Raw Results 5/14/12 - Who Will Really Be Future Endeavored?

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RAW this week starts with Triple H backstage. Laurinaitis stopped Trip, physically, and said he didn't know Brock would attack. He jumped from the ring to let Trip defend himself like a man. It hurt him to see Brock beat him up and break his arm. Trip has his support. Laurinaitis says that Trip isn't going to say anything? Trip says he'll say it in front of the world, and good luck with Cena on Sunday.

Music & Pyro

In Ring Segment

Trip's music hits and out comes Trip in a gray pinstriped suit, white shirt, olive green tie and his arm in that mechanical brace, hand all bandaged up. Video of Laurinaitis berating Trip for being disrespectful, then Brock attacked Trip from behind. Trip tried to fight back, but then Brock broke Trip's arm. Trip watched the tron. He says everyone wants to know his thoughts on Brock. Been telling everyone the same thing. It's not the physical, he's had worse done. He's offended by Brock that he said he had to bring legitimacy to the WWE. The day before he came back he was standing in a ring with 78,000 people watching him going toe to toe with Taker and all he could think is he wished someone could bring legitimacy. Brock's arrogance and stupidity offend Trip. They offend Taker, HBK, Cena, Flair, Hogan, Savage, Backlund, Sanmartino, every single person who does what they do. It offends him as a fan. He started out as a kid. He has always been and will always be a part of the WWE 'Universe' and as that Brock offends him.

He is slightly embarrassed. Not because a 300lbs ass kicker had to attack him from behind. He's embarrassed for buying into Brock. The way he was for buying into that farm boy ten years ago. He was right that Brock took that ability and shot to the top of the WWE. But when he got there and was challenged and had to dig down to actually fight, Brock quit. It wasn't so easy, but Brock went to the UFC and shot to the top. Except when he got to the top and somebody challenged him, and he had to fight, Brock quit. Then he came back to the WWE. He looked at Cena and thought he could take him. He stepped in with Cena and gave him every bit of that 300lbs ass kicker, but as the shirt says and Cena never quits. Cena beat Brock. Then Brock came out making ridiculous contractual demands and was told no. when it wasn't easy any more. Then Brock did what he does and he quit. The fact is...

Brock's music, but it was Heyman and another guy with an envelope out to the ring. Heyman says he gets it, it's damage control. It's what they all say when they lose their biggest star. Trip thinks he's a businessman? As a businessman, this is an open and shut case. His client, Brock entered into a oral and binding contract with Trip's executive in front of millions on live TV. Trip illegally ripped that contract up. That's breach of contact. Trip brings a fighter into an entertainment company, then doesn't like it when he wants to fight. He doesn't like Brock or the situation? But he does get this.

Heyman serves Trip. Heyman says he's suing Trip for all the money he was guaranteed. Brock says he's disappointed with the WWE, but is disappointed in Trip as he's a sniveling, conniving corporate sycophant who hasn't lived up to the hype of so many years. Heyman is glad Brock broke his left arm as it's with his right one he'll write that multimillion dollar check to Brock. Heyman points to the brace on Trip's arm and Trip knocks the mic out of Heyman's hand. Trip's right hand is on Heyman's face, pushing him back as Heyman asks over and over, "What are you doing?" Trip backs Heyman to the ropes. Heyman says, "Don't do it." Trip lets go and walks away a bit. Trip says, "You tell Brock Lesnar," Trip throws down the contract, "he'll get everything he deserves."

Trip leaves the ring but Heyman isn't done. He tells Trip he screwed up again. He doesn't just have one lawsuit, he put his hand on Heyman. That's assault and battery. He'll see Trip in court. Trip stares in at Heyman and visibly shakes.

The camera to King and Cole, but a big thud from the ring and they say Heyman was exiting the ring – but it sounded like Heyman fell down the stairs or something, it was a metallic THUD.


Recap of Laurinaitis getting in Big Show's face last week, then Big Show imitated Laurinaitis, but Eve heard it.

