RAW Results 2/25/13 - Cena Takes Punk's Precious, But Gives The Fans So Much More!

Pre-RAW Commercial

Cole talks about the big match between Cena and Punk, but also the big fight between Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman.
Show Starts

Show Starts


January 28, 2013, McMahon was about to fire Heyman, but Brock came out and hit McMahon with an F5. That leads to McMahon's surgery and the fight with Heyman tonight. Punk pushed Cena into a match tonight to decide who will face The Rock at WrestleMania. Who will claim victory tonight and go on to face The Rock at WrestleMania.

In Ring Segment

McMahon walks out on crutches, moving really well for having his hip replaced only a couple weeks ago! Up the stairs and into the ring, more gracefully than many wrestlers in great health! He is in an eggplant colored suit. He likes to do things in a big way, and they're heading to WrestleMania. What better way to start RAW with a fight. He should do this on one crutch, no crutches, whatever. Give it up for the ultimate fighter, Heyman.

Always the showman, the great entertainer. For those who have children, here's a story you will be able to tell them time and again. A one legged man in an ass kicking contest. He's been waiting almost his whole life for this. McMahon has made him out to be a wimp on TV, a wuss, biggest wuss in the universe, and he assures McMahon that he's all man! McMahon has as much chance against him as Tony Romo leading the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. If McMahon thinks he'll take it easy on McMahon, he's out of his mind. McMahon drove every promoter out of business, including Heyman. McMahon bested the US Government, but assures McMahon, if they fight, Heyman is coming for everything McMahon has got. So, I just want to make sure, since you're dressed in your executive suit, does he want to make an executive decision? Before they fight, before Heyman does this to McMahon, he wants to say to McMahon's face...

Heyman makes an ungainly dive at McMahon's left leg, barely touching McMahon, but sending him sprawling on the mat, crutches flying. Heyman with a crutch in hand, held like a bat, and as soon as McMahon to his feet, Heyman slaps McMahon across the bum with the crutch. McMahon hits the mat again. McMahon uses the ropes to get to his feet for a second time. Heyman swings, but this time McMahon catches the crutch.

Heyman yells, but McMahon low blows Heyman with the crutch, then over Heyman's back. Of course Brock's music hits and McMahon looks really nervous. Brock heads to the ring, his eyes boring through McMahon. McMahon stands in the ring, but Heyman rolled out. It's just Brock and McMahon in the ring. Brock looks ready for a fight, steps toward McMahon. Triple H's music hits. McMahon carefully rolls from the ring as Brock makes a lame motion in his direction.

Trip out in jeans, his leather jacket and what looks like a new Trip t-shirt. After spitting his water, off comes the leather jacket and Trip heads for the ring. Trip dives on Brock and they brawl on the floor. Trip backed into the barrier and they throw punches back and forth. Brock head first into the post and he immediately grabs the top of his head. Brock has been busted open the hard way and is gushing fast!

Brock has a handful of blood, so Trip sends him into the post again. Brock to his feet, so Trip clotheslines him into the timekeeping area! Trip grabs a crutch and heads for Brock, but Brock back on Trip wityh a knee and some blows. Brock gets Trip up and hits an AA onto the table – but Brock hadn't moved the monitors or the shroud. The table didn't break, so Trip lays there for a moment in shock. Brock grabs Trip and rolls him into the ring. There's a huge smear of blood on the post where Brock hit it the second time.

Brock paces with the crutch in hand, blood gushing down his face and chest in rivulets. Brock turns and tosses the crutch back at McMahon. Both Cole and King get very silent at this. Brock reaches under the ring. Brock comes up with a chair and heads into the ring, but Trip grabs him and nails a sick spinebuster. Trip yells, and it looks as though he yells something including 'Mother Bleeper'! Trip nails Brock across the back with the chair, and blood splats out all over. Brock leaves the ring and backs up the ramp, but ends up with a smile on his face. The camera stays on the less-bloody side of Brock, but there's a lot of blood visible.

Backstage Segment

Ryback is heading for the ring.



Recap of Trip coming out and getting into it with Brock. Cole talks about how Brock broke Trip's arm twice previously. They show Brock getting busted open, but they show more Trip than Brock and the blood all over the place.

Announce Segment

Cole wants us to Tout about Trip and Brock and use #WWEFightRightNow.

Ziggler vs Ryback

Ziggler, AJ and Big E are already at the ring. Ryback out to face them.

They circle. Ziggler ducks Ryback, then shows off. Ziggler behind Ryback, he reverses and takes Ziggler down fast. Ryback behind Ziggler and takes him down hard again. Ryback grabs Ziggler and carelessly slams him to the mat. Ziggler with a big drop kick on Ryback, but Ryback throws Ziggler while kicking out. Big E is watching outside while Ziggler has a front facelock on Ryback. Ryback throws him off, then clotheslines Ziggler. Ziggler flies at Ryback, but is caught in the air and slammed hard. A big chop to Ziggler in a corner. Ziggler into another corner and another chop.

Ziggler comes back with kicks. "Goldberg!" chants from many fans. Ryback gets Ziggler upside-down and slams him back into a corner.


Ryback with Ziggler up in a lovely delayed vertical, and Cole says he's been up for most of the commercial (about 3 minutes). Ryback holds him up for another 30 seconds or so before hitting the move. Ziggler rolls out, Ryback out after him. Ziggler tries to kick out at Ryback, but his foot is caught and he's tossed back. Ryback turns and eats a big clothesline from Big E!

Ziggler sends Ryback in and pins for two. Ziggler with a low drop kick on the back of a sitting Ryback's head, but Ryback kicks out almost sending Ziggler from the ring! Ziggler thrown off from Ryback, then again. Ryback into the post as Ziggler side steps, then Ziggler with a huge DDT for two!

Ryback ducks Ziggler, then Ziggler ducks Ryback, then Ziggler on Ryback's back with his sleeper! Ryback grabs Ziggler's head over his shoulder and sits down hard. Ziggler rushes Ryback in a corner, but is plowed through by Ryback! Ryback raises Ziggler high, then lets him fall.

AJ on the apron to distract, Big E up, but Ryback clotheslines him from the apron. Ziggler jumps on Ryback, but is thrown off. Ryback gets Ziggler up, marches, shellshocked for three.

Winner – Ryback (11:15)

Video recap of the high points – Ziggler running into the Ryback brick wall, Ziggler elevated high and dropped, then Big E knocked off the apron before Ryback finishes Ziggler. Ryback gets the fans chanting with him while Big E basically drags Ziggler up the ramp.


Trailer for the Otunga and Halle Berry movie, The Call. I didn't see Otunga in that video.

In Ring Segment

Punk's music and he comes out in a black hoodie, kneels, then heads for the ring. After the commercial Punk is going to talk about his match with Cena tonight.


Sweet & Spicy Slam

Cena and Punk in the ring talking smack and setting up for their match to see who will face The Rock at WrestleMania.

In Ring Segment

Punk has a small red circle drawn in the center of his taped hand that he holds up. He says tonight, on live TV, the world witnesses history. If you're lucky enough to be there live, tonight is a night you will tell your grandchildren about. A story that's been told for years leading up to this moment. It's the end as well as the beginning. People might think tonight is about an epic match between Cena and Punk. Tonight is epic, but it's not about Cena. As much as you want it to be, it's not about The Rock. He can stand out here and point at that sign because the winner goes to WrestleMania. But tonight isn't about WrestleMania. Tonight isn't even about the people. (heat for this.) As near and dear, it's not even about the WWE Championship. Tonight's about the one thing more important than the Championship, more important than WrestleMania, it's about the future. What's more important than The Rock, than WrestleMania! Tonight is about ME!

