WWE TLC Results: Daniel Bryan Cashes In, Punk Retains, Ryder Wins

The show opens with a video package highlighting the main feuds heading into tonight, as well as the tables, ladders, and chairs theme of the show done in the style of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'.

The pyro hits, and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show.  The set looks pretty much exactly like it did last year, but it's still a pretty impressive looking set.  Cole and Lawler start hyping the show, but they're interrupted by Vickie Guerrero, who comes out to wish the crowd a Merry Christmas, and introduces her client, the greatest gift anyone could ask for, the US Champion, Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph makes his way down to the ring to a bit of heat from the crowd, but it's not much of a reaction at all.  Zack Ryder is out next, and he gets a really nice pop as he makes his way out to challenge for Ziggler's title.

WWE United States Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Zack Ryder

The bell rings and Ziggler takes Ryder off his feet right away.  Ziggler gloats for a bit before taking Ryder down to the mat a second time.  We get a lock up, and Ryder responds with a couple of arm drags.  Ziggler locks in a head lock and hits a shoulder block as soon as he's pushed off by Ryder.  Ziggler blocks a hip toss, but Ryder catches Ziggler mid-air and slingshots him into the corner before clotheslining Ziggler over the top, and diving through the ropes to the outside on top of Ziggler.

Ryder takes Ziggler back toward the ring and the two fight on the apron, with Ziggler scoring a DDT on the apron.  Ryder is able to make it back into the ring before the 10 count, and Ziggler starts stomping away immediately before hitting a neckbreaker and taking time to gloat a bit more. Ziggler hits eight quick elbow drops in succession.

Ziggler jumps up and hits an elbow drop to the back of Ryder's head, getting a two count.  When Ryder gets back up to his feet he hits Ziggler with a couple of right hands, but he's put right back down with a back elbow from Ziggler.  Ziggler locks in a rear chin lock in an attempt to wear down the Long Island superstar.

Ryder fights up to his feet, but he's put right back down to the mat by Ziggler, who scores another two count before locking in another rear chin lock.  Ryder is able to fight up to his feet and buries a couple of rights in Ziggler's gut, but he's caught with another back elbow and an Olympic slam from Ziggler which nets him another near fall.

Ziggler takes Ryder into the corner and seats him on the turnbuckle, but Ryder scores with a right to the jaw, and leaps off the middle turnbuckle with a missile dropkick to Ziggler for a near fall of his own.  Ryder surprises Ziggler with a couple of flying forearms before Ryder drives Ziggler's face down into the canvas.  Ryder splashes Ziggler in the corner and gets the crowd behind him before hitting the face wash kick.  Ryder goes for the pin but Vickie gets Dolph's foot on the ropes to break the count.  The referee responds by kicking Vickie out.

Ryder rolls up Ziggler for two but Ziggler reverses the roll up for a two count of his own.  Ziggler catches Ryder throat first on the top rope.  Ziggler misses the rocker dropped and ends up rolled up for two.  Ziggler scores with the rocker dropper on another attempt and he goes for the pin but Ryder is still able to kick out at two.  Ziggler goes for the sleeper hold but Ryder shrugs him off, only to walk into a big dropkick that's good for another two count for Ziggler.

Ziggler makes his way up to the top, but he's stopped by Ryder, who nails him hard.  Ryder follows Ziggler up in the corner and hits a big hurricarana, but it's still not enough for a three count.  Ryder is calling for his finisher, he tries for the rough Ryder, but Ziggler tosses him off into the corner and rolls him up for another near fall.

Ziggler charges Ryder in the corner and he's met with the double knees.  Ryder hits the rough Ryder, and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE US Champion: Zack Ryder

The crowd seems really happy about the title change, and Ryder celebrates with the fans before standing on the announce table to show off his new title, while Cole pouts the entire time.

Booker T is shown backstage warming up, and he's attacked by Cody Rhodes who slams him into various objects around the backstage area before punching and kicking away at him.  It's broken up, and Booker looks furious as Cody is dragged away.

Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston make their way out to the ring to a nice pop from the crowd, and it looks like we're going to have a WWE Tag Team Championship match added to the card.

