RAW Results 2/13/12 - Embrace The Hate!

This week's RAW starts with recap of Kane standing over Eve threateningly, then with Cena video cut in over Kane's words. He's afraid for Eve, Cena, anyone in his path, and of himself.

Kane on the tron saying there's nothing he won't do, no line he won't cross, no atrocity he won't commit to get Cena to embrace the hate. Tonight two things will happen – Cena will embrace the hate, and someone will take a ride in this... The ambulance. He opens the back doors, then the camera close in on his blue eye.

Music and pyro.

In Ring Segment

Justin announces King who's in the ring. It's the first ever Elimination Chamber Debate! NO reaction for this. He introduces the people in the debate – Kofi, Jericho, Miz, Dolph, R-Truth and CM Punk. Punk yells, "Vote for me!" Punk chants starts. King says each have 45 seconds to respond.

Punk first – the odds are against Punk, why does he think he'll walk out Champ? Laurinaitis cuts in before Punk can talk with My name is John Laurinaitis, and he's happy to be there and have the support of the Board of Directors and glad he has their support as Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim RAW General Manager.

"Punk" chants. He has three things to say – to the WWE 'Universe', he promises the debate won't end in violence. Want to have classy debate. To old snickle-fritz, John Laurinaitis, aka Clownshoes, Punk wants to offer his congratulations in staying in power. Many must think Laurinaitis has something over the Board of Directors, naked pictures of beastiality, but looking at the knees of his slacks, he's been doing a lot of begging. The third is about the Elimination Chamber, why does he think he'll win? He's the best wrestler in the world.

Dolph's rebuttle? EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! There should be no booing allowed. Dolph says he's better in the ring at everything, even the audience. He backs it up. Then there's people like R-Truth who don't even know what state they're in right now.

R-Truth asks if that's right, to get the fans 'What'ing. He says if he's elected, then he's going to trade Vickie and Dolph to Smackdown. For Horns and a box of spiders.

Dolph asks how R-Truth work here.

King tells R-Truth to go on, R-Truth calls King, 'Your honor.' If he's elected, he will legally require that 'what' be shouted – what? - Don't what me! Okay, what me! In every line of the Pledge Of Allegiance. To the issue at hand, the box of spiders. He will take it and stomp them and put them in a blender, and make his Grand MoMo's favorite, Spider Stew! High in protein, low in carbs! And then his running mate Little Jimmy, will watch him gulp down the spider stew to give him energy to outlast everyone in the Elimination Chamber and become the WWE Champion. God bless Little Jimmy, and God bless the United States of America. The fans go wild for him!

King says he's going to Miz. Huge heat for Miz. King says he was in the main event at last year's WrestleMania. Miz says he was the main event of last year's WrestleMania. He made history defending his Title, twice. That's why WrestleMania 27 was an astronomical success. "You suck!" chants. Miz wants to talk about the Superstars in the Elimination Chamber!. Kofi is an afterthought. R-Truth is insane and Little Jimmy should take his spot. Punk is 0-2 in Elimination Chamber and is going to crumble faster than the cookie cream of his ice cream bars. Miz can barely gets his words out and Punk mocks him for it. Dolph is in his first Elimination Chamber. The only time he's ever scored is with an old woman. Then there's Jericho... BUZZZ! King cuts him off, he's out of time. Miz goes off on Jericho and on and on. BUZZZ! More and more on Jericho. BUZZZ!

Kofi cuts Miz off with his afterthought comment, most might agree with him, but he's been overlooked for far too long. That's the great thing about the Elimination Chamber, everything could change. He could walk in and afterthought, but walk out the next WWE Champion. "Kofi!" chants.

King goes to Jericho. Jericho, in his blinking jacket, says he's surrounded by neophytes in this ring. Neophytes in this entire arena! But all need to quiet down as the best in the world at what he does is going to enunciate. We want facts? There hasn't been a human who's been in more Elimination Chamber than any other human being (I thought he and Trip were tied at 6). There isn't a human being who's eliminated more Superstars in the Chamber (Not sure ont hat one) than him. The last time he was in an Elimination Chamber Match, he walked out World Heavyweight Champion. Serious, let's be honest, his list of accomplishment outshine all the other five of them together, completely. He's here, they're there. Punk, look at me when I'm talking to you, boy! He should give Jericho the Title now as the master has come to reclaim what is his! Does he understand what he's saying to Punk right now?

Chants for Punk. Punk turns and asks Jericho if he was talking to him? He's sorry, he wasn't listening to Jericho. He was remembering when Jericho left, then finished 7th on DWTS! Sorry, go ahead.

King tries to bring things back, but Dolph says it's a joke, the debates a joke, the audience is a joke. This is 15 minutes of his life he can't have back.

R-Truth stops Dolph and says he won't be talked down to by a guy named after Flipper! R-Truth makes dolphin noises.

King says they're all in individual matches, so let's start that. Kofi versus Jericho. Jericho shoulder pushes by Kofi, then pushes Kofi with his hand. Jericho pushes R-Truth's podium, but then turns into Kofi's trouble in paradise! Kofi paces the match and talks smack down at Jericho on the mat.


