Smackdown Blast From The Past Results - $500,000? Really?

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This live Smackdown starts with music and pyro.


D-Bry breaking up with AJ on Smackdown last Friday.

In Ring Segment

Mean Gene Okerland is in the ring welcoming us to the Blast From The Past Smackdown. He introduces Sheamus as the new World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus out to the ring to join Okerland. Sheamus is handed to the mic and Sheamus gives Okerland props for who he is. He starts talking about the code of honor and how he let everyone down. The ref made a bad decision and he broke down. He wants to publicly apologize to the ref, all the refs and everyone for what he's done. He hopes they take the apologies from a red headed Irishman. He learns the hard way, and he learned...

Laurinaitis cuts Sheamus off and comes to the ring at this point. He tells Sheamus to not say a word, and shows video of what Sheamus did last week, including what Sheamus did to the ref. Laurinaitis turns and demands to know who Sheamus thinks he is. How dare Sheamus put his hands on his ref. He wants Sheamus to publicly apologize to the ref. Sheamus says he's done that, that's why he was out there. Laurinaitis claimed he didn't hear Sheamus and do it again.

Sheamus apologized to Chad. Laurinaitis tells him to apologize to all the refs. Sheamus says he did. Laurinaitis didn't hear it, do it again. So Sheamus does it again. Laurinaitis says it's time to apologize to the world. Sheamus smirks, then does is. Laurinaitis says it's not good enough. Sheamus is on permanent probation. If Sheamus touches a ref on purpose, or accident, he's fired. He's fining Sheamus the most ever in WWE history, $500,000. Laurinaitis is about to leave the ring and stops to say good luck to Sheamus in his match tonight. Sheamus will face ADR and D-Bry. Sheamus will be tagging with Mean Gene Okerland! Okerland doesn't look happy.

Backstage Segment

Orton is readying for his match. His father comes in and wishes Orton good luck in his match. A hug and Orton is on his way.


Orton vs Henry

Orton out to the ring. Video of Orton and Kane fighting last week on Smackdown; Orton won. Orton poses for the fans. A cranky Mark Henry comes out to the ring. This coming RAW Punk will defend his Title against Henry in a No DQ Match.

They lock up, Orton thrown in a corner. Orton comes out with blows, but Orton thrown into the other corner. Blows on Henry, but he comes out with a clothesline. More blows on Henry, but Orton can't whip him. Orton is whipped and moves. Blows on Henry, then Henry grabs Orton and slams him to the mat. Cowboy watching on a monitor backstage.


Henry wrenches Orton's head to the side, then headbutts Orton in the back of the head. During the commercial Orton side steppped Henry who hit the stairs. Henry back to wrenching Orton's head sideways. Orton punches free, but another headbutt and a slam takes Orton down. A splash from Henry for two. Shoulders into Orton's gut in a corner. Henry backed off by the ref, then rushes and splashes Orton in a corner. Henry splashes Orton in the corner again, but only gets two from it.

Henry goes to splash Orton, but Orton moves. Henry rushes Orton in a corner, but eats feet. Orton on Henry with clotheslines to get Henry to a knee, then hits a DDT on Henry for two. Henry to the apron, Orton kicks at Henry, then tries for his DDT, but Henry reverses it. Orton sets up for the RKO, but he's pushed away and flies from the ring. Henry picks Orton up outside, but Orton pushes off and Henry runs into the post – twice.

Fire erupts from the corners. Kane on the tron calls to Orton. He says he needed to beat Orton at WrestleMania to be the man he needed to be to become whole. But last week Orton proved he can be as savage as Kane. Showed the world why he is the Viper. It would be a shame if this was to end now, Kane is having so much fun. The kind of fun that the entire family can enjoy. The camera pulls back to show Kane squatting over Cowboy prone on the floor, hat off his head, eyes closed.

Orton goes running backstage to find his father. Finally Orton finds Cowboy on the floor and rushes to him. Orton takes a pipe to the gut from Kane. Orton is laid out next to his father. Kane drops the pipe and squats. "I'm a sucker for family reunions." Kane says, then walks away.



Recap of Kane's attack on the Orton men.

Announce Segment

Cole, Josh and Booker talk about how great Kane is at psychological warfare.