It looks as though the opponents for Air Boom this evening will be Primo and Epico, and they make their way out to the ring with Rosa Mendes in tow.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Air Boom (c) vs. Primo and Epico

The bell rings, and it looks like Epico and Bourne will be kicking things off.  Epico goes for a quick pin but he can't get three.  Bourne rolls up Epico quickly in response.  We get another quick roll up from Bourne for another two count.  Bourne hits a hurricarana and tags out to Kofi.  Bourne and Kofi hit a double leap frog before Kofi hits Epico with a big dropkick.  Epico is able to make the tag to Primo and Kofi hits both men with a big dropkick that's good for a near fall.

Primo is able to get a couple of nice shots in, but when he tries for a monkey flip, Kofi lands on his feet and responds with a monkey flip of his own for another near fall.  Bourne tags in and hits an assisted hurricarana on Primo before Primo is able to make the tag.  Bourne tries to hit a springboard cross body, but he's caught by Primo and Epico and thrown to the outside.  Bourne is thrown back into the ring for another quick two count.  Primo makes the tag and he comes in to stomp away at Bourne for a bit.  Quick tags and both men lay in the boots on Bourne.

Primo gets another near fall and Evan tries to make it to his corner, but Primo locks in a front face lock to prevent it.  Bourne lays in with a couple of nasty kicks, but he still can't make the tag as Primo slams him back into his own corner, and tags out to Epico who hits a big dropkick on Bourne for another near fall.  Bourne continues to try and fight back with kicks to Epico, but he's caught by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Epico hits a belly to back suplex, then another, then a German suplex and pins Evan for a two count.  Epico gets Bourne in the Gory special, trying to wear Bourne down, but Evan reverses into a roll up for two.  Bourne continues the assault, jumping up in the air and coming down with his knees on Epico's shoulders.  Both men make the tag and Kofi comes in as a house of fire, hitting Primo with a big dropkick and knocking Epico from the apron before laying out Primo and hitting the boom drop.

Kofi sets up for the trouble in paradise, but Primo sees it coming and backs away.  Kofi hits a beautiful run up cross body from the top.  Bourne goes to the top and leaps to the outside on top of Epico.  Back in the ring, Kofi surprises Primo with the Trouble in Paradise, and Primo goes down for the three count.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Air Boom

Cole and Lawler send it backstage to Josh Matthews who says Booker T is now being evaluated by medical staff and Cody Rhodes walked by smirking.  He says one could assume their match is cancelled, but nothing is official yet.

Backstage Teddy Long, dressed as Santa, is shown decorating a Christmas tree, until he's interrupted by Hornswoggle.  Long says Swoggle's been a good boy.  Hornswoggle says he's got a beard, full grown testees, and since when is Santa black.  He asks why he's in the office.  Teddy says he saw Hornswoggle trying to talk jive and it was horrible, so he got him a present.  Long gives Hornswoggle Rosetta Stone 'Ebonics' and says Hornswoggle will never embarrass himself again.  Swoggle says he likes it, but he ends up kicking Long in the shin before he leaves, leaving Long cursing him.

When we go back out to the ring, it's all set up for the Tables match, and Lillian Garcia introduces Randy Orton, who makes his way out to the ring to a big pop from the crowd.  Wade Barrett is out next, and he gets a bit of heat from the crowd, but like Ziggler, it sounds a bit subdued.

Tables Match

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

It's worth noting before this one gets started, that there are a ton of tables lining the entrance way up to the ring, and surrounding the ring.

The bell rings, and both men begin circling each other.  Orton kicks Barrett in the gut, and both men trade right hands.  Orton gets the upper hand, ducking a clothesline, and hitting a backbreaker.  Orton stomps on Barrett and goes to the outside to grab a table.  Orton goes to put the table in the ring, but Barrett kicks the table straight into Orton's face and goes outside to slam him into the apron before sending him back into the ring.  Barrett grabs the table and slides it into the ring, but Orton baseball slides the table into Barrett's gut, and slams the table up into Barrett's face.  Orton comes to the outside and slams Barrett face first into the ring steps.