Tonight is about the single most important Superstar of this era and those past. It's about me ascending to the level I was born to be at, to take my place at the showcase of the immortals in the main event. I've held my precious WWE Championship longer than anyone has in decades. I and I alone, with these two hand have beaten Cena when it's most important more times than I care to remember! I have pinned the almighty Rock, not once, but twice, in four weeks! I am the best in the world! I am the best in the world, and the best in the world has earned his place to go to WrestleMania in the main event. I am not just a Superstar, no, I am an icon that walks among Superstars. I am the one they look up to. You're in the presence of greatness on two feet!

I am not just a human being, I am a mortal, I am immortal. I'm the greatest, best in the world, greatest of all time. A legend, an icon, the best, the greatest, and in this world you all inhabit, I, I am god! Punk drops his mic, throws his hands out and sneers at the fans. As he leaves the ring he again yells, "I am god!" off mic.

Announce Segment

King is disgusted by Punk's last statement. They go on to talk about those being inducted into the WWE HOF this year. They go on to talk about who will be inducted in The Celebrity Wing – Donald Trump. They show video of Trump and his involvement with the WWE. Cole, McMahon, and others talked up Trump. WrestleMania IV and WrestleMania V were both hosted by Trump. Battle of The Billionaires. Many people weighed in on who would lose their hair. Trump and McMahon scuffled outside the ring as Lashley and Umaga (RIP) wrestled in the ring. Lashley won, McMahon's head was shaved.

Backstage Segment

Khali and Henry, split screen, heading for the ring.


Henry vs Khali

Henry and Khali are already in the ring and the bell sounds.

Khali into a corner, but gets a foot up. Khali with chops on Henry, then Henry pushes him off. More chops on Khali, then head butts. A big chop to the top of Henry's head. Henry rolls out. Khali goes out and sends Khali into the post. Khali rolled in, Henry in after him. Henry splashes Khali in a corner, then picks him up easily. WSS on Khali for three.

Winner – Henry (1:23)

Video recap of the end of the match. Henry on the ramp yelling that he didn't go nowhere!

Announce Segment

Cole sets up for Marine 3: Homefront, and they show a sneak peak of Miz in his new movie. They show an action scene with King and Cole talking about how excited they are.

In Ring Segment

Miz is heading for the ring.




Miz TV

Miz is in the ring in a purple plaid suit, ADR, Ricardo, Zeb and Swagger are all around him on his set in the ring. Miz's first mic doesn't work. He then gets one and says they normally start with hype, but they're jumping right in. Miz announces his guests who get the appropriate heat and pop. Miz starts with Zeb and Swagger. There's been controversy and a lot of videos, but now they can say these things to ADR's face.

Zeb says he was looking forward to talking to Glenn Beck, but since he chickened out, he will talk to Mr. Del Rio. Let's get to the chase, and since we've not been formally introduced, my name is Zeb Colter, this is Jack Swagger, we are real American. Fellow citizens, fellow patriots, fellow Americans, we have a problem in this country. We have 11 million undocumented workers in this country. I call them undocumented because the politically correct crowd refuses to call them what they really are, illegals. They want to reform the system. They want to grant amnesty to those 11 million and put them on the path of citizenship. I don't know if you've looked around, but real Americans have a tough enough job finding work. Those people sneak across our borders and take our jobs, medical services, our resources and stifle our productivity. What they do is, you and you people drain us.

ADR tries to say something, but Zeb cuts him off, tells him that he was talking, but Miz jumps in and says to wait a minute, he's the host and would like to hear what ADR has to say. Let's reverse the roles, how hard is it to achieve citizenship in Mexico?

ADR says... Zeb gets all mouthy, but Miz cuts him off and says he was talking to Alberto, Zeb! ADR says it's okay, let the man talk.

Zeb says he doesn't understand why anyone would want to become a citizen of Mexico, but it takes ten years, correct? Ten years to become a citizen because it's paperwork, pay this guy off, bribe him. Let me tell you, what nobody in this building knows, a foreigner cannot own land in your country, correct?

ADR simply says, yes.

Zeb asks what ADR is afraid of. What's wrong with you and your people?

Don't disrespect my people!

No, when I talk, you listen! Let me tell you something, I want you to calm down, I want little sling blade (Ricardo) to calm down, but I don't want you to think this is personal, because it's not. It's what ADR represents. You know what you represent? Success! The American dream. Any you encourage millions of illegals to sneak over to that dream. For all those millions, there's one ADR success story. For all the millions that fail, they forget to leave this country. That's exactly what they do! If you think we're going to let this happen, we're not. You know what we call people illegally in this country, forget all the politically correct crap and call them what they are, criminals.

ADR won't take any more of this and is pissed! You're through talking! You're time to talk is over! Now it's time for you to shut up! (Zeb looks absolutely shocked that ADR would say this to him.) like we say in Mexico... (Sorry!) America doesn't belong to you or me, it belongs to everyone. He's no different from him, her or you, or you, big mouth. You two descend from immigrants. They want to provide their families with a better life. It's the land of opportunity. You work hard and anything is possible. ADR is living proof of that. You think that you two can come out here and bully everyone and hide behind the Constitution. Two weeks ago he didn't know about them. He heard about people like them, but had never met one. Unfortunately now I have. I've been saying this for weeks, I don't like bullies. If you have a problem with ADR and have the cajones, why not make us leave, right now. Off comes ADR's jacket and the fans are chanting for him.

Swagger says, we will see you at WrestleMania. We, the people. Zeb behind the sofa and out. Swagger also leaves the ring, backing out and keeping eye contact. Zeb, Swagger and Glenn Beck are all trending on Twitter right now.

Backstage Segment

Orton heading for the ring.



During the break Zeb cut off Miz about the bias and prejudice on Miz's show. Swagger then attacked Miz from behind.

Orton vs Cesaro

Cesaro in the ring waving the American flag. Orton out to face him.

They lock up. Cole wants to wear the puke yellow blazers for Old School RAW next week. Side headlock on Orton. Orton with blows and pushes out. Orton under and over Cesaro, then puts out an elbow. Orton with a throw on Cesaro for two. Upper cuts on Cesaro. Trip Tweets for the first time and isn't in the mood to play games. Cesaro picks up Orton and tosses him for two. Orton grabs the shoulder after landing on it again. Cesaro rakes his laces over Orton's face. "Randy!" chants as Cesaro with upper cuts after upper cuts. Orton whipped, but comes out with a clothesline, then another. Orton's power slam and Orton sucks up the love. Cesaro on the apron, but hangs Orton up top! Orton comes back with a back breaker, but rushes into Cesaro's high knee. Cesaro off the corner, but right into an RKO for three.

Winner – Orton (3:02)

Recap of Orton's RKO from all angles.

Backstage Segment

Bryan says Orton's impressive. Bryan wants to let it all go. Bryan says he can beat these guys by himself, blindfolded, Kane can stay in the corner. Kane says he can do it with one hand tied behind his back.

Vickie in with Maddox talking over her. Team Brickie wants to see Team Hell No versus Prime Time Players, Kane with a hand tied behind his back, Bryan blindfolded. Maddox and Vickie talking all over each other, seeming to annoy each other, but really loving it all.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Michelle Obama and Jack Nickolson. Cole talks about A Few Good Men, WWE style. It's Cena grilling JBL from that series of commercials they did for WrestleMania 21. Cena was grilling JBL about Orlando Jordan and Basham Brothers. They show the whole commercial, WOW! At WrestleMania 21 Cena beat JBL for his first WWE Championship reign.


Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about Touting again.

In Ring Segment

Sheamus out in a beautifully cut black three piece suit, white shirt, black tie. Out to the ring and not moving like he's in a suit. He asks the fans how they're doing. Everybody knows him as a friendly arse kicking WWE Superstar, but he's an avid movie fan. He missed the Oscars due to traveling, but when he got to the hotel, he popped open a cold one and watched the reports and he was very unhappy with what he saw. It's wasn't Afflecks' speech, Laurence's dive, or if MacFarlane was funny or not. I have a problem with the academy overlooking one of the greatest actors of the 21st century, Wade Barrett. It's true, he really is that talented. Sheamus shows the trailer for Dead Man Down again.

Looks like a great movie, right? He cannot wait to see it. He wants to show another trailer that shows Barrett's acting skills. Video and Barrett is standing there behind Farrell looking mad. Look how Wade captivates the silver screen. He didn't even realize Farrell was in the match until someone told him! Honestly, look at Wade there, so inspiring, so, so, out of focus. Look at his face. They say it's all in the face. Tom Hanks wishes he could have got Forrest Gump that good. Look at it! Honestly, he sat through the movie on the end of his seat, waiting for Barrett to say something, but he didn't, he just stood there doing absolutely nothing! Look at him.

Barrett's music hits and he comes out laughing. Barrett says we all know the Irish love to call it green, don't we? It's never been more appropriate than right now as we see the envy coming from Sheamus' pores. He can come out here and the fans all eat it up, but Sheamus can't hide the fact that he's jealous of me! You're jealous of the fact that I'm about to become a huge global movie star. Starring in a huge blockbuster. Tomorrow night I won't need a fake red carpet when I attend the premier tomorrow, but Sheamus will have to return that cheap tux and drown his sorrows in a cheesy Irish pub.

Sheamus says Wade is right, he will return the tux and hit the local bar. And Barrett will be on the ref carpet, but there will be a lot of paparazzi there, make sure they get your good side. But looking at that nose, you haven't got a good side. Sheamus ducks Barrett's flying fist, then Barrett ducks the brogue kick. Barrett says he has a premier tomorrow, so not tonight. Sheamus' music plays and the fans love him.


Rhodes vs R-Truth

Rhodes and his love-stache are in the ring. Sandow is on announce in a lovely suit talking about his best friend. R-Truth out to face him. Video of Sandow attacking Kofi last week, then R-Truth came running out and got into it.

They lock up. Side headlock on Rhodes who pushes out and eats a shoulder block. R-Truth dances, then slaps Rhodes. Rhodes cowers in the corner, then is whipped. A poke to R-Truth eyes, then Rhodes on R-Truth. Rhodes kicks R-Truth's leg, then forearms on R-Truth. Cole and King talk about Sandow's bromance with Rhodes. Rhodes chokes R-Truth in the ropes. Snap mare on R-Truth into a full nelson on the mat. Sandow says, "Cody is a grown man and can name his mustache what he'd like." R-Truth with one of his flying scissor kicks for three.

Winner – R-Truth (2:22)

Sandow in, but R-Truth saw him coming and took care of him easily. Sandow's jacket and tie come flying off on the ramp as he's furious.

Announce Segment

Cole talks about Zeb and Swagger on YouTube. They show their 'Jobs' video. Miz will face Swagger later tonight.


Bryan (blindfolded) & Kane (one hand tied behind his back) vs Prime Time Players

The ref is readying Team Hell No for this match.

Bryan yells at Kane to get out. Bryan finally find someone and grabs him, but it's the ref. O'Neil wants Bryan to get a DQ for it. Young blows his whistle, as does O'Neil, to distract Bryan. O'Neil takes Bryan down. Young in with a lovely suplex on Bryan. O'Neil tags in. Bryan slammed into the corner, then suplexed on the mat. Kane yells at Bryan to move, so Bryan avoids the elbow drop. Outside Bryan attacks Kane. Bryan back in, but drops and Young shoulder first into corner. Kane yells at Bryan to get over there. Kane close enough and tagged in. Kane is all over that ring, takes Young down over and over with clotheslines and elbows. O'Neil rushes in, but is taken down with a foot. Chokeslam on Young for three.

Winners – Team Hell No (3:31)

The shroud is removed and they celebrate, then argue.



Recap of the fight between Heyman and McMahon, then into Brock and Trip fighting, and bleeding.

Announce Segment

Cole is still calling for Touts.

In Ring Segment

The Shield heading for the ring. Rollins grabs mics. Ambrose says it gets worse before it gets better. It will get worse, a lot worse. There will be no peace in WWE until there's justice and honor. Their The Shield, the most dangerous until in this industry and that makes many back there uncomfortable. They're there to shatter their comfort zones. They can keep trying to take The Shield out, assemble any super team you want, create an army, but they can't stop them from doing what they came to do.

Reigns says to bring that army, stack every odd in the world against us. We're going to fight, and we're going to win. We're going to win every time. If you don't believe in The Shield, justice will hunt you down and grind your bones to dust!

Rollins says, at TLC, in one of the most brutal matches in the history of this company, we defeated Team Hell No and the neanderthal Ryback. At Elimination Chamber we did something no one on planet earth thought we could. We solved the Cena problem. We defeated the super hero squad of Cena, Ryback and Sheamus and if that isn't warning enough, that washed up, has been, wannabe rockstar Jericho still wanted to stick his neck out for Sheamus and Ryback. He stuck it out an inch too far, and I put my knee there and I dropped him. Just like we dropped every single person who have come before us. We dropped Sheamus and Cena. Anyone else who wants to step up and...

Sheamus' music and out to the stage he comes. You want a fight tonight? Why don't you come up here and fight me? You don't have the stones? I'm up here and not going nowhere!

Ambrose and Reigns leave the ring and head up toward Sheamus, but then suddenly Orton is in the ring with an RKO on Rollins! The other two flee back as Orton goes up through the stands and Sheamus heads backstage. "Randy!" chants as he stands up in with the fans. Sheamus comes back out as Orton's music hits and The Shield seethes in the ring.



Promo for Old School RAW next week.


Recap of Sheamus and Orton getting the upper hand over The Shield.

Swagger w/ Zeb vs Miz

Swagger and Zeb in the ring waiting. Miz out to face him. Video recap of Zeb and Swagger attacking Miz after Miz TV.

Miz right at Swagger with blows. Miz elevates Swagger up and out. Swagger on the apron and eats a drop kick. Miz off the apron, but eats a belly-to-belly. ADR and Ricardo watching backstage. "We, the people!" yells Swagger. Back in the ring a blow to Miz's back. Miz whipped and Swagger splashes him. Swagger with another splashing knee on Miz in the corner. "Let's go Miz!" chants. Swagger on Miz on the mat, but Miz up. Forearm blows to Miz. Miz kicks at Swagger, but is taken down with a drop kick. Swagger stomps Miz and grinds his foot into Miz's sternum. Miz slammed to the mat. Swagger bomb on Miz for two.

Cole talks about how JBL thinks Swagger is brainwashed by Zeb. Arm bar on Miz as the fans start to chant for him again. Miz up and throws some blows. Back and neck breaker on Swagger and both are down. King says Zeb looks like JR, but Cole defends JR, says he doesn't believe what Zeb does. Swagger slams Miz to the mat for two. Miz fights back from a corner, blows on Swagger, but telegraphs and ends up kicked and clotheslined. Miz with a big boot on Swagger, then big running clothesline in a corner. Miz climbs and off the top, but only gets two for it.