Kofi vs Jericho

Kofi on Jericho and stomps him in a corner. Kick to Kofi, but then Kofi back on him with blows and kicks. Stomping Jericho, then a knee to Jericho's back as hi hung on the second rope. Big clothesline sends Jericho over the top and onto announce. Kofi flies through the ropes and onto Jericho. Jericho face first onto announce. Jeri rolled in, Kofi after him. Kofi on Jericho with blows in the corner, but only 8 before being power bombed out. Jericho on Kofi on the mat, but then up and hits a suplex on Kofi. Back drop on Kofi for two.

Camel clutch on Kofi on the mat. Kofi up and elbows free. Jericho avoids a drop kick, then pins Kofi for two. Jericho toys with Kofi, then on Kofi in a corner with chops. Kofi into another corner with a crossbody. King, in a whining voice tells Kofi to be careful, jero invented the cross body block, nobody else can do it. Clotheslines, then a drop kick to Jericho. King says the drop kick as well, meaning no one else can do it. Cole says King uses the drop kick and has been around for 40-50 years.

Jericho catches Kofi and locks on the walls. Kofi gets to the ropes, but Jericho thinks he won at first. Jericho yells at the ref, but then walks into trouble in paradise again. Kofi takes a bit, then pins, but Jericho with a foot on the ropes. Kofi stomps on Jericho, but Jericho with a thumb to the eye, then a code breaker for three.

Winner – Jericho

Kofi is left on the mat as Jericho rolls out quickly. Video of the high points and the thumb to Kofi's eyes.

Backstage Segment

HBK walks along, then a huge grin on his face. The camera pulls back to show Trip. They hug and smile.


WWE Rewind

Cena and Kane fighting backstage at the Royal Rumble, then Ryder was attacked. Tombstone on Ryder in the ring in front of Eve.

Backstage Segment

Cena asks Ryder how he is. Ryder in a huge brace, can't stay from her. He loves Eve. Cena doesn't like that Kane attacks Ryder every time he's there. Cena wants Ryder in his locker room, he will bring Eve to him. Woo woo woo, you know it.

Backstage Segment

Laurinaitis is talking about how happy people are that he's back. Otunga, coffee in hand, doesn't want to burst Laurinaitis' bubble, but needs to look at this differently. The Board of Directors want him there, but he's not the permanent GM. Otunga has a plan. Not only will he be RAW GM, but the GM of Smackdown as well.

Announce Segment

Cole has a new action figure. Orton faced D-Bry, but Big Show got involved, Orton lost. Orton and Big Show got into a big fight. After Smackdown went off the air, Orton ate a chokeslam in the ring.


Big Show vs Orton

D-Bry at announce, but not on announce. Sitting there with his belt, smirking. Big Show out with a huge smile on his face. Big Show tries to ignore D-Bry being there, but then yelling out at Cole. Orton out to face Big Show.

Orton on Big Show, Big Show pushes him off. Orton on Big Show, Big Show pushes him off. Orton on Big Show, but then a slap to his chest. Orton in on Big Show, but into a side slam. Orton ducks the knockout punch and rolls from the ring.


Sleeper on Big Show, Orton up on his back to keep the hold on him. Big Show tries to slam Orton into a corner, but Orton is too high up. Big Show to a knee. D-Bry smiles and Cole says he loves the Champ's smile, he beams when on camera. Is he suddenly liking D-Bry? Big Show free and back with clotheslines. Orton whipped, then splashed, but then Big Show walks into a drop kick. Orton struggles to roll Big Show, but does and get two until Big Show throws Orton off. Orton rolls out, Big Show out too. Orton's face slammed on announce. Orton rolled back in, then Big Show up in front of D-Bry. D-Bry points to the ring and Cole backs up D-Bry verbally, saying Big Show should show the Champion some respect!

Big Show on the apron and eats a drop kick. A boot to the side of Big Show's head. He hung over the top rope, weighing it down in a huge way. Orton set up and hit his DDT on Big Show! Cole says it's extra 'vintage' Orton! Orton hears voices, pounds the mat. A rather cruddy looking RKO. Big Show up and pushes Orton off, but Orton back with another RKO. D-Bry in and hits Orton in the back with his strap.

Winner – Orton via DQ?

Cole is not at all happy with D-Bry now that he's not able to reach Cole. Big Show to his knees, then D-Bry hits him in the face with the belt. Video of the match, then D-Bry heading up the ramp as Orton lolls on the floor and Big Show holds his head as he leans on the apron.


In Ring Segment

Justin announces HBK. HBK out in black jeans, huge belt buckle, black sleeveless button down shirt and straw cowboy hat and the biggest smile! HBK looks possibly more muscular than when he left! Posing for the fans as if he never left. "HBK!" chants fill the arena! He says he doesn't mind telling us, he hasn't done it for a while and is nervous. Earlier today on Titter a guy asked why he comes around this time of the year? HBK snorts. It's WrestleMania! You can't have WrestleMania season without Mr. WrestleMania! Let's face it, no matter where he's at he's still the Headliner, the Show Stopper, the Main Eve... Okay, he may not be the Main Event anymore, but that's why he's added Mr. Hall of Fame! The fans like this.