Punk & Santino vs Cody & Bryan

Punk out to the ring to huge pop. Video of Bryan costing Punk his Handicap Match last week when Tensai took Punk apart. Then after the match Bryan into the ring with his yes lock on Punk.


Santino out to the ring, cobra on his hand. Cody out showing off his belt and his attitude. Cody waits outside the ring. Bryan out yelling "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" all the way to the ring. Bryan as named Jerk of The Month by WWE Magazine.

Cody and Punk lock up. Punk into a corner., Cody kicks rather than a clean break. Cody to work on Punk's arm, but Punk back with a slam and threw Cody into the heel corner, but Bryan jumped down. A kick to Cody's leg, then he's whipped but gets a foot up. Cody sent out through the ropes. Bryan in and elevated over the top and out onto Cody. Punk with a suicide dive on both at Santino's advisement. Santino tries and gets caught in the ropes.


Santino on Cody in a corner. Side headlock and a blow on Santino. Blows on Santino. Cody pulls Santino up, but then eats blows. Cody whipped, but eats a right. Bryan tags in and "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" and a drop kick to Santino in a corner for two. Knee drop, then another and more and more, but only for two. Cody tags in and hits Santino. Clothesline to Santino, then Santino slammed to the mat. Cody talks smack about Santino, then pins for two. Blows to Santino, then Bryan tags in and stomps Santino. Kicks to Santino's chest, then an arm hold on Santino on the mat as the fans chant for Santino. Santino up with blows, but is kicked down. Cody tags in and stomps Santino. Knee drop on Santino for two. Bryan tags in and kicks Santino over and over in the corner, then yells "YES!" Bryan talks smack to Punk, then Cody tags out. Santino makes a huge leap to Punk and missed by a mile. Santino finally makes it and on Cody with clothesline, then a drop kick. High knee in the corner, then to a running bulldog that Punk says is for Bryan. GTS is missed, but a big kick to Cody. Bryan in and avoids GTS and flees. Cody up and almost eats the cobra from outside, the takes the GTS for three as Bryan is still on the stage where he'd fled to.

Winners – Punk & Santino (9:07)

Video of the high points of the match. Santino and Punk have their arms raised. Punk poses and Bryan tries to look like a big man on the stage.


Fox vs Beth

Fox in the ring in gray and red. Beth out looking a bit worn.

Fox backed into a corner. They fight around a bit, but then Beth with a big clothesline. Fox slammed into a corner and kicked down. Layla on stage watching. Beth picks Fox up and older her high while staring at Layla. Fox is dropped to the mat. Fox up and glamslam for three.

Winner – Beth (1:20)

Layla claps for Beth. Beth goes after Fox and Layla rushes the ring. Layla face plants Beth to the mat. Beth is mad and Layla is the one left in the ring.


Cena granting wishes. Cena's voice reading an article he wrote for USA Today and spoken over pictures and video of wishes being granted by Cena and other WWE Superstars.


Laurinaitis getting into it with Big Show, then Big Show mocking Laurinaitis when Eve caught him. If Big Show doesn't apologize, he will be fired.


Announce Segment

Ryder will face Kane on the OTL pre-show.


Cole asks if this will be Big Show's final match in the WWE. Goes to a video montage of Laurinaitis saying anyone making fun of his voice will deal with consequences. Then Big Show got caught by Eve doing just that. Eve made Big Show apologize in the ring, but Laurinaitis didn't think it was sincere, so Laurinaitis got on Big Show's case, cost Big Show a match and demanded an apology on RAW and it better be a damn good one!

In Ring Segment

Laurinaitis to the ring, Otunga in tow now that he's back to the WWE.


Big Show vs Kane

Laurinaitis is sitting ringside and texting, Otunga is standing behind him watching. Big Show out, gives his hat to a kid, then into the ring. Laurinaitis glares at Big Show. Fire erupts and the lights go out. Kane comes out to his slightly different entrance with his over mask on. Kane calls fire from all four, then removes his over mask.

