TNA Genesis Results: Roode Retains In Dirty Fashion, Abyss Stays Out Of Immortal

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The show opens with Robert Roode being shown arriving to the arena.  Roode has his title over his shoulder as he wheels in his suitcase, and Tenay and Taz talk about his match later tonight.  Speaking of the match, Jeff Hardy is shown arriving to the arena as well.  This takes us right into the pyro, and the first PPV of the year for TNA.  They continue to hype the TNA World Championship match, before properly welcoming us to the PPV, and reminding us that there are three other title matches on the card.

The first title match of the night will be the X Division Championship match.  Zema Ion is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and the crowd is hot, but he gets a weird reaction, probably because a lot of casual fans are unfamiliar with him.  Ion gets a high five from rapper Rick Ross, who is in attendance, but Ross pulls his hands away when Zema goes for the low five, much to the delight of the crowd.

Kid Kash is out next to a fairly good reaction from the Impact Zone crowd.

Jesse Sorensen is the third man to make his way out to the ring in his goofy letterman jacket with a football in hand.  He gives the ball to a little girl in the crowd, but seriously, someone needs to tell this kid this is wrestling.

The Champion, Austin Aries, is the last man to make his way out to the ring and he gets a mixed, but very loud reaction.

TNA X Division Championship Match

Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash

Aries drops out to the floor and every other guy in the ring immediately goes for roll ups.  Ion is able to knock Kash to the floor from the apron before turning his attention to Jesse and hitting a big dropkick.  Ion sends Sorensen into the ropes and eats a hurricarana for his troubles.  Sorensen back flips over Ion in the corner and hits a nice bridging Northern lights suplex for two.  Jesse lays in with a big punch but he's pulled off his feet from the outside by Aries.  Aries slingshots into the ring and goes for a springboard but Jesse gets his knees up.  Everyone goes for a roll up on Aries before getting sent from the ring a little more harshly this time.  Kash leaps over the top rope, crashing right into Aries.

Jesse goes up to the middle rope, but his legs are dropkicked out from under him by Ion.  Ion goes to the top but he's stopped by Kid Kash.  Kash goes for a superplex, and Sorensen gets in a powerbomb on Kash at the same time for good measure.  Aries goes for a quick pin on each man before sending Kash and Jesse out to the floor.  Aries slams Ion to the mat and heads up to the top rope.  Aries is pushed out to the floor by Ion who goes out to the apron and up to the top, hitting a beautiful twisting body press out on top of Kash and Aries.

Jesse comes in from out of nowhere with a springboard somersault press on top of all three of his opponents.  Sorensen takes Aries back into the ring and goes for the pin, getting two.  Sorensen stomps on Aries in the corner while Ion and Kash trade chops.  Ion charges Kash and he ends up eating a low powerslam into the corner.  Aries has things turned around and he's choking Jesse in the corner with his boot while Kash heads up to the top to superplex Ion.  Jesse whips Aries into the corner, knocking Kash down to the mat.  Ion goes for a 450 and hits it, getting a three count.

Kid Kash is eliminated.

Aries hits a 450 on Jesse, but Jesse kicks out at two!

Aries and Ion trade forearms in the middle of the ring, but Aries is able to hit a chestbreaker/slam combo.  Aries teases the pendulum elbow, but he eats a top rope cross body from Sorensen for another near fall.  Jesse hits a suplex variation and goes for the pin, but it's broken up by Ion, who goes for a pin of his own.  Jesse tries to toss Ion to the outside and Ion catches himself on the apron.  Ion comes back into the ring and finds himself caught in a small package by Jesse for three.  The crowd is going nuts for Sorensen.

Zema Ion is eliminated.

Aries catches Sorensen in a small package, but the ref is distracted by Ion, arguing with him.  Aries goes for the brainbuster, and Sorensen counters with the game changes.  Jesse goes for the pin but Aries is still able to kick out at two.  Jesse slams Aries to the mat, and Ion is shown hiding down on the floor.  Jesse goes up to the top but he's cut off by Aries.  Aries tries to bring Jesse back into the ring, but Jesse falls on top of Aries for a two count.  Aries sends Jesse into the corner, and charges in right after, eating a big boot to the face.

Jesse goes to the top, but Ion grabs on to his foot and crotches him on the top turnbuckle.  Aries hits a big dropkick to the top of Jesse's head, then goes up after him, hitting an avalanche style brainbuster from the second rope, putting Sorensen down for the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries

Aries celebrates with his title, and tells the cameraman that it's a great day to be great, before making his way to the back, belt in hand.

JB is backstage, and he's joined by Devon's sons.  JB says he's known both of them since he was six years old, and he's known their dad for over a decade.  Pope walks in and one of Devon's sons says 'this is the reason why'.  Pope says he wants to slap JB, but who would hold the mic?  He says Devon's sons are men.  He also says he's going to do something to Devon that he'll never forget.  He says they aren't going to have to deal with Devon's black behind again, because "Pope- Daddy has spoken".

We get a quick video package that shows the events the led directly into the Pope/Devon match that looks to be coming up next.

Pope makes his way out to the ring first, with Devon's sons in tow of course.  He gets a bit of a mixed reaction as fake dollar bills rain down from the ceiling.

Devon is out next, and he looks to be a man with a purpose, running down to the ring.

The Pope vs. Devon

Devon takes Pope right into the corner and beats down on him for a bit.  Devon misses a splash in the corner, but comes right back with a big clothesline.  Pope reverses a whip, but Devon hits a back elbow and sends Pope to the outside with a clothesline over the top rope to the outside.  Devon follows and smashes Pope face first into the ring steps and apron before sending him back into the ring.  Devon follows and Pope asks for a time out.

