WWE RAW Results 12/19/11 - IWC Champs Reign!

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This post TLC RAW starts with music and pyro.

A huge drum roll! From the entertainment capital of... This state! From the gm of RAW and the least entertaining hack in the company. Was the winner of the Triple Threat WWE Title Match ADR? Miz? Or me? Fans go wild! CM Punk with a big smile on the tron and he comes out to the ring all smiles. Cole says it was a hugely controversial night last night at TLC! If you didn't see it, you're in for a heck of a ride!

Punk holds the mic out and walks around in the ring so the fans cheer louder. He says much to the chagrin to old clown shoes, Laurinaitis, with bodies flying and Ricardo fell from about twenty feet through a table. It was a big night and he's holding a Title like this. Then what about the US Title Match. Who was the winner? Mr. Ziggles? Or Zack Ryder? Spoiler alert! Zack Ryder! The fans are wild and out comes Ryder! Woo woo woo! From the fans. Cole says Ryder's father is as kookie as Ryder is. Punk says he's saved the biggest for last. There was a WHC Chairs Match. Who won? Was it Henry? Or was it Big Show? Actually it was Big Show, but then, big spoiler alert, the unthinkable happened! Who walked out of TLC with the WHC? It does him proud to be able to say it was Daniel Bryan! Out comes Bryan who is pumped up. Cole says he's physically ill. Punk and Bryan hug in the ring. Chants for Daniel Bryan build.

Punk says of any city who would appreciate this scene it's Philly. A city so entrenched in pro-wrestling, how about it? "ECW" chants. Punk says this trips him out. Who would have thought that these two kids who met down the street ten years ago down the street at the Murphy Rec Center are now the WHC and the WWE Champ. Taking nothing from Ryder! The three of them woo woo woo. This is crazy Philly! He has no filter, pipe bomb and all that. But it's about these two guys who eat, sleep and breathe wrestling. He's seen them break their backs and us fans brought them to this level. Punk wants to hear from these two.

Ryder says it's still unbelievable. He looked at his dad and asked of he's really the US Champ. His dad said, woo woo woo, you know it! Cole's not impressed with this. And can't believe it's all real.

Bryan says Punk said people didn't expect him to be WWE Champ, well they didn't think Bryan would ever get to the WWE. Cole who says Bryan shouldn't be here. Cole calls names. Bryan says not only is he there, he's a Champ. Not just any Champ, but the WHC! It's unbelievable, this entire...

Bryan cuts off with Miz on stage. Then Dolph comes out to join him. Then ADR comes out. The three head for the ring. They try to surround the ring, but each face takes a heel down. None can get close enough to the ring. They then huddle and regroup. Ryder comes over the top and badly lands on Dolph. The other two throw Ryder into the stairs. Bryan and Punk chase the others up the ramp, but Laurinaitis comes out and yells at the faces. He protects Miz and ADR. Laurinaitis announces himself and talks about TLC. Seeing as he's so creative... Punk and Bryan to check on Ryder. Laurinaitis sets up a Six Man Tag Match – shocker! This is his Christmas present to each of us. But what if we don't celebrate Christmas?

King and Cole talk about Kane's return and his attack on Cena. Later Cena will speak for the first time about that attack.

Split-screen, backstage Orton and Wade are heading for the ring. Wade looks to be seething!

> Commercial

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Orton out to the ring, still that slight smirk on his lips as he looks around at the fans cheering, sucking it all up as he climbs into the ring. Wade out to face him.

Wade on Orton with blows on Orton. More blows in corners by Wade, Orton cowers. Orton whipped but comes out with a clothesline. Orton on Wade with blows in a corner. An upper cut, then counted blows on Wade, but Orton only got to six. Wade free, but then eats a drop kick for two. Cole says Wade dominated last night. Orton rakes Wade's face with a boot. Wade rolls out, Orton follows. Wade eats apron, back kick to Orton. Orton hung up across his ribs on the barrier to the bell. Big boot to Orton, Wade into the ring.