Orton sets up a table on the outside and goes back to Barrett, hitting him with a big European uppercut that sends him stumbling up the entrance way.  Barrett responds with a couple of elbows to the back of Orton's head before trying for a pumphandle slam through a table, but Orton gets out of it.  Barrett pushes the table over immediately before he's hit with a right from Orton.  Barrett makes his way back toward the ring, and Orton follows, slamming him head first into the ring apron before taking him up the ring steps and trying for a suplex to the floor through a table.  Barrett fights him off and slams him head first into the ring post before Orton falls and hits the ring steps head first.  Barrett hits Orton with a big boot on the outside to lay out Orton.

Barrett slides a table into the ring before setting up a table on the outside next to the apron.  When he goes back to Orton he's caught with a right, but he hits Orton with a couple of clubbing blows to the back before slamming Orton head first into the table and laying him out on top of it.  Barrett goes up to the middle turnbuckle, but Orton slides off of the table.  Barrett goes to the outside and drives Orton back first into the ring apron repeatedly before sliding the Viper back into the ring.

Barrett makes his way back into the ring with a big elbow drop from the middle rope to Orton, before choking Randy against the middle rope with his knee, and then the top rope while Orton sits on the middle rope.  Barrett leaves Orton sitting on the middle rope and kicks him hard, sending him crashing into the ring apron, but Orton avoids crashing through a table.

Barrett props up another table in the corner and shoulders Orton, but as he charges the table, Orton slides off of Barrett's shoulders and hits a couple of big clotheslines, and a snap powerslam.  Barrett goes to the apron and Orton tries for the suspension DDT but Barrett fights out of it.  Barrett tries to kick Orton to the floor through a table but Orton avoids it.  Both men fights on the apron and Barrett tries for the wasteland to the floor, but Orton fights out of the hold.  Orton is able to connect with the suspension DDT on a second attempt, and Orton psychs himself up.  Orton tries for the RKO, but Barrett pushes him off and hits a big sidewalk slam.

Barrett takes the table that's propped up in the corner and slams it down on top of a prone Randy Orton.  Barrett sets up the table properly in the middle of the ring before turning back to Orton and stomping away at him.  Barrett pulls the table toward the corner, then sets up Orton on top of the table.  Barrett heads into the corner and goes up to the middle turnbuckle, but when he leaps off, Orton pops off the table and connects with the RKO, putting Barrett straight through the table.

Winner: Randy Orton

Watching that spot on replay they're really lucky they hit it, because honestly only Barrett's legs went through the table, but it did indeed break.  Orton celebrates by posing on the turnbuckles while Barrett is tended to by the referee.

The Bella's are shown backstage sitting on Santa Long's lap, arguing about who deserves what for Christmas, and who is the good twin.  Long says both of the Bella's have been bad, but it's the holiday season, and it's the time for giving, and he's got gifts for both of them.  Long gives them cards with the number to his direct line in case they want to play any 'Reindeer games'.  The Bella's are disgusted and they leave.  When Long turns around, Jack Swagger is there.  Swagger asks what Long is going to do about Mark Henry hitting him with a chair.  Long says nothing, Swagger's the one who ticked off Henry in the first place.  Long invites Swagger to sit on his lap to try and work things out.  Thankfully they're interrupted by Sheamus before that can happen.  Sheamus says Long makes a fine Santa Clause.  Long says he wants to talk to Sheamus and this makes Swagger angry. Sheamus tells Swagger some story that probably means something, but it's pretty boring and made me zone out.  Long tries to diffuse the situation by giving everyone an early Christmas present, and making Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger for later tonight.

Back out in the arena, Beth Phoenix makes her way out to the ring, solo, to a bit of heat from the crowd.  We get a recap of Raw, when Beth and Natalya interrupted Kelly Kelly's Slammy acceptance for Dive Something of the Year.  That's what led up to this match, as Kelly makes her way out to the ring next, to a little bit of a pop.