Pope tries to beg off, but Devon won't have it, slamming Pope to the mat, hitting a series of rights and a diving head butt to boot.  Devon goes to the top, but Pope is able to shove the ref into the ropes to force Devon to crotch himself.  Pope hits Devon with a dropkick from the second rope while Devon is seated on the top, but it's not as impressive as it sounds.  Devon falls to the mat and Pope hits him with rights before laying in with a big kick to the back.  Pope picks Devon up to his feet and hits a front suplex, laying Devon out across the top rope, and hitting him with a couple of big kicks to the face before hitting him with a clothesline that sends Devon crashing to the apron.  Pope smells blood and hits a baseball slide that sends Devon crashing out to the floor.

Pope heads out to the floor and sends Devon into the ring post before choking Devon on the barricade, and hitting a quick double axe handle from the apron.  Pope sends Devon back into the ring and gets a quick near fall before locking in a rear chin lock.  Devon is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, but he's caught with a big back elbow from Pope, who stomps away at Devon's knees, shoulders and elbows.

Pope stands over Devon and yells that he hates him, before Pope pulls Devon to his feet, and slides him under the bottom turnbuckle, shoulder first into the ring post.  Pope heads out to the floor and kicks Devon in the side of the head while it's set against the ring post.  Pope backs up and hits Devon with another big running kick to the side of the head.  Pope brings things back into the ring, looking over at Devon's sons constantly, before laying Devon out with a big DDT.

Pope drags Devon into the center of the ring before calling his sons into the ring.  Pope stands over Devon and tells his sons to look at their father.  He tells both of them to start stomping on their father.  They refuse and one of the boys actually checks on Devon, so Pope kicks him in the gut and throws him to the outside.  The other brother tries to intervene, but he catches a right to the face.

Devon is up and he's mad, hitting Pope with right hand after right hand before slamming him face first into the mat.  Devon hits a big running splash in the corner and a running clothesline.  Devon ducks a clothesline attempt from Pope and pulls him back close for a big powerbomb that's good for a two count.  Pope is able to come up with an uppercut out of nowhere, but Devon comes right back with a huge flying shoulder block.

Devon charges into the corner, but Pope moves and Devon crashes into the turnbuckle chest first.  Pope swings Devon's legs through the ropes and lays him out with a big neckbreaker.  Pope tries for the DDE, but Devon moves and Pope catches himself on the corner.  Devon grabs Pope and pulls him into the middle of the ring, hitting what looked to be the Edge-o-matic.  Devon goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Winner: Devon

After the match, Devon's sons make their way back into the ring looking apologetic.  They approach their dad, and Devon is more than happy to offer them a hug, before the brothers hold up their dad's arms in victory.

Tenay sends it to the back where JB is standing along with Sting.  JB talks briefly about Hardy last year in his match against Sting, and his road to redemption.  Velvet Sky comes in and says she needs to talk to Sting.  She says since Karen Jarrett has been fired, the new Knockouts VP should show loyalty, and she's the perfect candidate.  She wants to talk about Madison Rayne, who's unofficially made herself the VP, and Sky won't have that.  She asks if Sting has thought about who will replace Jarrett.  She talks about the match between Mickie James and Gail Kim and says Rayne needs to be kept away.  She whispers an idea in Sting's ear, but Sting says the crew wouldn't have time.  Velvet says she's been working on the "Velvet touch" and Sting only needs to pull the trigger.  Sting says go for it.  Velvet runs off and Sting turns to Hardy.  Sting says Hardy has done a lot for himself and he's in better condition than he's ever been in.  He says any night can be Hardy's night.  Sting says Roode is trying to one-up him at every turn but Sting is in charge, and Hardy will reinforce that tonight.

Back out in the Impact Zone, Gunner makes his way out to the ring with Ric Flair in tow.  He gets a lot of heat from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam is out next, and the crowd seems pretty excited to see him.

Rob Van Dam vs. Gunner

Flair makes his way out to the floor and the bell rings.  The crowd is 100% behind RVD.  Both men lock up and RVD gets pushed off, only to come right back into another lock up and a head lock.  Gunner pushes him off again and takes RVD down to the mat where the two trade holds.  RVD takes Gunner over to the corner but Gunner is able to turn it around and he ends up burying his shoulder in Van Dam's stomach.  Van Dam ends up flipping over Gunner in the corner and hitting a springboard dropkick in the opposite corner.  Gunner is able to catch Van Dam with a couple of strikes, but RVD uses his speed to roll up Gunner in a cradle for two.  Van Dam taunts Gunner and hits him with a stiff kick to the face when Gunner charges him.

Gunner bails to the outside and gets some quick advice from Flair before making his way back into the ring.  Gunner catches Van Dam with a kick to the gut and he backs him into the corner, continuing to work over the midsection.  Gunner whips Van Dam into the corner hard and hits a corner clothesline, going for the pin and getting two.  Gunner hits RVD with a side slam and goes for another pin for another two count.  Gunner tosses RVD to the outside and he's quick to follow, slamming RVD down on the arena floor before picking him up and throwing him into the ringside barricade.  Gunner rips up the mats off the floor, and Earl Hebner argues with him, allowing Van Dam to recover a bit a drop Gunner with a big kick.