> Commercial

Orton eats another big boot. Orton in the ropes and eats knees. Another big boot knocks Orton to the floor. The ref starts counting, but Wade out and slams Orton back into the apron. In the ring Wade pins for two. Chinlock on Orton in the ring. Orton struggles. Orton blocks a boot but hits a couple clotheslines, then that sick slam! Orton up for wasteland, but Orton free and hits a back breaker on Wade. Orton's DDT through the ropes, in what Cole calls 'vintage' Orton. Orton pounds the mat. Wade up and a thumb to Orton's eye.

Winner – Orton via DQ

Clothesline to, then he stomps Orton. Wade stomps Orton, then drags Orton up. Side slam to Orton who just stays on the mat. Wade out of the ring and drags a table from below. Wade into the ring and starts to set up the table. Big boot to Orton, then the table is up. Orton dragged to his feet, then on Wade's shoulders. Wasteland through the table. Wade with a fist in the air yells and gets some serious heat. Orton left on the broken table in a crumbled mess. More refs in to check on Orton and make sure Wade leaves. Orton starts to sit up on his own. Video of the high points, then back to Orton writing on the mat.

King and Cole talk about Triple H and Nash in their Sledgehammer Match. Stills from the Match at TLC. Nash was removed on a stretcher while Trip celebrated. Nash has multiple contusions. He has a nasal fracture from the sledge.

Split-screen, backstage Beth and Foxy are heading for the ring.

> Commercial

WWE Slam of The Week – Lita announcing the Divalicious Moment of The Year, then Beth taking Kelly's Slammy! Kelly slaps back and Lita raises her hand.

Beth vs Foxy

Beth out to the ring sans Natalya! Into the corner of the ring, poses, then flips back to the mat. Foxy out with her fake fur hood, but a tiny two piece metallic teal ring outfit.

Arm bar on Foxy. Foxy back with blows then a sidewalk slam. Foxy's leg bounce off the top rope by Beth, but Foxy lands on her feet, then her bum. Beth almost lands on her bum too. Back up and Foxy slams Beth back with a neck breaker type move, but Beth obviously did more work there. Beth's skirt bounces up to show leopard panties (not nude like Madison in TNA/IW!). Flipping leg drop from Foxy for three!

Winner – Foxy

Video of the high points of the Match, including Foxy leg drop. Foxy with a mic, gets little reaction. She hopes everyone has a Foxy holiday! She blows kisses and preens her way from the ring and up the ramp.

> Commercial

Sheamus vs Jinder

Sheamus out to the ring with tons of pop and lots of ladies screaming for him. Video of Sheamus facing Jinder last week on SD. Jinder out talking smack in a mixture of his home language and English. Jinder will put Sheamus in his place. Cole likes the way Jinder dresses. King says Cole would look good in a turban, as King laughed. Cole says he'd like to ride in on an elephant!

Arms around Sheamus' waist, but then Jinder on Sheamus with blows. One blow drops Jinder. Sheamus telegraphs and is kicked for it. Kick to Sheamus' leg, then drop kick to the side of Sheamus' head. High knee to Sheamus for one. Arm and chin hold on Sheamus into a chinlock. Double hand clotheslines from Sheamus. A clothesline in a corner, then a short clothesline in the center of the ring. Sheamus climbs, but Jinder ducks and Sheamus lands on his feet. Irish curse backbreaker, then Sheamus sets up for the Celtic cross and he hits it hard!

Winner – Sheamus

King and Cole talk about Kane's return and how he attacked Cena.

> Commercial

WWE Rewind – Cena faced Henry, but then Kane's fire hit and out he came. Cena staggered into a chokeslam, then Kane removed his over mask to show his newly masked face!