Benny Camer vs Ryback

Ted DiBiase Sr. and Tony Atlas backstage looking at a monitor saying it will be a good, old fashioned, squash match. Benny on mic. Hillbilly Jim and Pat Patterson joined the laughter backstage. Benny talks about it being his first match and they all laugh. Ryback out to the ring, the legends watching on the monitor are all impressed with his size.

A clothesline about took Benny's head off, flipped him, landed him on his head. Ryback pulls Benny to his shoulders, then slammed him to the mat for three.

Winner – Ryback

Tony can be heard laughing that famous laugh watching the monitor. They replay Ryback's clothesline on Benny, then the finisher. The video was longer than the actual match.

Backstage Segment

Slater talking to Kidd about beating the Usos tonight. He found a HOF manager for tonight. That he was told he could be the next Honky Tonk Man. Kidd asks if he thinks that's a compliment. In comes Jimmy Hart! Hart is all ready for this.


Heath Slater & Tyson Kidd w/ Jimmy Hart vs Jimmy & Jey Uso

Mick Foley out to the ring in a tan blazer, white shirt, red tie and black pants. He's out to announce. Kidd and Slater to the ring with Hart and his bullhorn. The Usos out with their war dance.

Tyson with an Uso, side headlock on Uso, pushes off and shoulder block to Kidd. The block dance across the ring, Kidd badly rolls the Uso up, Slater stole the tag and hit a back breaker on the Uso for two. Hart outside the ring with his bullhorn going on and on, right in Foley's face. Jey Uso tags in and takes Slater down, Kidd breaks the count. Jimmy in and takes Kidd down. Foll is done, pulls out Socko. Jey tags in and splashes Slater for three.

Winners – Usos

In the ring Hart is talking to Slater, then eats Socko! Foley grabs the bullhorn and says he's sorry, it was a mistake. Foley really wanted to take down Slater.


D-Bry broke up with AJ and yelled at her to get out of his ring!


Piper's Pit

Cole says that it's been over six years since Piper's Pit has been on Smackdown. The last time he was on a woman had a mole bitten off her face (Jillian, but Boogeyman) He didn't mention that it's been on RAW much more recently. Piper says he misses the fans. "Rowdy!" chants. He says tonight he has a man Daniel Bryan. Heat for D-Bry. He is a man that lost the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania in 18 seconds, and he blames it on his girlfriend. He has a bit of footage he wants us to see. Play some bongos for these people. Video of D-Bry saying it's the last kiss he'll ever get from him and then breaks up with her and yells at her to get out of his ring. He turns his back on her.

Piper announces D-Bry to the ring. D-Bry comes out yelling "YES!" the whole way. Piper doesn't look impressed. "YES!" from the fans. Piper says D-Bry seems very happy for a man who's lost the World Heavyweight Championship in 18 seconds. D-Bry says guess what, he just had a meeting with Mr. Laurinaitis and granted his rightful return match. "18 seconds!" chants. D-Bry says this math will prove who the better man is. He wants to pin Sheamus 1-2-3, and make him tap out and can do both as at ER, as it's a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match, and AJ will be nowhere to be found.

Piper says he doesn't know if AJ will be at ER, but she's in the building and he likes her and it's his show. He introduces AJ who comes out to the ring to her own music. Piper holds the ropes for her. She's all giddy being on Piper's Pit. She says hello to D-Bry. Piper is shocked at this. She says she knows how he comes off, but deep down he's a good person. Piper says this is the Pit, leave PC at the door. This is a guy who in front of the WWE 'Universe' dumped you, said you're dead weight, and her kiss is the kiss of death, come on. AJ says it's her fault. She says she made a mistake at WrestleMania and is so, so sorry. She knows she can make it up to him.

Piper doesn't like this. He says he's been watching her since her debut. He saw Big Show mow her down and she got back up. It's not easy to be a lady here, so she's smart. And she's beautiful. She doesn't need to make anything up to him. All he's doing is using her. D-Bry cuts them off. If AJ meant it when she says she loves him, she'd leave this ring right now. Piper tells her she doesn't need to listen to him.