Swagger blocks a big boot, Miz comes back with a sunset on Swagger for two. Miz ends up hung up in the ropes by one foot. Miz screams and Swagger attacks, but finally the ref frees Miz. Swagger back on that leg. Both are down, but Swagger is stalking Miz, taunting him. Patriot lock and Miz taps.

Winner – Swagger ( 7:11)

Swagger finally lets go, then celebrates with Zeb in the ring, pointing to the WrestleMania sign. Video recap of the high points of the match. We, the people! Swagger keeps yelling over and over.

Announce Segment

There's Sonic food delivered to announce. King doesn't want to share, though I'm not sure he should be eating fried foods.


Recap of The Rock unveiling the new WWE Championship Match. Cena came out, but then Punk came out and attacked from behind.



Trip Touts that he's sure. The ass kicker is back. Will Brock just stand around and bleed, or will he do something about it?


Recap of Brock coming to the ring, then Trip coming out and busting him wide open. Cole actually admits that McMahon and Trip set Brock up for this. King says 18 stitches, or staples, to close Brock up. You can see it on the WWE App. They go to Touts from the fans. Some fans love that Trip is back, others say Brock will retire Trip.

Backstage Segment

Josh is with Cena. Cena says there's a buzz in the air tonight. They're moments from thunder dome in Dallas. Two men will enter and one man will leave with a chance at immortality. WrestleMania hanging in the balance. Cena faces Punk. Punk says Cena can't win the big one. Punk who says asking for this match is the stupidest move Cena made in his career. The man who says he deserves WrestleMania, not Cena. He asked for this match to prove Punk wrong. Punk talks about the 434 days, Cena had it for 380 days, been to the mountain top ten times. None of that matters. No excuses, no second place. Tonight you win or step aside. Cena asked for this match to prove Cena's back. He doesn't know what The Rock is cooking, but Cena's serving humble pie for all his critics and he hopes they're hungry. If hustle, loyalty and respect means something, the world will know their time is up, and our time is now!


Cole sets up for Jericho's Robot Combat League, and they show a video about the show.


Announce Segment

Cole and King talk about Taker returning in Waco this past weekend.

Cena vs Punk – winner face The Rock for WWE Championship at WrestleMania

Punk out to the ring in his normal way, then on his knees on the mat waiting for Cena. Cena out to face him. Justin into the ring to announce each of them. Punk shows off his tape and X's. Cena actually gets some decent pop.

Dueling chants for Cena as Punk and Cena lock up. They muscle back and forth. Side headlock on Cena, takes Cena down, keeps the hold. Cena finally free, flips Punk to the mat. They scrabble around, but and forth on the man. Punk to the ropes, so Cena has to let Punk free. They lock up. Side headlock takeover on Cena. Punk keeps the hold on. Punk runs the ropes over and under Cena, then into a hip toss. Punk rolls out to regroup.


Body drop on Punk, then a fisherman's suplex. Punk sidesteps Cena and Cena eats corner. Elbows to the back of Cena's neck. Neck breaker on Cena for two. Punk with head scissors on Cena on the mat. The fans get clapping a bit, but not much more until Cena gets to his feet with Punk still wrapped around his neck. Electric chair. Punk rushes Cena in a corner and eats feet. Running bulldog on Punk for two.

Front facelock on Punk on the mat. They say Cena is 245lbs, but when announcing him he was 251lbs! 6Lbs in 8 minutes, not bad! Cena runs into a heel kick for a long two. Chinlock on Cena on the mat. Chants for Cena, mostly women and children as Cena to his feet and punches free. Cena telegraphs and is kicked. Shoulder tackle from Cena, but Punk ducks the second one and Cena ends up flying from the ring. Punk with a suicide dive through the ropes on Cena. Cena rolled back into the ring.


Abdominal stretch on Cena. Cena free, but both moving slow. During the commercial was a sick DDT from Cena. Cena with a couple shoulder blocks, but then Punk reverses into an anaconda hold, but then Punk's shoulders down, so he let go. Swinging neck breaker on Cena for a long two. Punk calls for the GTS, but then Cena grabs Punk's leg. Punk to the ropes, then off the top rope with a big clothesline for a long two.

Punk on the apron, launches off the top rope, but runs into Cena's reversal and Cena locks on the STF. Punk, somehow reverses into the anaconda! Cena counters and reverses into the STF. Punk rolls over and pins Cena for two. Cena has to let go. Both men are left gasping on the mat.

They exchange blows, really selling each blow. Upper cuts, forearms, then a head butt from Punk. Blows from Cena, then a kick from Punk. Back slam on Punk, but then Punk gets Cena up, Cena counters. Punk then counters and pins Cena for two. High knee is 'vintage' Punk. Cena ducks the running bulldog, but Cena slams Punk and hits the 5 knuckle shuffle. Punk up for the AA, but Punk free. Cena hits a POWERBOMB on Punk for a long two.

Both men are down, the ref checks on Cena as they replay the bomb. Cena climbs, struggles to get up there, takes way too long, waiting for Punk to get up there with him. Forearms to Cena's head. Punk up there, grabs Cena. Cena powers Punk and head butts knocking Punk to the mat. Cena's huge leg drop on Punk for two!?

Again both men are on the mat struggling to gain their breaths and control. Punk kicks Cena in the back of the head, but Punk is struggling to stand straight. Again that high knee on Cena, but Cena comes out with an AA! Cena pins, but Punk kicks out! Punk rolls out, Cena out after him. Punk sends Cena face first into the same post Brock hit. The ref has been counting the whole time they were out. Punk back in, but Super Cena makes it back at 9!

Punk gets Cena up, GTS, but Cena kicks out. The fans are wild, and even Cole and King are in shock! Cena counters Punk and locks on the STF. Punk is screaming, about to tap, but then Punk starts to crawl, struggles and makes it to the ropes. Cena has to break the hold.

Cena heads for Punk, Punk kicks Cena's knee out, then hits a sit down PILEDRIVER on Cena, but only for two! Punk keeps trying, but only gets two each time. Clear and loud dueling chants for Cena. Punk climbs, points, but Cena moves and avoids the Savage elbow, then Cena hits a hurricanranna on Punk! An AA and Cena gets the three.

Winner – Cena (26:50)

Cena stands up looking a bit shocked by the whole thing. The ref raises his arm, but then Cena to his knees, the WrestleMania sign over his shoulder. Video recap of so many high points in this jaw dropping match, including the hurricanranna! Cena looks like he's about to cry seeing his face on the tron with The Rock going to WrestleMania. Cena up the ramp, still looking really shell shocked from that awe inspiring match.

Biggest pop
Triple H

Bigest heat
The Shield

Normally I don't say anything here, just wait for the RAW Is Blogged, but I cannot hold my tongue after what we just witnessed. That was one of the best matches the WWE has put on in... possibly since WrestleMania. That was more than a PPV level match, that's a match that would have me cheering during WrestleMania. I'm going to watch it again tomorrow for the sheer pleasure of watching it. That was so good, so exciting, so well executed, and so much fun that my hands are shaking. Normally I'd be bouncing around in my seat, but trying to get every word down for you kept me in my seat and focused. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did, and have some restored faith in Cena's ring work, as I also do. Tomorrow's RAW Is Blogged is going to be so much fun after such a great match.


  • Kleck

    I must agree with Paul Heyman on one thing…Tony Romo sucks! Sorry Richard

    • David F,

      stealing from Chris Jericho. I would never ever sign him to an extension lol. Triple H was probably sweating trough his ass. I hope there is stipulation for Triple H and Brock Lesnar match but it will probably suck anyway

  • Some Colour the hardway looks good

    • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

      Was it hardway, though? It didnt even look like he hit that part of his head…
      Was it just my perception?