They lock up. Big Show behind Kane and takes him down to the mat. Front facelock on Kane who fights back with blows. Shoulder blocks to Big Show in a corner. Big Show fights back with blows to Kane in a corner. Kane flung across the ring to the mat. Head butt to Kane. Kane whipped, but then a drop toe hold on Big Show into the corner. Kane with a cross body on Big Show for two! Kane on Big Show with blows. Chinlock on Big Show form behind as Big Show is on his knees on the mat. King is ripping on Laurinaitis facing Cena. Laurinaitis turns and glares at King.

Kane runs into a shoulder block, then pushed to the mat. Then Kane slams Kane to the mat. Big Show up on the second ropes, but Kane moves out of the way. Kane up, but Big Show catches him. Kane fights free. Big Show sends Kane out over the top and goes out after him. Kane into the barrier back first. Spear by Big Show as they're being counted out. Both in by 8. Laurinaitis on mic and demands an apology right now! Kane with a chokeslam on Big Show for three.

Winner – Kane (4:34)

In Ring Segment

Laurinaitis into the ring and tells Big Show to get up and talk to him like a man! Big Show struggles up and Laurinaitis demands Big Show look in his eyes. Laurinaitis says Big Show made fun of his voice, is that the example he wants to give to the back so they all will do it? He wants an apology and it better be good or Laurinaitis will fire Big Show. Big Show grabs a mic and says he's been thinking long and hard about what to say to Laurinaitis tonight. 23 years ago he broke in. He's done it all, seen it all, finally had a WrestleMania moment. There's a part of him that can walk away with his head held high, no regrets, but he loves what he does. He loves waking up and performing for them. It's not just about the matches, (starts crying) it's about seeing those kids faces, the friendships and bonds he's made in the back. "Big Show!" chants. Big Show tells Johnny not to fire him over something petty like this. He wants to find Big Show,t hen fine him. Bar him from ever getting another Title shot, that's alright. If Big Show imitating his voice offended Laurinaitis, he's sorry. If there's an ounce of decency, he'll allow Big Show to do what he loves.

Laurinaitis says it's passionate, but he didn't hear Big Show say he's sorry. Big Show said it again. Laurinaitis says those in the cheap seats can hear him. Laurinaitis says he said it, now prove it. Big Show wants to keep his job, beg him! Better yet, get on his knees and beg him! Big Show is crying that Laurinaitis can't be serious. Laurinaitis asks if Big Show wants to waste 18 years of his life? Gets on his knees and beg! Big Show starts to do it, then stops. He's frustrated. He starts again, but then can't so it.

Laurinaitis just stands there and glares. Big Show almost does it, then stops. He says Laurinaitis wants him to beg, he'll beg. He's sorry, but please don't make him get on his knees. Laurinaitis says Big Show and those fans disgust him. He's doing what's right for business – not for Big Show or the fans, but for business and will reconsider it. Laurinaitis leaves to cat calls with Otunga in tow. Chants for Big Show who's almost in tears.

Laurinaitis on the stage says he's reconsidered it and is saying that Big Show is fired, but Big Show yells, "Johnny, wait!" Big Show struggles, then drops to his knees in the center of the ring. Big Show, crying, apologizes. Laurinaitis asks for what? Big Show says for making fun of his voice and he'll never do it again. "Are you happy now? ARE YOU HAPPY?" Laurinaitis says he isn't and wishes Big Show his best in his future endeavors, "and Big Show, you're fired." Big Show is left in the ring on his knees crying while the fans chant for him.



Recap of Laurinaitis firing Big Show and Big Show left crying in the ring. King verbally recapped what Laurinaitis did. He's friends with Big Show and it will break Big Show's heart and Big Show didn't deserve that.

Funkasaurus & Kofi & R-Truth vs Miz & Swagger & Dolph w/ Vickie

Funkasaurus and his girls out in green this evening. Kofi and R-Truth out to the ring together. Miz out to the ring. EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! Vickie out in a red dress announces Swagger and Dolph, the three come to the ring. Dolph didn't have his pink shirt hanging out of the back of his trunks.

