TNA Final Resolution Results: Roode Retains, One Of The Jarrett’s Loses Their Job

Final Resolution opens with a video package detailing some of the main feuds heading into tonight’s show.  Ample time is given to promote the Roode/Styles Iron Man Match.

After the video package, the pyro hits, and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the PPV and immediately begins hyping some of the bigger matches on tonight’s card.

Rob Van Dam’s music hits, and the Whole F’n Show makes his way down to the ring to a big pop from the crowd.  He’s followed by Daniels, who gets a bit of heat, but nowhere near the reaction of RVD.


Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels

The bell rings, and both men are slow to get started.  After a bit, we finally get a lock up and RVD back Daniels into the corner.  We get a clean break from RVD and a lot of overreaction from Daniels while he’s hoping for a clean break.  Another lock up and Daniels clamps on a side head lock.  RVD pushes him off and Daniels hits the ropes for a shoulderblock, then another, but RVD isn’t moved.  Daniels ducks a kick and ends up rolled up for two.  RVD goes for a backslide for another two count before locking in a headlock of his own.

Daniels pushes RVD off only to be taken down to the mat and into another side headlock.  Daniels fights him off and the two trade holds for a bit before Daniels slams RVD head first into the corner turnbuckle and stomps away at him.  Daniels hits RVD with a right hand before sending him across the ring.  RVD is able to avoid a charging Daniels and hit a couple of arm drags, then a big spinning back kick.  RVD poses for the crowd before turning back to Daniels and burying his shoulder in Daniels’ midsection in the corner before punching and kicking away at him.

RVD sends Daniels across the ring and charges, only to get back body dropped to the apron.  Van Dam and Daniels fight, RVD on the apron and Daniels in the ring.  RVD is able to bring Daniels out to the apron, but Daniels rakes the eyes and shoves him chest first into the ring post.  RVD falls out to the floor and Daniels makes his way back into the ring before coming right back out to the floor, sneaking up behind Van Dam and hitting him with a forearm to the back.  Daniels sends RVD back into the ring and follows, sending RVD into the corner and following up with a high knee to the gut.  Daniels mocks RVD, doing the signature RVD pose before going for a pin for a near fall.  Daniels clasps his hands around RVD’s chest in an attempt to wear down Van Dam.

RVD is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold.  Daniels tries to keep the advantage, but RVD catches him with a big kick to the face.  Van Dam peppers Daniels with a couple of rights before hitting a spinning kick in the corner, big clothesline, and a standing moonsault.  RVD takes Daniels into the corner and buries his shoulder in Daniels’ midsection before monkey flipping him out.  RVD connects with rolling thunder for another two count.

Daniels begs off, and uses the distracting to send RVD into the corner, but when he sends RVD across the ring and charges after him, RVD connects with a big kick.  RVD goes to the top but Daniels moves before he can hit the splash.  Daniels connects with a big spear that’s good for a near fall.  Daniels continues the onslaught, trying to wear down RVD in the corner.  Daniels puts RVD on the top turnbuckle and follows up after him.  RVD fights him off and pushes Daniels down to the mat.  RVD climbs up to the top and leaps off with the five star frog splash.  RVD goes for the pin, and he’s able to pick up the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


Tenay and Taz talk amongst themselves about the big Jeff Jarrett/Jeff Hardy match coming up later tonight.  Tenay and Taz send it to the back where JB is standing alongside Mickie James.


Mickie says she’s heard people saying that they want to see Mickie James vs. Gail Kim, and they’re going to get it tonight.  She says there’s no hiding behind skirts and jezebels.  She says she was looking forward to seeing Gail come back, but she hasn’t been too impressed with her since her return.  She says they’ll take it to the limit and see who’s the better Knockouts Champion.


Eric Young makes his way out to the ring to a decent pop for the first Championship match of the evening.  The TV Champion, Robbie E. is the next man out to the ring, of course with Robbie T. in tow.  Young spends a bit of time locking up with members of the crowd before the match.  EY also makes it a point to pull of his shorts to reveal trunks.


TNA Television Championship Match

Robbie E. (c) vs. Eric Young

EY charges into the ring and right into Robbie, taking him down to the mat, then again with a Thesz press.  Robbie sends EY into the corner and EY goes out to the apron.  EY is able to take Robbie over the top rope and to the outside.  EY, back in the ring, hits the ropes and launches himself through the ropes with a suicide dive out on to Robbie.  Robbie T. is able to get in a distraction, allowing Robbie E. to come back to the outside and catch EY with a back elbow.  Robbie sends Young back into the ring and tries to score a pin but he can’t get more than two.  Robbie mounts EY and lands a couple of right hands before getting back to his feet and stomping away, then punching at EY before trying for another pin.

Robbie goes up to the middle rope, pumps his fist, then hits what looks like a flying fist drop that’s good for another two count.  Robbie hits a modified side Russian leg sweep for another near fall before locking in a rear chin lock.

EY is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, but he’s put right back down with a charging rear elbow.  Robbie goes for another pin and gets another two count.  Robbie locks in a rear chin lock to continue to try and wear down the challenger.

EY fights up to his feet and out of the hold again.  Robbie hits him with a clubbing blow to the back before sending him into one turnbuckle, then across the ring into yet another.  Robbie sends him across the ring again, but when he charges in, EY moves and launches himself at Robbie with a big flying forearm to the face.  EY hits a back elbow, then a discus clothesline before slamming Robbie down to the mat hard.  EY goes to the top and comes off with a Macho Man styles elbow drop that’s good for a near fall of his own.  EY charges Robbie in the corner and ends up back dropped to the apron again.  EY goes to the top, but he’s pulled down to the mat by Robbie for yet another near fall.  Robbie calls out to Robbie T., who leaps up to the apron and begins arguing with the ref.  While this is happening, both men go for and connect with clotheslines.