"AJ!" chants. She thinks about it, but then leaves the ring. D-Bry has a huge smile on his face. D-Bry tries to leave, but Piper isn't finished with him. Piper sees "YES!" on his t-shirt. Piper has four children, three of them are ladies. Now some no's! Don't tell a lady to shut up. That's a no. You don't yell at a lady. That's a no. You don't use a lady as a protective shield. That's a coward, and that's D-Bry. That, also, is a no. The only bright light he sees is that ER Sheamus, the World Heavyweight Champion, because of D-Bry, has a 2 out of 3 falls match. He gets to watch Sheamus kick D-Bry's head off his shoulders, not once, but twice.

D-Bry says that the fact that he's better than Sheamus will slap him and everyone else, including Piper right across the face. D-Bry slaps Piper, then quickly flees the ring. Piper can't grab him before he leaves the ring. "YES!" all the way up the ramp and on the stage.


Khali & Fox & Natalya vs Drew McIntyre & Bellas

Khali is dancing with Natalya and Fox dancing in the ring. Drew and the Bellas watching with disdain.

Drew locks up with Khali, he's thrown back. He tags out and leaves the match yelling that he's better than this. Fox slams a Bella to the mat, then brides a pin for three.

Winners – Khali & Natalya & Fox

The Bellas look shocked as they dance their way up the ramp. Mae Young's music hits and she comes out dancing under her own speed. She kicks Khali in the shin so he's down on one knee and plants one on him. She looks so much better than the last time we saw her!



Damien Sandow talks about sophistication. He embodies all of the qualities. He then talks about social media, which brings upon moral decay and ethical inadequacy. No longer do we read novels, but live by 140 characters or less. He's our beacon of light.

Announce Segment

Cole pokes fun at Booker for not having an ipad, then they go back to Kane's attack on the Ortons, showing the video recap. Josh says Cowboy has abdominal injuries. Josh goes on to talk about Brock's return and F5 on Cena.

RAW Rebound

Video of Laurinaitis bringing Brock out to the ring, then Cena coming down and slapping Brock. The fight that ensued and how the locker room cleared. Cena was bloodied. Later, backstage Cena got in Laurinaitis' face, then said he wanted to compete, how's that for legit? Cena faced Otunga, of all people. Cena defeated Otunga, but then took a kick in the slats from behind from Brock.

Backstage Segment

Okerland doesn't like their chances tonight. Sheamus is smiling, but must have something up their sleeve. Sheamus says they will lose. So why is Sheamus happy? Sheamus is not going to let Laurinaitis see them sweat, plus he's tagging with Okerland! If they survive, Sheamus will buy the first round. Okerland says if? Sheamus says they will drink to remember, or drink to forget!



Don't try this at home!

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Hunico

Hacksaw Jim Duggan to the ring, HO! Hunico out the ring talking smack.

Hunico takes blows form Duggan, then out throught he ropes. Duggan outside, but Camacho was out there. Duggan motions for someone to join him, out comes Slaughter. Slaughter talks smack outside the ring, then throws the 2X4 into the ring. Duggan uses it on both guys, then Slaughter locks on the cobra clutch. They celebrate in the ring and get the fans chanting. They leave the ring talking together.


Sheamus talking about drinking to remember or forget.


In Ring Segment

Cody out to the ring looking surly. He says that they're calling this a Blast From The Past, but it's a waste of time. They should look to the future, when he's IC Champ again. Where Big Show doesn't get a lucky punch. Where the legends don't hog the spotlight from...

Dusty Rhodes' music hits and he comes out in a plaid shirt and jeans, looking rather old, but not happy with his son. "Dusty!" chants. Dusty into the ring and takes a mic. Cody says this doesn't concern his father in the least. Dusty says it does. He loves Cody and there's nothing he won't do for him. He came into this industry the most naturally talented athlete to step in a WWE ring since HBK, and what did he want to do? He wanted to poke a bear – Big Show. Cody stops Dusty and says he's embarrassing him. They can talk about this in the back. Cody leaves the ring, Dusty doesn't.

Big Show's music and out he comes. Big Show puts on a Dusty voice and does a promo beautifully. Cody, he knows Big Show has been showing the embarrassing clips, but not tonight. Tonight he will show the real Cody Rhodes, if you will, please.