WWE Diva's Championship

Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Kelly Kelly

The bell rings and it looks like we're ready to begin this match.  Beth asks Kelly to slap her again, calling her out.  Beth hits Kelly and Kelly finally does respond with a slap.  Beth charges but Kelly pulls down the middle rope and Beth sails to the outside.  Kelly goes out to the apron and hits a facebuster to the floor before slamming Beth face first into the ring apron repeatedly.  Kelly locks her legs around Beth's neck and chokes her before they come back into the ring and Kelly hits a hurricarana that sends Beth into the corner.  Beth is able to slam Kelly face first into the top turnbuckle before she pounds away at Kelly and grinds her elbow into Kelly's back.

Beth ties Kelly up in the ropes, pulling her by her hair before standing on her back and choking her on the middle rope.  Beth pulls Kelly away from the ropes hard and slams her down to the canvas hard.  Beth locks in a camel clutch and yells at the ref to ask her.  Kelly is screaming as Beth is wrenching away at the hold, but eventually, Beth simply stomps down on Kelly's back, breaking the hold.  Kelly surprises Beth with a quick roll up for two before she hits Beth with another facebuster and slams her face repeatedly into the canvas.  Beth sends Kelly into the corner, but eats both of Kelly's feet.  Beth slams Kelly down to the mat and tries for a couple of covers, but Kelly won't stay down for three.

Beth pounds away at Kelly non-stop before heading out to the apron and going up to the top rope.  Beth goes for a big leg drop, but Kelly moves out of the way, and Beth crashes down to the mat on her bottom.  Kelly goes for the rocker dropper, but she can't hit it as Beth goes for the Glam slam instead.  Kelly reverses into a pin for two, but Beth turns it around for a two count of her own.  Beth pulls Kelly up into powerbomb position, but simply tosses Kelly over her head and down to the mat. Beth pins Kelly and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Diva's Champion: Beth Phoenix

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodreiguez are backstage.  Del Rio is mad at Ricardo because apparently he couldn't get a car for tonight.  Del Rio sends Ricardo away and turns right around into the Miz.  Miz says they worked together for the greater good, but not tonight.  Del Rio says he knows, and he was just using the Miz.  Miz asks 'Really?', and says that's funny because Del Rio's title reign was as uneventful as the Raven's superbowl run.  Miz says he beat Cena at WrestleMania, and Del Rio lost to Edge, who's neck was hanging on by a thread.  Del Rio says Miz is a guy who thinks he's bad, but he's not.  He says Miz is pathetic.  The men are interrupted by Ricardo, who comes in with a plate of food.  Miz shoves the food in Ricardo's face, and Del Rio shoves him to the ground to end the segment.

Cole reminds us today that the last combat troops left Iraq.  This leads us to a special taped message from some of the armed forces, thanking the WWE for the time.  Classy move.

Booker T makes his way out to the ring, and it looks like we're going to get the Booker/Rhodes match.  Cody attacks Booker from behind and lays into him with repeated kicks while Booker's laid against the barricade.  Cody's pulled away, and referees check on Booker.  Booker looks confused, but he's led to the back by the doctor who says he needs to check on him before he can compete.

We get a video package of the events between Kevin Nash, from his return, to his attack on Triple H a couple of months ago, that have led up to this match between the two men tonight.

The sledge hammer is shown hanging over the ring, although it doesn't look to be hung nearly as high as these things normally are.  Nash's music hits, and Big Daddy Cool makes his way out to the ring to a bit of a reaction from the crowd.  I don't know what it is but they seem to be sitting on their hands during all of the heel intros, and even some of the face intros.

After a bit of a pause after Nash's music dies, Triple H makes his way out to the ring to the biggest pop of the night so far.  Hunter makes his way down to the ring, and again, just like during the tables match, the entrance way is lined with ladders on both sides the whole way down.  Something tells me they won't need nearly that many ladders for this match.