The ref tends to Robbie E. and this allows Robbie E. to choke EY in the corner by lifting him up by his neck.  EY sidesteps a runninhg Robbie E., sending him crashing head first into Robbie T.’s crotch.  EY tries to shoulder both men, but it doesn’t last for long as both fall off his shoulders.  EY sends Robbie T. out of the ring before turning around and eating double knees, putting him down for the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA TV Champion: Robbie E.


JB is backstage with Devon and the Pope.  Devon says there isn’t a trust issue between he and Pope.  He says the only issue he has is the influence Pope has on his boys.  He says they can deal with that later because tonight is about their match for the TNA Tag Team Championships, tonight is about celebrating as the new Champs.  Devon testifies.  Pope takes the time to say it’s not his fault if Devon’s kids look up to him as the father they never had, but it’s not about that tonight.  Pope puts on his sunglasses,  letting us know he’s spoken, before heading out.


Back out to the Impact Zone, Devon and Pope make their way out to the ring, and to be honest, the crowd doesn’t seem too overly excited to see them.  The pop picks up when they’re about halfway down the ramp, but it’s still not great.  The Champions, Matt Morgan and Crimson, are the next men to make their way down to the ring, and they get a bit better of a reaction from the crowd.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match

Matt Morgan and Crimson (c) vs. Devon and The Pope

The bell rings and it looks like Crimson and Pope will be kicking things off tonight for their respective teams.  We get a lock up and Crimson pushes Pope right off and down to the mat.  Another lock up and Pope wrenches Crimson’s arm before locking in a side head lock.  Crimson pushes Pope off and hits a shoulder block, then another before locking in a cravat and hitting Pope with knees to the face.  Pope is able to respond by kicking Crimson to the chest, but Crimson doesn’t flinch, instead taking Pope to the corner and burying his shoulder in Pope’s midsection.  Crimson charges Pope in the corner and Pope is able to score a roll up, but he can only get two.

Crimson tags out to Morgan and Pope brings in Devon.  Devon goes for a shoulderblock and ends up on the mat.  Devon eventually scores with a couple of forearms that rock the giant, then a big shoulderblock that’s good for a two count.  Devon hits the ropes for something else and Morgan responds with a discus clothesline.  Morgan tags out to Crimson who comes in and eats a dropkick from the Pope after a blind tag.  Pope hits a belly to back suplex, hanging on to his grip, but Morgan fights it off.  Pope is able to take Crimson to the mat with an STO that’s good for another two count.

Pope goes to the middle rope and leaps off but Crimson ducks it and spears Pope almost out of his shoes.  Morgan tags back in and hits rapid fire elbows before tagging out to Crimson who comes in and launches his parter into the corner before hitting Pope with an exploder suplex that’s good for another two count.  Crimson locks in a rear chin lock in an attempt to further wear down the challenger, and keeping him in the middle of the ring.

Pope is able to fight to his feet, but Crimson puts him back down with a big clubbing blow.  Morgan tags in and goes right to work, hitting a fall away slam that’s good for a two count before it’s broken up by Devon.  Morgan sends Pope into the corner and hits him with a side slam as soon as he comes out.  Morgan sends Pope into the rope and catches him, but Pope is able to fight out of it and hit Morgan with a DDT, and both men are down.

Both men crawl for their corner, slowly making their way, and both make the tag.  Devon comes in with a series of rights, then a big flying shoulder block, and big splash in the corner.  Devon hits a big clothesline that’s good for another two count.  Devon ducks a clothesline and hits a neckbreaker.  Devon goes up to the top rope and hits a big diving head butt to Crimson, getting a near fall out of it, but it’s broken up by Morgan who beats on Devon with several clubbing blows to the back.  The champs send Devon into the ropes and Devon responds with a double clothesline, then another that drops the champs to the mat.  Devon hits Crimson with a big spinebuster that’s good for another two count.

Pope begins climbing the ropes.  Devon slams Crimson and Pope hits a top rope elbow.  Devon goes for the pin but it’s broken up by Morgan again.  Morgan sends Pope to the outside before turning to Devon.  Devon fights off a chokeslam from Morgan, but he can’t fight off a double chokeslam from Morgan and Crimson, and Crimson pins Devon for the three count.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Matt Morgan and Crimson

Following the match, Pope is shown talking to Devon’s sons in the front row.  Devon looks at his sons confusedly before heading to the back.


JB is backstage with AJ Styles who is being worked on.  AJ says he isn’t 100%, he’s 200% tonight.  He says tonight he’s going to beat the best out of Roode in 30 minutes.  Styles says Roode may have destroyed Fortune, but he’ll never destroy the Phenomenal one.


Up next is the X Division Championship match, and we get a look at the ‘X-Factors’ heading into tonight’s match between Austin Aries and Kid Kash.

The challenger, Kid Kash, is the first man to make his way out to the ring, not getting much of a reaction at all from the Impact Zone crowd.  The Champion, A Double Austin Aries, is out to the ring next, getting an ok reaction from the crowd.