RVD sends Gunner back into the ring, hitting a slingshot leg drop from inside the ring out to the apron.  RVD goes up to the top, but he's stopped cold by Gunner who heads up after him and taunts RVD before trying for a superplex.  Van Dam is able to hit Gunner with a front suplex to send Gunner to the mat before hitting a top rope cross body for a near fall.  Van Dam goes up in the opposite corner and hits a big single leg missile dropkick before following up with rolling thunder.  Van Dam goes for the pin, but he still only gets two.  Gunner heads to the outside to consult with Flair.  RVD dives to the outside and Flair pulls Gunner out of the way.  Flair argues with Hebner, allowing Gunner to DDT Van Dam on the arena floor where the mats were pulled back.  Gunner hefts Van Dam back into the ring and goes for the pin, getting the three count.

Winner: Gunner

TNA trainers, including Al Snow and D-Lo Brown, make their way out to the ring quickly after the bell to check on Van Dam, and paramedics are quick to follow with a stretcher.  The DDT is to Van Dam is shown again as Gunner screams incoherently and slaps himself, making his way up the ramp to the back.  RVD is put in a neck collar and then onto a backboard.

Van Dam doesn't look to hurt, scratching his face and moving his arms around, trying to pull off the neck brace, but the paramedics keep RVD on the backboard and load him onto the stretcher.  The neck collar isn't really staying on at all.  Van Dam is wheeled out to the back.

JB is backstage and he promises that TNA will keep us updated on the RVD situation.  JB turns his attention to his next guest, Jeff Hardy, who's face paint has gone to new levels of goofy.  Hardy says he doesn't brag about what he's done, or what he will do.  He says he's been resurrected before calling out to his 'creatures', telling them to mount up, because he has a World Title to win tonight.

This leads into a video package detailing the history between Mickie James and Gail Kim that has led to the next title match on the card.

After the "Tale of the Tape", a cage is shown ringside.  It's the same "penalty box" used in the King of the Match, although the bars are colors like white and pink, giving it the Velvet touch.

Mickie James makes her way out to the ring first to a huge pop from the crowd.  The Champion, Gail Kim, makes her way out to the ring next, and of course she's got Madison Rayne in tow.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match

Gail Kim (c) vs. Mickie James

Madison sees the cage, and she absolutely refuses to get into it, but the referee lets her know that Sting needs her to do it.  This brings out Velvet Sky, who makes her way out to a big pop and backs Rayne up.  Velvet can't open the cage, but the ref does, and Sky pushes Rayne into the cage where the door is locked behind her.  Rayne is screaming as the cage is lifted off of the ground and slightly above the ring.

The bell rings and Kim jumps James, beating on her in the corner and choking her with her boot before hitting her with a big running clothesline in the corner and a huge flying knee to the back.

Mickie is able to roll up Kim for two before she snap mares her over and hits her with a dropkick to the face.  James hits Kim with a kick to the gut, but she's sent out to the apron and Kim catches her with a knee to the gut before bringing her in through the ropes and dropping her down on her face. Kim goes for the three count, but she's only able to get a two count.  Kim brings James back up to her feet and hits her with a couple of forearms, but she misses a spear in the corner and ends up out of the apron.  Kim is able to his Mickie with a couple of blows that seats her in the corner.  Kim sends Mickie across the ring hard, hitting a running spear the second time around.

Kim picks James up to her knees and hits her with repeated kicks to the back.  Kim goes for a springboard cross body from the corner but she's met with a dropkick to the face.  Kim locks in a modified dragon sleeper, but Mickie is able to fight out of it.  Mickie hits Kim with forearms, then clotheslines, then a back elbow and a flap jack driving Kim face first into the mat.  Kim kicks away at Mickie and gets up to her feet, wrapping herself around James and locking in the octopus hold.  James heads into the corner and bashes Kim into the turnbuckles before slamming her to the mat.

Kim goes for a DDT, but James is able to send her out to the floor instead where she crashes down hard.  Kim argues with Velvet for a second, before she's caught with a hurricarana to the floor by Mickie.  Mickie sends Kim back into the ring and heads to the top, hitting a big flying Thesz press that's good for another two count.  Rayne drops some knucks down from her cage, but it's just a distraction as the ref finds them and Rayne tosses her another pair.  Mickie is able to grab the knucks, and she uses the to blast Kim, but the ref sees it and Mickie ends up DQ'ed.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

JB is standing backstage alongside Bully Ray.  Ray shoves and intimidates JB.  Ray says this is Monster's Ball.  He says when Abyss challenged him to the match, he was a tiny bit nervous for one second, but he's the intimidator and he does what he does, why would he be intimidated by a match like this.  Ray says he's the king of these kinds of matches.  Mick Foley and Terry Funk bow down to him because he's the king of hardcore.  He says he'll do whatever he needs to to destroy Abyss, then he's crawling back to Immortal where he'll kiss Ray's feet, Bischoff's feet, Steiner's feet, and Gunner's feet.  He says after tonight, Abyss will be Immortal's b**** again.

This segues directly into a video package showing the events that led up to Abyss challenging Ray to this Monster's Ball match.

Bully Ray is the first man to make his way out to the ring to a lot of heat from the Impact Zone crowd.  Ray grabs a kendo stick out of a trash can that's full of weapons ringside, and he uses it to intimidate So Cal Val before heading into the ring.

Abyss is the next man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a big pop from the crowd.

Monster's Ball Match

Abyss vs. Bully Ray

The ringside area is absolutely littered with weapons including barbed wire boards, tables, and trash cans full of smaller weapons, plus I'm sure under the ring there's even more goodies, as Abyss is known to stow things under there from time to time.