Having said that, much like us, he was sitting home last week riveted to his TV set. Even though he lives in the middle of nowhere, he still gets TV! He, like us, was waiting for Triple H to utter those words we all wanted to hear. "I accept the challenge to Taker." Like many of us, he was shocked when Trip didn't give it. He called Laurinaitis and says he needs to talk to his best friend. Then it donned on HBK, he's just playing Taker, just baiting him. He's here to bring Trip out and tell us that he's ending Taker's streak. So Triple H it's time to come on down and let us hear what we want to hear!

HBK dances to Trip's music. Trip out in a fairly decently fitting suit, plain white shirt, corporate red tie. Another huge hug between the friends. Trip points to his friend in respect. "DX" chants. They both cross wrists over their chests, no crotch chops.

Trip says they made it clear, it's great to see HBK. While he understands it's hard to tear him from Texas and hunting wabbits with Elmer Fudd, or whatever he does to come here, he speaks for everybody when he says it would be nice if they didn't only see him once a year. HBK says he'll work on that. After last week he wanted to be there live with everyone to hear the news of Trip facing Taker at WrestleMania. Trip says if that's why he's there, he wishes that HBK had called, because he's not facing Taker at WrestleMania this year. He thought he made it clear last week.

HBK doesn't want to interrupt Trip. HBK understands Trip has to do the thing with the suit, he understands that and always will. But forget the suit. Trip says it's not the suit talking. HBK saw it, Taker won the battle, but didn't leave the ring under his won power. Trip won the war. They hadn't seen him for a year. He has to end him to beat him and he's not that guy anymore.

HBK says that's exactly who Trip is. He's a closer, he ends careers, steps on throats. He has no mercy, no compassion, that's what make shim the Game. What does it mean that's not who he is? Is all of this suit thing who he is now? He stood with Trip through everything. When everything in Trip's life changed and people said a lot of stuff, HBK never left his side. He has news for Trip. He married that chick and became one of them. Huge heat for that comment. Trip looks pissed. HBK asks if he's a sellout? A corporate sellout, but a sellout none the less.

Trip says it's not selling out, it's investing for the future. In a future for all of them – the fans. He gets it, HBK's not in his shoes, he doesn't get it.

HBK gets it. Trip talks about HBK and his ranch. It's true, he's a simple guy. It's hard for him to understand how much his deep, philosophical business life has to be, but he knows when a man challenges you and you back down. That makes you a coward. HBK doesn't care... Trip appears to be leaving, but HBK grabs his arm, spins Trip and tells him that he's not finished! He doesn't care how nice Trip dresses it up, how much money he wraps around it, but at the end of the day, a coward is still a coward.

Trip is right in HBK's face. His nostrils flare, his shoulders rise, he bows up at his best friend and stares. Then Trip turns and leaves to huge heat. HBK says to walk away. Walk away because that's what a coward does!

Trip is through the ropes, but comes back and gets in HBK's face and says HBK doesn't understand what's going on here. He can't! He sits there on his ranch with his wife and kids. Trip has responsibilities, real life responsibilities. Like it or not, he doesn't give a damn if they do or not, this, all of this (Trip points around at the fans, the event, at RAW) all if it is going to be his! (The fans gasp that Trip act It's his responsibility and it weighs on his shoulders, even now! HBK looks at Taker like an opponent, for years he looked at Taker like that, someone to go through. He used to, but now he can't, he looks at Taker as a brand! A brand that is good for business and he can't let that brand end because it's bad for business. Trip is shaking and can't seem to catch his breath, his words. HBK, Trip, Taker, they're the end of an era, they know it. The end of an era of a different breed. Smash mouth style that doesn't exist. They left it all in the ring, every night. They all made the ultimate sacrifice, without question. Trip won't be the one to end that era. HBK is is retired, Trip has other things, Taker is all that's left. He'll be damned if he's going to be the one to end that era. For no reason. Not because they want him to, Taker wants him to, to feed his own ego or feed HBK's ego, because HBK wants to live vicariously through Trip doing things HBK couldn't get done!

HUGE heat for that!

Trip says something off mic to HBK, then turns to leave, but HBK grabs his shoulder, gets his jacket, and Trip turns back, right in HBK's face. They stare at each other closely. HBK fixes Trip's jacket with a smirk, then steps back a bit and says that's an awesome speech and he's quite sure it works on a lot of people, and he likes the always consistent little jab at HBK, but here's the thing, HBK is at peace where he's at in his life, Trip has no peace. So he's going to cut to the chase. Trip needs to look HBK in the eye and tell him that Trip doesn't want to end the streak. Look HBK in the eye and tell him that he doesn't want to end Taker. Look HBK in the eye and tell him he doesn't need it, want it. Look him in the eye and tell him no. Trip is seething, straightens his tie, then turns, but HBK grabs the shoulder of his jacket again.

Trip looks at HBK and off comes the jacket, but Trip forgot he had the mic in his hand and it caught on its way through his sleeve. Trip right in HBK's face, right there, nostrils flaring.