TNA X Division Championship Match

Austin Aries (c) vs. Kid Kash

The bell rings and we’re ready to kick things off.  Kash chases Aries around the ring for a bit, but Aries backs away.  We get a lock up from both men and Aries backs Kash up into the corner, breaking clean.  Another lock up and this time Kash backs Aries into the corner.  Kash tries to chop Aries but Aries ducks it and chops Kash instead.  Aries bails to the outside and Kash gives chase.  They head back into the ring and Kash connects with a hip toss, then arm drag, then a poke to the eye.  Aries takes Kash down to the mat, then hits a beautiful dropkick to a seated Kash.  Aries locks in a head lock and Kash backs Aries into the ropes to break it up.  Both men grab each other’s ears, but it’s broken up quickly.  Kash catches Aries with a nasty chop before taking him to the mat with a huge clothesline that’s good for a two count.

Aries is able to catch Kash with a roll up and both men trade back and forth pin attempts, but neither can score the three count.  Aries bails to the outside, and Kash is quick to follow.  Aries heads back into the ring and drops a knee on Kash as soon as he’s back in the ring.  Aries picks up Kash and slams him down to the mat, but he misses a fist drop.  Kash comes right back with a big clothesline before sending Aries to the outside and following.  Kash chops Aries while he’s standing up against the ring post.  When he tries to do it a second time, Aries ducks and Kash’s hand connects with the ring post.  Aries sends Kash back into the ring and grabs the title belt, bringing it back into the ring.  Kash catches Aries with a roll up and puts his feet on the ropes but the ref sees it.  Aries goes for the pin but he also tries to cheat and is also caught.  Kash sends Aries out to the floor and launches himself out on top of Aries with a nice tope.

Kash sends Aries back into the ring, but Aries sends Kash right back out to the floor and then connects with the heat seeking missile, sending Kash into the barricade hard.  Aries sends Kash back into the ring, then hits a neckbreaker across the middle rope.  Aries rolls back into the ring and goes for the pin but he’s only able to get the two count.  Aries takes out his frustrations, hitting Kash with rights and elbows.  Kash comes back, but Aries picks Kash up and drops him down chest first on Aries’ knee.  Aries slams Kash down to the mat before hitting the pendulum elbow for another two count.

Aries tries for the brainbuster, but Kash fights it off.  Aries tries for another but Kash reverses.  Kash atches Aries with a big right hand and goes for the pin, but Aries is able to kick out at two.  Kash takes Aries into the corner, sending him hard across the ring once, then again.  Kash misses with a moonsault press before picking Aries up and slamming him down chest first into the mat.  Kash goes for the pin but he still can’t get three.

Aries fights off Kash with a belly to back suplex.  Aries goes to the top, but he’s crotched by Kash.  Kash pulls Aries down to the mat and goes to the top himself, but he too is crotched.  Aries goes up to the top with Kash, but Kash fights back.  Kash attempts a powerbomb from the top, but Aries is able to reverse it into a hurricarana is a really scary spot.

Both men are slow to get to their feet, and when they do they trade rights in the middle of the ring.  Kash scores with some nasty chops that send Aries to his knees.  Kash gets Aries in a double underhook, but Aries blocks it, hitting a shinbreaker/belly to back suplex combination.  Aries goes for the dropkick in the corner, but Kash gets a boot up to stop him.  Kash goes for the double underhook again, but Aries reverses.  Aries avoids a splash in the corner.  Aries pulls out a weapon, but the ref catches him.  Kash also has weapon and he’s caught.  Aries grabs the belt and hands it to Kash, and it’s promptly taken away by the ref.  Aries uses the distraction to hit Kash with a brainbuster, and scores the three count for the win.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries


We start to get the tale of the tape for the Knockouts Championship match,  coming up next, but after a bit of technical difficulties, it goes back to Taz and Tenay, who throw it to the production truck one more time, which leads directly into the video package to hype Kim/James, which is coming up next.

Tenay and Taz joke around a bit about the technical difficulties they’re having, but honestly it comes off as a little unprofessional and bush league that they’re blaming everything on ‘live TV’ and how unpredictable it is.  This leads us into a second playing of the video package we just saw.

It looks like we’re finally ready to begin, as Mickie James makes her way out to the ring to a big pop from the crowd.  The Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim, is the next woman to make her way out, and she’s got both her Championship belts draped across her shoulders.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match

Gail Kim (c) vs. Mickie James

The bell rings and we get a lock up right away.  Gail backs Mickie into the corner, but misses with a right, and eats a drop toe hold.  Mickie locks in a rear chin lock, but Gail is able to fight it off.  Gail wrenches at Mickie’s arm, slamming her to the mat by her hair.  Mickie blocks a couple of punches, then responds with one of her own, then a neckbreaker for a near fall.  Kim catches James with a back elbow that drops her to the mat.  Kim hits James with a big uppercut, but Mickie comes back with a snap mare, then a low dropkick to a seated Kim.  Kim avoids a charging Mickie in the corner, but James is able to score with a couple of punches.  James tries for a hurricarana, but Kim hits what almost looks like a reverse Alabama slam that stuns Mickie.

Kim hits a big leaping clothesline that puts Mickie down for another near fall.  Gail mounts Mickie and hits her with a couple of forearms to the face before getting her up to her feet and hitting a big backbreaker.  Kim tries for another but James counters into a roll up for two.  Gail comes right back, putting Mickie down to the mat for a near fall of her own.  Kim hits Mickie with a couple of nasty kicks to the stomach before wrenching away at the challengers knee.  Kim locks in a modified Indian death lock, then changes it up into a stretch muffler, wearing James down.  Mickie is able to fight out of the hold, scores with a couple of punches, but she’s taken right back down by Kim.  Kim chokes James against the middle rope before sending her across the ring.  Kim charges James, but Mickes moves and Gail takes a nasty spill through the ropes to the floor.