The bell rings, and Abyss gets himself pumped up, to the crowds delight.  Ray and Abyss begin circling each other, but instead of locking up, Ray casually makes his way out to the floor where he surveys the weapons and looks angrily at members of the crowd.  Ray makes his way back into the ring and Abyss charges, but Ray bails out to the floor again.

Ray makes his way back up to the ring apron, and slowly back into the ring.  Ray ducks out between the ropes and grabs a chair, asking Abyss what he's going to do now.  Abyss heads out to the floor, where he grabs a chair of his own, blowing Ray's mind.

Abyss heads back into the ring and gets the crowd pumped up by banging on the chair.  The two swing chairs at each other for a bit, and Abyss drops his, so Ray lays in with a big shot to the back. Abyss is quick to come back, choke slamming Ray to the canvas.  Ray is up right away and hits a big boot, but Abyss in turn, is up right away as well.

Ray grabs a chain out of his pocket at he begins swinging it around, so Abyss grabs a chair.  Ray swings the chain into the chair, and Abyss comes right back, hitting Ray with a big shot to the back.  Abyss heads to the outside and tosses a cheese grater, stapler, kendo stick, cookie sheet and a couple of trash cans into the ring.  When Abyss heads back into the ring, Ray catches him with a chain shot to the back, and a trash can shot to the face, but Abyss punches the trash can back into Ray's face.

Ray is able to come back and put Abyss down on the mat for a two count.  Ray grabs a kendo stick and points at the top of the ramp, saying 'You!'.  Abyss bails to the outside where he grabs Janice.  Abyss swings Janice at Ray and Ray bails to the floor, saying he's out of here.  Ray walks fast up the ramp and to the back.  Abyss follows and Ray comes right back up the ramp and out to the ringside area, followed by Abyss the whole way.

Back by the ring, Abyss is able to catch Abyss with a thumb to the eye before he blasts him with a cookie sheet to the back.  Ray hits Abyss with a couple of right hands before he's able to whip Abyss face and shoulder first into the barbed wire board propped up on the ring post.  Ray picks up the board and throws it into Abyss' face and Abyss' arm is cut open.  Abyss comes right back, slamming Ray into the ring steps face first.

Abyss takes a walk around the ring and Ray follows, but Abyss sends Ray back into the ring.  Abyss goes under the ring and grabs not one, but two black bags.

Abyss heads back into the ring and grabs the cheese grater, hitting Ray in the crotch and pulling it out in one swift movement.  Ray drops down to his knees and Abyss turns his attention back to the two black bags.  Abyss opens up one of the bags and pours out hundreds of tacks.  Ray turns around and Abyss grabs him around the neck, but Ray drops to his knees and hits Abyss with a low blow.

Ray is still selling the cheese grater, but he's way over the top with it.  Ray goes to the outside and grabs a table, bringing it back into the ring and setting it up in the middle of the ring.  Ray goes over to Abyss and drags him up to his feet, but Abyss comes right back, chokeslamming Ray through the table and down to the mat.  Abyss goes for the pin, but Ray is able to kick out at two.

Abyss heads back to the outside where he grabs another of the barbed wire boards and tosses it over the top rope into the ring.  Abyss grabs another barbed wire board and tosses that one into the ring as well.  Abyss makes his way back into the ring and takes one of the board, propping it up into the corner right on the other side of the spilled thumbtacks.  Ray grabs a piece of table, but he's cut off by Abyss who drags him to his feet.  Ray is able to hit a urunage, sending Abyss crashing into the barbed wire board.  Ray goes for the pin but only gets two.  Ray grabs the other board and lays it on top of Abyss before heading to the top rope and splashing down hard, sandwiching Abyss between the boards, but he still can't get a three count.

Ray moves the boards out of the way and grabs Janice, but when he goes to swing at Abyss, Abyss catches him with a chokeslam, putting him down hard into the pile of tacks.  The crowd is loving the match.  Abyss goes for the pin, but Ray is able to kick out at two.

Ray is able to catch Abyss with a boot, then a trash can lid shot.  Ray grabs a kendo stick and hits Abyss in the thigh, then the ribs, then repeatedly across the back.  Ray pulls one of the barbed wire boards back out into the middle of the ring before continuing to wear out Abyss with more and more kendo stick shots.  Ray taunts the crowd, who is not happy.  When Ray turns around though, he walks right into a big black hole slam from Abyss right on top of the barbed wire board.  Abyss goes for the pin and he's able to get the three count.

Winner: Abyss

Abyss celebrates to the delight of the crowd as Ray continues to lay stuck in the barbed wire.  Tenay reiterates that this result means that Abyss won't have to rejoin Immortal, and thus, he is a free man from here on out.

We get multiple highlights from the match, and when those spots are laid out one after the other like that, it's hard to deny that was a fantastically brutal match.

Tenay sends it backstage to JB who is standing alongside Crimson and Matt Morgan.  He says they're defending their belts against an even more unlikely tag team than themselves.  Crimson says he'll give credit where it's due, Joe and Magnus have been impressive.  But they haven't beaten anyone like the champs.  Crimson says destroyed lives is what he does, and tonight is no different.  Morgan says they're the most dominant tag team titles, then he points out that Crimson is still undefeated, and tonight will be no different.  Then he turns to himself, calling himself 7 feet of unadulterated terror, and tonight they'll find out why he's the most genetically stacked giant walking today.

We get the "Taglines" for both teams from Tenay before Samoa Joe and Magnus make their way out to the ring to a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd.