Cena's music and he comes out with a big smile, salutes and hits the ring. His shirt's neckline has a slight cut through the neck binding so it would be easy to rip, the way Hogan used to have his clipped for easy ripping. He sucks up the reaction from the fans, much of which is heat. Mostly heat. They don't want to stop yelling, screaming, cheering and jeering! What he's about to say will be shocking. So much so that if you've had a previous heart attack or are pregnant, you need to muffle your ears. People won't believe this, but there's some people out there who don't like him. He knows, but it caught him by surprise too, but apparently he can get under some people's skin. Some of those people are here, some are not. His opponent at WM, Rock. The man who puts boots to asses, he's ready for him. He can understand why Rock doesn't like him. What he can't understand is that there's a monster on the loose. A monster who wears a red mask, covers himself in fire and gets real uneasy around the holiday or trips to the dentist. (I get the dentist, what's the holidays thing?) That monster, without any rhyme or reason choke-slammed Cena to hell. He's a monster that strikes fear in the heart of every man. So he'd like to think he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If it wasn't then there he is. If it was, he'll let bygones be bygones, no problem and they go their separate ways. If it was no accident, then they have business and right now they should handle that business.

Mark Henry's music and out he comes limping. Henry says the business Cena needs to be concerned about is that Henry had Cena laying in the middle of that ring and if not for Kane, Cena would be the newest member of the hall of pain. Cena's out there doing a monolog full of jokes. A quiet but growing chant of "Sexual Chocolate" starts with a few guys and grows to about fifty guys before fading out. Henry's not in the mood for jokes, he won his Title last night. He's out there to address his injuries and why he lost. If he was Cena, he'd kick rocks and get out of Henry's face as he's all the business Cena needs to worry about. Cena looks ready for a fight, then fire!

Kane on the stage with his black over-mask on and he heads for the ring. Henry out of the ring and in front of announce. Kane walks around the ring and stares at Henry. Henry says he's not scared, but hurt. Hands up and showing he's not a threat, but then Kane turns to Cena. Onto the apron and that over mask comes off. Cena on Kane with blows. Cena clotheslines Kane from the ring, but Kane lands on his feet and pulls Cena from the ring by his feet. Kane sends Cena flying over announce. Cena easily landed on his feet, but then flopped into King's chair trying to sell the throw. Kane drags Cena to his feet and on Cena with blows. An upper cut on Cena who about coughs up a lung. Kane grabs Cena's face with a claw-like hold, but then seems to be blocking off Cena's airways. Cena lays across announce with Kane's hands over his mouth and nose. Kane's hands pull away to show blood from Cena's mouth. Kane rips Cena's shirt off (see, told you his shirt was clipped for easy ripping!) and removes it from Cena. Cena is left sprawled on announce looking confused as Kane leaves with Cena's ripped shirt.

> Commercial

Video recap of Kane's attack on Cena.

Primo & Epico w/ Rosa vs Usos

The Colons and Rosa in the ring. Usos out with their great Samoan war dance.

An Uso on Primo, then double team Primo. Jey has the tattoo on his chest. Up with Primo, but Epico attacks on the apron sending Jey flying, then Primo off the top with a drop kick. Primo pins for two. Primo stomps the heck out of Jey, then tags out. The Colons both jump over the ropes, basically in unison.

Epico stomps Jey, then swings a leg to trip them. Backstage Evan and Kofi are watching this Match closely. Head stretch on Jey in the center of the ring. Jey free through blows, but a drop toe hold keeps him from his brother. Jey is able to get free and tag out. Jimmy in with what I can only call a Bubba bomb. He's all fired up. Bum slam ala their father Rikishi (but the bum missed Epico's head by a mile). Jimmy pins but Primo breaks it up. Jey flies at Primo, but out over the top. Jimmy sends Primo out, but then takes a back stabber from Epico for three.

Winner - Colons

King and Cole are talking about the Royal Rumble and the Road to WM starting there. They show Santino's commercial for the RR that premiered during TLC.