Gail makes it back into the ring and Mickie hits a hurricarana, then a couple of quick clotheslines before taking Gail to the mat with a big flapjack.  Mickie climbs up in the corner, but she’s stopped by Kim.  Gail makes her way up top with Mickie.  Gail tries for a top rope hurricarana, but Mickie holds on to the ropes and Gail falls to the mat.  Mickie hits a splash from the top for a two count.  Mickie hits Gail with a dragon screw that sends the champ to the outside.  Mickie invites her back into the ring, but Kim grabs her belts and heads back up the entrance ramp.  Mickie stops her, brings her back to the ringside area, and sends her hard into the ring post.

Mickie sends Gail back into the ring, but Madison Rayne is down and she grabs Mickie’s ankle.  The distraction allows Kim to hit eat defeat, which is enough to put Mickie down for the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim


JB is standing backstage alongside James Storm.  James says he’s a beer drinking, a** kicking machine.  He says he learned a long time ago that whoever you are in life, there’s always someone out there bigger and badder that can knock you down, and tonight he’s that guy.  He tries to get the crowd behind him, telling them to get pumped up.  He says tonight, he beats Angle for the second time in a row, before telling Angle that he’s sorry about his damn luck.  This leads us right into a video package that details the events leading up to this match.

Kurt Angle is the first man to make his way out to the Impact Zone for the match, and he gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, but at least it’s louder than a lot of the other entrances tonight.  I don’t know if the crowd microphones aren’t up to snuff, but the crowd has sounded pretty subdued for most of the night.  James Storm is out next, and he gets a decent reaction of his own.

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

The bell rings, and we get a lock up straightaway.  Storm backs Angle up into the corner and breaks clean.  Another lock up and Angle backs Storm up before picking him up and slamming him to the mat.  Angle wrestles with Storm on the mat, and Storm is able to lock in a hammerlock.  Angle fights up to his feet and heads to the ropes to break the hold.

Another lock up and this time Kurt works over Storm’s arm, wrenching it and hitting him with a couple of big shots to the shoulder.  Storm is able to fight out of the hold, put Angle on the mat, and lock in a side head lock.  Angle fights it off only to be locked right into another side head lock.  Angle fights out of it by locking in a headscissors on Storm.  Storm escapes the hold, only to be put right into a front face lock and taken back down to the mat.

Storm is able to fight up to his feet and pushes Angle into the ropes.  Angle hits a shoulder block, but Storm comes right back with a hip toss, then an arm drag, holding onto the arm to lock in an arm bar.  Angle fights up to his feet and pushes Storm back into the corner, raking Storm’s eyes as soon as he breaks the hold.  Angle beats on Storm in the corner, hitting him with big clubbing blows to the side of Storm’s head.  Angle brings Storm out of the corner, and Storm is able to drive Angle’s face into his knee, then hit a neckbreaker for a two count.  Storm clotheslines Angle over the top rope and out to the floor.

Storm follows to the outside and hits Angle with a big right hand.  Angle walks away, but Storm follows, hitting Angle with another big right before slamming Angle head first into the barricade.  Storm breaks the count, but when he turns back to Angle, he walks right into a drop toe hold that sends Storm face first into the ring steps.

Angle sends Storm back into the ring where he stomps away at him.  Angle puts his foot on Storms head and grinds it in, using the ropes for more leverage.  Angle locks in a rear chin lock and pulls Storm by his neck back into the middle of the ring, where he continues to wear away Storm with the hold.  Storm fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but Angle puts him right back down to the mat with a big back elbow.  Angle mounts Storm and hits him with repeated rights to the face.

Angle stalks Storm, waiting for him to get to his feet, and when he does Angle unloads with a huge right hand that drops Storm to the mat.  Angle steps on Storm’s head again, grinding away, before Angle goes to the outside and hits Storm with a series of elbows to the face a neck while Storm lays on the apron.  Angle drags Storm back into the middle of the ring and Storm starts to fight back, hitting a couple of right hands, but it’s short-lived as Angle locks in a sleeper hold on Storm.

Angle wears Storm down, taking him down to the mat and yelling at Hebner to ask him if he gives up.  Hebner raises Storm’s hand and drops it down once, then again, but Storm’s hand doesn’t drop the third time.  Storm fights up to his feet and elbows Kurt to the stomach, but eventually breaks the hold with a belly to back suplex.  Both men are slow to get to their feet, and when they do they trade rights in the middle of the ring.  Storm gets the advantage, taking Angle to the mat with a big clothesline, back elbow, then another clothesline.  Storm catches an elbow to the face from Angle, but Storm responds with a codebreaker, then a backstabber, but it’s not enough to keep Angle down for three.

Storm hits Angle with a big chop, then a right to the face, but Angle responds with a big release belly to back suplex that sends Storm sailing across the ring.  Angle tries for another suplex, but Storm fights it off.  Angle blocks a high knee, reversing it into an ankle lock.  Storm is able to kick Angle away.  Storm charges Angle into the corner and is backdropped to the apron.  Storm catches Angle with a kick to the back of the head before coming back into the ring.  Angle fights off Storm and is able to connect with a German suplex, holding on and connecting with a second, then a third.  Angle goes for the cover but Storm is able to kick out at two.