The Champions, Morgan and Crimson, make their way out to the ring next to a lot of love from the Impact Zone.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match

Matt Morgan and Crimson (c) vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus

The bell rings and Morgan and Joe look to kick things off for their respective teams.  Joe pie faces Morgan and hits him with two shoulder blocks, but Morgan doesn't move.  Both men trade rights, but Joe takes Morgan down with a Pele style kick, only to be taken right down with a big clothesline from Morgan.  Crimson tags in, as does Magnus.  Magnus catches Crimson with a boot to the gut and a couple of right hands, taking him into the corner for a bit, but Crimson turns it around, hitting him with a couple of rights in the corner.  Crimson is able to blast Magnus with repeated knees to the face for a near fall.

Morgan tags in, ripping off his elbow pads and hitting rapid fire elbows in the corner before tagging in Crimson and launching himself into Magnus into the corner.  Crimson suplexes Magnus hard and Magnus is able to score a kick to the chest and the tag to Joe.  Joe comes in and he's quick to take Crimson down to the mat hard.  Joe peppers Crimson with repeated right hands before tagging back out to Magnus who comes in with a nice elbow drop for another near fall.  Magnus clamps on a rear chin lock.

Crimson is able to fight out of the hold, but Magnus responds with a flying elbow for another near fall.  Magnus takes Crimson into the corner and tags out to Joe.  Joe comes in and hits Crimson with a couple of stiff kicks to the back and a big knee drop, but he still can't keep the champ down for three.  Joe tags back out to Magnus who comes in and hits Crimson with a big European uppercut, but then eats a kick to the chest.  Magnus comes back with a big clothesline which puts Crimson down for another two count.  Magnus tags back out to Joe.

Backstage footage is shown of Bully Ray beating down Abyss while Joe and Magnus double team Crimson in the ring.  Joe wrenches away at Crimson's neck, putting pressure on him before taking him to the corner, slamming him face first into the turnbuckle, and hitting him with another series of right.  Crimson falls to a seated position so Joe brushes his boot across the champs face.  Joe hits the ropes and Crimson comes up with a big spear out of nowhere.

Both men make the tag and Morgan comes in with a couple of big clothesline to Magnus.  Magnus goes for a cross body but Morgan catches him and launches him with a fall away slam.  Morgan takes Joe down with a big clothesline before splashing Magnus in the corner and hitting him with a big suplex that plants Magnus on the mat.  Morgan goes for the pin but it's broken up by Joe.  Crimson is in but he's tossed to the outside by Joe.  Joe and Magnus double team Morgan, hitting the slam/elbow drop combo that got them this match, but the pin is broken up by Crimson.  Magnus and Crimson fight to the outside, but Joe breaks it up with an elbow suicida dive to the outside, taking out Crimson.

Crimson is able to slam Joe face first into the ring steps, and in the ring, Magnus avoids a chokeslam from Morgan, but when he turns around,  Crimson is in the ring as well and the champs hit a double chokeslam.  Morgan pins Magnus and this one is over.

Winners and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: Crimson and Matt Morgan

Tenay sends it backstage to JB who is standing along with James Storm.  He asks Storm if he's ready for Angle tonight.  Storm asks how long JB has known him?  In 10-15 years he's only ever seen JB interview people and he wants to know how he looks on the other side.  Storm puts his sunglasses and hat on JB and begins to interview him.  He says that he believes that he can beat Angle for the third time tonight.  He tells JB that he has to believe.  He says when Angle heads out there tonight he'll hear the crowd chanting 'You Suck', but at the end of the match, he'll be sucking his foot down Angle's throat.  Before Storm leaves, he apologizes to Angle about his luck.

This leads into a video package highlighting the last couple of matches between these two men, and the events leading up to this match.

Kurt Angle is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and like a lot of the talent tonight, he gets a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd on his way to the ring.

James Storm is out next, and he gets a favorable reaction from the Impact Zone crowd.

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle

The bell rings, and we're ready to go on what's sure to be the best pure wrestling match on the card tonight.  Storm and Angle circle each other, but Angle is quick to bail to the floor, where he walks around for a bit before making his way back up to the apron and into the ring.

We get a lock up and Storm is able to transition into a head lock.  Angle fights him off but falls to a shoulderblock, then a hip toss.  Storm goes for the Last Call, but Angle bails to the outside before he's able to connect.

Angle slowly heads back up to the apron and into the ring again.  Angle and Storm begin circling each other again and Angle catches Storm with a boot to the gut and a stiff forearm.  Storm is able to drive Angle's face into his knee and hit a nice neckbreaker.  Storm teases the Last Call again and again Angle bails out to the arena floor.

Angle makes his way back into the ring and finds himself tossed back out to the apron.  Storm dropkicks Angle's face and sends him crashing out to the floor.  Storm follows with a slingshot plancha over the top out on top of Angle.  Storm picks Angle up to his feet and hits him with a wicked chop before sending him back into the ring.  Storm follows and he immediately goes to work on Angle in the corner, hitting him with repeated rights.  Storm continues to wear out Angle, climbing up to the second rope and hitting him with right hand after right hand, laying in with ten total.  When Storm heads back to Angle though, he's dropped neck first across the top rope, then hit with a release belly to belly suplex, sending Storm flying across the ring.

Angle heads into the corner and stomps away at Storm repeatedly before choking him with his boot.  Angle heads to the outside and hits Storm with a clubbing blow across the throat while Storm's head is sticking out under the bottom rope.  Angle makes his way back into the ring and hits a snap suplex that puts Storm down for a two count.  Angle locks in a tight rear chin lock, trying to grind Storm down.