Backstage Cody is with Josh. He asks how he feels after defeating Booker. Cody says they're to pretend that what they just saw of Santino wasn't the most ridiculous thing ever? Just as ridiculous as the notion of Booker T returning to the ring and defeating the man who resurrected the IC Title. If anyone was to look in a crystal ball they would see Cody... Santino is there with a basket of sorts. He says it's the season of giving "Coby" Rhodes. Before their Match tonight he has a Christmas present. Cody says he doesn't want it. Santino says he doesn't want it as it's not a pie, it's not cologne (pronounced as spelled, with a hard G). Through the top of the basket comes the cobra (Santino's hand, not a real snake, this isn't Jake!). It's a Christmas cobra Coby. Hisssssss! Hissssssss! Hissssssssssss! Beware Coby!

> Commercial

Santino vs Cody Rhodes

Santino out with his funny walk/run, cobra on his arm. Cody comes out, flips off his hood and smiles until he sees Santino.

Santino all flailing at Cody, but Cody takes him down. Blows in a corner, then wrenches Santino's arm. Santino slammed back to the mat. Cody stomps Santino's hand, then again, then the arm. Santino splits below a clothesline, then hits a hip toss. Cody reverses a whip, but then a blow to the gut. Santino sets up for the cobra, but an Alabama slam to Santino gives Cody three.

Winner – Cody

King and Cole talk about Tribute To The Troops. Video of Cena's ending speech at the event, then to a whole video about the events they were involved in set to Nickelback's music.

> Commercial

The Bellas with Laurinaitis and Otunga. The twins are arguing and are not happy about Long calling them floozies. They then call each other floozies and argue more. Laurinaitis says he and the board understand about Long and they're watching. He wishes them a happy Christmas and sends them on their way. Laurinaitis is left with lipstick stains on his face. EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! Dolph was cheated out of his Title, rematch now! Horney there with mistletoe and kisses Vickie. She runs off screaming and crying.

Stills from TLC to recap the show and the Title winners. Stills of Ryder winning, then video of his father spazzing, then Ryder out to see his dad. A little interview with Ryder's dad and a bit with Cena, both so proud of Ryder.

Josh with Big Show backstage. Asked about Bryan taking the strap from Big Show after 9 years without the strap. Big Show says in seconds it went away after 9 years to get it back. It's kinda Big Show's fault. He encouraged Bryan to cash his MITB on Henry, then at TLC Bryan did it to him. Give credit where due, Bryan is living his dream. Josh tells Big Show that he can't be that nice of a guy. It has to be burning him up inside. He has a record that won't be broken, the shortest Title reign in history Big Show glares at Josh who cowers a bit. Big Show clenches his teeth, stretches his neck, then says, "Okay."

Miz & ADR & Dolph vs Punk & Ryder & Bryan

Miz to the ring. Dolph out with Vickie. ADR out in a 2009 Rolls Royce Phantom. Ricardo isn't there to announce ADR after going through a table in a huge way at TLC.

The show is cut into by another one of those cryptic videos.

> Commercial

Woo woo woo! You know it! Ryder comes throughthe crowd and Cole has a spaz. Bryan then comes out through the crowd and Cole about plotzes! Punk's music and he comes through the crowd! Cole calls them the three stooges. I really hope Cole doesn't push that new movie! The three champs pose in the ring together and the fans go wild!

Punk with a side headlock on Miz. Shoulder block then one on Miz. Arm hold on Miz and Bryan tags in. Miz runs the rope, but both Bryan and Punk leapfrog him, then punk dropped down and Miz ate Bryan's drop kick – the same way Punk and Cena did previously. This time Punk remembers he's not legal and leaves the ring rather than trying to pin with Bryan. Bryan pins for two. Knee to Bryan's gut, then Dolph tags in.

Drop toe hold on Dolph, then a sick knee hold slam thing on Dolph that had to hurt. Ryder tags in and they double team Dolph with a hip toss thing that sends Dolph landed strange and sliding from the ring. ADR rushes in and tries a drop kick, but flies out through the ropes. Miz in and sent over the top for good measure. All heels out and all out through different spots in the ropes and through different means!

Bryan looks like he's going to fly out, then crashed and burned. Ryder out over the top on Miz and ADR. Bryan off the apron onto Dolph. Punk off the top takes out two heels. The three back in the ring and pose for the fans as Cole about has a hemorrhage on announce.