Video of Dashing Cody Rhodes putting on lip goo. Cody doesn't look happy about this. Cody looks back at his father who shakes his head. Big Show does Dusty voice and says that's embarrassin'. Cody looks back at his father. "Dusty!" chants. Cody looks at his father, then leaves. Cody walks down the stairs, then Dusty's music plays and Dusty dances in the ring. Cody drops his mic and starts walking off. Cody looks back at his father, then heads up the ramp a bit more.

Backstage Segment

Sheamus and Okerland are heading for the ring.


Daniel Bryan & ADR vs Sheamus & Mean Gene Okerland

D-Bry is in the ring yelling "YES!" Ricardo annoucnes ADR who comes out in a very sexy 1960 Rolls Royce. Finkel out to the stage to announce Mean Gene Okerland. Okerland out wearing a Sheamus Great White t-shirt. Okerland part way down the ramp and waits. Finkel then announces Sheamus. Sheamus out and they walks to the ring arm in arm. Sheamus doesn't get into the ring until Okerland is on the apron – nice manners!

ADR on Sheamus with blows. Sheamus back with blows. ADR with a kick, but Sheamus with a back elbow. A back kick to Sheamus' gut,t hen ADR stomps. D-Bry tags in and works on Sheamus. An upper cut, then kicks to Sheamus in a corner. ADR tags in and stomps Sheamus. ADR on Sheamus hard. D-Bry tags in and eats a clothesline. ADR rushes in, then thrown out. D-Bry in and a drop kick to Sheamus. Sheamus flies out and eats a kick from ADR.

Okerland into the ring. Ricardo in and they circle Okerland. They back him into a corner and my TV went black!

I'm so sorry!

In Ring Segment

All of the legends in the ring, including Cole and Sheamus. Cole says it's time for them to go back to the retirement home. They all swarm Cole. Finally it's Patterson who takes out Cole with one punch. Again, I am so sorry about my DISH going out the way it did. I know it happens, but it really sucks.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

  • Tyler Bowles

    They should use Bob Orton in the rivalry of Randy Orton and Kane, kind of like the one with Undertaker vs Randy Orton a few years back!

    • kbunyon

      I don't know if you remember the scandal with that. Cowboy is Hep C positive, but Taker didn't know that and there was bleeding involved in one of the segments they were both in. The diagnosis came out and Cowboy claimed other people in the WWE, people in charge, knew about it.

      In the end Taker pitched a fit – rightly so – and Cowboy was quietly removed from the angle. I doubt Cowboy would be brought back for any big storylines, but that's just my feelings on the issue after what all happened.


      • kevin

        Wow didn’t know that. How did he get it.

  • Tyler Bowles

    More of what they did tonight, like every week

  • T-boy

    Here’s a refresh link
    I’m loving this blast from the past.

  • Pizzaman

    Ohhhh foley

  • Pizzaman

    What’s with the slaps this week
    John Cena – Brock Lesnar
    Danial Bryan – rowdy roddy piper

  • H.M.

    That opening segment was pretty bad to be honest. Laurinaitis fell flat and Sheamus looked extremely awkward 'apologizing'.

    This crowd reminds me of yesterday…just dead.

  • John Strunbull

    “I’m a sucker for family reunions.” – Kane. LOL

    • kbunyon

      To me, that was the line of the night. Kane can sell something so simple like that better than almost anyone.


      • scott seefong

        was going to mention this myself, especially after reading your reply about cowboy

  • Kel

    Anyone else find it ironic that Damien Sandow is bashing twitter, yet at the beginning of the segment his twitter account ran across the bottom of the screen

  • Maxx Stylez

    Hey Kendra, I asked this in the Scott Hall article an didn’t get an answer. Where do I go to report to you that another site is ripping off your articles?

    • kbunyon

      Email Richard is your best bet. Go to 'Support' at the top of the screen and send him a note about it. We always want to know about things like this.


      • Maxx Stylez

        Thank you Kendra. I greatly appreciate your help.

    • Jay

      May I ask the name of the site?

  • Jay

    Cole is a riot, he really knows how to put Booker's stupid commentary in place lol.