Angle waits for Storm to get to his feet and tries for the Angle slam, but Storm reverses it.  Storm is able to connect with the eye of the Storm, but when he goes for the pin, Angle kicks out at two.  Storm heads out to the apron and goes up to the top.  Angle tries to run up the ropes, but he’s not quite able to make it.  Angle pulls himself up and suplexes Storm from the top to the mat.  Angle goes for the pin but he still can’t get three.  Angle pulls his straps down and tries for the Angle slam again, but Storm counters with an arm drag.  Storm goes for the Last Call kick, but Angle grabs the leg and turns it into an ankle lock.

Storm is able to kick Angle away again, and avoids a charging Angle in the corner, who runs shoulder first into the ring post.  Storm goes out to the apron, and drapes Angle across the middle rope in the corner, hitting a suspension DDT on the apron, and both men fall to the floor.

Storm sends Angle back into the ring, following slowly.  Storm calls for the superkick, but when he goes for it Angle catches the foot, and hits an Angle slam instead but Storm still will not stay down for three.  Angle looks frustrated, and he goes up to the top.  Angle goes for a moonsault, but Storm rolls out of the way and Angle crashes down to the mat.

Storm looks to the crowd for support, and gets it.  Storm connects with the Last Call superkick, and pins Angle for the three count.

Winner: James Storm

Tenay and Taz talk amongst themselves about the results of the Storm/Angle match, and I’m guessing we’ll get a bit of stalling for the next couple of minutes, as the steel cage is set up for Jarrett/Hardy.

Taz and Tenay discuss some of the stipulations of the match, namely that if Hardy wins, he’ll be the #1 Contender, and either Jeff or Karen will be fired, and if Jarrett wins, Hardy will leave TNA.

JB is backstage with Karen and Jeff Jarrett.  Jeff asks JB if he knows where he’s been for the past three days.  He says he’s been on the TNA cruise, being a company man, and he gets a text message from Sting adding stipulations to the match tonight.  He says he was sailing the seas with his bride, being company people, doing the jobs of others, and what do they get?  They get an added stipulation.  Jarrett says he’s forgotten more about cage matches than Hardy knows.  He says Hardy will think he’s in his element, and that Hardy will ooze charisma in the cage, but Jarrett is going to wear Hardy down, and either pin him or submit him.  Sting comes in from out of nowhere and says if Jarrett loses, one of them is fired.  This prompts Karen to throw a tantrum, and leads into a video package highlighting the events that have transpired between Hardy and Jarrett over the last couple of weeks leading into this match.

Back in the Impact Zone and it looks like we’re finally ready to being.  Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to the ring first, with Karen in tow, to a bit of heat from the crowd.  Jeff Hardy is out next, and he gets a big pop from the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring in a goofy gladiator/ram/something weird helmet.

Before the match begins, Sting makes his way out to the ringside area with a pair of handcuffs in hand.  Sting already has the handcuffs locked around his own wrist.  Jarrett grabs a chair, but it’s taken away from him by the referee.  Karen looks absolutely distraught.  Sting throws Jarrett into the cage, then handcuffs himself to Karen.

Steel Cage Match

Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett

The bell rings, and it looks like we’re ready to begin.  Jarrett locks in a headlock, but he’s pushed away by Hardy.  Jarrett hits a shoulderblock before trying to roll Hardy up right away.  Jarrett goes for another roll up, but Hardy responds with a dropkick to the face, then a leg drop to the lower midsection.

Jarrett goes to talk to Sting and Karen, and Hardy goes to escape in the corner.  Jarrett catches him, but Hardy pushes him back into the ring and comes off the top rope with a double sledge.  Hardy slams Jarrett twice into the walls of the cage before kicking away at Jarrett.  Hardy tries for the twist of fate, but Jarrett avoids it, takes Hardy down to the  mat, and locks in the figure four.

Hardy is able to turn the hold over, putting the pressure on Jarrett, but Jarrett gets a rope break.  Jarrett kicks away at Hardy before sending him running head first into the cage wall.  Jarrett picks Hardy up to his feet and sends him into the cage wall again.  Jarrett begins the climb in the corner.  Hardy gets to his feet and catches Jarrett.  Jarrett kicks Hardy away to the mat, then leaps off with a double ax handle smash to Hardy’s back.  Jarrett tries to escape again, but Hardy pulls him down, crotching him on the top rope.  Hardy tries to escape, but Jarrett grabs his foot.  Hardy kicks Jarrett away, and splashes him from the top rope for a two count.

Both men make their way to their feet and begin trading rights in the middle of the ring.  Hardy gets the upper hand, sending Jarrett to the mat with a couple of running forearms.  Hardy sends Jarrett into the corner, but misses with the splash.  Hardy connects with the twist of fate.  Hardy avoids escaping, instead climbing up in the corner.  Hardy jumps down from the corner and hits Jarrett with a second twist of fate.  Hardy climbs up to the top of the cage, but he stops himself, standing up on the corner of the cage.  Hardy tries for the swanton from the top, but Jarrett moves and Hardy crashes to the mat.

