RAW Results - 1/9/12 - Ryder's Tire

RAW this week starts with video recap of last week's main event, then Kane's attack on Cena and Ryder.

Kane's fire erupts, then lights out. Red lights come up on stage and Kane is standing there surrounded in smoke. He comes to the ring wearing his over mask. Into the ring he raises fire from the four corners, then removes the over mask. He says he sees the disapproving looks. He hears the weak little whispers, wondering why he embraces hate. Not only and we deplorably predictable, we're in denial. Kane says we all get up next to a spouse we can't stand, to a job we despise, then home to kids we say we love, but deep down we think to ourselves that they're nothing but soft, spoiled disappointments. He says we all live lives filled with pure hate! But we don't embrace it. Either we're too cowardly or because we fill our lives with delusions of hope like Cena! Cena represents hope. He represents success. Everything we aspire to achieve, but cannot. When we see Cena we should see our failures, our shortcomings, our unfulfilled dreams!

It should anger us and it does. When we say 'Cena sucks!' what we're really saying is that we suck. And we do because we refuse to embrace the hate that's bubbling up like a festering cauldron. Kane says we like to think of ourselves as decent human beings, but we're liars. We think cheering for an underdog makes us good and decent. Look at Ryder! Kane says we made him a star. That proves nothing! Last week he was seconds away from carrying that vessel of our vicarious elation down to the depths of hell. But Cena stopped that. All Cena did was delay the inevitable. Unlike us fans, Kane always gets what he wants! What he wants are consequences. Consequences for refusing to embrace hate!

Cena's music. Out to the stage, off comes his shirt and he runs to the ring. Cena on Kane with blows. Cena clotheslines Kane from the ring, then out after him. They exchange blows. Down by the side of the ramp, then through uprights and into the back area. Cena thrown into men wearing suits. Kane attacks one man, then back after Cena. Cena slammed into a door, then takes more blows form Kane. Cena thrown into another door,t hen they're outside. On the loading dock and Cena gains control almost sending Kane off the side backward. Cena sent to knock over poles, then comes back at Kane with a crowbar. Upper cut from Cena and he lands in a piles of trash and boxes. Cena lays there, then bounces up, but Kane is gone! Cena looks all around, but no Kane to be seen!



Recap of Kane and Cena fighting outside, then Kane was gone.

Sheamus & Santino vs Wade Barrett & Jinder Mahal

Sheamus out with a light smile on his face. Video of Sheamus going after Mahal, but Barrett attacked from behind, then Mahal locked on a cobra clutch on Sheamus! Santino out in his normal goofy way. Barrett out to face them, but waits outside the ring for Mahal who joins him.

Santino and Mahal start. Blows on Mahal, but he comes back with a knee to Santino's gut. A high knee to Santino's face for two. Barrett tags in and on Santino with a neck breaker for two. Chinlock on Santino on the mat. "Santino" chants. Knees to Santino's gut then he's whipped to a corner. Mahal tags in and stomps Santino. Chinlock on Santino on the mat. Santino up and punches free, then a jawbreaker. Sheamus tags in and on Mahal with clotheslines. Sheamus on Mahal in a corner with blows all over. Mahal slammed to the mat, then a right knocks Barrett from the apron. Brogue kick, then he tags Santino in! Santino puts the sleeve on and sets up for the cobra and hits it. Santino gets the three.

Winners – Santino & Sheamus

Video of the brogue kick and the cobra. Sheamus and Santino celebrate as Barrett glares from the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Miz says it's unfair that R-Truth has attacked him twice. Laurinaitis says he has a lot on his plate. He's Special Guest Ref in the WWE Title match at the Royal Rumble. He has a huge Supershow tonight and Brodus' debut. Miz asks for private security. Laurinaitis says he can't do that, but Miz can on his own. Laurinaitis says he's not Little Jimmy, he's Big Johnny!. Otunga and Laurinaitis smirk over his joke. Miz leaves looking disgusted.



The first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012 is the Rated R Superstar Edge. A beautiful video from the Brood to E&C, Hogan, WWE Champ, Foley, Royal Rumble winner, Orton, Punk. As expected and fully deserving, Edge will be inducted this year. King then talks up Edge and another will be announced later.

Backstage Segment

Miz is trying to get a bodyguard, but Ryan isn't interested.

Backstage Segment

Ryder on his cell talking to his father about being afraid of Kane, then Eve shows and he's all macho. He then asks Eve out and think they should go, right now! Eve agrees, but she has a match against Beth and if she wins she might get a Title match. Ryder is cool with that. Eve leaves and he's nervous. Ryder leaves and Kane comes from behind a door looking very mysterious.


Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan

Kofi comes bouncing out to the ring with decent pop. Cole talks about how Kofi talked down Bryan and how he beat Big Show, so this match was set up. Bryan out all excited, Kofi rolls his eyes. Video of Big Show breaking Bryan's hold, then Bryan out to taunt Henry so Bryan would keep his Title. Bryan then celebrated as if he took Big Show out! Bryan still bouncing all over the ring, Kofi not impressed.

Handshake instigated by Bryan! Arm hold on Kofi, then he's whipped but then kicks up at Bryan. Kofi then flies in a crossbody for two. Bryan ducks a Kofi kick, then rolls Kofi up. Kofi reverses on Bryan for two. Bryan whipped, runs up the corner and flips back over Kofi. Kofi kicks back, then flies at Bryan, but it's reversed into a lebell lock. Bryan lock it in tight, Kofi finally taps out.

Winner – Bryan

Bryan celebrates on announce and on the barriers, all excited as if he just won the belt. Big Show's music hits and Bryan stops in his tracks. Big Show out to the ring. Big Show gives his hat to a tiny service woman. Bryan in the ring to wait for Big Show. Big Show in and says... Bryan cuts him off and says he's thinking and feeling the way Big Show does. He hates how that ended! The Title is too important for that to have ended that way. He's a fighting Champ and will give Big Show a shot when he wants. Big Show says he's glad Bryan agrees and Long agrees. They will have it on SD, No DQ, No Countout Match. Bryan looks green. They shake and Big Show says something quietly to Bryan that I can't hear. Big Show leave the ring all happy, Bryan doesn't look so thrilled.



Royal Rumble 1994 – Diesel cleans house, but it ended with Lex Luger and Bret Hart both flying out together, so it was a tie! (I'll fill you in on more of the match tomorrow.)

Brodus Clay vs Curt Hawkins

The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay out to the ring, bimbo dancers and all. He's in a red track suit with BC and red fedora. He's lost serious weight, but wtf? Curt Hawkins is ringside to face him. I'm totally confused, as King and Cole seem too.

Brodus wiggles his hips and dances around when the bell rings. Hawkins slammed to the mat, Brodus dances more. Hawkins tries a move, but can't pull Brodus. Brodus sends Hawkins running the ropes, right into Brodus' head! More dancing, then Hawkins brought up and suplexed. Brodus gyrates and says, "My bad." Brodus splashes Hawkins in a corner, then squashes him in the center of the ring for three.

Winner – Brodus Clay

Brodus dances all over the ring with his gogo dancers. He then holds the ropes for the girls.

Backstage Segment

Ryder brushing his teeth, all excited about going out with Eve. Kane is seen in the mirror as he spitted. Ryder through he saw him, then wasn't sure and freaked out.

Backstage Segment

Miz can't get Primo and Epico to protect him, Rosa says no. Punk comes up on his way tot he ring. Miz gets all pissy at him and stomps off. Punk smirks.


Jack Swagger w/ Vickie & Dolph vs CM Punk

Swagger out to the ring with both Vickie and Dolph in tow. Punk out to the ring to face Swagger. Laurinaitis out and introduces himself. In three weeks Royal Rumble he's the Special Guest Ref between Dolph and Punk. Punk must be sure that Laurinaitis won't be fair. But if Punk defeats Swagger tonight, then Swagger and Vickie are banned from ringside. Dolph needs to stay in shape, so tonight Dolph will face Cena.

Punk tauts Swagger a bit, then Swagger grabs Punk's leg. Punk to the ropes. They muscle around a bit, Punk taken over, Swagger taken down. Cole says Brodus Clay is trending on Twitter! Swagger backed into the ropes, Vickie screeches. They lock up, Swagger behind, Punk muscles out. Side headlock on Swagger. Swagger takes Punk down, Punk holds on. Punk behind, Swagger turns and Punk backed into a corner. Punk out with kicks, then a slam on Swagger. Punk climbs, Swagger rolls out of the way. Punk jumps down as Swagger hangs out with Dolph and Vickie outside.