Ladder Match

Nash vs. Triple H

Nash goes to attack Hunter right off the bat at the bell, but Hunter turns it around, peppering Nash with rights in the corner.  Nash responds by hitting Hunter with a couple of big elbows to the side of the head, so Hunter comes right back with huge rights to the side of Nash's face.  Nash turns Hunter around and buries his knee in Hunter's gut repeatedly before hitting him with a couple of clubbing blows to the back.  Hunter comes back, ramming his shoulder into Nash's stomach before building up steam and hitting Nash hard, sending him crashing to the outside.  Hunter follows and slams Nash into the announce table, but when he turns his attention to one of the ladders, he's caught by surprise by Nash with a big boot to the side of the face.  Nash picks up the ladder and uses it to charge into Triple H, sending him crashing into the time keeper's area.

Nash slides a ladder into the ring, and when he turns around, Triple H comes at him, leaping off the announce table with a flying forearm and slamming his forearm into Nash's face.  Hunter goes over and knocks down one of the ringside ladders before clotheslining Nash over the barricade into the crowd.

Hunter charges Nash, but Nash is able to get his elbow up and Hunter runs right into it.  Nash crosses back over into the ringside area, shoulders Triple H, and sends him crashing face first into the barricade before bringing him back and slamming him into the ring steps.  Nash tries to whip Hunter into the ring post, but Triple H is able to turn things around and Nash crashes face first into the ring post.  Hunter turns to Nash's knee, kicking him hard before sending him back into the ring, grabbing another ladder and bringing it in with him.

Hunter takes the ladder and uses it to slam Nash's knee repeatedly.  Nash falls to the mat clutching his knee, and Hunter holds on to the ladder, taking it over and driving it into Nash's knee hard twice.  Hunter tosses the ladder to the mat and grabs Nash's leg, sandwiching it in the ladder and stomping away hard at the knee.

Hunter wraps the ladder around Nash's leg and drapes it over his body, locking in a figure four with Nash's legs caught up in the ladder.  Hunter holds on to it for a while, but eventually breaks it on his own.  He sets up one ladder in the corner, and uses the other ladder to just slam down onto Nash's chest.

Hunter picks Nash up to his feet and Nash fights back, whipping Hunter into the ladder hard enough to send him sailing into the ladder and over the top rope, crashing down onto the floor.  Nash waits for Hunter to peak over the apron, and slides the ladder into his face, sending the Game back down to the floor.  Nash wedges the ladder in between the middle and top rope before heading to the outside.  He grabs Hunter and sends him back into the ring, taking time to hit him with a couple of clubbing blows to the chest on the way back in.  Nash comes back into the ring and hits a side slam, laying Hunter out on a ladder laid in the ring.

Nash adjusts the ladder in the corner, moving it down to between the bottom and middle rope.  Nash drags Hunter under the ladder and slingshots him up face first into it.  Nash rolls Hunter out of the ring, and Triple H crumples to the floor.  Nash makes his way over to the announce table and begins dismantling it.  Nash takes the monitors out and turns back around to Triple H.  Nash goes for a jackknife powerbomb, but Hunter back body drops Nash over the table, avoiding the move.  Hunter rolls back into the ring.

Hunter sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring, and he begins climbing.  Nash catches him from behind and pulls him off the ladder, delivering a clothesline to lay him out.  Nash props up the ladder in the corner, whipping Hunter into it.  Triple H comes out of the corner, and he's met with a hand to the throat, as Nash delivers a chokeslam.

Nash heads to the outside and goes under the ring, grabbing a table.  Nash slides the table into the ring and makes his way in afterwards.  Nash sets up the table before taking down the straps on his singlet.  Nash pulls Hunter over toward the table and tries for another powerbomb, but Hunter drives him back into the ladder propped in the corner.  Hunter grabs the ladder and uses it to drive into Nash's injured knee.  Hunter sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring again.

With Nash on the outside Hunter begins the climb.  Nash makes it back into the ring and begins climbing up the other side.  Nash and Hunter fight at the top of the ladder and Hunter uses the sledge hammer, still hanging from the roof, to drive into Nash's head, sending him sailing from the ladder and through the table in the ring.  Hunter looks up and grabs the sledge hammer, bringing it down from the ceiling.