Swagger and R-Truth lock up. A blow drops Swagger, then Clay tags in. Swagger into a head butt. Dolph in and eliminated, as was Miz – Clay takes them all out.


Chinlock from Dolph on R-Truth on the mat. Dolph stands on his head during the hold to show off. Up in the stands, up a box, is AW, Mason Ryan, and behind them the Colons with Rosa between them. They're all talking and laughing, but also acting high brow. R-Truth back with blows, but Dolph gets the upper hand and Miz tags in. front facelock on R-Truth to keep him from tagging out. Blow to the back of R-Truth, then a cheap pop to Clay. Back up into the box. R-Truth tags out. Kofi in off the top rope. High elbow, then drop kick to Miz. Head scissors takes Miz down. SOS on Miz, but Swagger and Dolph break the count. Dolph on Clay on the corner, but Dolph hit the mat. Clay tags in, Kofi hits Trouble in paradise on Miz. Clay splashes Miz for three.

Winners – Funkasaurus & Kofi& R-Truth

Video of high points of the match. Funkasaurus and a bunch of kids dancing in the ring.


WWE Rewind

On Smackdown Sheamus was facing Jericho, but ADR attacked Sheamus and cost him the match. Orton in and attacked ADR. Bode breaker to ADR, RKO to ADR, then Sheamus and Orton stared it out.

Backstage Segment

Riley talking to Punk about the yes lock when AJ rushes up to see Punk. She wishes him good luck on Saunday. Punk doesn't want to get involved with them, doesn't need the drama. He's known Bryan for a long time and doesn't trust him. AJ has only known him briefly and has been unstable. Punk leaves and AJ is about in tears.

Jericho vs Orton

Sheamus out to announce. Sheamus says it's a pleasure to be there with Jerry, Cole, not so much. Jericho out to the ring in his blinkie jacket. Orton out to the ring, slowly.

They lock up. Shoulder block to Jericho. Orton blocks a hip toss, Jericho gets it. Orton pins for two. Chops to Orton. Jericho sent out over the top.


WWE Rewind

On Smackdown Sheamus was facing Jericho, but ADR attacked Sheamus and cost him the match. Orton in and attacked ADR. Bode breaker to ADR, RKO to ADR, then Sheamus and Orton stared it out.

Backstage Segment

Riley talking to Punk about the yes lock when AJ rushes up to see Punk. She wishes him good luck on Saunday. Punk doesn't want to get involved with them, doesn't need the drama. He's known Bryan for a long time and doesn't trust him. AJ has only known him briefly and has been unstable. Punk leaves and AJ is about in tears.

Jericho vs Orton

Sheamus out to announce. Sheamus says it's a pleasure to be there with Jerry, Cole, not so much. Jericho out to the ring in his blinkie jacket. Orton out to the ring, slowly.

They lock up. Shoulder block to Jericho. Orton blocks a hip toss, Jericho gets it. Orton pins for two. Chops to Orton. Jericho sent out over the top.


Chinlock on Orton in the mat. During the break Jericho hid behind the ref, then poked Orton in the eye. Head butt to Jericho, but then Orton ran into a knee. Jericho over the top onto Orton for two. Jericho on Orton in a corner. Orton kicks back and backs Jericho into a corner. Orton whips Jericho, but then eats a big boot. Missile drop kick to Orton from the second ropes for two. Orton's arms are wrenched back, on the mat. Orton up and elbows out. Orton eats a back elbow. Jericho goes for a lionsault, but Orton's knees were up. Clotheslines to Jericho, then that sick power slam. Orton runs into an elbow, but hits a back breaker on Jericho.

Jericho free of Orton's sick DDT and ends Orton over the top. Jericho out and yells at Sheamus. Jericho sends Orton directly into Sheamus. Jericho sent Orton into the ring, but then eats a foot on the apron. Orton's sick DDT, then he pounds the mat, but Sheamus pulls Jericho from the ring and attacks.