> Commercial

Woo woo woo! You know it! Ryder comes throughthe crowd and Cole has a spaz. Bryan then comes out through the crowd and Cole about plotzes! Punk's music and he comes through the crowd! Cole calls them the three stooges. I really hope Cole doesn't push that new movie! The three champs pose in the ring together and the fans go wild!

Punk with a side headlock on Miz. Shoulder block then one on Miz. Arm hold on Miz and Bryan tags in. Miz runs the rope, but both Bryan and Punk leapfrog him, then punk dropped down and Miz ate Bryan's drop kick – the same way Punk and Cena did previously. This time Punk remembers he's not legal and leaves the ring rather than trying to pin with Bryan. Bryan pins for two. Knee to Bryan's gut, then Dolph tags in.

Drop toe hold on Dolph, then a sick knee hold slam thing on Dolph that had to hurt. Ryder tags in and they double team Dolph with a hip toss thing that sends Dolph landed strange and sliding from the ring. ADR rushes in and tries a drop kick, but flies out through the ropes. Miz in and sent over the top for good measure. All heels out and all out through different spots in the ropes and through different means!

Bryan looks like he's going to fly out, then crashed and burned. Ryder out over the top on Miz and ADR. Bryan off the apron onto Dolph. Punk off the top takes out two heels. The three back in the ring and pose for the fans as Cole about has a hemorrhage on announce.

> Commercial

Miz on Bryan with a low DDT for two. ADR tags in and kicks Bryan in the gut. ADR stomps Bryan in the heel corner. Snap mare then drop kick to the back of Bryan's head for two. Dolph tags in and ADR holds Bryan for Dolph's blow. Chinlock on Bryan in the center of the ring. Bryan up and elbows out, but then right into a clothesline. Dolph pins for two and Cole is freaking out about the Champs. Cole says he's embarrassed to be part of this organization. King asked if Cole says he's an embarrassment to the organization or is embarrassed to be part of?

Miz tags back in. Blows on Bryan, then a kick to Bryan's head for two. Cole says he remembers slapping Bryan around in NXT. King says now he's Champ, anything can happen in the WWE. ADR tags in and fights back, but then whipped and gets a high knee in a corner. ADR stomps, then on Bryan's left arm hard. Back breaker on Bryan for two. Dolph tagged in and stomped Bryan. Blows to Bryan in a corner. Dolph backs off and gets a running start at Bryan, then eats foot.

Bryan is able to tag out. Ryder on Dolph with clotheslines, then a face buster on Dolph. On Dolph in a corner, then Woo woo woo and the Broski boot to Dolph. Cheap shot on Miz, dropping him from the apron. ADR is trying to get at Ryder from the apron and eats a cheap shot too. Ryder pins but only gets one. Drop kick to Ryder, but it takes a bit for Dolph to pin for two. Miz tags in and on Ryder with blows, then a high knee for two. King and Cole still argue. Ryder backed into the heel corner with shoulders from Miz. ADR tags in and rushes Ryder, but sent flying over the top and out. Ryder crawls/wiggles to his corner. ADR back in and both tag out.

Punk in on Miz from the top rope with a clothesline. Clothesline, then swinging neck breaker on Miz. High knee in a corner, then the running bulldog. Scoop slam to Miz. Bryan tells Punk to climb and he does. All smiles, hands high, then Punk hits his Savage. Anaconda vice on Miz, but Dolph breaks it up. Dolph all over Punk, but Ryder takes Dolph from the ring and clotheslines him.

ADR and Bryan tag in. Bryan off the corner with a huge clothesline. Miz in and on Bryan. Punk in and hits his GTS on Miz. ADR slams into Punk from behind. ADR sends Bryan into the post shoulder first. ADR on Bryan, but Bryan reverses it and locks on his finisher before ADR could! ADR tapped out.

Winners – The Champs!

Cole, "If there's a Santa Clause, he'll end this misery!" Bryan, Ryder and Punk all celebrate out with the fans. Punk on announce to pose as much to taunt Cole as anything else.

