks Clay as he's trying to get the girls from the ring. Sandow on Clay's knee and it's all over. Clay on the mat, loses his pants, and is stomped down. Sandow breaks Clay's necklace. Clay is still on the mat when Sandow's music hits. Sandow looks around at the fans, then sneers.


Recap of the problems going down between Jericho and Ziggler. Jericho didn't say a word, but Ziggler at a code breaker. On Smackdown Ziggler didn't cash in, but Jericho, in Ziggler's pink shirt, sends Ziggler into the ring for a brogue kick, then a code breaker before Jericho rips the pink shirt off his own body. Later will be Christian and Jericho versus Miz and Ziggler.


Backstage Segment

Bryan walks into AJ's office. She's on her laptop. She stands up and says it's nice to see him. He goes off on her for leaving him on the altar. She tells him to shut up. She's not his bride to be, now she's his boss. Last week she saw guys in white coats who appeared to be from a mental hospital. She thinks he was going to marry her so he could legally have her committed. Bryan says he was committed to marrying her. They were his groomsmen, dressed in white. She says she's starting things off with a clean slate. She's put him in a match tonight against Sheamus. He asks if it's for the WHC? No. "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" "NO!"


Trip to the ring and wanted an answer from Brock, but out came Heyman. They bleeped out Trip calling Heyman the horse's ass. They bantered, but then Heyman brought up Trip's kids. Out came Steph who got in Heyman's face. She verbally abused Heyman, then slapped him. Of course this pissed off Heyman and he started squeaking louder and louder and gave Trip his match with Brock, but then Heyman went too far and mentioned Steph's kids and Steph jumped Heyman. Trip loved this until Brock came out. Trip got Steph out of there and worked a bit with Brock before throwing Brock from the ring. They cut out Brock cussing at Trip from the ramp. They will be facing off at SummerSlam.

Announce Segment

AJ asks what type of match we want to see Bryan and Sheamus in. #NOHOLD or #FALLSCOUNT or #STREETFIGHT King gives the choices at A, B, or C, Cole corrects him, but not in a heel way, just explains that we need to go to Twitter and use hashtags.

Backstage Segment

Josh asks Sheamus what type of match he'd like to be in with Bryan? Sheamus doesn't know, but he likes the fact that AJ put the decision in the hands of the fans. His face won't win any beauty contests, so for him, the rougher, the better. Josh thanks Sheamus, but then Sheamus asks Josh if he's feeling alright? He's acting a littler nervous tonight. Take it easy. Sheamus then heads off and Josh looks confused.



Recap of the fire that happened during the pyro rehearsal the building had to be evacuated. The fans entered late, but they got it all going for start tile at eight.

Street Fight - Bryan vs Sheamus

Bryan out with "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Video of AJ saying yes to VKM last week on the 1,000th episode of RAW and leaving Bryan at the altar. Bryan says he wants all of the fans to stop chanting "YES!" He's the only one who can chant "YES!" They chant "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" So he starts with "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" Sheamus out to the ring with all his intensity. Video of ADR's attack on Sheamus about four weeks ago on Smackdown when ADR slammed the hood of the car onto Sheamus, over and over. King to his feet to reveal the type of match we voted for. 73% for Street Fight! 14% for Falls Count Anywhere. 13% for No Holds Barred. "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" from the fans.

Bryan rushes Sheamus and on Sheamus with kicks while yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Forearms from Sheamus, then Bryan into a corner and flips over Sheamus. Irish curse to Bryan for two. Knees to Bryan's chest in a corner. Bryan whipped, but hits a drop toe hold on Sheamus into the corner. Knee drop to the back of Sheamus' head, then he wrenches Sheamus' arm back in an icky way. Blows to Bryan, then a back elbow drops Bryan. Knee drops to Bryan's head, then Sheamus gets two. Bryan rolls to the floor, yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan head first into the barrier. Sheamus sends Bryan again into the barrier. Cole brings up Sheamus beating Bryan in 18 seconds. Bryan runs at Sheamus and eats a body drop on Bryan on the metal ramp! Sheamus sends Bryan bouncing off the WWE logo on the stage. Low kicks to Sheamus, then kicks to Sheamus' chest while yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" A final running kicks sends Sheamus off the stage, all of three, maybe four (at the absolute most) feet down to the floor. Bryan nails Sheamus with a running knee off the stage as Sheamus is still recuperating from the fall.