Trip says no. He drops the mic. HBK backs up a bit, looks Trip up and down and leaves the ring in disgust. Trip unbuttons his shirt. "HBK" chants. HBK on the stands looks down at Trip in the ring. They stare, HBK pissed and disgusted, Trip green.

Trip heads for the ropes and GONG! Video on the tron, Trip saying he felt bad for Taker. Then that Taker challenged him and he said no. He looked Taker in the eyes and felt sorry. Taker's voice says it's not over. Vengeance. Vengeance. He will get what he wants. Keep his pity. Give him what is his... Immortality. Through the video Taker is cutting his hair with a straight razor. Taker's eye on screen to end it. Trip removes his tie and unbuttons another button as the camera is on him.


Dolph w/ Vickie vs R-Truth

Dolph in the ring with Vickie, he didn't get his entrance on TV. R-Truth out talking to himself.

Kick to R-Truth's gut, fireman's carry slam for one. R-Truth floats over, dances, then kicks Dolph. R-Truth rushes Dolph in a corner, and R-Truth gets post to the shoulder. Dolph pins for two. Drop kick to R-Truth, then a chinlock on R-Truth on the mat. Dolph stands on his head while holding onto R-Truth. R-Truth to his feet and elbows out. Upper cuts to Dolph, Dolph back with a neck breaker. Dolph drops and elbow, then sit ups. Vickie looks on drooling. R-Truth rolls Dolph into a small package for three.

Winner – R-Truth

Vickie about has a fit, Dolph has a car and R-Truth is all smiles.

Backstage Segment

Santino in to see Ryder. He hears Ryder loves Eve. Santino have love tips. Starting with Ryder's breath. Santino says it needs deodorant. Santino has his own breath strips. Ryder says they're disgusting! Santino says they're garlic.


WWE Slam of The Week

Beth broke Eve's nose, but then Tamina got the win and she smiled at Beth who stared back.

Tamina vs Brie

Beth on announce in a black tank, miniskirt, sexy waves in her hair and red lipstick! Beth will defend her Title against Tamina at Elimination Chamber. Tamina and Brie in the ring.

Side headlock on Tamina. Tamina over Brie, but then chops her chest. Beth says Tamina has been nothing but impressive, but she's not the Glamazon! Brie on Tamina from outside, knocking her back. Drop kick to Tamina' shoulder as she's on the mat. Brie stomps her head, then slams her face to the mat. Jaw breaker on Brie, then Nikki on the apron to distract and gets a head butt that sends her flying to the floor. Brie on Tamina from behind. Brie up for the Samoan drop. Tamina out and climbs. Tamina flies and gets the three.

Winner – Tamina

Beth to her feet and glares at Tamina who looks back hungrily.


Announce Segment

King and Cole talk up Rocky for WrestleMania and his movie. Video of Rocky doing his promotional tour for his movie. Then he talks up his movie and the pec pop of love. The red carpet premier in Mexico City. He stepped out and the fans went wild!

Backstage Segment

Josh asks Cena his reaction to the Rock. Cena smirks, then hears a woman screaming and runs. Eve is in the ambulance, Kane is closing the doors. Cena attacks him. Kane thrown into a pile of debris. Cena tells Eve to unlock the door and open it. Kane attacks Cena and leaves him on the floor as he rushes to the front of the ambulance. Kane starts the lights and sirens and takes off with Eve in the back, but the door opens and Eve jumps out – right into Cena's arms. Eve is all disheveled and they fall onto each others lips. Cena asked what that was for, even though he dove at her as well. Then Eve looks to the side and is all upset. The camera pans to show Ryder who wasn't staying in Cena's locker room. Ryder is stricken. The camera back to Cena who looks like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar and Eve looking really embarrassed and upset – but neither going to Ryder's side.


Backstage Segment

Ryder is rolling away and Eve chases him. She tries to explain about Kane and the heat of the moment and she's sorry. She really does care about Ryder, but never thought they'd be together. She wants to be friends. Ryder rolls off leaving Eve looking upset.

Miz vs Punk

Miz's music is still playing, but his entrance wasn't shown on TV. Punk's music and out he comes to the ring as Cole talks up the RAW Elimination Chamber Match. Miz looks like a petulant child, Punk smirks. Cole says the #1 topic trending on Twitter right now is #PoorZack. Cole calls Ryder a tool.

Punk and Miz lock up, but then Miz looks lost, hands flailing, then Punk trips him with a knee and pins for one. Snap suplex on Miz for one. Punk's arm hung up top, but Miz back in to a big boot. Punk backed into a corner, then pressure on Punk's arm. Punk shoulder first to the corner. Russian leg sweep to Punk for two. Arm hold on Punk on the mat. King asks what Miz has done the past couple months besides stab every one of his friends in the back. It gets you forgotten by a lot of people. Punk to his feet, then elbows free. Miz with a neck breaker, but Punk with a kick to the side of Miz's head. Punk can't get feeling in his hand, selling arm issues. Miz on Punk's left arm with blows. Miz into a back kick, then clothesline. Reverse neck breaker on Miz. Punk's running knee in the corner, then Punk hits his bulldog with his good arm.