Biggest pop
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Zack Ryder
Randy Orton

Biggest heat
Wade Barrett
Mark Henry

Most mixed

Thanks for reading,

  • Phil

    can see d bryan turning heel like herny months ago.

  • Phil

    Can see daniel bryan betraying ryder and punk in the tag match tonight and turning full heel with an atitude.

    • Jay

      Me too, and I actually hope it happens, he is too plain as a face and it'd be a great way to add some momentum to his inconsistent booking

  • Phil

    Can see cena and kane having a personal fued which will involve a championship

  • tim

    youd think kane had the money for a cena shirt but jeez lol no seriously that was awesome kane rules

  • Phil

    did kane get alot of heat (I dunno cause i am from Australia)?

    • Mitch

      Im from Australia too, just watch it on YouTube, that’s what I do, and he got a bit, not heaps.

  • Brandon

    Kane's Holidays reference is likely "An X-Pac & Tori, Christmas Story"

    • Dave Barton

      Nope. It was during his time in USWA as The Christmas Creature.

    • Autrach Sejanoz

      Actually, while he was in Memphis, Glen Jacobs (Kane) had a gimmick called "The Christmas Creature". It was utterly ridiculous.

  • Phil

    Who do you think Bryan will rival with since he is wc?

    • Um hm rumors r that Chris jerchio will return or it could be at wrestle maina 28 bryan vs henery vs. barrett then orton vs jerchio then undertaker whitch he will probably retrun at the rumble same as jerchio unedertaker vs Kane or the big show or big show vs shaguille o Neal

  • Me.

    "Shortest championship reign?" Boy, they do think we have bad memories.

    Yokozuna, Mania at Caesar's Palace?
    Andre the Giant, when he gave the belt to Dibiase after beating Hogan (which was ruled to be vacating the belt)?

    I'm sure there are more, but those are the two that come to my mind.

    • infamous743

      Chavo when kane best him in 8 seconds

    • Phil

      How about when swagger cashed MITB on Jericho with broken ribs about 2 years ago.

    • havoc525

      He said shortest WHC reign though. Not many exceedingly short reigns with that belt.

      • @RatedMKD

        Jeff Hardy's first reign, when CM Punk cashed in, and Dolph Ziggler's reign at the start of the year are the only other <1 day reigns that I can think of, and both of those were longer than Big Show's.

    • Eddyrex

      Cena screwed by vincent mcmahon for batista to win d wwe championship @ elimination chamba

      • JackBo

        Rey Mysterio winning the wwe title then losing it to… guess who…. SuperCena!
        hooray he’s won it again…

        • Samuel

          Randy Orton being handed the title by VKM at the start of the show due to John Cena being injured, and then being beaten by HHH in 11 minutes in the first match of the night, who then lost it back to Randy Orton in the last match of the night in a last man standing match

  • Jay

    Alright, the girl from the "Y2J" promo is just throwing me off.

    Perhaps it's a new superstar altogether?

  • Nate


  • Phil

    Think that santino should get a huge push similar to ryder or else he would be released shortly don't you think?

  • Phil

    Thought of something new the creative staff might do. make barrett sideline orton and make bryan fued with barrett but only if bryan stays face. If he goes heel he should fued with big show.

  • Noah

    Kane is hardcore

  • Ricardo

    Kane wants rid of this PG era, wwe should anyways ………….. the ratings are effected; they've tried everything; Kevin Nash, the rock, booker t, the new kane (overdue that kane returns with a mask), all they need to do is get rid of this PG era.

  • Phil

    Don't know how the crypic videos are allowed on when WWE is PG and the videos can really scare young children!

  • Bobby

    Good episode!

  • James

    Am i the only one who thought the Kane and Cena bit was lame?

    • A2H

      Lol. Cena walked in with his collar a bit torn so that kane can tear it off easily!! That was just pathetic!

  • Phil

    Want the miz and swagger to be main eventers cause I really like their work (Especially MIZ).