Arm hold on Sheamus on the mat. Recap of what happened before the commercial. Sheamus up, but into a knee from Bryan. Bryan then sends Sheamus out through the ropes. Bryan runs and flies onto Sheamus who catches him and hits a fallaway slam into the barrier. Cole says Eve Touted saying that if AJ wants to wear a power suit, she needs to learn to walk in heels. Sheamus' forearms over the barrier onto Bryan's chest, then suplexes Bryan over the barrier to the floor!

Sheamus sends a kendo stick and chair in, but Bryan slides them out before Sheamus can used them. Sheamus clotheslines Bryan from the ring. Sheamus to the apron and Bryan uses the kendo stick on him. Into the ring and Bryan on Sheamus with that kendo stick, over and over. Bryan out and returns with the chair. Bryan wedges the chair below the top rope in a corner. Bryan tries to hit Sheamus with the kendo, but Sheamus stops it and takes the stick! Bryan hits a drop kick on Sheamus sending him into the chair. Bryan gets two for it.

Bryan outside with the chair, but a shoulder tackle drops Sheamus, then Sheamus hits announce with the chair. Sheamus takes the stairs apart. Bryan gets free of Sheamus, and then sends Sheamus into the post shoulder first. Bryan picks up the lower part of the stairs, then sends it into the ring. Bryan sends Sheamus back first into the barrier! Sheamus rolled into the ring, Bryan in after and puts the stairs where he wants them. Bryan grabs the broken kendo, but Sheamus grabs the other end. The struggle and Sheamus gets Bryan up, but Bryan wiggles free. Sheamus hits a brogue kick and Bryan falls back onto the stairs. Sheamus pulls Bryan from the stairs, supposedly out cold, though Bryan held his head up so he didn't hit it on the stairs when pulled away. Sheamus pins Bryan for three.

Winner – Sheamus (13:51)


King and Cole talk about what wend down to start RAW, then a small recap of Punk on announce talking about how the Rock tried to make RAW all about him. This is the WWE and Punk is the Champ.


In Ring Segment

Refs are tending to Bryan. Bryan, on the mat, is screaming that he's not leaving the ring. His neck is hurt and he's not leaving until he gets a doctor. He's not leaving, "NO!" "NO!" "NO!" But from the fans, "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Bryan keeps yelling that he's not leaving until he gets a doctor.


Punk sitting on announce, but then Big Show came out and they talked. But Cena ran to the ring and attacked Big Show. AJ came out in her snazzy new power suit and made the main event – Big Show vs Cena. The winner with face Punk at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship.

In Ring Segment

Bryan yells that his neck is hurt, he needs a doctor!

Kofi out and tells Bryan that he knows Bryan has been having a bad day, and a bad few weeks. Don't take it out on these people. Just leave. R-Truth tells Bryan to skeedaddle. The three of them have business to handle. Bryan laughs and asks where Little Jimmy is? R-Truth says he's in the corner. Bryan squats and pats Little Jimmy on the head, talks to Little Jimmy, then punts him from the ring. R-Truth rushes to Little Jimmy's side and demands answers. Bryan says R-Truth is consoling an imaginary child. Here they come, they're coming to get R-Truth, as he deserves. The men in the white coats go up to Kofi, R-Truth and Little Jimmy.

AJ comes out and says they're not the ones who need help, it's the little man in the ring. Bryan seems a little mentally unstable tonight. In the interest of a safe working environment, Bryan needs to undergo a mental evaluation. AJ tells them to escort Mr. Bryan from the ring. Bryan won't be touched. He leaves the ring, past R-Truth who is still holding Little Jimmy, Kofi standing there, then up the ramp, right into AJ's face. Bryan stares at AJ who gives Bryan an air kiss. One of the men in white coats touches Bryan and he jumps. The escort him back and AJ turns to give Bryan a little wave and smirk.


Announce Segment

VKM will be on Smackdown to announce the new GM.

Announce Segment

R-Truth helps Little Jimmy to a chair by announce. They play a few Touts from fans reacting to Punk. A bunch for Punk, a bunch against him. Now we're supposed to Tout who is more unstable, AJ or Bryan.

Kofi w/ R-Truth & Little Jimmy vs O'Neil w/ Young & AW

AW comes out and announces his Prime Time Players. They both come to the ring in gear, though R-Truth is in a suit. O'Neil will face Kofi.