The referee checks on Storm, lifting his arm up once, twice, but not a third time, as Storm is able to hang on and make his way up to his feet.  Storm hits Angle with a couple of elbows to the stomach, but Angle comes right back with a running forearm, putting Storm right back down to the mat.  Angle attacks Storm with a big kick to the back before hitting Storm with a leg drop to the back of the head.

Angle picks Storm up to his feet and hits him with a big short arm clothesline that's good for yet another two count.  Angle locks in another rear chin lock, grinding his arms across Storm's face.  Storm is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, but Angle hits him with a big clubbing blow to the back, knocking him to the mat.  Angle sends Storm into the ropes and Storm blocks a clothesline before following up with a nice Russian leg sweep.

Storm hits Angle with a series of rights, then a couple of clotheslines and a nice running forearm.  Storm goes for a slam but Angle avoids it.  Angle goes for a slam but Storm avoids it and hits Angle with the backstabber, putting him down for a two count.  Angle is able to respond hitting a German suplex.  Angle holds on and hits a second suplex, and finally a third.

Angle heads up to the top rope and connects with a beautiful moonsault, but when Angle goes for the cover, Storm is still able to kick out at two.  Angle locks in the ankle lock, but Storm is able to kick him away.  Storm catches Angle with a quick kick to the midsection and a nice DDT, but he still can't keep Angle down.  Storm tries for the superkick again but Angle blocks.  Angle tries for the Angle slam but Storm counters with an arm drag then hits a big kick to the back.  Storm heads back over to Angle, and Angle is able to connect with the Angle slam the second time.  Angle pulls down his singlet strap and Angle tries for the superkick but Storm hits the codebreaker and a cutter, but Angle still won't stay down for three.

Storm heads out to the apron and up to the top turnbuckle, but Angle runs up the ropes.  Storm pushes Angle off and leaps off the top rope, connecting with a huge elbow drop.  Angle still won't stay down though, kicking out of a pin at two.  Storm goes for the Last Call, but Angle pulls the referee in the way.  Angle shoves the ref, low blows Storm, and hits Storm with a superkick.  Angle goes for the pin and he's able to score the three count.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Following the match, Angle makes his way to the back, beaming the whole way, while Storm is shown in the ring grabbing his jaw and shaking his head.  Storm calls for one more match with Angle while Angle continues to celebrate at the top of the ramp.

Tenay and Taz turn their attention to the World Championship match, talking about it for a bit.  They cut to the backstage area where Bully Ray is shown cleaning up his bloody knuckles.  The cameraman asks where Abyss is, and Ray asks how he's supposed to know.  He says maybe Abyss took the rest of the night off.

A video package airs, showing clips of both Champion Bobby Roode and challenger Jeff Hardy talking about each other.  Roode makes some points asking how many chances someone should be given.

JB is standing backstage and he's joined by Bobby Roode.  Roode says this is pathetic, and disgusting.  Not only does he have to stand with JB, but he also has to listen to these creatures of the night chant Hardy's name over and over again.  The crowd obliges by chanting Hardy's name.  Roode says Hardy is an embarrassment to the profession, the company, and Roode himself, and Roode doesn't like to be embarrassed.  He says in life, there is no redemption.  You only get one chance in life.  Look what he did with his one chance, he won the World Championship.  He says he's the Champion, and he's the most selfish man in the world, and that means he'll do whatever it takes night in and night out to stay the World Champion.  Whatever it takes.  Roode heads out.

Taz and Tenay run down the Tale of the Tape, filling us in on brief stats for both men.  We then get even more facts about what led up to this match, and if I didn't know any better, I'd think they were trying to kill time.

Jeff Hardy is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a huge pop from the crowd on his way down to the ring.  Hardy makes his way up and down both sides of the ramp and all the way around the ring, stopping to shake hands with Rick Ross on his way, before continuing into the ring and posing on the turnbuckles to even more screams and applause from the crowd.

The Champion, Bobby Roode makes his way out to the arena next, and the crowd is giving Roode a bit of heat, but next to Hardy's reception they sound like they're sitting on their hands.  They even begin chanting Hardy when Roode makes his way down to the ring.

Before the main event can begin, and to kill a little bit more time, we get formal ring introductions for both men.  The crowd is still absolutely red hot for Hardy.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Bobby Roode (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

The bell rings and we're finally ready to begin the match.  We get a lock up from both men and Roode backs Hardy into the corner.  Roode breaks clean and backs away into the middle of the ring.  Another lock up and Roode clamps on a head lock.  Hardy is able to push him off, but falls to a shoulder block.  Hardy heads into the  corner while Roode cockily struts around in the ring.

Another lock up from the two and Roode turns his attention to Hardy's arm, wrenching and yanking at it.  Roode takes Hardy down to the mat, but Hardy pops right back up and locks in a head lock.  When Roode pushes Hardy off, Hardy knocks the champ down with a shoulderblock and locks in an arm bar.  Roode pushes Hardy into the corner to force a break before driving his shoulder into Hardy and hitting him with a couple of right hands.  Hardy comes back at Roode, hitting a headscissors to send Roode to the mat and following up with an atomic drop, double leg drop to the midsection, and low dropkick to the chest.  Roode comes right back, kicking at Hardy before sending him into the ropes.  Hardy kicks Roode in the chest before clotheslining him over the top rope and to the outside.  Hardy hits Roode with a dropkick through the ropes before heading to the apron and leaping out with a big clothesline to Roode.