Winner – Jericho via DQ (9:01)

Orton stops Sheamus physically and they get into a yelling match. Orton wants to face Sheamus right now. Sheamus into the ring, but all the refs out to break them up.



Laurinaitis firing Big Show earlier.

In Ring Segment

Laurinaitis out to the ring. He said that he's sorry, which Big Show couldn't say honestly. He's sorry if Cena is their favorite Superstar, because that makes them losers. Cena lost to Rock and Brock, so he's a lose. He's better than Rock and Brock, so he will show that they're losers. The world needs losers. If there were not losers like them, there wouldn't be winners like him.

Cena's music cuts Laurinaitis off. Cena comes out without a sling, brace or any stiffness. Cena sniff Laurinaitis. He says desperation is such a stinky cologne Mr. Laurinaitis, if that is your real name! He looks like the Manchurian Candidate. Ladies and gentlemen, vote for candidate x. In his best Laurinaitis voice, "I like people. And that's what I'm supposed to say." Cena went on to say he made fun of Laurinaitis' voice, what's he going to do? Fire him like Big Show? That was awful! He said Laurinaitis was a scum bag before firing Big Show, but after firing Big Show he became the undisputed king of BLEEP (douche baggery). Cena says Laurinaitis has the gall to call himself a winner, so let's go down his track record.

WrestleMania – Laurinaitis did nothing. His team won, but he
did nothing. He's in a generous mood, so he'll give Laurinaitis that one.
Next he wanted Punk removed as WWE Champion. Punk is still Champ, that didn't work out so good.
Then his crowning achievement, his moment of glory, to bring in Brock to defeat Cena at Extreme Rules and become the next big thing in the WWE. He lost.
Then Brock quit.

That makes Laurinaitis one for four. That makes him a loser. LOOOOOOOSSSSSER! Cena right up in Laurinaitis' face and keeps cutting him off with LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! The "loser!" chants start. Cena says that's fine as at Over The Limit Laurinaitis will be a loser. Here's why. In Laurinaitis' backstabbing rise to power, he's managed to step on everyone. Every Superstars and the 'Universe' and do it in the good name of People Power. He needs to change People Power to Person Power because in all this there's only one person who matters, Laurinaitis.

If he doesn't believe Cena, quick show of hands, if they want to hit Laurinaitis so far back in time that he he wakes up and still thinks he has the lead role in Gleaming The Cube. Even with the random skateboarding reference that was still a lot of hands! He says maybe it was a fluke. He's trying again. This time he doesn't want to see their hands, he wants to hear them. They already started yelling before Cena could finish saying this part! The question is, how many of them want to beat Laurinaitis so bad that he squeals like a baby calf screaming for a (something)? The fans scream and cheer, Laurinaitis' face never changes. Cena says it's a response like that shows that... "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" Cena lets the "YES!" chants go, then says it's an encore response like that that show that Laurinaitis no concept of reality. So Cena cannot think of a better place to give Laurinaitis a wake up call of what's really going on in the real world than in Pittsburgh. The fans love the cheap pop.

Cena says the Steele City is known for a lot of things, two come to mind. The first is the Steel Curtain. Huge pop. Cena says to Laurinaitis that the legend of the Steel Curtain hurt and destroyt heir opponents and that's what he'll do to Laurinaitis at Over The Limit. The second, and obvious second because of where they're at, the Pittsburgh Penguins. More huge pop.

Laurinaitis says he was going to refer to the Penguins later in his promo, Cena stole his stuff. Cena says he can't hear Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis tries again but is cut off by LOOOOSSSSSERRRRRR. Laurinaitis tells him to show some respect, but heard LOOOOOOSSSSSSSERRRRRRR through it all. Cena asked how Laurinaitis was going to reference the Penguins. As Cena was saying LOOOOOSSSSSERRRR, Laurinaitis quickly said LOSERS. Cena says that's interesting calling them losers. They've heard Laurinaitis' reference, now for Cena's. There's some there tonight. He guarantees they'll appreciate this on behalf of himself, the WWE, the Penguins and the WWE 'Universe', Mr. Laurinaitis, go puck yourself. Cena tosses a hockey puck at Laurinaitis. The place erupts!