Swagger back in and on Punk with forearms to Punk's back. Swagger stands on Punk's hand in the ropes. Punk ducks Swagger twice, then off the ropes with a crossbody for two. Punk and Swagger reverse each other, Swagger goes for the ankle lock, Punk free. Shoulder block drops Punk to the mat. Punk in a corner, then knees from Swagger that look terribly fake. Snap mare on Punk, then Punk's arms pinned back. Punk to his feet and Swagger tries to roll him up in a quick schoolboy, but he fumbles around and almost tries to grab Punk by his peepee to roll him up! Swagger figures it out for two. Swagger on Punk from behind. Punk to his feet, then elbows free. Knee to Punk's gut, then Swagger sends Punk out. Laurinaitis keeps Dolph away from Punk.

Punk dodges back in between Swagger's feet, then clotheslines Swagger from the ring. Punk flies out onto Swagger, luckily is able to stop himself before he eats the front corner of announce!


Front facelock on Punk in the center of the ring. Vickie screaming, Laurinaitis watching by announce. Punk back with blows, then runs into a big boot for two. Forearm to Punk's back, then another. Punk eats the corner, then blows from Punk. Punk reverses on Swagger, then knees to Swagger's face. Kicks, then a neckbreaker for two. Swagger eat a high knee in a corner, then Swagger reverses out of the bulldog and splashes Punk for two. Swagger yells at Punk to stay down. Swagger tries to splash again, but at Punk's feet. Punk off the corner, Swagger catches Punk and slams him to the mat for two. More yelling from Swagger. Punk reverses the gut wrench. They both reverse back and forth until a belly-to-belly from Swagger for two. Punk set up top on a corner. Swagger up, but Punk with blows to his gut. Head butt and Swagger falls back to the mat. Punk up and hits Savage's elbow for three? There was question as Swagger kicks out, but the ref says Punk wins it.

Winner – Punk

Laurinaitis around the ring. Video recap about the ending. It was very close and the ref called it three. Punk sits in the ring as the rest leave. Punk the poses for the fans. Slo-mo shows that Swagger's shoulder was up. Cole says the ref blew the call, that's why Laurinaitis has put himself in as ref for this match. Cole and King argue about this. They then go on to talk about Kane and show video of Cena and Kane fighting outside. Cena lands, but gets up and Kane was gone.

Backstage Segment

Cena and Ryder talking. Cena says, "And that's what they call marine biology!" as if he was ending a joke. Ryder then thanks Cena for the 800th time for the Title match, then saving him from Kane. He's still weirded out by Kane and Eve and... Cena stops Ryder to say that Ryder passed Miz on Twitter to make Ryder in the top 5 followed WWE Superstars. Cena told him he knew it would be hectic, but Ryder has to keep it together. Cena leaves with a slap to the arm. Ryder looks behind him all freaked out.


Backstage Segment

The Bellas arguing again, this time about Keibler. Ricardo was called there from Mexico all for a message for ADR. Miz tells Ricardo he's going to call out R-Truth. Ricardo says it's loco. Miz tells him to draw out R-Truth, then he'll take Ricardo out. Miz tells Ricardo if he doesn't, then he'll be injured with ADR. Ricardo asks the Bellas to join him, they won't. Ricardo goes with his head hung.


The Four Horsemen are being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Great video for the group.

In Ring Segment

Ricardo is out there stumbling over his words. He says R-Truth is a really bad man. His mother is really ugly, has a mustache. R-Truth smells like a wet donkey. His breath is like a rotten burrito. R-Truth out sniffing his pits and looking confused. Ricardo looks like he's about to cry. "Oh Lucy, I'm home!" says R-Truth with a strange and creep smile, batting his lashes. "Hola Ricardo!" he doesn't know why Ricardo wants to pick a fight with R-Truth. R-Truth says ridc has it all wrong. "What?" R-Truth's not a bad man. "What?" Now R-Truth is playing to Austin's 'What's?' R-Truth says he's a good R-Truth. In fact, Little Jimmy told him to let bygones be bygones and let Ricardo go. Little Jimmy? "What?" Little Jimmy? "What?" Should he let Ricardo go? "NO!" Ricardo begs R-Truth. R-Truth spins around and says Little Jimmy doesn't think much of Ricardo. Little Jimmy wants R-Truth to turn Ricardo into a human pinata. Ricardo then whines asking Miz for help. R-Truth says he's bugging out like a little cockroach. R-Truth says Little Jimmy wants him to sing a song. La Cucaracha! Ricardo's voice wiggles around. Finally Ricardo sings the song and gets into it wonderfully. "One more 'gain!" Ricardo reaches and slaps R-Truth's mic away on accident. R-Truth looks about to blow. R-Truth slams Ricardo face first to the mat.