      • Yes, it was. That was some brutal bleeding too. He must have hit a minor vein or something.

      • Lesnar doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who would blade for entertainment. If he bleeds its going to be the hard way.

  • Shaved head HHH looks hard as nails.

  • Kleck

    Good Lord! River of red

  • cobra

    Did Triple H have an accident in his pants in that beginning segment?

    • Kleck

      Billy Madison: Of course I peed my pants, everyone my age pees their pants. It’s the coolest.

  • Michael

    I guess Swagger will still wrestle for the title at mania. Hhh/lesnar II looks to be a fight. Wasn’t ok with Punk calling himself God, but can’t wait to see the match I’m hopeful Taker returns.

    • Maybe I’m crazy, but the “I am God” comments just gives me the feeling that Undertaker will return to face Punk.

    • 1molly23

      JBL was a wrestling God, before Punk!

  • Swagger looks well stoned on fine Mexican weed!

  • EricDraven86

    After that segment between Del Rio and Swagger, I can honestly say I would rather see Coulter against Del Rio at WM…

    Did anyone notice the “they can’t deport us all” sign behind Zeb when he was talking?

    • Xavier

      LOL I was thinking the same thing

    • 1molly23

      Anyone notice “we the people” doesn’t have any “s” for Thwagger?

  • how many times can the us champion lose a match but not his title?

    • I do agree that all of these loses are making Cesaro look weak. Either they need to get behind him or have him drop the Championship.

  • Dan

    They took our jawbsssss is all I hear when Zeb is talking.

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    So, so far, Ziggler lost again, Cesaro lost again, and we had to sit through Henry v. Khali again. Ah, creative is doing such a good job.

  • Taylor

    As stale as orton is getting he still gets the biggest pop every monday night. I really hope he can get a good angle for mania and eventually get the belt back. Also watching cesaro and ziggler lose on a regular basis now is such a joke

  • Scott

    Am I the only one who noticed Titus O Neils HORRIBLE botch of that punch from Kane? Hilarious!!!

    • Cena=tnajobber

      I saw that he completely missed him

  • Wyatt Forcier

    I smell Undertaker distracting Punk in the main event tonight to set up UT VS CMP for WM29

  • Taylor

    Fried food and drinks full of sugar…. Thats healthy for a guy coming off of a heart attack lol

  • Michael

    Cena just proved all the haters wrong. Not only did he delivery moves that nobody has ever seen him do but he wrestled.

    • Snap

      Why are people who dislike Cena “haters”? Everybody is entitled to like or dislike whomever they wish or, should I just go around and call everybody who complains about CM Punk as “Punk haters”?

      Or, are you only referring to the people who dislike Cena and only say he has “x-number of moves/can’t wrestle” for why they dislike him? The problem is, we can’t voice our displeasure against creative, so the talent ends up becoming a scapegoat for the crap they’ve been given.

      I’ll agree with you, though, Cena CAN put on a good match but it shouldn’t just be once in a blue moon, as “the man” he should be putting on great matches each and every time he steps into the ring. Kinda like how Ziggler wants to steal the show with every match he’s given.

      • Xavier

        Cena has had plenty of great matches this past year. His matches with Ziggler were all great. Cena/Lesnar at Extreme Rules was amazing and one of the most violent/realistic looking matches the E has put on in a while. Cena/Punk tonight was great and so was their match at NOC. This myth about Cena not being able to wrestle is old. It’s kind of weak that some people can”t put personal feelings aside and acknowledge how much Cena bust his ass for the fans and the company day in & day out.

        • Snap

          Well, what I mean is a match can only as good as the weakest link. It would be inconceivable for Cena to have a subpar match with someone like Punk or Ziggler or Jericho, but as he is almost always in the main event he should be able to carry his worst opponents, like John Laurinaitis, to something decent to average at worst.

          Some of the criticism I have seen against Cena is while his abilities are overlooked by his detractors, he seems to be inconsistent where putting in effort is concerned. If it’s a main event match against a marquee name or a WrestleMania match, he shows up ready to go but if it’s not a feature match against a midcarder, he phones it in. Or you get his promo just prior to the Royal Rumble which was just terrible and kind of illustrates he just might need someone to write stuff for him.

          Basically, Cena needs to have matches with guys like Kane or Big Show or Ryback which, adjusted for the work rate of the participants involved, are on the same level as his matches with Punk, Ziggler and Jericho. He’s being paid to be “the man” so he shouldn’t be raring to go one minute and lazy the next.

          My other critiques concerning Cena would take up far too much space to detail but, suffice it to say, it’s more than just how many moves he uses in a match or whether he wins or loses, it’s how he sells his opponents and puts them over, which there isn’t a very good track record at this point. For example, if he suffers a defeat at a PPV and then, the next night, acts as though it didn’t matter, it just totally buries whoever he had faced. The most infamous being his total burial of CM Punk’s WWE championship reign, claiming it was irrelevant because he wasn’t facing him.

          What some people need to understand is there’s more to putting someone over than just simply losing to someone. He almost totally destroyed Ziggler’s credibility as a World championship contender by making all of Ziggler’s best moves looking ineffective and then beating him with a single AA. Adding insult to injury is practically every Cena victory over Ziggler was a clean victory, but Ziggler’s lone victory relied on AJ pushing Cena off the ladder.

          Cena won’t be hurt in any way by putting over opponents from time to time, he just seems to buy into his SuperCena gimmick too much that he buries the whole thing or “sets it to one side” while he deals with something else.

          • Xavier

            You are entitled to your opinion. But I am very entitled too disagree with just about everything you said.

            Sounds like from what I’m reading your saying that Cena phones in his matches half the time or hasnt had quality matches with midcard guys or isn’t capable of carrying them which couldn’t be further from the truth. I guess you missed his feud with Umaga back in 2007, when Cena carried Umaga too a very solid match at NYR 07 then procedded to have one of the greatest Last Man Standing Matches with Umaga at the Royal Rumble. Or how about the feud with Khali at Judgement Day 2007 when he carried Khali too some decent matches. Not too mention his match with Bobby Lashley at the Great American Bash 2007 when he carried a very “GREEN” Lashley is a great main event. I guess you somehow missed that or must of ignored that. Typical

            And another myth you brought up about Cena is how he never puts people over which is complete BS, I know it and you know it so just stop with that weak argument. Who put Edge over for his first WWE Championship then went on to have great matches with him over the summer/fall of 06 solifying Edge as a main eventer? Oh that would be Cena. Who put RVD over at ONS 2006 for his 1st WWE Championship? Or that would be Cena again. Who put over a very new name in Sheamus at the TLC 2009 PPV? Oh, the answer too that would be Cena again. Cena made all those guys look like a milion bucks and put them over in a big way. I see that you mentined your a CM Punk fan, so I gotta ask seeing how no other Punk fan has been able too answer this (maybe you can) What new talent has Punk ever put over since he’s been with the WWE? I’ll let you struggle too come up with an anwser too that for a day or two.

            I always find it quite funny that Punk fans are the 1st too open up their mouth about Cena and so quick to try too shit on him for every little thing he does. But they fail too bring up how it was Cena who put Punk over in a huge way in the summer of 2011. I think Cena was something like 0-5-1 against Punk over the past couple of years. He also took a backseat to Punk pretty much for the past year and a half so Punk could do his thing. Even Punk has stated in interviews that he has nothing but love & respect for Cena and how Cena helped further his career. And who the hell has Cena ever buried or who’s push has Cena ever derailed? Wasn’t Cena the one who lobbied for Zack Ryder too get TV time back in 2011 also? Yup, it certainly was.