Laurinaitis says those are tough words Cena's saying. He's Big Johnny, taller than Cena, which he knows bothers Cena. He's also better looking, which he knows also bothers Cena. Cena smirks. Eve is heading for the ring. Laurinaitis says as the GM of both RAW and Smackdown, he can change a match, add a stip or a ref, whatever he wants in a match. Eve taps him on the shoulder, but Laurinaitis goes on to say that what he wants to tell Cena and the WWE 'Universe' is exactly... Eve cuts him off again, Laurinaitis turns with a mad look on his face, finger in the air. He turns to her, she whispers in his ear, then he takes the paper to read it. Eve leaves the ring.

Cena tries to snatch the paper, but only gets half of it, so he then snatches the rest from Laurinaitis' hands. Cena says everyone knows Laurinaitis never learned to read anyway, what is he trying to do? Cena says it's from the Board of Directors, must be big business.

Dear Mr. Laurinaitis, (Cena says wow, it's really his name!)
We have important information about your match with Cena at Over The Limit. We feel it is important for the WWE 'Universe' to know exactly what they are getting. (Cena thinks this is fair.) (About to get good.) Therefore your match with Mr. Cena will be one on one. There will be no Special Guest Ref. No one is allowed at ringside. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission, (this one's good) any Superstar who interferes in this match will be immediately terminated. (Laurinaitis stretches his neck, looks really pissed and glares.) (Cena tells Laurinaitis not to be concerned with this top part, it's the last line on the bottom half he should be concerned with.) Should you , Mr. Laurinaitis, lose this match to Cena, then you will be officially terminated.

Cena hands it back and Laurinaitis rips it from his hand as the "YES!" chants start. Cena's music starts but Cena stops it. He says he heard earlier that Laurinaitis has this gigantic huge announcement tonight that will change all our lives. This should be fantastic. Since he knows he's about to be fired, what's his major announcement? Sham Wow for $9.99? Laurinaitis slaps Cena hard across the face, then leaves the ring. Laurinaitis stomps up the ring. Cena just stares, pissed.

Biggest pop
Big Show

Biggest heat

  • Bobby

    Why is there a “fan" holding a “Wrestling is Fake" sign?

    • Blazeking

      He was trolling on a grand scale. Haven't you noticed the trollface.jpg pops up in the crowd every so often?

  • Dave

    Regarding the thud, King said something like "get him". Made me think a fan jumped the barrier.

  • Anand

    Looks like Trip vs Lesnar is gonna burst well before Summerslam 🙂 I dont wanna see it too soon. Trip must use his power as the COO and make Lesnars life Miserable for payback… Hope WWE creative can do something like that…

  • whitethought_

    I know I'm not the only one that catched that botched chokeslam between Kane & Big Show.

    • Anand

      for people of this size such power moves can cause quite a number of botches 🙂

    • meself

      no, but you may have been the only one that caught it.

    • Brett


    • Unknown

      Can't get away from the grammar police anywhere

    • WyFo

      No, I saw it.

  • Thatwasajoke

    The big show and John laurinitis part was a disgrace and insult to big show and whoever came up with that should be too embarrassed to even show their face around the wwe ever again.

    • Anand

      Its really ridiculous to see someone the size & experience of Big Show being humiliated by this Laurinitis character. Agreed, they are trying to emulate what VKM did, but VKM had that nasty arrogant persona which was more natural and not stupid. Stupid is the word that comes to my mind seeing this jhonny character.

      just hope Trip comes out, blasts johnny and reinstates show.

  • whitethought_

    So is WWE just gonna forget that Brodus Clay basically squashed R-Truth a couple weeks ago?

    • Anand

      Not only that, they want us to forget it too 🙂

    • Chapin

      wasnt it lord tensai that squashed r.truth? lol

    • Osuman

      That was Tensai.

    • meself

      of course they are. have you never watched WWE before?