Suddenly Miz attacks R-Truth from behind – he came through the crowd wearing a black hoodie. Miz stops to remove the hoodie and gloat. This gives R-Truth time and he attacks Miz. Miz flees through the stands. R-Truth doesn't follow and gets back in the ring arguing with himself, or Little Jimmy.


In Ring Segment

Justin announces Jericho as the only man to defeat SCSA and Rock in one night to become the first ever Undisputed Champion! Lights out, then Jericho back to the fans wearing his fun jacket from last week. Pyro and Jericho turns around and comes out to the ring. He poses on the apron, then into the ring. Jericho again tries to get the fans cheering as he points, but it just doesn't work the way it did last week. His music keeps playing, so he leaves the ring to slap hands and pose with fans. More hand slapping, then back to the ring. His music just keeps going on and on. He splits up the fans and gets them cheering, but not loud like last week. Finally his music is quieter, but keeps going. He takes a mic and smiles in the ring.

The music finally stops and there's a lot of "Y2J!" chants. He poses on a corner and they cheer for him. Jericho looks around and the chants that get loud again, then louder. Mic in hand, but Jericho looks like he's going to cry, tears in his eyes. He looks around, his eyes red, looking teary. Jericho starts to cry and the chants fill the arena again. He can't seem to force the tears out, though he looks to be bawling. Arm on the top rope, head shaking, below his eyes is wet, but no real tears showing. He walks across the ring, drops the mic and then leaves the ring bawling as his music starts again. Up the ramp Jericho cries and wipes his eyes. Up on the stage he puts a fist to his chest, raises a thumb, then waves and leaves.



Royal Rumble 1998 – Tyson is watching from high in the stands. SCSA arrives and about clears the ring. Down to Rocky and Austin. Stunner on Rocky, then Austin throws him out. Tyson cheers Austin!

Eve vs Beth

Eve out in champagne pink and silver. Justin is about to announce Beth, but fire and red lights. Eve is scared and leaves the ring. Ryder runs down and takes Eve's hand. They run off by the stage and out. They get outside and he gets her in the SUV. The tire is flat. He tells her to lock herself in and he starts changing the tire maniacally. She's yelling at him to hurry up, they have to go – like that helps!


Backstage Segment

Ryder is still changing the tire and Eve is still freaking out. He starts to get the donut on, but is struggling.

Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena

Dolph is already in the ring, Vickie ringside. Cena out to face him.

Side headlock on Cena. Dolph and Cena duck each other back and forth, then Dolph gets all cocky about it. They lock up, side headlock on Cena, but Cena pushes him off. Drop toe hold by Cena, then Dolph kicks Cena off to a corner. Zig/zag from Dolph for two. Blows and kicks on Cena in a corner. Dolph stomps Cena down. Cena rolls out. Dolph with a chinlock on Cena, while holding it he goes up into his favorite headstand, then bridges. Dolph back to the regular position, then back to his silly headstand. King says that Dolph can say, "I can beat Cena while standing on my head!" Cole agrees, I giggle. They then argue about this. The women and children chant for Cena. Cena to his feet, then suplexes free. Cena rushes Dolph, then eats corner. Elbow drops on Cena, over and over. Dolph then does sit-ups. Dolph goes for another elbows drop but Cena moves. Shoulder blocks from Cena, the his slam in what Cole calls 'vintage' Cena.

Up on the tron shows Ryder seems to have the donut on, but struggling with the jack. Cena watches this on the tron,t hen Kane attacks as Eve screams. Sleeper on Cena as Kane knees Ryder. Kane gets Ryder over to where they were earlier and chokeslams him off the side. Ryder didn't drop as far as he should have and there was no wooden cracking sound. Cena out of the ring and Dolph jumps on his back again for another sleeper. Cena purposefully drops back slamming Dolph into the stairs to get him to let go. Cena to his feet and he runs up the ramp and out. Vickie is yelling at Dolph to get in the ring!

Cena runs out back, right into an upper cut and blows from Kane. Kane gets his hand over Cena's face and holds it there until Cena passes out, his head hanging over the edge and Ryder laid out on the pallet bellow. The camera zooms in on Kane as he looms over Cena. The camera tight in on Kane's face. Around his eye is more of a red face paint than the black he used to use.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

Most entertaining

Most mixed

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  • mark3man

    Edge now thats a shock. Gonna watch hof now

    • Kleck

      I’m all over this year’s celebration

    • Marc

      If The Rock is also inducted this year, I feel bad for Edge not being the Main Man of the HOF.