Roode is able to shove Hardy back first into the ring apron and scores with a big right hand, but Hardy reverses a whip and Roode ends up crashing into the steel ring stairs.  Hardy positions the ring steps and uses them to launch himself into Bobby Roode who's trapped against the barricade.

Hardy sends things back into the ring and goes for the cover but he's only able to get a two count.  Hardy keeps the pressure on Roode, hitting him with an elbow to the back of the head and a back elbow, but when Hardy goes to the top, Roode pushes his feet out from under him and Hardy crotches himself on the top turnbuckle.  Roode pulls Hardy back into a tree of woe and stomps away at him repeatedly.

Roode continues to stomp away at Hardy after he falls out of the corner.  Roode hits Hardy with a backbreaker and goes for another pin but he only gets two.  Roode continues on the offensive, stomping at Hardy before burying his shoulder in Hardy's midsection in the corner, and whipping him across the ring hard.

Roode goes for the pin but he still can't come up with three, so he continues on with a big suplex, planting Hardy on the mat.  Roode heads up to the middle rope and launches himself off with a big knee drop to Hardy's face, but it's still only good enough for a two count.  Roode locks in a rear chin lock on a seated Hardy to continue to wear him down.

Hardy is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold but Roode slams him right back down to the mat.  Roode grabs Hardy and launches him under the bottom rope where he falls to the floor, crashing down shoulder first.  Roode goes to the outside and grabs a fan's sign, tearing it up before heading over to Hardy and stomping away at him while he sits against the guard rail.  Roode picks Hardy up to his feet and drops him down throat first against the guard rail before sending him back into the ring and trying for a quick pin, only getting two.

Roode locks in another rear chin lock, wearing the challenger down and grinding away at him.  Roode has a nasty bruise right on his shoulder blade.  Hardy tries for the ropes, but Roode continues to drag him back into the middle of the ring to maintain the hold.  Hardy fights up to his feet again, but when he tries for an enzugiri, Roode ducks it and immediately goes right into the crossface.

Hardy struggles, but he refuses to tap as he slowly inches his way toward the ropes.  Hardy makes it to the ropes to force Roode to break the hold, but Roode holds on for four seconds before he breaks.  Roode picks Hardy up to his feet and slams him right back down to the mat before heading over to the corner.  Roode goes back up to the middle rope and mocks Hardy, but when he jumps off Hardy gets his feet up and Roode crashes into them face first and both men are down.

Roode struggles up to his feet first, using the ropes to help him get to his feet.  Hardy is able to get up and he hits Roode with a series of rights, then a flying forearm, big clothesline and back elbow.  Hardy takes Roode down to the mat with a big back body drop, then a nice kick.  Roode sends Hardy into the corner and catches him on his shoulder, but Hardy fights out and hits a Russian leg sweep before putting Roode in a crazy pinning predicament.  Both men struggle and Hardy puts Roode down to the mat, only for Roode to respond with a big spinebuster, but it's still not enough to keep Hardy down for three.

Roode takes Hardy over into the corner and seats him on the top turnbuckle.  Roode attempts a superplex, but Hardy holds on to the top rope and he's able to push Roode down to the mat.  Hardy teases the swanton, but Roode rolls to the outside and Jeff jumps down to the mat.  Roode grabs his title and begins walking up the ramp to the back.  Hardy doesn't allow this to happen, attacking Roode from behind and bringing him back down and into the ring.  When Hardy tries to get back into the ring, Roode catches him with a kick, then a fisherman's suplex, holding on for a pin, but Hardy kicks out at two.

Roode pulls Hardy up to his feet and eats a boot to the gut and a twist of fate from Hardy.  Hardy goes up into the corner and hits the whisper in the wind, but when he goes for the cover, Roode is able to kick out at two.

Hardy tries for another twist of fate, but Roode pushes him away and bails to the outside, grabbing the title and heading up the ramp a second time.  Hardy attacks Roode from behind again and Roode smashes face first into his belt on the ramp.  Roode is holding on to the title and he tries to use it against Hardy, but Hardy catches him with a boot and Roode drops the title.  Hardy tries for the twist of fate but the ref breaks it up to get the title out of the ring.  Roode rolls up Hardy with his feet on the ropes but Hardy kicks out at two.  Hardy rolls up Roode, but Roode kicks out at two.  Roode backs into the corner and begs off before kicking the ref in the crotch.  Hardy hits the twist of fate, but it's too late as the ref is already calling for the bell.

Winner: Jeff Hardy via DQ

STILL TNA World Champion: Bobby Roode

The crowd is extremely unhappy with the result, as is Hardy, who strips off his shirt, heads to the top rope, and hits a big swanton.  Hardy grabs the championship and holds it up, before dropping it down across the body of the champion.

Hardy makes his way to the back while Roode hugs his title to his face in the ring.  The PPV ends with Hardy and Roode staring each other down while Roode grasps and kisses the belt.

  • Jacob


  • T-boy

    Great x-division match. Hope aries keeps the title for a long time.

  • Natasha

    I am a big hardy fan and have been for a long time if he loses I’m gonna be mega aggravated but side note I hate roode!!

  • Natasha

    Bobby maybe The champ still but Jeff still kicked his ass and should have that title I aware these refs are some dumbasses

    • justin

      Really Really Really

  • Alex

    Hardy didn't win the title. Yes!!! This is great news.

  • Steve l

    Any means necesary Roode!