Hunter makes his way down to the mat and uses the hammer to hit Nash's knee, driving it home repeatedly.  Hunter tosses the ladder out of the ring and stands over Nash, seething.  Hunter looks out to the crowd to a ton of cheers, and he tosses the hammer to the side.  Hunter goes for the pedigree and Nash falls to the mat, so Hunter pulls him up and makes sure to deliver the pedigree properly.

The crowd chants for one more, but Hunter shakes his head and walks over to grab the sledge hammer.  When he turns around, Nash is holding up the Wolfpac sign, but it doesn't matter, as Triple H tells him to 'suck it' and drives the hammer into Nash's head, dropping him to the mat for the three count.

Winner: Triple H

Following the match, medics are down and they load Nash on to a backboard, strapping his neck in securely before transferring him over to a stretcher to take him to the back.  Lawler says something about what goes around comes around.

We go backstage where Matt Striker is standing alongside CM Punk.  He says Punk had an interesting experience with his challengers last Monday, and we get a recap of Alberto Del Rio and the Miz beating Punk down before their match tonight.  Striker asks for Punks thoughts.  Punk says he had six days to watch this footage, and as painful as it was, there was something more painful.  More painful than sitting through two hours of Cole commentary.  He says what he saw was Johnny Ace accept an award on his behalf, and it was for Superstar of the Year.  And he's not received his Slammy yet.  Ace comes in and says he mailed the Slammy, but it's the holiday season, so it might be a while.  Ace says Punk should be more worried about his match tonight.  He wishes Punk luck tonight and a Merry Christmas.  Punk says luck is for losers before walking out.

Back in the arena, Jack Swagger makes his way out with Vickie Guerrero in tow.  Cole makes note that it's been a rough night for Vickie already.

Sheamus is out next, and he gets a nice pop from the crowd on his way out to the ring.

Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

The bell rings and we get a quick lock up.  Swagger breaks and lays into Sheamus with a couple of strikes.  Sheamus tells him to bring it on and hits him with a big clothesline.  Sheamus drops it up with a couple of big elbow drops to Swagger, then takes him to the corner to beat on him for a while before hitting a big shoulder block.  Sheamus sends Swagger into the ropes, and Swagger is able to turn it around into an abdominal stretch, but Sheamus is quick to fight it off, tie Swagger up in the ropes, and hit him with repeated clubbing blows to the chest before just tossing him to the outside.

Sheamus tries to suplex Swagger back into the ring, but Swagger blocks it, so Sheamus hits him with a couple of rights that send him back out to the floor.  Sheamus follows, but he's driven spine first into the ring post before being sent into the barricade hard.  Swagger sends Sheamus back into the ring and hits the Vader bomb in the corner for a quick near fall.

Swagger tosses Sheamus into the ropes and hits him with a big forearm to the bat.  When he tries to do it again, Sheamus responds with a big clothesline, then a couple of running forearms.  Sheamus beats on Swagger's back in the corner before taking him to the middle of the ring and slamming him to the mat hard for another near fall.  Sheamus heads out to the apron and makes his way up, but Swagger surprises him with a big running forearm that sends Sheamus crashing to the outside.  Swagger follows, but this time Sheamus sends Swagger spine first into the ring post and then hard into the barricade.  Sheamus sends Swagger back into the ring and follows with a big diving shoulder block from the top rope for another near fall for Sheamus.

Sheamus gets himself psyched up, but he misses the bicycle kick, and Swagger is able to connect with a couple of low dropkicks to the knee, and another Vader bomb in the corner.  Swagger pulls Sheamus out into the middle of the ring and locks in the ankle lock, keeping Sheamus in the middle.  Sheamus rolls through to send Swagger into the corner, and he sidesteps a spear.  Sheamus connects with the bicycle kick, and lays Swagger out for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

Sheamus makes his way to the back, celebrating at the top of the entranceway.

Josh Matthews is standing backstage where he welcomes the Big Show.  He asks for any final thoughts.  Show says he's feeling it.  He's got Henry beat.  Henry hasn't been able to beat him since he's been back, and tonight, he's got steel chairs.  He says he's feeling Mark Henry's reign of terror is over.  His championship drought is over.  He says tonight is going to end in a giant way before letting out a little yell and leaving.