  • vmagic

    I know what Cena was referring to, apparently Kane was once known as the Christmas Creature, probably down in Memphis or something.

  • They built up Kane and this story for a week to have him steal a T-Shirt? That was weak. Truly hope we get to see him be more of a monster like 2003 when he was first unmasked or 1997 where he annihilated everyone.

    Big Show teased a heel turn. Hopefully not. We already have Henry and Kane in the monster heel roles.

    Other than that, a pretty forgettable show that served to give us all a happy feeling heading into Christmas.

  • Dig Baddy

    Uh oh…the X went up at the end with Del Rio. I don't wish injuries on anyone but I'd love to see his boring non-English speaking butt off TV for a while!

    • A2H

      I bet he speaks better english than you do spanish!

  • Phil

    Barrett should be #1 contender for whc since bryans still face.

  • Terra Ryzing

    Since when is a thumb to the eye a DQ??

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I enjoyed Seeing all 3 champions together, CM Punk and Bryan have that history together as Punk said. Ryder being with them on RAW helps him…..

    I would like to see Cm Punk, Daniel Bryan and Ryder joining up as a group. beyond this Tag team they did tonight.

    The 3 top champions joining together Face or Heel and riding this momentum for a while. That would be cool.

    Since Raw and Smackdown Wrestlers lately seem to move back and forth between shows for their Super shows. this would make sence.

    As for Big Show I have the feeling he is going to turn heel and feud with Bryan. Which wouldn't be to bad if Bryan goes over Big Show and does NOT drop the title back to him.

    I still don't understand why They don't have Kane Attack Henry and put him out since he does have a real injury are they going to skip the fact Henry put him out Kane not Cena.

  • Dave Barton

    Just wanted to point out, this may be the first time in WWF/E history that all the champions are Cruiserweights (or Junior-Heavyweights, for us old-schoolers).

    • GODSENT83

      You ain’t lying, I mean the biggest champ is beth!!!lol

  • Prprince

    I really enjoyed the main event. After I saw the ref throw up the x, did ADR get injured?

  • Moose666

    Looks like ADR is hurt. They took the cameras completely off the ring area where he was and took a non traditional approach to end the show with the winners on the outside. I don't put much into the "X" from the refs anymore, but tonight it looked legit. Had it have been a work, they would have kept the camera on ADR to sell the "injury."

  • brandon b.

    the uneasy around the holidays was a reference to one of kanes previous gimmicks the christmas creature

  • ken

    WWE Champ CM Punk + US Champ Ryder + World Heavyweight Champ Bryan Danielson = COLE'S WORST NIGHTMARE.

  • BigMike

    I just want to see Dragon Put Cole in the Cattle Mutilation who is with me

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I've been wanting to see Bryan Put Cole in the Cattle Mutilation since Bryan was on NXT….. Cole is so terrible he can't even scream correctly when in a hold,

      Cole's been in the Sharpshooter and the Anaconda vVce and both times he sounded terrible when he was supposably screaming in pain. sounding like he has Laryngitis or something when he is put into a hold.

  • havoc525

    Anyone else catch King calling Primo by his brother’s name in the replay? Think he also slipped in an F-bomb during the Nash match at TLC.

  • jdl

    That was really, really hard to enjoy, Cole RUINED it. I wanted to mark out to seeing the belts hold by the best wrestlers to come out of the indie scene in years… but I couldn't.

  • Tommy

    I think Cena was refering to Kanes previous character Dr. Isaac Yankem. Sadly it was a character run I missed out on growing up.

  • akshit gupta

    cena should have a match against kane in royal rumble

    • Chopper

      I think kane should actually go out and win the rumble he deserves it.