    Irks me that they make Bryan lose again, I have no faith that WWE will allow him to have a proper 2/3 match. Loved the heel persona of Bryan during Piper's Pit, wish they would let him be a little more ruthless in time for Extreme Rules

  • Philip Thompson

    Mae Young is less than a year away from her 90th birthday. I'm not sure how safe the WWE environment is for her. I'm assuming that she has someone to care for her – I was worried when I heard her music hit and realised she'd be working with Khali because he's so uncoordinated that I was worried he might unintentionally knock her over and break her hip or something! It's amazing the things that she was doing a decade ago – like getting put through tables off the top rope by the Dudley Boys but hopefully Vince McMahon realises that she can't go into the ring anymore – in fairness any time she's been near the ring in recent years there has always been somebody to make sure she doesn't fall from the apron or anything like that. I just hope that she's well taken care of backstage. I'd be interested to know how well she interacts with the talent and how sharp her mind is. I always wonder how well the 'retired' and 'part time' wrestlers know the current product. It always amazes me that people who claim to have a passion for professional wrestling don't keep up-to-date with programming from the major promotions – because in any field you need 'continuous professional development' and basically you need to stay 'current', not to mention knowing who you'll be working with if you ever get a shot to return.

    • A.J.

      You write too much.

    • Terry

      Check out “lipstick and dynamite” , its a documentary about women’s wrestling . Moolah and Mae are in it quite a bit . I hope to be that sharp at 80 plus years .

    • the criddler

      Really? all this about mae young?

  • christopher525


    • christopher525

      Anyone going to upcoming Smackdown tapings, PLEASE try to get this chant going during his matches.

  • Benjs

    Sorry but smack down is going down the drain wwe needs re amp everything b4 it’s to late they a millions of $ world wide fan base but they’re losing credibility in the past 7 years wwe has changed so much and u need to change with time but this is bad they need to lose the pg bs turn cena heel they have a chance with Brock
    Let there be blood not over the top but enough to make the point in certain matches allow high flyers to do their shit
    Being up tag teams and restore the devision I mean I dont even know who the hell the tag champs r I mean like really who is
    They need start defending every title more often and make them lagit matches I haven’t seen big show defend once or shamus I have only seen santino defend twice cm punk is defending but in bad matches cuz of Henry
    B4 they worry about Batista and lashly they need to fix their company cuz they won’t come back with this crap least if they do they won’t get over
    And once again matt bloom has failed his gimmick
    I love wrestling and watch it every week but it’s getting bad and predictable

  • thatguy

    500,000 dollar fine? biggest ever?

    Even though it was "dropped', hmmm that was the same charge miz and truth got last year.

    • Razmos01

      They got 250,000 each not 500,000 each

    • Vince

      Awesome truth had 250,000 each

  • 6'0 tall 265 pounds

    That episode ruled I love special guest legends.

  • christopher525

    I'll take legends over "The Three Stooges" any damn day of the week.

  • christopher525

    Wondering if Vince will talk Goldberg into coming back to put over the new version of himself in Ryber…Ryback.

  • anon

    Is it just me, or is AJ's theme music really catchy?…Or is it cuz I just get really happy when I see her?

    • christopher525

      Not sure why you would be happy to see here, there's really nothing very attractive in her, unless you like 12 year old girls.

  • Bill

    Dissapointed with tonight’s smackdown. It’s almost like wwe is losing their imagination. Raw sucked smackdown sucks. Don’t know what else to say!

  • ryder

    Show was kinda stale in my opinion

  • scott seefong

    wwe get it? seems like they need to go with this logo again.

  • Kleck

    Kendra you pulled a ‘ Sopranos’ on us with your dish going out.

  • Tyler Bowles

    Thanks for the piece of info, KB!

  • Jaycee

    Smackdown was just bad last night. It wasn't good enough to even have on as background noise.

  • Logan_Walker

    Right So 500K (Half a Million) Really ? Too Much I Dont think Sheamus Has That Much (Real Life) some how the RAW Old School Was Better Untill The End Of the Smackdown One i liked All the Legends Beat Up Cole haha Thanks KB Good Work As Per Normal : )

  • chopper

    that smackdown was f ing terrible, don't get me wrong i appreciate the ledends but my god that was a rubbish show.