They lock up. Kofi whipped, but O'Neil eats feet. O'Neil grabs Kofi and hits a back breaker on Kofi. AW rips on the local teams, I guess, all I hear is screeching. Kofi sloppily slammed to the mat for two. Knee to Kofi's back, then hands looped under his chin, but Kofi to his feet on O'Neil with blows. One big blow drops Kofi. Kofi lifted as AW talks about how strong O'Neil. Kofi reverses O'Neil's move into a DDT. Both up and Kofi on O'Neil with solid blows to O'Neil. Kofi ducks O'Neil, then drops him to the mat. Boom drop, then Young on the apron, R-Truth takes him down. AW up on the apron and throws his shoe at Kofi. Kofi grabs the shoe and throws it at AW, but that distraction gives O'Neil the time and he slams Kofi to the mat for three.

Winner – O'Neil (2:52)

AW, Young and O'Neil on the ramp talk smack up at Kofi and R-Truth in the ring.

Backstage Segment

Punk talks to Cena about what happened last week and that he took advantage of Big Show's involvement. Some say that Punk should have done more to stop Big Show. He has no issue with Cena. He likes and respects Cena, they're friends. He doesn't wish Cena luck, or Big Show luck. Cena is mad, but he has to let it go. Punk slaps Cena on the shoulder and leaves. Cena just stands there with his jaw tight.


Announce Segment

Cole apologizes for the remarks by AW. (Sorry if I missed something, but AW makes me ill and I have to block him out.) They then go back to a clip of Punk talking to Cena about not being mad at Punk for doing to Rock in one night what Cena couldn't do in a whole year.

In Ring Segment

Video of Lita facing Slater at the 1,000th episode of RAW with APA backing her up. That sick clothesline from hell from JBL, then Lita's moonsault and the legends celebrating over him. Slater says that now that the legends have gone back to the home, he can get his career back on track. So he challenges any current Superstar to come out and lose to the One Man Band, baby! Orton's music hits.

Slater vs Orton

Orton slowly out to the ring, his normal ego leading the way, but the fans are crazy loud for him. Orton slowly across the ring, then up on a corner and looks around at the fans, almost seems to be sucking it in, then his ego takes over and he poses.

They circle. Slater on Orton with a blow to the gut, then beating Orton down in a corner. The ref pulls Slater off and Orton out with two clotheslines and that sick fast power slam. Orton gets Slater on the apron and smiles hugely and hits his DDT. Orton pounds the mat. RKO on Slater and Orton smirks while he pins Slater for three.

Winner – Orton (1:17)

Orton poses and the fans are hot for him. He actually seems to be soaking up the loves before posing this time.

Backstage Segment

Bryan and a 'doctor' are in a TINY room, barely big enough for the table they're at and them sitting on each side. Bryan says his neck is killing him. He doesn't want to answer these questions. He's not the one who needs this. They tell him to answer these question, yes or no. Bryan is asked is his name is Daniel Bryan. "YES!" Was he at one time WHC? "YES!" Is he vegan? "YES!" Is it true that last week he and AJ did not get married? "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Anymore question? "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!"



About Brock's return and his problems with Trip. Trip had to deal with Heyman, until Heyman crossed the line and Steph stepped up and forced Heyman's hand and the match was made. Brock and Trip tussled a bit last week, but will face off at SummerSlam.

Jericho & Christian vs Miz & Ziggler w/ Vickie

The lights go down, then Jericho with his blinkie jacket and he comes out to the ring. Video of Jericho throwing Ziggler to Sheamus on Smackdown. Christian out to join his partner. Video of Christian losing to Miz last ween on the 1,000th episode of RAW. Miz comes out and waits on the bottom of the ramp. Ziggler comes out with Vickie. Miz and Ziggler taunt Jericho and Christian with the belt and the case.

Ziggler takes Christian down, then struts and talks smack, but is slapped by Christian for it. Flapjack to Ziggler for two. Elbows to Christian, and Miz tags in, but Christian is on him hard with blows. Miz flees and tags out. Ziggler in and into an arm bar. Jericho tags in, so Ziggler flees and tags out.

Hip toss on Miz, then a big clothesline for one. Miz slammed to the mat, then an elbow drop for two. Huge chop to Miz in a corner, then another. Miz whipped, but gets a foot up. Jericho face first into the heel corner and Ziggler tags in to work Jericho, but shoulder block drops Jericho. Ziggler tries to send Jericho out, but Jericho on the apron and climbs. Jericho off the top and on Ziggler. Miz in and sent out to join Ziggler. Christian flies off the face corner onto both of them.


Chinlock from Miz on Jericho on the mat. Jericho up and free. Jericho rolls up Miz for two. Clothesline on Jericho, then another chinlock on the mat. Jericho up then elbows Miz and suplexes free. Ziggler wants in this match as both are down. Both tag out.