            HBK, HHH, Big Show, JBL, Batista, Sheamus, CM Punk, Great Khali, re just a few names that Cena has lost to CLEAN over the years as a face. If you don’t believe me then I’ll be more then happy to give you dates. Seeing how you think Cena never loses clean. Cena’s probably lost more matches clean as a babyface then Hogan, Austin, Bruno, Backland, Taker or Rock has lost clean when they were a face.
            Undertaker (Vengeance 2003), Kurt Angle (No Mercy 2003, Survivor Series 2005), Shawn Michaels (WM23, Hour Long Match on RAW) JBL (I Quit Match at JD 2005) Chris Jericho (SummerSlam2005, Next Night On RAW, Armaggedon 2008), HHH (WM22, NOC2008, Match on RAW before Bragging Rights2009), Umaga (NYR07 & Last Man Standing Match at Royal Rumble 2007), Lashley (Great American Bash 2007), Edge (Match on RAW after Royal Rumble 2006, SummerSlam 2006, TLC match at UnForgiven 2006, Cage Match the night after UnForgiven06, Backlash 2009), Randy Orton (SummerSlam 2007, SummerSlam 2009, I Quit Match at Breaking Point 2009, Hell In A Cell match at HIAC09, Iron Man Match at Bragging Rights 2009, Tables Match On RAW in 2010) CM Punk (SummerSlam 2011, MITB 2011, NOC 2011, Raw Last Night), Big Show (WM20, Matches on RAW) those are matches off the top of my head that were either very good or great Cena matches with a wide range of wreslters. But I”m sure your gonna say Cena was carried in ever single last one of those matches lol smh.

          • You owned that person.

          • Xavier

            Lol I’ve been owning Punk fans on this site for the past year

      • Michael

        Lol really Ziggler is a good wrestler but he doesn’t steal the show ever match. Hell all he did against Ryback was show how to take a ass whipping. Anybody that hates Cena because he’s going out there and doing what he’s told by his boss is a hater, because none of you would tell your boss no matter how much you may not like something no. Cena may have some over the top interviews that are lame but the guy is all heart and soul in the ring he gives 100% everytime. I’ve seen him a more then one good match but to prove a point Punk doesn’t always have the greatest matches it’s just they have so many grown men that hate Cena because their wife, girlfriend, or child likes him. There’s not one wrestler other then Cena that I’ve ever heard so many men complain about I hate him,I wish he gets hurt,I hope he dies. I’m not a huge Cena fan if he were to turn heel I wouldn’t care one way or the other however I find it amazing how much energy guys put into the words they use to describe Cena or just talk about him. Can guys like Punk,Ziggler, Daniel, Ambrose, Seth, and others wrestle yes can Cena wrestle wrestle no but when the guy needs to he steps up and puts on a show. Every guy that has been the top guy in the company I mean the reason no matter who the champion was that fans came to the show couldn’t wrestle however they sold out arenas Hogan can’t wrestle a lick but killed the box office for two decades. Steve Austin who is my favorite wrestle of all time in wcw was a wrestle however in wwe when he was the man was just a straight up brawler. So yes if you hate the man because creative wrote crap then yes you’re a hater because just like you can bitch about when creative writes crap for your favorite you can do it for Cena as well you can’t use the excuse we can’t complain about creative because that’s bull.

        • Snap

          Alright then, tell us exactly how the crowd can voice their displeasure against creative and ONLY creative when we don’t like how they are representing talent.

          “but when the guy needs to he steps up and puts on a show”

          It seems you’ve totally ignored my point. It’s not that Cena CAN’T step up and put on a show, he should put on a show every single time regardless of who he is in the ring again or whether that match has anything to do with the WWE championship or the main event. He doesn’t and that is precisely the problem.

          To use your example about us not doing what our boss told us to do, would YOU only put in effort in your job if it was something you were totally in love with, while just slacking on the other tasks because you feel you are better than it? No, you are getting paid to do the work assigned to you and if you don’t do it, you will either be passed up for promotion or fired.

          Cena is being paid, probably some of the highest money of the full time talent, to be “the man” in WWE so if he can put on PPV quality matches with main event guys, he should be able to do comparable work with whomever he is in the ring against.

          I highly doubt Vince tells Cena to go out to the ring and make everybody else look weaker than him. Sure, whether he wins or loses is up to Vince and creative but his performance in the ring and whether or not he puts them over or completely buries them is all Cena.

          Furthermore, does your whole “haters” thing apply only to people who dare to dislike Cena? What about Tensai or The Great Khali? John Laurinaitis? It doesn’t matter what Cena does outside of the ring, I don’t care about any of that, my personal opinions are based upon what I see in the ring or on the microphone. Anything else is extracurricular activities and have no bearing on Cena’s ability in the ring. Hogan has granted more than 200 wishes over his career, yet people have absolutely no problem trashing him when the opportunity arises. If you only give a free pass to Cena because of his charity work that makes you nothing more than a hypocrite and your opinions completely and utterly irrelevant.

          Cena fans (in general, I know you said you’re not the biggest fan of Cena) need to look past their bias and realize that he isn’t the greatest ever. I’ll drop my bias against Punk and say that very thing right now, he’s not the greatest ever but I certainly prefer his work over Cena’s.

          • Michael

            First the only name that you named that didn’t deserve the hate was Matt Bloom. The fans once again ruined the Tensai gimmick before it took off. Second khali and big Johnny suck period nobody could make them look good. Third Vince tells his talent who he wants to sell and not sell look at Ryback, Big Show, Cena they don’t sell much because of the gimmick they have. And yes if I didn’t love something that I had to do on my job I would phone it in. You said that if Cena or anybody doesn’t do what they are told they would be fired so why hasn’t Cena been fired because Vince tells him what to do and he does it. The reason Hogan gets trashed at least by me is because of what he’s doing to bring down tna. Hogan doesn’t care about tna he cares about Hogan. Cena puts on the same match almost every time. Lets be honest the Rock/Punk matches weren’t classics I ordered the Rumble and I went to the elimination chamber the Punk/Jericho match on raw was better. The fact that you would ignore what a guy does outside of the ring proves the hate is strong. Wrestling isn’t just about what you do in the ring but out as well it’s a full time gig buddy. Cena wrestles 365 days a year never takes time off unless hurt and you expect a main event match every night get real not even Punk does one every night or Ziggler. Any wrestler that gets hated onTensai, Cena, Ryback, etc. it’s wrong however guys like Khali and John shouldn’t be wrestling and nobody hated Johnny his gimmick was to get hated like Vickie. Johnny did his job and fyi nobody could make either him or khali look good in the ring they suck. Khali can’t sell period. Cena wouldn’t be the top guy if he did what he wanted trust he follows orders given be Vince and Paul the Cena gimmick is supposed to look super just like Ryback but y’all forget that and Cena hadn’t held the wwe title since 2011 so he hasn’t been in just main event matches last year and put on good matches.

          • Snap

            You know what? The simple fact is neither I, nor you, nor the next guy HAVE to like any one superstar. I don’t care if your favourites aren’t the same as mine and I sure as hell don’t care if anybody else has a problem with who I like or dislike.