We head back out to the arena, and it's time for the World Heavyweight Championship match, as the Big Show makes his way out from the back, ready for the chairs match.  I guess it's worth noting that the aisle isn't lined with chairs, but there are a ton of them all around the ring.

Mark Henry is out next, and he gets a pretty negative reaction from the crowd, but it's still a bit subdued.  Henry's ankle is heavily taped.

We get formal ring introductions for both men from Lillian Garcia, and it looks like we're finally ready to kick this one off.

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Mark Henry (c) vs. Big Show

The bell rings and Show bails to the outside immediately.  Show starts tossing chairs into the ring. five, six, seven.  Show keeps going, eleven, twelve.  Show picks up chair thirteen and brings it back into the ring with it in hand.  Henry is waiting with a chair, but he drops it and heads to the outside.

Henry heads over to the time keeper's area and asks for his title, saying this isn't happening.  Henry walks out, but Show heads out with a chair in hand.  Show ducks a title shot from Henry, and hits him with a couple of huge chair shots.  Show lays in to Henry with a couple of big rights and lefts, but Henry is quick to respond with a couple of rights and a head butt of his own.  Henry grabs a chair and slams it down into Show's back before taking his hand and slamming it into the ring steps.  Henry hits Show in the gut with a chair before sending him back into the ring.  Back in the ring both men swing chairs and Show drops him.  Henry hits him with a couple more shots before taking the chair and burying it in Show's midsection.

Show tries to fight back, punching with lefts and rights.  Show teases a chokeslam, but Henry fights it off, sending him back down to the mat.  Henry picks up a chair and uses it to blast Henry across the back, before putting it down across his hand and stomping down.

Henry hits Show in the ribs with another chair, then tosses it down to the mat before pulling the big man to his feet.  Show fights off a slam and teases another chokeslam, but Henry bats the hand away.  Henry goes to swing the chair again, but Show hits Henry with a huge right hand to the side of the head.  Show goes for the cover, and he pins Henry for three.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: The Big Show

Show celebrates with the title in hand, putting it over his shoulder.  He's attacked from behind by Henry who hits him hard with a chair shot.  Henry DDTs Show head first into a chair.  The crowd is chanting for Daniel Bryan, who comes out with a ref and his briefcase in hand.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Big Show

Bryan pins The Big Show, and gets the three count

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

Show looks stunned as Bryan celebrates with his championship, and the fans go nuts as Bryan makes his way over to celebrate with the crowd.

Big Show makes his way to the back dejectedly as Bryan screams out to the crowd that he's the World Heavyweight Champion, and in a moment that indy wrestling fans around the world can revel in, Bryan Danielson and CM Punk are your WWE Champions.

We get that same crazy dubstep promo for the WWE Network, which is coming soon, as we all know.

Cole and Lawler recap what happened earlier tonight with Cody Rhodes attacking Booker T backstage, and then a second time later in the night as he was on the way to the ring for their Intercontinental Championship match.  Booker is shown backstage with Josh Matthews, and he's going to try and compete tonight.  Matthews says Booker doesn't have anything to prove.  Booker says it's not about that, it's about not going out like a sucker.  He's in a lot of pain, but tonight he's going to make sure Cody feels the same.  He says he didn't ask for this fight, but he's got it, before walking off.

Back out in the arena Cody Rhodes in introduced and the Champion makes his way out to the ring for his match with Booker T.

Booker T is out next and he gets another nice pop from the crowd in attendance.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Booker T

Booker makes his way into the ring immediately and wants Cody.  As soon as the bell rings Rhodes attacks.  Booker comes back with a couple of quick strikes, taking Rhodes into the corner and hitting him with a couple of chops before laying him out with a back elbow.  Booker picks Rhodes up and slams him down to the mat, then does it a second time.