Clotheslines then forearm on Ziggler. Christian outside and an upper cut on Ziggler. Christian flies and nails Ziggler in the jaw. Back kick from Christian for two. Christian into the heel corner and elbows Miz, but comes into a drop kick from Ziggler for two. Vickie is screeching outside. Miz tags in and stomps Christian, then kicks him in the face for two. Miz chokes Christian in the ropes, then a cheap shot from Ziggler when Miz distracts the ref. Christian slammed up into the bottom rope throat first for two. Chinlock on Christian in the center of the ring. Christian to his feet, then punches free, but a blow from Miz. Christian manages to send Miz from the ring. Christian reaches to tag out, but Ziggler distracts the ref and Miz attacks Jericho from behind. Jericho in and the ref stops him, so they double team Christian. Miz pins Christian for two. Ziggler tags in and kicks Christian as Miz hold him. Ziggler looks at Jericho, then drops an elbow on Christian for two. Chinlock on Christian on the mat. Ziggler gives his headstand while holding on Christian. Christian manages to get free, but is hurting. Ziggler misses his zig-zag in a HUGE way! Shoulder blocks to Christian in a corner, then blows on Christian. Ziggler tries again, but Christian catches Ziggler and hits a powerbomb!

Both are about to tag out. Shoulder blocks to Miz, then a slingshot drop kick to Ziggler on the apron. Jericho hits his running bulldog on Miz, then lionsault on Miz, but Ziggler breaks the pin. Ziggler stomps Jericho, but a huge spear to Ziggler from Christian. Christian shoulder first into the post. Jericho tries to lock on the walls, but Miz muscles out and hits a big boot on Jericho! Miz has to regroup, then sets up for the SCF, but Christian is able to nail Miz with a thumb to the eye and Jericho hits his code breaker for three.

Winners – Christian & Jericho (13:36)

Jericho has his hand raised, but Ziggler attacks Jericho from behind with a briefcase to the 'scull', or so says King, but it was barely to the upper back. Ziggler looks down at Jericho, then flicks his sweat at Jericho. They replay Ziggler's attack on Jericho. Ziggler and Vickie are all smiles on the ramp as they back away.


Recap of the fire on the tron before the show started and luckily they were able to return and get the fans in for the show.

Backstage Segment

The 'doctor' is going to administer the Rorschach test – the ink blots. Airplane. Crown. Spaceship. The doctor puts all of these down on the table and they just happen to form the head of a goat in inkblots. Bryan is not impressed! Did the doc purposefully make that into a goat face? Bryan says he's not a goat face, not an Oompa Loompa, not a troll, not a homeless lumberjack. If there's anything goat about Bryan it's that he's the Greatest Of All Time (see what Bryan did there?). Bryan asks if Charlie Sheen put him up to this? If Sheen watching this now? The doc is very confused about this. Bryan yells to Sheen that Bryan's winning. He's winning! Under his breath Bryan says, "I'm not a goat face, I'm winning."


Announce Segment

Cole talks about Touting who is more unstable. One guy says they're both loony. The next guy says that AJ is more unstable, not good with her in charge. Actually, most think AJ is the most unstable.

Tensai vs Tyson Kidd

Tensai in the ring. Kidd to the ring to some pop! Video of Kidd defeating Tensai last month.

Kidd on Tensai with kicks. Tensai catches a foot and is kicked for it. Tensai on Kidd with a shoulder block. Kidd whipped, then sent up into the second rope. Tensai on Kidd hard on the mat. "Albert!" chants fill the arena. Vulcan nerve pinch on Kidd on the mat. Kidd won't relent and has blood above his right eyebrow. Kidd free on Tensai with a kick to the back of the head. Kidd ducks Tensai who eats corner and Kidd rolls Tensai up and tries to get the win the same way he did last month, but Tensai kicks out. Kidd on the apron kicks Tensai in the back of the head. Kidd climbs and off the top slamming Tensai down for two. More blows to Tensai. Tensai bombs Kidd to the mat, then Samoan splash on Kidd for three.

Winner – Tensai (2:11)

Tensai doesn't enjoy his victory, goes right over and grabs Kidd and pulls him to his feet. Short clothesline, then up for another short clothesline. The ref admonishing Tensai, that he already one the match. Big back breaker to Kidd. The ref leaves the ring and reverses his decision. Kidd is the winner via DQ!

Winner – Kidd via DQ

Tensai reaches for Kidd, but a bunch of refs in to stop Tensai and protect Kidd. Tensai calls Sakamoto over who doesn't want to, but goes over. Tensai attacks Sakamoto. "Albert" chants can be heard starting up, so they quickly change to the next segment.