            All right, you want me to care about what wrestlers do outside of the ring? Cena had an affair (how is THAT being “loyal”), has pushed for Randy Orton to be fired and instead of just saying he does the Make a Wish program to put smiles on the kids faces he wants to grant 500, a thousand or whatever wishes. It comes off kind of self-serving in that light. He’s also said he wanted to do movies AND wrestling full time and be the only person with two full time jobs. Just because he does charity work, because of a lot of the stuff that comes out of the guy’s mouth he is NOT a likeable person.

            I don’t have to give a damn about what they do off of WWE programming just because WWE hammers stuff out there with their vanity cards. So what if Cena hasn’t held the WWE title since 2011? He’s already held it TEN times, more than anybody else in WWE history, what makes you think he deserves it against just because he hasn’t had it for over a year? Except for a three week World Heavyweight title run in 2002, Shawn Michaels NEVER held the WWE championship in the eight years he was active after returning from his back injury. Ric Flair NEVER held the WWE or World championships when he returned after Vince bought WCW. So forgive me if I don’t shed any tears because John Cena hasn’t held the WWE championship in a year and a half.

            You’ve already invalidated your own arguments by saying certain talent deserves respect because they’re doing their job and others don’t. Guess what… Khali and Laurinaitis are doing their job as well. So, by your own definition, you are just a “hater” or a hypocrite, but I don’t know which is worse.

            I agree about Tensai not deserving hate, by the way, and I don’t know whether it is the WWE fans or WWE themselves who just dropped the ball. Funny, isn’t it, how Cena cannot get a “fan favourite” reaction while WWE is desperate to make him the most beloved superstar, but because he rakes in cash from the kids they don’t do anything to freshen up his character, not necessarily turn him heel but freshen things up. Whereas with Tensai, they lose all faith in him in a matter of weeks or months.

            I guess, from now on, I’ll just refer to anybody who blindly worships Cena as “fanboys” or “sheep.” They don’t seem to have any problem slinging the “hater” tag at people who don’t like their hero so why should they get any more respect?

          • Michael

            You just like to hear yourself ramble don’t you none of what you said is what I was saying. I mentioned that Cena hadn’t held the title since 2011 not because I was feeling sorry for him but because you haters always state that he had to be either champion however I proved yall wrong in that the guy hadn’t been champion in over a year. Punk wanted Orton fired for the wellness strikes along with Cena however I didn’t hear you mention your hero. And as for as him having an affair that’s personal nothing to do with his professional career you telling me you’ve never cheated please everybody does at least once in their life it’s called being human you ass. And again I never said big Johnny wasn’t doing his job because his job as I stated was to be hated and he succeeded. Khali has been known to not know how to sell or work the guy can hardly move in the ring and looks terrible. You really have no clue wherever Cena talks about the make a wish thing or military he says that the service men and kids are the Heros not him. And again that’s the make a wish people and Vince that decide to talk about that not Cena. Talk what you know Shawn stated that he was approached on a few occasions when he came back about becoming the wwe or world champion and he declined because he didn’t want that responsibility again of carrying the company on his back. As for Ric flair the guy was old as hell Hogan shouldn’t have even been given another title reign even though it was only for a month. You know not what you speak you need to stay in a Childs place son. I never hated on big Johnny I just stated that nobody could make him look good in a ring he was made to look weak that was his gimmick live with it. You decided to go personal because that’s shows the type of person you are did I mention all the women backstage Punk or Orton ran through no that wasn’t even called for grow up lame. You just proved that you are a hater deep into it. Did you honestly state that Cena gets no reaction last I check women and children count they’re the ones cheering lets go Cena when the grown men who hate jeer Cena sucks. Speak what you know and can prove again Cena is wwe top to bottom no matter what he’s done in his personal life hell my hero and favorite wrestler Steve Austin was arrested for beating his wife Debra should I stop liking him because of that. Hogan was having sex with his friends wife and takes pictures of his daughter that look a little suspect should I stop liking him. Orton turned his back on the military and smokes weed and has slept with other women one of which Cena has as well should I hate him. Punk went from Lita to Beth back to Lita and dated Maria while messing with Lita should I hate him. Edge took his friend Matt Hardy’s woman while he was hurt should I hate him. Vince has been rumored to have had sex with talent behind Linda back should I call the lawyer for her. Hunter cheated with Stephania while still dating and staying with Chyna what should’ve been done about that. Melina cheated with Batista and others on John Morrison and he stayed with her should I hate her. Answer no because what somebody does in their personal life is guess what their personal life. The make a wish stuff involves their professional life because had it not been for him being Wrestler the sick children wouldn’t want to see you jackass Mark hater holla.

          • Grammar police

            Paragraphs are your friend, use them.

          • Michael

            Lips are your friend use them to kiss my butt.

          • Adam

            Do you have proof Cena had an affair?

          • Kris Mystery

            They will save the fancy shmancy moves Cena does to opponents that matter. They won’t have Cena do a hurricarana on someone like Zack Ryder or other nobodies. It’s this type of caution that keeps Cena around for 10 + years with very little time off for injuries. Smart business decision.

    • Xavier

      Cena’s been proving the haters wrong for years. They’re just too stubborn to admit or acknowledge all the good he does.

      • Will you shush every one of your posts is about cena putting on good matches even you got to admit this is cenas first good match since ziggler because ziggler and punk make their opponents look good

        • Kris Mystery

          Cena makes Cena look good. They will save the fancy shmancy moves Cena does to opponents that matter. They won’t have Cena do a hurricarana on someone like Zack Ryder or other nobodies. It’s this type of caution that keeps Cena around for 10 + years with very little time off for injuries. Smart business decision.

        • Xavier

          I think you should HUSH. You have no credibility as a wrestling fan whatsoever. That Cena hater kool aid you drinking is played out.

  • Ken

    Cena Vs. Punk: I’m pretty sure I just witnessed a WrestleMania Main Event. Absolutely amazing.

    • There is no way short of a legendary Undertaker match that anything can top the match we saw tonight in Cena vs Punk.

  • Chris

    Guess they saved Taker for next week.

  • The Breaker

    Cena and Punk gave us an incredible tv match. It’s just too bad we’re getting Rock vs. Cena II and 95 percent likely to see Brock and Triple H.

    • Kris Mystery

      When it comes to Wrestlemania..the biggest stage of them all… creative takes a back seat to wwe’s financial group. It’s all about the money.

  • KingKongBrody

    Just saying they billed it as once in a lifetime (kinda thinking like Warrior/Hogan never got a rematch with them in the WWF) I want my money back false advertising LOL

  • Scott

    NO TAKER?!?!?!? When theyre in Texas?!?! I know they announced he’ll be at Wrestlemania but come on! Typical John Cena ending and he can thank CM Punk for carrying him through the match and making him look good!!!! My hats off to Punk after that one.

    • cena=tnajobber

      Cena only has good matches when someone carries him plus that was the worst hurricanranna I ever seen

      • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

        Eh, Ive seen worse.

        • Popped A Molly Im Sweatin’

          but like when he did it to Ziggler at TLC, it proves to me Cena can’t improvise that well on moves and has to do a high flyer move that is out of his element. Cena is a brawler not a high flyer, the fact that he did a hurricarana does not impress me at all it makes him look worse. Great match though i’ll give him that.

    • Kris Mystery

      Cena is a fine wrestler and better than 80% of the roster. I see the internet Cena haters have united again in another post involving Cena. I think it’s cute that you have your little group. Hey…who is the leader of your group? I’d say Scott… he is wayyy smarter and more knowledgeable than cena=tnajobber

  • Ill admit reading that match sounds epic shame i cant watch it proof tho that wwe has alot of faith in punk lettin him do a piledriver

    • Kris Mystery

      They didn’t let him do it… Vince flipped his shit backstage when he saw it.

