WWE Main Event Results (11/6/13) - Harper and Rowan Get The Win, Hunico and Camacho Return

WWE Main Event Results (11/6/13)
From Charlotte, North Carolina
Reported by CJ Blaze of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

The theme song is cut off by The Wyatt Family. They make their way to the ring, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil follow. Josh Mathews talks about The Wyatt's attacks on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as footage from Monday's Raw is shown. Alex Riley is filling in for The Miz this week on commentary.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs. Prime Time Players

Young  and Harper lock up. Harper shoves his fingers into the eyes of Darren. Young counters with a strike, but is shoved back into the corner. Big right hand from Young, mini-drop kick to the legs. O'Neil tagged in, shoulder block. Harper strikes back, tag to Rowan who sends punches and kicks. Punches are thrown by O'Neil, clothesline.

Tag to Young, they double team with a slam. Rowan with a spinning heel kick on Young. Harper throws Darren against the apron. Back in the ring, a chinlock is applied. Harper runs into Young, two. Young is tossed back out of the ring. Rowan gets involved, throws Darren back in the ring. Knee from Erick, big elbows in the corner. Harper boots Young, two.


Harper slings Young against the ropes, two. Rowan tagged in, big body slam for a two. Bear hug in place, uppercut for another two. Rowan places Darren up on the turnbuckle for several clubbing blows. Harper stops Young from the tag. Gator roll from Luke, headlock. Young tries for the tag again, no luck. Another body slam from Harper, O'Neil breaks the pin.

Young pulls the ropes down for Rowan to roll out of the ring. Harper stops Young once again from the tag. Big kick from Darren, tag to Titus. Clothesline to Luke, shoulder block, boot to Rowan. Big splash in the corner, slam for a nearfall. Clothesline from Harper, splash from Rowan for the three.

Winners: The Wyatt Family - by pinfall (13:33)

Bray Wyatt gets in the ring and hits Sister Abigail on Titus O'Neil.

Nikki Bella makes her way to the ring with Brie at her side. Alicia Fox enters.

Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox

Fox shoves Nikki down, Nikki trips Fox. Roll up on Fox, kickout. Another trip, two. Nikki throws Alicia back in the ring, and she tackles her. Fox rams Nikki into the turnbuckle, Nikki counters with a clothesline. Fox sends Nikki tumbling outside the ring. Back in the ring, Fox covers a couple times, Nikki kicks out. Suplex by Alicia, head submission. They each cover, kickout from Fox for a two. Another cover from Alicia, kickout. Head lock takeover on Fox, dropkicks connect. Monkey flip, followed by a bulldog for a two. Nikki counters the scissors kick with the head slam for a three.

Winner: Nikki Bella - by pinfall (4:53)


A video package airs showing all of the things involved with the lawsuit between Big Show and The McMahon's. On Raw, Triple H gives Show his job back and a WWE Title match against Randy Orton for Survivor Series. Big Shows defeats Orton and The Shield by disqualification when Kane - who was in a suit and tie- distracted Show, and The Shield used a chair. The Shield went on to put Big Show through the commentary table. In a WWE.com exclusive, Triple H makes Kane the Director of Operations.

On SmackDown, Luke Harper and Daniel Bryan will go one-on-one.

Jimmy and Jey Uso make their way to the ring. Hunico and Camacho return to WWE, and make their Main Event debut!

The Uso's vs. Hunico and Camacho

Jimmy and Hunico start. Lock up, Uso is taken down. Lock up again, arm drag from Hunico. Big right hand from Jimmy, uppercut. Jimmy Uso tagged in, two. Jey is back in, Jimmy tagged back in, cover. Another tag, Hunico tags Camacho. Lock up, lock up again. Camacho sends Jimmy into the corner with several kicks. Camacho slams Uso, leg drop. Tag to Hunico. Hunico rubs his foot against Jimmy's face. Uso is thrown into the corner with a slap across the chest. Tag to Jey, superkick and a slap connects. Big shoulderblock from Jey. Hunico and Camacho are sent out of the ring. Uso's attempt to jump out onto them, but they move.


Jey Uso is tossed out of the ring. Camacho clotheslines Jey. Camacho runs Jey into the apron, back in the ring with a cover. Hunico tagged in, they double-team Uso with a slam for a cover and kickout. Hunico dodges a dropkick, cover. Camacho tagged in, Jey throws some punches. Chinlock applied onto Jey, body slam for a two. Jey counters with a big kick in the corner.

Hunico comes in off the tag and runs into Jimmy on the apron. Knee to the gut, roll up. Hunico slams Jey, two. Camacho back in with a suplex. Hunico is rolled up, he rolls out and kicks Jey, cover.  Uso monkey-flips Hunico. Camacho and Jimmy tagged in. They trade blows, Jimmy with a full-nelson butt-buster, Samoan drop, two. Big superkick to Hunico, Jey hits the big splash for the three.

Winners: The Uso's - by pinfall (16:28)


  • Mike McCarthy

    That’s right folks, for the first time ever I’ll be reporting WWE App Updates for MAIN EVENT. This is my first time doing this so I’m not sure whether they’ll have exclusives every commercial break like they do with Raw but whatever comes up I’ll be sharing.

  • Mike McCarthy

    WWE App Update: This wasn’t an exclusive video but a noteworthy poll. It asked “Who do you think is the “Devil” that Bray Wyatt has been referring to?” The options are Mr. McMahon, The Authority, Damien Demento and The Undertaker.

    • CJ Blaze

      Interesting, thanks for these updates. I never have time to check the app out during Main Event

  • Mike McCarthy

    WWE App Update: Instead of live match coverage we get an episode of WWE Inbox featuring The Primetime Players. The question is who deserves their own reality show. The Primetime Players say that they deserve one. Wade Barrett says his life is incredible so the cameras should be following him around. Titus says it would be called “Titus hour” Darren Young asks “What about me?”. The Brooklyn Brawler says it should be The Miz because he already has Miz TV. Vickie Guerrero also says Miz because he’s had one already (The Real World reference). Brad Maddox says since he’s already had his own (The Brad Maddox Experience) he’s most deserving of a sequel. Titus says if it was up to the WWE Universe they’d have one by now.

  • Mike McCarthy

    WWE App Update: We get a recap of The Wyatt Family attacking Daniel Bryan from last weeks episode of Raw.

  • Mike McCarthy

    WWE App Update: We get a look at a WWE.com exclusive video from WWE Hell in a Cell where AJ Lee is asked for her reaction to her match with Brie Bella. She says ‘I’m sorry I was too busy holding my baby, my beautiful, glorious baby. My baby that’s going to stay with me forever, until these pigtails are gray. It’s gonna be a hard look to pull off when I have gray hair but I’m gonna do it, because I’m gonna be Divas Champion for-ever. And there’s not one Diva and not one “Total Diva” that can stop me.” Tamina stands by her side silent throughout the interview.

  • Mike McCarthy

    WWE App Update: We get taken back to Kane’s debut in the WWE with Paul Bearer.

  • Mike McCarthy

    WWE App Update: This one was a little odd, they just played Hunico & Camacho’s entrance video that normally plays on the Titantron.

    • CJ Blaze

      That is odd that they played that on there, but it was probably used to get the viewers attention…

      • Mike McCarthy

        Nothing they did on the App was made specifically for Main Event. They just tapped into their library. Maybe with this one they just got lazy.

        • CJ Blaze

          I see