Backstage Segment

The doc says Bryan is bitter, irritable and extremely short tempered and have a very weird obsession with Charlie Sheen, but despite all that, Bryan is 100% sane. Bryan is free to go. The doc leaves, but then the light in the room turns red and Kane comes rushing in, wraps his hand around Bryan's neck and says through gritted teeth, "Hello Daniel, I'm your anger management therapist." Bryan is slammed off the walls, then the table. Kane looks down at Bryan and leaves. Bryan is left in a heap on the floor.



Again recapping Trip dealing with Heyman, then Steph's involvement, and Trip got his SummerSlam match.

In Ring Segment

Punk out and over to announce, where a chair is waiting for him



VKM announced the new RAW GM as AJ. This Friday VKM will be on Smackdown for the first time in over two years to announce the new Smackdown GM. Will he shock the world more?

#1 Contendership Match – Big Show vs Cena

Cole introduces Punk on announce. He's there to make sure neither are slanted pro-Cena or pro-Big Show. Big Show to the ring. King asks Punk if he has a preference. Punk says no, SummerSlam is a big show and either will be a big match. Big Show over and says something off mic to Punk, Punk talks back glibly to Big Show. Cena's music and out he comes to his fake pop, and some real pop, as well as some heat. Big Show leaves the ring to give Cena his moment.

Dueling chants for Cena. Cena ducks Big Show and blows on Big Show, but one blow from Big Show drops Cena. Punk comments about Cincinnati being on fire tonight – the earlier fire due to pyro. Big Show knocks Cena down again and yells at Cena to get up and calls him 'hero'. Cena up, another blow. Cena up, a head butt. Big Show yells at the fans to smile for him. Big slap to Cena's chest. Punk doesn't like people trying to hog the spotlight. Another big slap to Cena. King says some might wonder why Punk is out there as he's not in this match. Punk gets snippy at King to call the match. Cena jumps on Big Show's back with a sleeper. Punk says Cena's arm isn't under Big Show's chin, Cena's arms are too big. Big Show slams Cena back, but Cena lets go early. Big Show catches Cena, but Cena locks on the sleeper again. Dueling chants for Cena.

Big Show is struggling and a straight "Cena" chant fills the arena. Big Show to his knees as Punk is getting argumentative with King. Big Show is wavering and falls, Cena pins Big Show, but Big Show kicks out at two.


Cena on the mat holding his gut, Big Show turns to Cena and blows from Cena, but Cena's shoulder block only drops Cena. Big Show walks on Cena. Cena whipped then back splashed. Big Show talks smack to Punk. Punk likes that Big Show is more interested in Punk than his formidable opponent in Cena. Cena whipped and Big Show yells, "This is easy!" Big Show turns into double feet and bulldog from Cena. Both are down.

Punk going on about the WWE Champ being the most important person on the show. Cena on Big Show with blows, but caught in a bear hug. Big Show is still yelling smack at the fans. Punk says Cena should take out Big Show's legs, they're all the same height on the mat. Super Cena starts elbowing and gets free. Cena tries to pick up Big Show, but falls back. Cena is able to kick out.

Big Show calls for the chokeslam. Cena struggles to his feet. Big Show grabs Cena but Super Cena reverses into a DDT! Punk says that was impressive. King says Punk's right. Punk says, of course he's right. Big Show catches Cena and nails a side slam. Big Show crawls to the ropes and pulls himself to his feet, shakes his head to clear it. Big Show to the second ropes, but Cena rolls clear and Big Show hits the mat. Shoulder block, then slam to Big Show, the fans are WILD! 5 knuckle shuffle to Big Show, but Big Show is back to his feet. Chokeslam to Cena for a long two. Super Cena kicks out. Cena rolls from the ring.

Big Show follows Cena out, somehow the stairs are in pieces. Back in the ring a blow to the gut from Big Show, but Cena from the ring again. Cena up on Big Show's shoulder, but it's Big Show who eats post. Cena rushes Big Show, but Big Show side steps Cena and pushes him forward. Cena ends up flying across announce and plowing into Punk. Both are on the floor in a heap. The ref continues counting in the ring, so Big Show gets in and waits for Cena to be counted out.