  • Scott


  • Bkrow

    Punks little head moving freely around between cenas locked stf was hilarious, and seeing cena say “AA” before he hit it for the win was good also

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    My only problem with that main event(besides the fact that Cena won instead of a swerve for triple threat at WM) is that now Cena HAS to work that well in every match or else he’ll have even more negativity thrown at him. Personally, Im wondering why he hasnt been working that well from the get-go. Where has this Cena been the last few years?

    Am I wrong?

    • Xavier

      Cena’s been working like that for years. You must have missed his feuds with HHH, HBK, Orton, Umaga, Edge, Punk etc etc

      • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

        No, no, I saw those. And his work was horrid.

        Those feuds were all carried by the other guys.

        • Xavier

          Yeah that’s it, it was all of Cena’s opponents that did all the work, nothing too do with Cena. SMH, I swear you Cena haters crack me up with the stuff you guys say most of the time. It’s pretty weak that people can’t put personal feelings aside and acknowledge the god Cena has done with this company.

          • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

            I never said he hasnt done a lot for the company.

            Hes just really bad in the ring. Im sorry my opinion hurts your feelings.

            I swear, the stuff you Cena lovers say cracks me up. SMH. Ha.

          • Kris Mystery

            He is not bad in the ring. He’s actually quite good in the ring as we have seen in some of the above mentioned fueds. In order for a match to be good you need 2 good combatants.A match between Cena and Punk is going to be alot better than a match between Cena and Tensai. I swear the stuff you band wagon jumping Cena haters say cracks me up.

          • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

            Ok, Why is it if hes so good in the ring that any time he has a good match, EVERYONE notices? Punk has a good match and its par for the course, Cena has a good match-shocks the masses. Why do you think you little Cena nut huggers have to try and defend him so much? He doesnt wrestle well consistently, either because he cant or because he doesnt want to.

            Dont call me a band wagon jumper or whatever. You dont know me.

          • Kris Mystery

            Don’t call me a Cena nut-hugger. You don’t know me. Of course coming from a Cena hating band wagon jumper i should expect no less. He has lots of good matches… the only ones that “notice” his extraordinary matches are the Cena haters who won’t give the man credit for his decent matches…you know the ones…with lesser oppponents. Just like Punk… you’re not going to put him in a match with Funkasaurus and call it a 5 star.Same as Cena and Tensai…not going to be 5 star. But to people like the Cena bashers it’s going to be the worst match ever.. People like that are so brainwashed into believing that it’s “cool” to hate on Cena that they come off as not having the brains to make their own decisions.

          • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

            Yknow, this is childish. Im not going to argue with you guys anymore. I apologize. I shouldnt be fighting with people on the internet because our opinions vary on who can and cannot wrestle. Wrestling is entertainment, so lets just be happy that we got to see such an amazing match on free tv. Great job by both guys.

            Btw, I really couldnt care less whats cool in wrestling. Im a fan for the wrestling, not whats cool and whats not. For instance, I like Big Show, shows not cool right now, I like Swagger, you guys all seem to hate him. Im just a fan whos been watching for over 20+ years, so Im sorry if I get a little too excited sometimes, guys.

            My sincerest apologies to all. Have a good day guys, and lets hope we see more RAWs like this one.

          • That would require them to have a brain.

          • Xavier

            Lol that’s true. Say bro, do you have a Facebook? I ask because I just started a wrestling group not so long ago and I’m looking too add more people, my group only has 9 members so far so I’m looking too add some more knowledgeable wrestling fans to it. I want this group to be an alternative to all the usual Punk worship, Anti-Cena crap. If you want in let me know and I’ll add you on FB

  • Xavier

    Amazing match between Cena/Punk as always. These dudes continue too have great chemistry. Glad Cena picked up the win here, the title scene can use a break from Punk for a little while. Looking forward too the promos between Cena/Rock, Cena destroyed Rock on the mic last year, so let’s see if he can out do the great one on the mic once again.
    Hopefully we’ll get Taker/Punk, that should be really good. Here’s too hoping for solid WM built and a great WM29.

  • Steve

    Punk/Cena was best I can remember…..Punk shows US that Cena can wrestle….well done gents

    • Kris Mystery

      CENA shows us that Cena can wrestle.

      • Of course, it’s just a bunch of basement dwelling, never been laid, losers who say that.

  • Code

    Cena’s hurricanrana looked soo awkward…besides that i think that match was PPV quality

  • Chris

    What a horrible RAW!!! Cena and Tripple H suck balls!!! Swagger beating the Miz is a joke!!! Not going to waste my money on WrestleMania!!!

  • WhoIsIt

    “Trailer for the Otunga and Halle Berry movie, The Call. I didn’t see Otunga in that video.”

    That was hilarious!!

    • Just like you have to squint to see Barrett in the Dead Man Down trailers. Blink and you’ll miss him!

  • Willie

    Its Old School Raw next Week…… If U A Wrestling Fan You Know C.m Punk Gonna Come Out Next Week Talkin Junk Bout The Old School Wrestlers & Etc Then The Undertaker Will Come Out & Point To The Wrestlemania Sign!!!!! U Cant Dont Everything On One Show U Gotta Save Something #Epic For The Followin Week…… Its All Bout Ratings & $$$$$$

    • Willie

      Typo ‘”Do Everything On One Show

  • -|AZ|-

    Cena and Punk really blew the roof off in their match… Therez no better sight than watching 2 pros doing what they do best inside the ring…


  • I was there and hustled a scalper for great seats on the floor.. I gotra tell you Punk vs. Cena was a PPV caliber match…. haven’t been that emotionally invested in a match since punk won at MITB. And to be there live omg the roof almost blew off the building the entire match. .. loved it, rest of the show was so so but the main event alone was worth the Money.. didnt like the clean cena win though… hopefully they put him into cena vs rock….

  • Oh and Dallas wants Wrestlemania!

  • Scottyo614

    We had blood and a piledriver all on one show. Commence the attitude era part 2! (Sarcasm)

  • K!ng

    As a wrestling fan this show gave u everything you could ask for all sorts of diffrent styles of wrestling. As for the Main Event one of the best matches on raw since John Cena Vs HBK.

  • The match between Cena and Punk was probably the best wrestling match that actually had me on edge with excitement. It is how I wish every match was, but that was of PPV quality right there. They both used moves and such they didn’t before.

  • Evon Reese

    I loved last nights RAW. Cena needed a clean win against Punk and this was a great one. I just hope Vince isn’t stupid enough to put Punk VS Undertaker for Mania. Punk Vs Jericho would be great but Punk and Taker would be stupid. Taker needs a legend not a punk. It did look like Triple H peed his pants! How ever it was a great promo between him and Lesnar. I was hoping for Taker Vs Lesnar for Mania. To see scrawny cry baby Punk end the streak would be a huge mistake and injustice to Taker. I’m sick of Best in The World and I am God then cry cry cry. Punk use to be great then he went on a crying spree that hasn’t stopped. He was Champ for so long he turned into a nuisance and SUPER PUNK.

  • George

    Oh for Goodness sakes….I hate the Cena character as much as anyone, but to those who say Punk carried him to a 5 star match is just being a typical extreme IWC whiner. You cannot have quality matches like these without at least TWO people pulling their weight in a match. For instance, you can put Jericho or HBK in matches with Khali or Hornswaggle for 15-20 minutes and not even they can carry these guys into anything close to good. Punk and Cena BOTH delivered so give them the credit for this epic they each deserve equally.