Punk motions that it's nap time, but then Miz wiggles free and hits a short DDT for two. Punk in a corner and eats Miz's corner clothesline. Miz up top, but Punk ducks and Miz lands on his feet, but barely. Punk hit a fast scoop slam, almost as fast as Samoa Joe and Orton! Punk got two from it. Chants for Punk. Punk up top, but Miz stops him with blows. Miz up on the second ropes, but Punk with blows and Miz falls to the mat. Punk up and lands his Savage elbow.

Punk motions that it's over. Miz up, but wiggles free. Miz tries for a SCF, but Punk reverses into his anaconda vice and Miz has to tap out.

Winner – Punk

Backstage Jericho is watching on a monitor with a smirk. Punk celebrates in the ring.

Backstage Segment

The ambulance backs into the space it was in earlier.


In Ring Segment

Cena out to the ring looking a bit out of sorts, possibly embarrassed? Cole talks up Cena's Ambulance Match with Kane at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Cena listens to the pop, heat and chants. He says it was a bit of an awkward moment by the ambulance back there. He tried to apologize ti Ryder, but he wouldn't listen. For what it's worth, he's sorry. This was Kane's plan all along. Turn his friends and the WWE 'Universe' against him. Leave him alone with no other choice than to embrace the hate. Pretty solid plan, would have worked on anybody else. But he's not anybody else. He can tell listening to the fans that if he's harassed enough, he will get to his breaking point and just snap! "We all hate you!" chants from men fill the arena! It's been like six years. People like that can't understand that he's comfortable in his own skin. People like that can't understand that he's proud to be who he is and do what he does. It's people like that that don't get that he rises above hate. It's people like that that think that makes Cena soft. Maybe they take it as kindness. A message to those who think like that, and Kane. Go ahead and think that Cena needs to hate. Go ahead, think he's a cream puff, Fruity Pebbles with lady parts who think that he can't fight his way out of a paper bag! "Fruity Pebbles!" chants.

It's funny, right? He'll continue to do what he does. He will adapt. He will overcome. And he will win. We have his word this Sunday at Elimination Chamber, Kane will leave in an ambulance. As for his good friend Dwayne... "Rocky!" chants. Cena has a message for him about WrestleMania.

Ryder rolls out to the stage, stops. He gets on his (too short) crutches and pathetically struggles down the ramp, then up the stairs and into the ring. Cena stops himself from helping him. Cena talks to Ryder off mic. Ryder slaps the mic out of Cena's hand. Cena removes his hat and tries again. Ryder slaps Cena across the face.

Ryder looks about to cry. Off comes Cena's dog tags. Off comes Cena's shirt. Ryder up in Cena's face yelling. "You were never my friend John!" yells Ryder, off mic. Ryder up in Cena's face. Ryder draws back, Cena blocks and pulls back to punch, but doesn't. Ryder falls to the mat. Ryder tells Cena to stay the hell away from him. Ryder rolls out and slowly pathetics his way up the ramp.

Kane on the tron calling out, "Jo-ohn. Oh, Jo-ohn!" Kane says Cena is in denial, he can talk all he wants about rising above the hate. But Cena stole the one true love of his only friend. Kane thought he was sick, but Cena sunk to depths Kane could only dream of (Katy Vick?). Cena truly has finally embraced the hate. Unfortunately for Cena, he feeds of hate. Which means this Sunday will be the last time anyone sees Cena fight in a WWE ring until WrestleMania. Cena will not overcome. Cena will not adapt. Cena most certainly will not win. This Sunday his body and soul will leave the WWE ring in an ambulance. But before Kane leaves, let's have a round of applause for John Cena.

Cena calls for a mic and starts to speak, but Kane is on stage behind Ryder. Kane grabs the chair and pushes Ryder off the side of the stage as Cena about freaks. Cena leaves the ring, grabs the ringside trainer and sends him running to Ryder as Cena runs to his friend. Cena to Ryder's sign and throws up the X himself! Eve on her knees beside Ryder as Cena walks away with his head hung. Cena stops and looks back. Video of Kane pushing Ryder over the side. Some kids right there chant for Cena as the get Ryder on the board, then the stretcher – he already had the neck brace on! A couple male fans yelled to Cena and asked Cena if he was happy.

They strap Ryder onto the stretcher as Cena watches and stands beside Ryder.

Biggest pop
Big Show

Biggest heat

Most mixed


  • stoney

    Even though he's injured, I wonder If rey Mysterio will make an appearance in his home town

  • Clint

    I think that DDT messed Show up

  • mikey

    anybody recognize the guy behind kane with the script rolled up in his hand? he should have disappear before the camera moved.

    • Dave Barton

      That, and they cut to the back way too early. Eve was non-nonchalantly climbing into the ambulance while Kane was waiting for his cue (getting tapped by the rolled up paper) to start the scene.

      Then, seeing Eve kiss Cena & Zack sitting there…just awful acting.

      Then Zack going from the wheelchair to the ring…again, awful acting.

      • Bruno

        You spend all your life complaining

  • n8ive_savage1

    WTF botched rko ruined a good match.

    • Remmy

      The “you f*cked up” chants were classic thought.