Cena makes it back into the ring before the ten count. Big Show is in shock. Punk is lolling next to the barrier looking to be hurt – according to King. Cena ducks the WMD and gets Big Show up, but Punk attacks them both from behind. Punk appeared to hit both Big Show and Cena at the same time. Cena is flat out on the mat, Big Show makes his way to his knees and Punk kicks Big Show in the head and he drops like a lead weight. Punk is standing in the ring holding his upper left arm. Punk from the ring, grabs Justin's mic
"And your winner of this contest is, nobody!" They're both losers." Punk, still holding his arm, looking to be in a bit of pain shakes out that left arm and troops his way up the ramp.

Winner - ?

Stage Segment

Punk walks right by AJ on the stage as he leaves and she comes out with her mic in hand. AJ says, "Punk is wrong, they're not losers, they're both winners. That's why Punk will defend at SummerSlam against Big Show. And John Cena in a Triple Threat Match."

Punk is back and yells at AJ that she can't do that. AJ says she's the GM. Punk continues to rage at AJ. She tells Punk that she's his boss. Punk is right in AJ's face yelling at her to show him some respect, she just tips her head and smiles coyly at him, but not really in a crazy way. The show goes off the air with Punk yelling and AJ smiling at him with her head tilted to the right.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Big Show

Screwiest Chants

Thanks for reading and sticking with me through this first regular three hour RAW. Make sure you read my RIB tomorrow and tell me what you think about this episode of RAW, and what you think of my reactions to RAW!

  • Kleck

    Let’s hope that this works…

  • Voice of Wrestling

    Kane you set the stage on fire……great lol

  • I_Mark_Out

    They aren't going to let Punk turn heel. Maybe a Tweener … I was astounded to see how much pop he got before, during, and after his promo. I hope he keeps as a Tweener …

    Little bit more interesting. I felt as though he's been losing steam as a full-blown face. 🙂

    • Anand

      If we forget the fact that we are all die hard fans of "Rock" and listen to Punk, actually he is just stating the facts.

      What makes Rock so special that he comes back out of the blue and is handed out a WWE title shot on a silver platter? doesnt he need to earn it? What about all the other guys who bust their back sides day in and day out? This is what Punk is trying to get to and I fee he is right and I for one will be cheering for him.

      Yes, I have been Rock fan for more than a decade and almost all my nicknames in various websites involve Rocky one way or the other but am not too supportive of him coming back once a year and being inserted into title matches. I did like the Cena vs Rock feud but that wasnt for the title. A title must be held only by someone who can and will defend it on a regular basis and make weekly appearances on TV. Not by some hollywood guy who makes a once a year appearance.

      • jdl

        That's the best kind of heel, though, someone who puts their spin on the truth. Someone who shows up every week and says what we're all thinking in the back of our minds. It's what made Punk an awesome heel, and what turned him face last year. It's why he possibly won't remain a heel for an extended period and might be better off as a tweener a la Stone Cold back in the day.

  • Kleck

    Punk is going to be an awesome heel. We’ll hopefully hear him push boundaries and build major controversy.

  • drew1997

    it’s not the 1000th its the 1001st

  • vivalajady

    isnt this the 1001 episode of RAW?

  • mark freeman

    get iT OUT

  • mark freeman

    Wow that match made the US title ans champ look good, its the first time ive ever seen Santino look pretty good in a match, maybe 3 hour raw might be good for mid carders getting feuds and storylines

  • Morgan

    Gotta love how Punk absolutely tells it like it is!

    • Adam

      To quote the great man, "pipe bomb."

    • Anand

      Why do we have thumbs down for this? Is it because this guy supports punks who is calling things as it is against Rock?

      IWC – C'Mon – We cant be so prejudiced in our decisions. Rocky is great and am a big fan but this time Punk is Right…

  • I_Mark_Out

    I don't mind Santino in the Mid-Card that much; it would be kinda odd/cool to see him elevated to Main-Event; however, don't like him losing so clean and so flat to "established" talent.

    Not that I enjoy unclean finishes, but it would have been nice to see him put up a decent offense on Del Rio , maybe have the Personal Ring Announcer cause a DQ and Santino "win" but not lose much steam on Del Rio.

    Eh, just opinions, just don't like the US title squashed, Santino either.

  • TheVoid

    I agree with Punk. Rocky didn’t deserve a title shot, for starters. Also, you want to send a message to your future opponent? Clothesline him!

    • Anand

      100% Agree 🙂 glad to see some others in the IWC who feel Rocky's title shot was inappropriate. What has he done in the past one year to deserve a title match?

      Now, people here may say he has had 2 matches one survivor series with Cena and one WM against Cena but what about the others who have had as many matches as there have been days in the past year and are still waiting for their shot at glory??