    • Osuman

      I don't know how you can mix up Clay and Lord Hentai together.

      • Derp

        Lord hentai? Things are getting interesting here.

    • Bobby


    • H.M.

      How did your comment get so many thumbs up? Shows how smart a lot of 'smart' fans are lmao.

      It was Lord Tensai who squashed Truth a couple weeks back.

  • Steve

    Big Johnny is a deuchebag

  • OK so here's how it's gonna go. since no superstars will be allowed to interfere in cena laurinitis match or they will get terminated. Big show will interrupt with the WMD and Chokeslam and help laurinitis win to get back his job. Think wwe is making this one a little too predictable.

    • Richard

      Nope. Lesnar's not an employee, and thus can't be fired. Show's gonna be part of the revolution!

    • Ken

      Yeah that's pretty much what can be expected of WWE nowadays.

    • Unknown

      I agree with the comment that Richard guy made yours sounds like the opposite of how it will happen.

    • Leviathan Deacon

      I have a feeling that someone else will interrupt. A person who is not a Superstar as of this moment is eligible to help Johnny Ace in his match and he must be holding a grudge on Cena too. Thus, we will get to suffer even more with this Johnny Ace D-baggery.

      Recycled storylines…

  • monty

    you know wwe can't use these big guys right, they want people to think these guys are big and strong yet they keep loosing. When kane came back he was the big bad wolf than within one PPV he looses to cena.

    mark henry was the last guy they did right and that's because he was on smackdown, if he was on raw than same thing would have happened

  • Justin

    Guarantee that at Over The Limit, either Lesnar or Big Show will interfere on Laurinitis' behalf.

    • Steve

      Big show will, and then be re hired in raw, a bit predictable I think, he needed a heel turn anyway

  • stevie

    WWell that could happen or brock lesnar interferes as well as big show…..

    • Code

      That would make sense seeing as brock could be held off by big show with out looking weak

  • Gibbons08

    They have to something quick cause I've been watching wresting religiously since 1984-85 and I'm about to stop cause I can't stand Johnny ace! He was a terrible wrestler he's terrible on the mic and he pretty much sucks at life! And for the fools that say "check him in Japan!" he sucked over there to!

  • jimmie

    i hope to see that day

  • Thomas

    But of course, they give you the hope that Johnny Ace would be let go, but there is always a stipulation like that. Most likely this whole firing thing is a rouse like the guy above me said Big show will come out and knock out somebody. He did it years ago with the whole love triangle with him Edge and Vickie Gurrerro.

    Anyways, overall good raw. Is it just me or do I wanna see Vince come out there and knock down Johnny Ace a few pegs? I mean he calls himself the most powerful man in the WWE and he does have power both on and off camera but you don't mess with the boss. I just miss Vince on TV, it worked for me

  • MattyMo

    WWE Creative: "Did you hear? John Cena's going through a divorce. Poor guy. He seems miserable all of the time. I feel bad for him. I just had the best idea: we're going to have a grown man slap the s*** out of him in front of millions of people tonight!"

    I don't like the Cena character, but dude really is giving us literally everything he has to entertain us, so he's cool with me.

  • Zane

    Is big shows "firing" legit or storyline?

    • Van

      storyline of course

  • The_McCluskinator

    John Cena's "loser" gimmick felt like old-school JIM CAREY; just saying. (Carey does it best though, obviously.)

  • Doug

    Enter text right here!
    Lesnar will interfere on Johnny's behalf but Trip will send out Big Show to help Cena…..be good if Cena wins, as they could name Teddy RAW GM and Mick Foley as thev Smackdow GM to feud with Sandow

    • Code

      that's how i see it and through all of that cena wont being getting the mixed reaction(because im sure the fans hate the "Big Johnny" character more than the men in the crowd hate super cena and Vince will be making money and he wont have to touch cenas character

  • Ricky Valdez

    I just saw the big show crying on raw like a 4 year old who's toy was taken away, that was a bad bad segment, there no crying in wrestling, they made big show wooos out, I love the wwe, but that was bad, lol.