    • DoDoDo_Smiley

      If you have D.V.R. or TIVO, if you look at that segment the crowd is actually chanting "You Messed Up" .
      I've never seen something botched "that" bad on a RAW program.

      • Dave

        I think Show was supposed to push Orton away the first time.

        • I would Love to read That Smack down takes on RAW, and they all battle it out. Smack down and RAW are teams of lrsetwers. Smack down’s team is 30 people. Raw’s team is about 30 people, too. Interesting to see That smack down Super star Takes On Raw Superstar. I’ll Be waited to see They Are fight together.

  • buddy

    Zack Rider really needs to learn how to navigate crutches his walk to the ring was awful.

    • JakShowtime

      Well generally someone walks with a bad leg on crutches… he was using them because of his back "injury". Both legs were fine. So yeah, it would be awkward to walk with two crutches and two good legs. Instinct and muscle memory alone make you want to lift a leg.

      • havoc525

        Should have used Vince’s walker. Tennis balls and all.

  • ronald

    The spoilers are slow today!

    • Brett

      Spoilers? Isn't it live?

      • kbunyon

        Yes, they are live, and yes, they were slow.

        I apologize for this. Let's just say Crohn's Disease has a mind of its own. I will get back on track next week.


        • mark3man

          Can’t imagine watching and typing it up and posting it all live is easy. I watch live and most definitely tell you what was happening play by play. Great job Kendra.

          • Good Breakdown of the whole show!!I dont know about you but I cant wait for a Jericho/Miz feud, I can definitely see a litlte tension there and I think Kofi was totally out of place during the whole debate. CM Punk needs a different feud then Jericho because it would be like putting him in the ring with a face. Jericho no matter how much he is playing into the role of heel has to much buzz and hype around him. I would give Dolph Ziggler a spot in a possible Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania and let him walk around with that suitcase.HHH and HBK, my girl was watching Raw with me and was saying it looks like a fight is brewing and the comment about Stephanie McMahon was deep but those two can cut promos like not too many and the fact that they are friends allows them too stretch it. I certaintly heard the GAME say most of this is or will be mines in the long term that stuck out too me. *SIDE NOTE* a WWE/WWF without a McMahon in the forefront would be different although Stephanie would be around back to it I think Shawn is not gone away to far and will be back surrounding this match, Id rather have much seen Sting vs Undertaker but if old Mark wants to walk the ring bald headed with Paul then it might turn out to be a good match because last year it caught me by surprise by the intensity of the match and its ending.I am wondering if Snuka’s daughter should have been played out a litlte longer before she went at the Glamazon, why not let the gassy Niedhart take on Beth pertaining to a storyline regarding the friendship and do a triple threat match where its a spin and Niedhart helps Beth keep her title screwing Snuka, where we have no choice but to have a one on one confrontation where SupaFly himself returns to the corner of his daughter so no outside help stops his daughter from winning the title at the biggest show in Wrestling.Cena/Kane/Eve/WooWooWoo Boo! I say turn Cena Heel. Make him beat the hell out of Kane at this ambulance match. Cena’s path has to change now, if he is too overcome this embrace the hate path he will lose more fans because he is getting boring. Unless he flips on Rock like Austin did at a Wrestlemania beating him down with a chair ..Cena’s star will fade maybe not out but it will fade. The whole thing about the kiss (OK first thing I said was Cena is married its none) ..DAMN, to juice up the match at Elimination Chamber, the whole thing with Kane throwing him off the stage was funny but it could be incentive for Cena to just destroy him and lose his mind, but you are going to have to do something with Kane at Wrestlemania and one way to do it is just destroy the whole WooWooWoo persona and allow Zack to be more edgey take a Jeff Hardy vs Undertaker role in a series of matches to get Zack really over but more believeable .Cena becomes a maniac and a heel and hopefully Ryder can show talent and probably become a more believable wrestler as did Jeff Hardy with Undertaker.Orton/Show/Bryan .Im surpised Bryan has lasted this long. Ok match, I am reallly looking to see how Orton would be used at Wrestlemania and who Shamus will fight as well.Peace out Chad

  • DivaLovert

    Hopefully this Divas Championship Match on Sunday is a step in the right direction for the divas .
    And I hope Kofi Kingston shows us that he can be a main eventer even if he doesn’t win the Elimination Chamber Match .

  • Dougie

    Whey, yet another mockery of the divas from our very own VKM!
    Maxine – Slag, Kaitlyn – Slag, Natalya – Farting, Bellas – Plastic and now Eve Torres – Slag.
    So frustrated with Pro Wrestling right now, too much storyline and not enough proper wrestling.
    Our divas are good in the ring, for god sake!!
    Rant over… Sorry guys ha

    • Broski

      Slag? can you just call someone that?

      • Dougie

        Poor choice of words chosen in the spur of the moment, but you knew what I meant

      • Mike

        Yes. You can call anyone anything you like. You might get a slap or a kick in the nuts in response, but you can still call anyone anything you like. 😛

  • AJG316

    I don't care what any of u people say kofi is right he is the most underrated star on the roster and that is a fact

  • Zach

    As poorly executed as all the Kane stuff has been, it has at least put sonewhat of a new spin on the Cena character. This soap opera bit is very different from the usual “superman” Cena that somehow defied the odds each and every week.