  • Terra Ryzing

    I'm glad Roode retained, but I have a feeling its only a matter of time til the enablers strap the Charismatic Junkie. I'm all for 2nd chances but Hardy is on his 5578813558th one which should not be rewarded with a title shot. He should be getting his head straight and then maybe spend some time in the mid card before even being considered for a shot at the title.

    I really hope James Storm can work his way back into the title picture, cuz next to Roode he is the most deserving, but alas it is Impact/TNA Wrestling so I'm not gonna hold my breath.

    • Johnny

      If you don't like TNA, why are you watching it?

      • Terra Ryzing

        I'm sorry, but what part of my post suggested that I don't like TNA? Was it that I was glad that an undeserving wrestler, that I DO like, didn't win the title?

        I hate to break it to you, but there are plenty of other TNA fans that feel the same way.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Ha Ha!! Again it pays to be….. You should know by now, selfish people.
    Immortal is dead and dyin'
    Aries rules once again
    Dont mess w/ Morgan & Crimson
    Mickie, 2 words: HARDCORE RULES for the Knockouts Title rematch.
    Wait. Kid Kash is still workin?

    • Van

      I think Mickie is either gonna step out of the Knockout Championship picture and let Velvet Sky go for the title while she & Traci go for the Tag Team Championships or Velvet's gonna join the I'm glad Abyss won because how can he join Immortal again when there is no Immortal due to them being out of power and some members are gone from tv?

  • jdl

    TNA really should think twice before giving the strap to Hardy. Not because of his drug issues and how unreliable he has been in the past, but because he's not making a difference. A Jeff Hardy reign in TNA doesn't matter, just as Jeff Hardy in TNA at all doesn't matter. Hardy was HUGE when he left he WWE, now he's not. Why? Because TNA doesn't give him exposure, TNA doesn't have an audience that suits his appeal and he's made mistakes. The mistakes are secondary, TNA should focus on Roode simply because he's homegrown, over and has paid the TNA definition of his dues with the company.

    • Terra Ryzing

      His drug issues are what makes him unreliable.

      When he came out at victory road smashed I would say that's beyond unreliable and a mistake that is all but secondary.

  • gibbons08

    I’m guessing there waiting to put the title on John Morrison

  • infamous743

    Highlight of ppv Rick Ross in attendance

  • Matt

    At least Jeff Hardy is walking out of Genesis empty handed

  • lbp365

    No, Jeff Hardy but its best to wait more towards wrestlemania so they can b talk about some if they smart they will let Bobby win it back at BFG remember Ric use to lose the title two months before Starcade an always win it back at oe right before there biggest event and once again great ppv but leading up to it wasn’t good hire a tv show writer if u have to and Dixie double check the storyline please but once again great ppv.

  • lbp365

    Oh please dont let Kurt Storm war end take it to Lockdown WOW!!!!!!!

  • @RatedMKD

    So the results can be summed up across the board as "STILL ___ Champion"? Happy out. All I needed to know! Very pleasant surprise in the case of Roode/Hardy.

  • havoc525

    So, let’s see here, you allow a part time worker to go over your “hot face” on ppv. He also uses the finisher of the guy he beats, after saying how disrespectful it is to use the move of someone who isn’t “retired?”

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    1.) I question the X-Division matches opening the show. More often than not, it steals the show, which when the opening match does that, the show risks falling flat big time. Who is Rick Ross? I still question this. What a great match. Zema Ion had a great showing, Sorensen was the popular face, Kash was just there, Austin Aries was the freaking star. Zema's 450 was shown up by Aries' 450, since Ion's was a little sloppy. Aries hit it to perfection. Aries got the win with an awesome Avalanche Brainbuster, seriously, insane. World champion material, no doubt.

    2.) Both of Devon's sons are 16 years old? Weren't they bumping last year, through a table or something? At least Pope had an awesome promo.

    3.) So Pope plays a great, dominant heel. Some underhanded tactics, working on Devon's head. Impressive, then he gets Devon's sons, who get a reality check about their beaten down dad. Pope beat on two 16 year olds, doesn't that count as child abuse? Gotta get David Otunga on this potential lawsuit. Devon then Hulked up, but Pope got back a bit. Devon won though, and this rivalry is hopefully over. The wrestling was fine at least.

    4.) Velvet Sky for VP of the Knockouts Division? Velvet Touch? Yes please!

    5.) Bob Van Dam was nodding his head upon getting pinned for the win for Gunner. I think he was nodding because he couldn't believe he jobbed to Gunner. If that's true, then that's funny. Big rub for Gunner, more fuel for the man. Good for him, but I still don't think highly of him. Van Dam did his usual stuff and was fine. I guess he's being written off TNA. Decent match. I heard a "Please don't go" chant. Time to go back to the big leagues!

    6.) Madison Rayne in an elevated cage, comical. I saw this match 10 days ago, hmmm. Velvet Sky claims to be fair, yet she's clapping for Mickie James? I thought of old NWA stuff with the cage, and the imprisoned person dropping a foreign object on it. It led to Mickie getting DQed for using a second one. Got to love those overly screwy finishes. It at least was different than the TNA main event KO match. Another good match in their series, up until the finish.

    • Van

      I hated that Mickie lost especially via DQ,but the ending made me laugh with Madison shouting "SHAME ON YOU!SHAME ON YOU!" to Mickie from the cage for hitting Gail with the brass knucks and the crowd chanting "BULL****!" due to ref's decision to disqualify Mickie

  • john

    DQ in your title match really? Come on it's a PPV have a winner not a DQ.

  • and this began the brands association with some legendary fast drivers.