      • Patrick Peralta

        I'm sick of seeing past Westlers get Title shots for no reason what so ever… As much as I am a Cena Fan….Rock beating him doesn't or shouldn't give him a title shot.. let him earn it like everyone else.

        • Anand

          Perfectly said 🙂 Let Rocky come back full time to WWE and earn his title shot. I would love to see Rock come back full time but he cant. So, let him come back once or twice a year for high profile matches but let them not be for the title..

          why have someone hold a title that they arent or they cant defend regularly?

          PS: I am not talking about Santino 🙂

  • mark freeman

    vote for sheamus – bryan match
    1#fight anywhere no dq
    2#fight anywhere no dq
    3#fight anywhere no dq….

    …..there all the same match choices

    • Guzzie1984

      They have to be similar to be able to worked the preprepped spots

    • Guzzie1984

      They have to be similar to be able to worked the agreed spots and so that they arent going in blind to a potentially career threathibg match without planning

  • I_Mark_Out

    First impression of 3-Hour Raw … seems like a lot of the first hour (aside from Punk opening) has been a long line of "WWE Rewind" … I guess it helps for people who missed the previous week's Raw , but I really hope it doesn't continue to trend.

    If they have this one-hour "Rewind" period each week, the ratings are going to plummet … not that "I" care about the ratings, however, creative tends to always messed things up when "pushed" to make ratings …

  • Code

    Looks Like They're Seriously Gonna Shove TOUT Down Our Throats

    • Anand

      If this means a few of the fans get to see their own faces on RAW TV, I wouldnt mind 🙂

  • I_Mark_Out

    This street fight is actually pretty sweet. So we've got Punk's opening and the Streetfight as high-lights so far tonight. For a little bit there I was hoping for a Bryan win. Maybe make Triple Threat for the Championship (with Del Rio if needed … )

    Daniel is putting up a really good fight with street rules … oh darn, he just got a Brogue Kick to the face … going down on the steel steps … and there is the 3 count .. nevermind … lol 🙂

  • The Dude

    I wouldn’t mind 3 hour Raws if we get less recaps and more matches of the caliber of Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan.

  • WyFo

    What about the title Kendra?

  • Logan_Walker

    Loving Your Live Coverage of RAW KB As always keep up the good work

    • Herman Tank

      Funny that it's live and they haven't even started the Christian/Jericho match in Canada yet…

      • Logan_Walker

        hahaha well im in the UK and it started a 1am and finished around about 4:15AM Live but we dont get slam of the weeks

      • Jerhicoholic

        In Canada on theScore they either pick up the feed late or just air it15min behind the states.Which is why it always runs late.

  • Bryan

    Did AW seriously make a comment about the Colorado shooting?? That should be an instant firing…

    • Brian

      I knew he was annoying but damn, doubt he’ll even make it to tomorrows smackdown taping. AW is an ass.

    • Big D

      It was about Kobe Bryant's alleged rape case back in 2003.

    • elgato48

      No he made made a comment about when kobe bryant raped someone in colorado. Which was funny in my book

      • Patrick Peralta

        someone being Raped is not funny

    • Logan_Walker

      when did he make that comment ?

  • I_Mark_Out

    Not sure what they're going to do with Randy Orton, the WWE moves pretty fast these days, doesn't help when your "then" #2 gets a wellness violation …

    All of the current "story-lines" are locked in for summer slam … it'd kinda be a bad move to "force" Randy into a match just because he's Randy Orton … he's gotta come back and pay some dues …

    If not only for himself, for the company for putting them in that kind of marketing and scripting position…

    But that's just what I think ..

  • elgato48

    Looks like there is no pyro at all tonight. Nothing for kofi or jericho. Wonder if fire marshal made them go without it

  • QuinTessential

    Kendra will you time the recaps and compare them to the time of actual wrestling??

  • Logan_Walker

    Wow I've noticed that they keep playing the same Promos ? they have done that about 3 times now…. wow they are stuck for idea's for RAW.

    • Anand

      This 3 hour raw will be detrimental to RAW's popularity if they keep shoving the same SH*T down our throats more than once. How many times do we have to see the HHH Vs Lesnar recap or Punk Clotheslining Rock recap?

      Once in a show is fine, twice is boring and thrice is just plain toooooo much…

      • Logan_Walker

        yeh its okay the first time but time and time again its just pissing meee offf

        • Anand

          Same with me too. They played the punk opening segment 3 or maybe 4 times today. They showed what happened between sheamus and del rio for like 5 mins, ziggler and jericho for another 5 mins. C'mon this is not what we wanted to see for 3 hours 🙁


          • Patrick Peralta

            I hate when they do that to every week but they do it for fans who didn't watch the week before or are late each week.