  • Stephanie M. Helmsly

    i literally LMFAO when Kane sent Ryder for the ride of a life time LOL! that was the funnist thing I have seen on Raw in a looooooong time! Best ending ever (since the attitude era of course)

  • H.M.

    The RKO botch was just baaaaad. Show did his job but Orton clearly messed up. Wonder whose going to go backstage to talk to him hmm? At least he managed to hit it again. I'm sure that spot was improvised to make up for it.

    As for Ryder…Can't they just say he has an 'injured' back over a 'broken' one? That'd be more believable considering how he hasn't sold his 'broken back' all too well at all. Aside from that this angle has had an interesting twist, but I really believe it should just come to an end come Sunday.

    • Gary

      Try again.The fault was all Show. Thbe spot was supposed to be what they did after the botch. Plus you could easily hear Show say "F—" while he was laying there on the mat. Plus if Orton was to do the RKO why didnt he leap like hes supposed to do? He just stood there,meaning it was Shows' job to shove Randy into the ropes and so the finish(which was what they did next).

      Show just fell down when he shouldnt have. Just another Orton hater looking for another reason to bash him.

      • H.M.

        I re-watched the clip to come to the same conclusion myself. Show was the one who messed up. I don't think Orton was meant to hit the RKO at all.

        • cristina

          I agree with the Ryder assessment. Trust me most people with "broken backs" ain't up and about like that. Plus he's a terrible actor…I put on better sick and or injured performances when I was a kid trying to get out of school.

  • unknown

    anybody else thinkin Ryder vs Cena is gonna happen?

  • H.M.

    Oh yeah, I have to say that the HBK/HHH/Taker segment was fantastic. Just wonderful. The new dimension that has been added to this angle has really been a hit for me and I think I might turn a new leaf and actually favour the possibility of Undertaker/HHH III. Just shows what good writing can do for a seemingly stale match. Really.

  • jeb

    Haha anyone think Kane's awkward run to the ambulance was hilarious. He should have added a laugh for good measure

    • Da KiDD

      Lmaooooo yes! I noticed it and i was dying laughing too!

  • SteveLP

    At least Eve got some heat when she came out

  • Bertie

    I said last week taker was wearing a wig n everyone ignored me, it was a blatant hair piece.

  • Ross

    Their kiss was hot though lol

  • cristina

    I am going to sit down with all of my peers right now and ask a question. I am NOT going to ask when John Cena is turning heel so relax…I am quite sick of that old question. No my question is related but different. My question is this; Does anybody even know how the fans will "handle" it if John ever DOES turn heel? I mean seriously we have beaten this thing to death for years now. That debate that a heel turn is what will change that 50/50 reaction of the fans. I'm just wondering…I personally have no preference in Cena's alignment but I do listen to the people. This outcry for a heel turn has been going on so long that it's hard to ignore. I'm just wondering if it would really change anything at all. I just have this feeling that if it were to happen the only result would be this: The fans would just not know what to do with it. They would walk around going "well what in the world do we do now?"

    • An0n

      alot of people will probably start cheering him…..then VKM with be like “cheering? babyface time” and cycle repeats

    • Mike

      Kind of like when Wile E. Coyote finally caught the Road Runner… *holds up sign* "Now that I've caught him, what do I do with him?"
      (That did happen, didn't it? Or did I just dream that…)

      If the WWE ever does turn Cena heel… IF… then they'll have to do it very well indeed, otherwise it won't have anywhere near the impact of, say, the Hogan-NWO heel turn.
      I think turning him heel just for the sake of one modern-day era storyline would be a bit of a waste. Storylines develop and end a lot quicker today than they used to do.
      A Cena heel turn would have to be the focus for the company as a whole for it to be truly worth the loss in revenue. It would have to be something with the potential to generate about the same amount in revenue. It would have to affect every other storyline and performer in the company, both brands, otherwise it'll just fall flat and the fans will turn around, shrug, and say "Is that all?"
      I'm not sure the company has writers capable of arranging something so complex. It would need a really long term perspective, and everything these days, in the WWE and in life in general, is all about the short term.
      Maybe I'm expecting too much. We fans can be so jaded at times.
      We, some of us at least, became sick with Cena's bland, unchanging personality the same way that the fans of yesteryear grew tired of Hogan and Hulkamania.
      Five Moves O' Doom = Big Boot & Legdrop.
      Hustle, Loyalty, & Respect = Training, Prayers, Vitamins, & Believing In Yourself (aye, I remember he added a fourth demandment after Earthquake put him out).
      Right now I'm happy with the changes that have been made in John Cena. We're seeing him angry. He's, to borrow the phrase, starting to embrace the hate, just a little. That works for now, and though we might want more I think it's all we can expect under the current circumstances.

      Shame really…

  • @jblack424

    Couple things the botched rko not a big deal as its live and things like that are likely to happen considering its raw. I overall thought best raw and a decent while. I don’t think hhh and taker should happen but as much as its about the streak its way deeper. The streak this year is the superbowl match but so far best wm storyline. I admit that I was so mad when this first was happening as I’m not excited for it but I can now shut up (no promises)about it. I will say this if hbk doesn’t stay involved it will lose a lot of momentum. I think I’m more intrigued(thought I think I know)as what shawn will do.