Jarrett is right next to the cage door, and he tries to crawl out, but Hardy has him by the foot and he drags him back into the cage.  Jarrett connects with an enzugiri, then hits Hardy with the stroke.  Jarrett crawls toward the cage door again.  Jarrett makes his way halfway through the ropes, but Hardy pulls him back into the ring again.  Hardy goes to escape, but Jarrett won’t let him.  Hardy uses to the of the cage door to pull himself up, and kick Jarrett hard, sending both men crashing back into the ring.  Hardy climbs for the cage door, but Jarrett pushes the ref into Hardy.  Hardy crashes into the cage door, which crashes into Sting.  Karen gets the handcuff key from Sting and frees herself, slamming the cage door into Hardy’s head.  Jarrett goes for the pin, but Hardy kicks out at two.  Karen tries to hand Jarrett a guitar, but she’s stopped by Sting.  Hardy pulls Jarrett back and hits the twist of fate again, pinning Jarrett and scoring the three count.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Following the match, Sting makes his way back into the ring to raise the hand of Jeff Hardy.  This victory means we’ll be seeing Hardy in the TNA World Championship match next month at Genesis.  Sting grabs a mic and says that four days from now, on Impact, someone’s getting FIRED!


Tenay and Taz turn their attention to the main event, hyping it and talking about the importance of the Iron Man match taking place in just a few minutes.

JB is standing backstage with the World Champion, Bobby Roode.  Roode says over the last several months he’s been called many things, but his personal favorite is the World Heavyweight Champion.  He says after tonight he’ll be known as the king of the Iron Man matches.  He says while on paper, this event may favor AJ Styles, but Roode will be surprised if Styles can make it to the ring after what he did on Thursday.  As far as Sting, Bobby says he spits in the face of authority, just ask Dixie Carter.  This leads us right into a video package that highlights Roode’s heel turn, and the subsequent events that have led up to this match.

AJ Styles is the first man to make his way out to the ring for the match.  He gets a big pop from the crowd, and he’s favoring his injured leg just a big as he walks down to the ring.  The Champion, Bobby Roode, is the next man to make his way to the ring, getting a bit of heat from the crowd on his way to the ring.

We get formal ring introductions from JB for both men, and it looks like we’re ready to kick things off.

30 Minute Iron Man Match For The TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Bobby Roode (c) vs. AJ Styles

The bell rings, and the clock begins for this match.  Both men circle each other for a bit.  Roode goes for AJ’s legs, but Styles sidesteps him.  Styles is able to lock in a waistlock, and both men trade positions a couple of times before Roode takes AJ to the mat with a drop toe hold.  Another lock up and Roode scores with a side head lock, cranking away at Styles’ neck.

Styles sends Roode into the ropes, but eats a shoulder block right away.  Roode jumps up and down, showing off his uninjured legs to AJ.  We get another lock up and Roode locks in another head lock, telling the crowd that AJ sucks.  Styles fights out of the hold and locks in a head lock of his own.  Roode sends Styles into the ropes, but Styles cranks down on the head lock and doesn’t let go.

Styles takes Roode down to the mat, but Roode counters out of the hold with a headscissors right away.  Styles is able to kick out of the hold, and uses a headlock takeover to take Roode right back down to the mat.  Roode is able to fight up to his feet and out of the hold, sending Styles into the ropes, but he falls to a shoulderblock right away.  Styles hits a couple more shoulderblocks and goes for a quick pin, but Roode kicks out and rolls to the outside.

Roode takes his time to get back into the ring, but eventually he does.  We get another lock up and Roode backs AJ into the corner, breaking the hold, but immediately burying his shoulder in Styles’ midsection.  Roode hits Styles with a chop to the chest, and Styles turns it around.  Both men take turns chopping each other before AJ chops Roode a couple of times, sends him across the ring into the turnbuckle, and hits him with a back body drop.  Roode comes back, catching Styles by surprise and sending him to the outside.

Roode follows to the outside and tries to slam AJ’s head into the barricade, but Styles blocks it and sends Roode head first into the barricade instead.  AJ sends Roode back into the ring, but when he follows Roode attacks, hitting him with a double ax handle smash.  Roode tries to work on Styles’ leg in the corner, but AJ won’t let him.  Roode brings Styles out of the corner and takes him down to the mat hard.  AJ sends Roode into the corner and tries to catch him with a quick roll up.  Both men trade pin falls with neither getting three, then up on their feet, Styles hits an arm drag and Roode comes right back with a big shoulderblock.  Styles sends Roode into the corner, but when he charges in he catches a boot to the face.  AJ is able to connect with a big clothesline, but he still can’t get the three count.

Styles locks in a side head lock, but Roode is able to fight out of it with a shin breaker counter.  Roode tries for an elbow drop but Styles avoids it, pops up, and hits Roode with a forearm shot.  Roode tries for a belly to back suplex but Styles lands on his feet.  Styles goes up in the corner, but Roode hits him with a chop block to the back of the leg, and pins him with his legs on the ropes for leverage, scoring the three count

Roode 1 – AJ 0

AJ is up and he comes right back with a vengeance, taking Roode down to the mat.  Styles takes Roode into the corner and hits him with a couple of big right hands.  Roode charges AJ in the corner and hits him low, flipping him up and over Roode.  Roode grabs Styles’ leg and yanks it up, then slams it down into the mat.  Roode goes for another pin, but he’s only able to get a two count.  Styles starts to fight back with punches and chops, not even slowing down when Roode kicks him in the knee.  Roode is able to stop Styles cold with a kick to the gut, then a clubbing blow to the back.  Roode tries for a suplex but AJ reverses.  Roode responds by continuing to work on Styles’ leg.

AJ tries to fight back with big rights, but Roode keeps attacking the knee to stop Styles’ in his tracks.  Roode locks in a single leg crab on Styles’ injured leg.  Styles struggles, reaching for the ropes, and he’s eventually able to force the break.