  • Chris_Storm

    Kane disappeared! Oh No! Does this mean Cena is not on my television anymore tonight? Whatever shall I do. Bahahahah

    • Chris_Storm

      Really happy for Edge. More deserving than half the guys in the HOF.

  • Kleck

    Peek-a-Boo Kane isn’t too scary…

  • Andy

    my reaction when brodus clay first came out WTF…..then i change to F**K YOU JOHNNY ACE

  • Kleck

    Brodus Clay? That’s hilarious. I love the character!

  • Dave

    Who the funk is Brodus "funkasorous" Clay!?

    • Dave

      Come on bayb–Nevermind.

  • sethpac_00

    That… is… awful. @Brodus Clay

  • mark3man

    Is brodus clay godfather and big daddy v’s love child?

    • Bryan

      Cant forget 2 cool. Exactly who I was reminded of at first.

    • Eiji

      No, it's Akeem and Flash Funks.

  • Bmac4395

    The Funkasorus. Wow. I feel bad for Brodus Clay.

  • wes

    What is the WWE goin back to the gimmicks of the early 90's…how embarrising for Brodus Clay..what is the creative team thinking…i can write better garbage than that..I feel even worse for Hawkins…wow..just…iono if i can even write any more about my complete disgust for this…whats next Doink the Clown, Crush, hell Max Moon

    • Eiji

      and Bastian Booger. Or maybe that buffalo. SMH

  • Leonardo

    Brodus Clay shocker! liked it and hated it at the same time! He is now a crossover of The Godfather and Rikishi.
    Maybe Apollo Creed just got fat. don't know what to think, but i was funny though.

  • JJC

    I’m actually real happy for edge! That’s a pretty awesome accomplishment to be so young and already being inducted into the hall of fame. Congratulations edge!

  • Chris_Storm

    Word champ finally booked to get a clean win, at the cost of jobbing out a tag team champion instead of someone who doesn't have a title. I understand having Bryan beat another title holder to look strong after the cheap finish Friday, but it could've been against Ryder instead of Kofi. This hurt Kofi, but he and Evan have been booked into oblivion anyway.

    • Thundercat254

      I agree big time. If they was gonna job out a champion why couldn’t have been Evan Bourne, since he screwed up not Kofi smh.

    • H.M.

      It's not the end of the world. One loss. I do agree that the tag team champs have been booked horribly after that brief splash they mad in the scene. I hope they pick up that momentum.

      Stupid Bourne <.<

  • H.M.

    Well now we know what a combination of Viscera and the Godfather would look like.

  • Alex Vizcaino

    How about that there funk-o-caurus?

  • seth

    imma say that it b jericho tht wins the rumble and fights punk 4 the belt at wrestlemania yo

  • Dave

    Jericho..Best in the–Nevermind.

  • Tim

    During cenas match kane will take Ryder and cena will count out or get hit while being distracted by the titantron

  • Geezuz Kryste

    When is Mr Smiles going to talk!

  • mark

    Wasn’t Brodus Clay using Ernest Miller’s WWE theme song? They aren’t investing much in Clay’s character when they don’t give him an original entrance theme. He’s like a fat Flash Funk.

    • sforester

      Exactly. That piece made me ill because all this hype and we get this.

      • H.M.

        You must be devastated. I know you're one of those guys that have been gunning for Clay to debut as the next big monstrous guy lol.

        His new gimmick…totally split on it to be honest.

    • ^This.

  • Baba

    While I understand that the Wwe hall of fame isn't exactly credible, I've always liked watching the speeches of wrestlers inducted. With Edge, the 4 Horsemen and probably the Macho Man…. this is going to be an awesome HOF to watch.

    • Eiji

      If they were gunna induct Macho Man, he should of been the first inductee anounced. They better induct The Madness!!!

  • Seriously, who here would change a flat tire while a homicidal maniac is coming after them and a hot chick they are with? Worst thing I've seen in a long time. The lack of logic is baffling.

    • H.M.

      That one little tidbit ruined a good bit of credibility that segment had going for it. Like, damn I'm sure Eve has a car, or hell call up a taxi.

    • MonsterMike42

      I guess you missed it. The tire had, like, a foot long gash in it. Or at least that's what it looked like.

    • keagan

      it was a joke and wasnt suppose to be logical. zach's character doesnt think logically.