          • Anand

            Yep I agreee that to a certain extent but 4 times in a single show is a bit overkill right? For people who are late, some may tune in 15 mins late and some 45 mins late. So, after 2 hours if all we do is recap the first 1 hour, the whole point of the extra 60 mins becomes irrelevant…

            We could rather have a RAW Recap – to quickly summarize what happened in the 2 hour show for the last 30 mins for people who missed the full program

  • AnacondaVise

    AJ looked amazing I'm so in love…

  • scott seefong

    …where life is beautiful all the time…

  • Josh

    Honestly, what does the title of this post say?

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Week in, week out ADR keep beating Santino (or Ryder) and look at him now; a #1 Contender at SummerSlam. Impressive *sigh*

  • Josh

    Kendra…I was there and BY FAR the biggest pop of the night went to Randy Orton…not even close to anyone else

  • Alex Youth

    "… until Heyman crossed the line and Steph stepped up and forced Heyman’s hand and the match was made."

    Though a bit of hypocrisy on Steph's side. Heyman can't talk bout McMahon's children but Steph can badmouthed Heyman's children? Well, I'm sure for one Heyman's children can be proud of their dad started his career from a manager to owning a wrestling company unlike Steph who's being handed the throne from day one. Not that I didn't enjoy the Brock-Hunter storyline but leave the family things apart because storyline involving family never a good thing.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Finally there is someone who says he is the best in the world and then goes out and proves it, first it was Bret now it’s cm punk.

  • Andre

    Another episode of RAW where CM "cry baby" Punk just whines & complains about how he's not getting enough respect, attention & how he's always getting held down even though he's been world champ for over 8 months now. His gimmick is beyond boring at this point. I know a bunch of people will come on here and give me a thumbs down but deep down ya'll know I'm telling the truth.

    • Evon Reese

      You're right. It's getting old fast. But after last night the whining is going to get worse. If he thought he had jumped up in Randy Ortons place he got a rude awakening last night when Randy's music hit. He's just not where Randy is and I think it drives him nuts. He needs to get off the crying and moaning and the how great I am if he ever wants to get there. Does The Rock deserve a title shot? No. But unless Ziggler, Bryan and Punk step up there's always going to be The Rock and others coming back in. They may be good wrestlers but you have to have that spark with the crowd also. Randy Orton has it. Whether people on here like him or not doesn't matter. It was proven last night. No one else gets that reaction from the crowd other than Cena, The Rock, Stone Cold, The Undertaker, Jericho and some of the other great ones. It's like Punk, Ziggler and Bryan are right at the line but just can't cross it. Throwing fans autograph books in the trash is not going to get you there. Maybe it's their own egos standing in their way.

    • Adam

      I agree, I’ve never been a punk fan. He’s a great wrestler with an out of date gimmick.

      • Patrick Peralta

        Punk is right it shows disrespect to the WWe Champion no matter who holds the belt….They haven’t had the WWE or World champ in the main event in ages that spot allways goes to Cena… Fan of Cena or not which, I am…..I don’t like how WWE puts him in the main event all the time with or with out the title….

        so I agree with Punk I’m a Punk fan and have been since his indy days. Both Punk and Daniel Bryan are the best “WRESTLERS” in WWE today.

  • Jman72485

    Digging the D Bry story line. Loved it when Kane came in and said he was the anger management therapist. All the Bryan segments were hilarious!

  • Evon Reese

    Punk was very annoying tonight and I'm the Champ and I need to be center of attention thing sucked. He really needs to get over himself. And when Randy Orton came out there was no doubt he's a Super Star and Punks behind him. If Punks head goes to swelling he will learn the hard way. Rock got out of line with his comments about Cenas wife and Mother and he will have no problem handing Punks head to him on a platter.

    • n1ck

      thats pretty markish

      • Evon Reese

        The truth does that every time. I do not comment by popular vote.

  • An0n

    i love how people get bent out of shape cause punk is demanding respect he deserves. also its called a “Heel turn” so of course he’s doing it to get under your skin.

  • Dave

    The amount of recap videos was pathetic.

  • Bogusstang

    1. AW is funny. Hope this doesn’t hurt him. 2. Daniel bry is the biggest shock to come out of NXT. I would never guessed how amazing his wrestling and mike work are 3 GET RID OF TOUT NOW!!!!

  • Evon Reese

    Lol. That's a good one