Roode yanks Styles up by his leg again, slamming it knee first down to the mat.  Roode locks in the figure four leg lock, and Styles screams in pain.

Roode continues applying pressure as we pass the halfway point of the match, and Styles taps out.

Roode 2 – Styles 0

Roode gloats to the crowd before turning back to Styles and kicking him in the back of the knee.  Roode waits for Styles to get to his feet again before hitting him with a nasty chop block.  Roode grabs the leg and tries for the figure four again, but AJ kicks him off, sending him crashing into the turnbuckle.  Roode is favoring his shoulder, and AJ takes advantage, hitting a flying armbar.  Styles locks in the cross face, and Roode is forced to tap out.

Roode 2 – Styles 1

Styles catches Roode with a punch to the shoulder before he starts wrenching away, tearing and punching at Roode’s arm.  Styles steps over and locks in an arm bar, putting all the pressure on Roode’s elbow.  Roode is able to reverse it by wrenching away at Styles’ leg.  Styles breaks the hold with an eye rake and gets to his feet, hitting Roode with a kick to the chest, then a couple of chops and forearms.  Styles wraps Roode’s arm around the rope and pulls on it, but Roode fights him off.  Styles continues the assault, but Roode comes right back with a back elbow, and a big clothesline that takes Styles down to the mat.

We’re down to the last ten minutes and Styles scores a roll up for another three count.

Roode 2 – Styles 2

Roode and Styles trade rights in the middle of the ring, and Roode kicks Styles in the leg.  Styles punches at Roode’s shoulder and Roode kicks right back at Styles’ leg.  Styles connects with a big jumping kick, but Roode comes right back with a big spinebuster that takes AJ down for another near fall.

Roode hits Styles with a kneeDT, continuing to wear down Styles’ leg.  Roode stomps at Styles’ knee before grabbing him by the legs and slingshotting him into the corner.  Styles lands on the middle rope, then leaps out with the moonsault DDT, not hitting it clean.  Styles goes out to the apron and hits the springboard 450 for another three count.

Roode 2 – Styles 3

Roode charges Styles in the corner, but Styles is able to catch him with a couple of rights, then a big clothesline.  Styles beats on the champ in the corner, hitting him with a big head butt.  Roode catches Styles with a boot to the gut, then a kick to the knee.  Roode goes for a clothesline, but Styles avoids it.  Styles is able to kick Roode into the corner, but when he charges in, he’s back dropped to the apron.  Styles yanks Roode’s arm down across the top rope.  When Styles comes back into the ring, Roode sits down for a pin, and holds on to the ropes to get the three count.

Roode 3 – Styles 3

Styles takes the fight to Roode, peppering him with rights as he’s furious about Roode’s cheating.  AJ takes Roode into the corner and beats on him for a bit before seating him on the top rope.  Styles goes up in the corner after Roode and tries for a superplex, but Roode fights him off, avoiding the move.  Styles charges up the turnbuckles, launching Roode out of the corner with a top rope arm drag that puts Roode down right on his shoulder.  Styles hits Roode with an arm capture belly to back suplex.  Styles picks Roode up and goes for a suplex, but Roode kicks away at the knee again, stopping it.  Roode goes for a fisherman’s suplex, but Styles reverses into a roll up for two.  Styles connects with the Pele kick, and gets himself psyched up, much to the delight of the crowd, and we’re down to two minutes.

AJ tries for the Styles clash, but with his injured knee he’s not able to hit the move as his knee gives out.  Roode rolls to the outside, so Styles hits the ropes, and launches himself over the top with a huge tope out on top of Roode, and we’re down to under a minute.

The referee is continuing the count, and AJ sees that he only has about 30 seconds left.  Both men make it back into the ring before the 10 count, but Roode bails to the outside yet again.  AJ gives chase, but Roode continues to evade him as the clock continues to count down.  Roode runs down the clock to zero.

3-3 Draw

STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode

Roode makes his way up the ramp, holding his belt on the way up, and the crowd chants for five more minutes.  Roode celebrates with his title while AJ looks distraught in the ring, and the crowd is furious at the non-result.  The show ends with Roode showing off his title to the crowd on his way to the back.

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  • vivalajady

    before thies starts the jeff vs jeff match is obvious jeff hardy will win because TNA need him

    • Scott apthorpe

      I like Jeff hardy good on him

  • Louis

    I would think this war would go on for a while it has the making of being the best or one the best of all time such ad Rhodes and Flair.

  • Jobbo

    We’re gonnna part-y for Hard-y. I hope that KAREN’S GONNA GET FIRED

  • christopher525

    Seriously? First you come up with a 30 minute "Iron Man" match, then when you run said match you come to a draw?? REALLY???? A freaking DRAW???? What the hell kind of crap is that? WWE almost had a draw, in their FIRST Iron Man match, but did the "sudden death" ruling to have an actual winner. TNA is such a low rent company it's insane.

    • Synyster

      TNA wasn’t a bad company before Hogan Bishoff and all these former WWE guys came in and took the 6 sided ring ruined the X division and knockouts division so get rid of Hogan and his crew so TNA will be good again

  • Daniel

    hahaha thats the ending?… whats funny is i bet Hogan and Bischoff probably think this was a great way to end a pay per view and iron man match. Keep running the company to the ground Hogan and Bitchoff…these guys will never change.