  • Well so far WWE is off to a terrible start for 2012… Two weeks of bad shows so far… This one was way worse than last week’s even. Not one single good match on the show, way too much focus on the cartoony Kane/Cena feud, once again Punk screwed out of the main event spot, Broudus Clay the big fat Funk Master with Earnest Miller’s entrance music… I’ve said it for months that Clay is the most overrated IWC darling I’ve ever seen & cannot understand why everyone likes this guy so much- he’s not that good & now has a crappy gimmick to boot. Here’s to hoping all this filler crap goes away by Rumble.

    • H.M.

      Eh, these shows are building to something. Especially with that deal with Jericho. Kane/Cena feud…Kane's a smart guy and while I understood pretty much everything he was saying, I doubt a majority of the audience is even smart enough to get half of his vocab..lol.

      Clay's gimmick is retarded. I was originally split on it but now I've made up my mind. Punk deserves main event spot I agree.

      But then again Austin/Rock etc used to get main event spots despite not being in the world title pictures. Guess it's the thing with huge stars.

    • James Mitchell

      I enjoyed last weeks raw, but this weeks was one of the worst I’ve seen IMO. It just looked sloppy, from the mic work, spots, stories, commentating. I thinks Big Show said to Bryan “you know we’re stretching this, right?” open mic gaffe. Not sure what’s going on but I hope it gets better. Brodus’ return was hard to watch, and I’m really split on Edge’s HOF nod. OOH I’m happy for him for the obvious reasons, AOTO I feel it’s waaaaaaaay too soon. Maybe I’m just mildly disappointed that shuts down the possibility of him coming back to have a major supporting role of some kind, idk, just feels very early. I guess WWE/VKM is trying to capitalize on his popularity/timing to hype the HOF ceremony. Thoughts anyone?

  • Jake

    Jericho has always been my favorite, from the start. But with him not talking, it’s getting a little aggravating. Because I waited ALL week long for this. Not cool WWE, not cool.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    so much for the Rebirth of King Kong Bundy, who I think Brodus Clay looks like and he even does the same type moves in the ring.

    I agree with Jason V. Who the hell changes a tire with a Maniac after them. to hell with the car take a cab or buss just get the hell out of there.

    As for Eve I wondered how long before Eve caved in and agreed to go on a date with Ryder.

    a interesting Storyline. I wonder if his Long Island Z video will be from the Hospital this Friday.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      Good match with Daniel Bryan and Kofi. can't wait to see how Bryan beats Big Show Friday on SD.

  • armando

    There making a joke out of Brodus Clay and that's just plan wrong.

  • David

    brodus clay = pg version of big dick johnson

  • Chris

    Horrible crap. They have to change Broudus Clay was a joke the Kane angle is trash bring in young guys with credible themes and make the show interesting again. I am kinda liking the Jericho thing though. I’m thinking Jericho undertaker wrestlemania.

  • Jacob

    Wow. Another wasted segment. Thanks wwe for ruining Jericho.

  • Eiji

    Am I the only one that thought of the gimmick One Man Gang had as Akeem in the late 80's early 90's when broudus clay came out.

  • Morgan

    I’m a bit confused, doesn’t this mean Flair is getting inducted into the HoF twice now? Would he even be allowed to go with his TNA contract?

    • Areyou_ready?

      he will not get inducted twice he will be inducted as a leader member of the 4 horseman as a groupd not as an individual.

  • Chris

    Who did Brodus piss off for this gimick??????

  • Laura

    I've never seen Brodus Clay before, but WTF was that last night???? I don't know if I like this gimmick. Fat men have no business dressing or moving around like that. I thought they were going to bring him out like Goldberg back in WCW. All these months of hype and that's what they come up with? Great job WWE for managing to pull a Glacier. I still can't get that image of all that red out of my mind.

  • lsutiger

    maybe brodus clay will have a different gimmick every week he comes out like tyson kidd had different managers surely wwe writers can't be that dumb to put the garbage of that gimmick on tv every week. the only thing worse then tonights raw was watching my lsu tigers get their ass kicked by bama. brodus clay was the highlight of my night.

  • dan

    I did think the Punk match was a botched finish – you could clearly hear the ref say "I'm so so sorry" to Punk straight after and Punk looked pissed with him.

  • dan

    Also, put Jericho in a "Jacket on a pole" match. Or even better yet, a " Jacket / Inferno" match.

    Both last weeks Jericho segment and this weeks Brodus debut both made me instantly think "who books this crap" only to not be able to think if it was disaster or genius. Somewhere in the middle at the moment I think.