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    1.) CM Punk is taking over RAW! He pretty much introduced himself with the drum roll and all, then he did that for Ryder, then for Daniel Bryan. The internet has taken over! The apocalypse is coming! I've been watching old ROH stuff and Daniel Bryan main evented the first ROH show at the Murphy Rec Center (Punk mentioned that place) with Low Ki and Christopher Daniels. CM Punk months later debut for ROH in that very place. All 3 men got the mic, Ryder was the shortest, Bryan sounded very pumped, Punk was Punk. Then the loser heels interrupted sans music, nice. Ryder's somersault dive foled Ziggler like an accordion, yikes. Something about Santa Johnny Ace smiling is pretty funny. Looks can kill.

    2.) Since when did a thumb to the eye cause a DQ? I thought one just gets admonished by the ref. Wade Barrett and Randall had a fine match, and the need for it was to keep Wade hot after he lost to Randall at TLC. I am fine with that. Barrett has yet to be pinned/submitted since the Barrage began. He put Randall throuugh a table, oh that's fun. Wade for the world title? Sounds pretty cool to me, but I'm not sure it will happen very soon.

    3.) Has Nash ever went through a table, from near the top of the ladder? Gosh, trooper. Some slip up with the slingshot suplex with Fox and Phoenix. Quick match, but Phoenix got her head a little rattled. I heard some boos, this is Philadelphia. Ehhh, that was too quick for someone as good as Beth Phoenix.

    4.) Who decides that bad apple of the year for Entertainment Weekly. Cameron Diaz. Really? Really? Why is Mahal wearing a turban or whatever? Sticks out like a sore thumb in his regal white outfit. Squash city, same guys: Sheamus and Jinder, 3 times in the last 7 days. Man.

    5.) Trips to the dentist? Isaac Yankem? Cena cut a great promo, and I am pretty shocked people don't like him. It's as shocking as Daniel Bryan being world champion. Say what? Philly borrowing from MSG, chanting "Sexual Chocolate." Oh boy. Kick rocks? I'm going to use that from now on. Kane's never really been a man who explains his actions, he just does. He's a doer, not a talker. Kane suffocated Cena, and, even more shocking, blood! I knew Cena's shirt would be ripped, there was a little tear, very visible, made it easy for Kane to rip it out. Very cool segment.

    6.) I guess it was the first time ever the Usos appeared on RAW Supershow, and the Colons. Lawler said Carlito? Oh goodness. Oh Rosa looked hot. Fine tag match, the Colons did a great job, and the Usos could be good tag team contenders.

    7.) Oh Santino is going to be squashed after trying to scare Cody Rhodes. Short, Cody gains another win. I really like Cody's theme song.

    8.) NO! Hornswoggle kissed vickie, that lucky bastard! Even worse, Johnny Ace double kissed by the Bellas. Only in Christmas season.

    9.) 45 seconds? Didn't Yokozuna have a 45 second title reign? Strange. Oh they are now saying Show has the shortest world title reign. Actually, Show got (and it pains me to say this) Christianed. He won the title, then immediately loses it pretty much. Well, what happened? Christian turned heel, so Show turning heel? With Henry out, there needs be a monster heel to take his spot. Show's a monster, SD now lacks a top heel…hmm. Works for me, especially since Punk and fans are very receptive of D-Bryan as world champion. So I guess, never mind Bryan turning heel. Regardless, one of those guys got to turn.

    10.) Prophetless? So no woman in this. I have to question the faces walking through the fans, I mean crazy people exist. Those guys could've got mobbed. I have to say, I was pretty worried on how Bryan would be handeled in this match. I thought Bryan would get pinned, even furthermore if it was Del Rio, because he's the only heel I see getting pushed back a bit. Fortunately, not only D-Bryan's team won, but he got the submission victory and fans popped big for it. Great main event, and this was days before Christmas, which I honestly didn't realize. Nice Christmas present.

    I don't like being labelled as a member of the "IWC." So I don't particularly like that headline. I'm my own fan and I don't feel like being in a group, or belong in a group.

  • Ilyas

    Randy Ortan should be the person to be the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship,because Randy is a very talented wrestler,and he was the youngest WWE superstar to win the World Heavyweight Championship!I think Randy's going to win the World Championship,because Randy beat Bryan a lt of times,so he deserves the tittle opportunity!