  • Louis

    Well the card was great, the matches was average, Devon and POPE should go head and have it out or is there waiting for Devon boys get old enough to tagteam, James vs Kurt can go down in history if they play there cards right now have Morrison come in a work his way to the top first stop RVD forcing him out since he want out and create the American title so James the American cowboy vs Kurt the Olympic gold medalist have it out for GOLD the card ideal A+ the matches C+ overall a B- I guess.

  • Jose

    This is why tna would never compete with WWE because they hired all of WWE leftovers.

    • Louis

      Nothing wrong with hiring leftovers just the right one Hogan, RVD wrong. Kurt, Morrison, Mikki right.

  • Patrick_OToole

    Are they (Hogan and Eric B) going to take to twitter now to brag about how they got one over on the fans because of the ending of the main event?

  • Faktorek

    Why there were no title changes? A PPV with no title changes is sooo boring.

  • mark

    WWE writing/shows isn't much better these days.

  • eurosario

    Is it me or was the cage match suppose to have a escape only rule and no pinfall or submission

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    1.) BVD must be frustrated, he's opening a show, when I bet he feels he should be main eventing. Daniels should've complained of this, because he's really been too good a heel to open a show. Gah, Bob won, it's really "whatever." I was most impressed and entertained by Christopher Daniels, his character shone through. Bob was just there. Decent opener, but I am so entertained by Daniels, I think he should be higher on the card.

    2.) Women's wrestling matters in TNA? Not as much as to really say such a statement.

    3.) Robbie E used the Codebreaker. Tweet Chris Jericho! The match was meh. Eric Young is a fine wrestler and Robbie E hasn't really impressed much. The comedy gimmick of Young and the silly gimmick of Robbie makes for a goofy kind of match. Robbie T tried some sleeper hold while sitting on the top turnbuckle. Young looked to just slip out with no effort. I don't know, nothing einteresting.

    4.) Decent interview segment, but Pope was the highlight. The guy is very electric on the mic, but I prefer him as a face.

    5.) Sigh, clean finish, clean match, not much more to say really. Everyone did their job, but I think the biggest thing that caught me was Pope using an elbow drop when Eric Young used it in the previous match.

    6.) Nice promo by AJ, he is 200%? That sounds better than "less than 100%."

    7.) Note to commentary: A-Double! Not Double A. Get it right. Now this is what I'm talking about, a solid X Division match. It was built as this heel vs. heel match, with both men trying underhanded stuff. The two highlights were Kash just slamming Aries down while in a back suplex position. It was sick, and to make it sicker, a hurricanrana counter from a top rope powerbomb. The finish was just tomfoolery, pretty funny actually. It reminded me of Edge and Randall Orton on an episode of RAW where both were heels. Proof that heel/heel matchups can work.

    8.) Technical difficulty botch I noticed. Great women's wrestling, now give more of that. Gail Kim slammed James face first, looked pretty nasty, and the other side of the coin, Gail Kim missed James in the corner and her leg landed on the steel steps. Hard hitting, great stuff, now this is what I'm liking. The interference was expected.

    9.) Great promo from Storm, thankfully his concussion issues are medically cleared up.

    10.) Kurt Angle looks much better bald, beforehand, he looked like a hobo. James Storm used the Codebreak…wait a second, didn't someone else use it, earlier in the show? Well I'll repeat myself, tweet Chris Jericho! Well the match was definitely better than a 75 second world title match. Great match, Angle should just live in a wrestling ring. Get him away from alcohol and a car, keep him in a ring. Kurt Angle did a great job, and Storm's legitimate concussion issues were brought into the match as a storytelling tool. Was he selling? Nice job. Did Angle seriously no sell the superkick? After the pin, Angle just left and showed no signs of being rattled.

    11.) Ehhh, promo by Jarrett, sadly not of the greatness of the one he cut dressed as Jeff Hardy.

    12.) This is something I noticed way before Victory Road, that Jeff Hardy is not as good as he once was. A lot of his matches had more than 1 Twist of Fate. In this match, he used it 3 times, took a Swanton bump, and some other stuff, but basically, Jeff was limited again. Obviously with reports of his back problems, it's unsurprising. Jarrett being a veteran, carrying a match? Meh, it wasn't awful, but it wasn't very entertaining at all. The finishing sequence just delayed the inevitable, and now TNA is building for Impact by holding the firing of a Jarrett until then. Oh I'd like to see the rating for that show. Jarrett's eyes right after the match was actually much more entertaining than a lot of the match itself.

    13.) Didn't I just see a Figure 4 Leg Lock in the previous match? What's with the repeats? At 3-3, the match ended in a draw. A PPV ending in a draw? The problem is that Roode is going to wrestle Jeff Hardy, and there's no definitive end to this rivalry? Kind of a problem really. Aside from that, a pure wrestling clinic of a match, hindered by a generally weak crowd. The elements were there, the crowd didn't get into it, and I feel it wasn't the wrestlers' fault. It started with AJ's knee being the story, but then progressed into Roode's shoulder, giving both men major problems as the clock winded down, thus creating an even playing field. AJ is known mostly as a high flyer, but in a ground game, he's just as fine. The story of the match were the injuries of both men, and the selling aspect, thus limiting any real wowing moves. The move that got the most pop was AJ's springboard 450, and that's a high flying move. Hmmm. Barring crowd response, I thought it was a great match.

  • natural links

    I simply couldn’t go away your website before suggesting that I really loved the usual info a person supply for your visitors? Is going to be again often in order to check up on new posts