    I think raws chamber match will be a top match all year. I liked all matches including participants. I like show and orton match as it feels so fresh. So question have they ever rivaled as I’m struggling to remember a fued. I also think kofi is now the guy on a major push for after wm. I hope only using 15-20 seconds out of 45 as we had a silent moment after kofi finished. I also was waiting for delrio but he never showed and is brodus clay done? I haven’t seen him and wanted to see where he was gonna go.

    Last thing cena-kane-ryder-eve. Say what you want about eves acting it sucks I agree but besides kelly and aj I have her 3rd hottest diva. If cena turns heel I hope he stays the same til wm. I also would like if cena stays face as ryder as his arch enemy. I felt like I was watching a movie and you could see the villian ryder could be and I liked it. I think that could work more as ryder heel then cena. I will say bad acting but a great storyline that has you guessing when he will embrace the hate. Face or heel right now this storyline has us hooked.

  • Coopapalooza

    Forget everything else about last night. Absolute best moment was R-truth saying he refused to talk to Dolph Ziggler because he was named after a dolphin!!! CLASSIC!!!!

  • Maz

    I hope ‘Big Show’ goes to Officials regarding the botched RKO, what goes around comes around.
    Also I think Zack Ryder is imbracing the hate when he saw Cena and Eve kiss

    • leigh

      Ummmm they BOTH f’ed up the move..hence the reason Randy exexcuted it again…and enough about the damn Kennedy incident! He said HE got HIMSELF fired not Orton…and it happened how many years ago? Get over it already….Orton one of the most over guys in the company and rarely if ever botches, hate to burst your bubble but randy orton’s not going anywhere any time soon……..and that kiss sure didn’t look like acting…mr.cena looked a lot more into it than he was supposed to be!

      • My thought with the Undertaker video mensegt immediately upon seeing it was that it was a quick reaction to how harsh the wig reaction was. They probably figured they could make it work and that people would be so happy to see Taker they wouldnt go nuts about the details. When it was (rightfully) met with laughter and derision, they called an audible and showed this haircutting bit, which will introduce whatever new look. Dumb, but at least they realized they had made an error in judgement and chose to fix it.Other thoughts:- Super lame to start a wrestling show with a six person talking mensegt. That being said, Truth is hilarious, they teased the Jericho-Punk stuff well and I thought Kingston was vastly improved on the mic.- Kingston vs Jericho was a terrific match. Y2J outsmarting him as the clever heel vet after being dominated for the majority of the match. Good stuff. I wouldnt mind seeing these two get more time. Kingston needs a serious push. Dude brings it in the ring, pops the crowd and is better on the stick.- No more Rock videos. We get it, he’s a big star. Too big a star to actually show up live. Move on.- I’m so tired of seeing Ryder do stretcher jobs. The storyline with Whore Eve and lets just be friends and Cena is fine with me, looks like Heel Ryder seeking revenge on Cena but jeez, if Ryder isnt really hurt get him in the ring and stop booking him like a jobber doofus who cant hold a lady.- Um where’s Brodus? Is that like 5 straight TV shows with no Funkasaurus? In the words of the Hurricane, whuzzupwitdat?

    • leigh

      Ummmm they BOTH f’ed up the move.hence the reason Randy exexcuted it again.and enough about the damn Kennedy incident! He said HE got HIMSELF fired not Orton…and it happened how many years ago? Get over it already.Orton one of the most over guys in the company and rarely if ever botches, hate to burst your bubble but randy orton’s not going anywhere any time soonand that kiss sure didn’t look like. acting.mr.cena looked a lot more into it than he was supposed to be!

    • Bruno

      Orton is the second face of wwe so nothing will happen. Big show is a veteran son nothing can happen to him to

  • JP_Killings

    R-truth and Cm punk stole the show for me tbh with their promos at the start which really showed that they are the top 2 babyfaces on raw atm, Chris Jericho is just a class above in heel promos compared to the Miz and Dolf and Big shows botch ruined a good match. BUT WHERE WAS THE FUNKERSAURAUS

    • #WWE #Raw raw was very boaring, very soft hititng, the only good bit was piper being announced as guest host ! a wrestler! the start just sucked, its nothing to do with hatton, just that he AINT a wrestler, so will always have that wooden quality when in the ring doing a skit, but to make it worse we have had this sort of skip opening raw for the last few MONTHS (how long scince th eguest host thing started??) ,, Its just got so stale now, celeb comes in, jerisho belittles celeb, DX enter for the save, celeb sets up match involving DX , then before the match we get a UBER F’ING STUPID hornswoggle “oh, your gonna get sued by DX” segment.. im going to stop, or ill be here typing till 5 am! .. needless to say, wwe, your show is crap these days . ! (i dont know if that message could ever be passed on from the blogger! if so i applaud it!)

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Dont ever eat and/or drink when R-Truth talks. Almost choked on both laughin so hard from his speech (Spider Stew. Tasty)

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