Booker goes for a third slam but Rhodes blocks it.  Booker puts Rhodes down to the mat again for a near fall.  Booker sends Rhodes crashing over the top rope to the outside and he's quick to follow.  Booker and Rhodes trade blows on the outside and Booker gets the upper hand, slamming Rhodes head first into the barricade to the delight of the crowd.  Booker sends Cody back into the ring and he's surprised on the way back in.  Rhodes tries to suplex Booker back into the ring, but Booker fights it off.  Rhodes responds by hitting Booker with a running forearm that sends Booker crashing down to the arena floor.  Rhodes follows out and slams Booker into the barricade.

Rhodes heads back into the ring, but then right back out so he can send Booker in as well.  In the ring Rhodes locks in a submission hold working over Booker's shoulders and back.  Booker fights up to his feet and catches Rhodes with a couple of quick strikes, but Rhodes catches him with a kick to the chest and puts Booker down to the mat for another near fall.  Rhodes locks in a seated full nelson, but it's not long before Booker fights back up to his feet.  Booker fights out of the hold and hits a chop but Cody tosses him right into the corner.  Booker hits Cody with an elbow and coming out of the corner, both men connect with clotheslines, and both go down.

Both men are slow to their feet, but when they get up they trade rights in the middle of the ring.  Booker gets the upper hand, putting Cody down with a couple of clotheslines and a big side slam.  Booker goes for the pin but he's only able to get a two count.  Booker hits a huge delayed spinebuster, planting Rhodes on the mat.  Booker looks out to the fans, and holds up his hand before dropping to his knee.  Booker looks ready, and he delivers a classic spinaroonie.

Booker goes for the axe kick, but he misses.  Cody is able to connect with the beautiful disaster kick, and he goes for the cover, but Booker is able to kick out at two.  Cody is upset and he takes time to talk to the ref.  Cody goes for the beautiful disaster kick again, and he connects again.  Cody goes for the pin and gets a three count this time.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes

We get a recap of Zack Ryder winning the WWE United States Championship earlier this evening. I didn't report it the first time around, but Ryder's father was in attendance in to see his son win the title.

We also get a recap of Big Show winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Mark Henry, only to be attacked by the former Champion, and then immediately lose the belt to Daniel Bryan.

The WWE Championship is shown hanging over the ring, and it looks like we're ready for the main event of the evening.  Justin Roberts is in the ring and he runs down the rules of the match quickly before sending it over to Ricardo Rodreiguez.

Ricardo is still covered in food from his run in with Miz and Del Rio earlier in the night.  Del Rio makes his way out from the back, without a car, and he stares down Ricardo before taking a look at all of the tables, ladders, and chairs lining the way to the ring.

The Miz is the next man to make his way down to the ring, and he doesn't get much of a reaction out of the crowd.  Miz looks at the weapons lining the entrance way briefly, but he's all business as he makes his way down to the ring fairly quickly.

The Champion himself, CM Punk, is the final man to make his way to the ring, after a little bit of a break following the Miz's music.  Punk makes his way out to a nice pop from the crowd, without the title around his waist, as it's obviously hanging above the ring.  Punk takes the time to duck under one of the ladders on his way to the ring.

WWE Championship TLC Match

CM Punk (c) vs. The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio

The crowd is solidly behind CM Punk, overwhelmingly chanting for the defending champion.  The bell rings and Punk attacks both men.  The numbers get to Punk eventually as Del Rio and Miz team up to attack the champ.  Del Rio and Miz try for a double clothesline, but Punk ducks it and hits both men with a dropkick before hitting Miz with a stiff kick to the spine.  Del Rio and Punk team up again, pounding on Punk and dropping him neck first across the top rope.

Del Rio and Miz hit a double suplex before both men start simply laying the boots to Punk.  Del Rio and Miz stop to stare each other down before both men make their way to the outside to procure some weapons.  On their way back Del Rio catches Miz with a couple of chair shots before kicking him in the chest on the arena floor.  Del Rio grabs a ladder and heads back to the ring, and Punk leaps from the ring, crashing into Del Rio as he's carrying the ladder.  Punk sends Miz back into the ring and grabs a chair, following Miz.  Miz attacks Punk as soon as he gets back into the ring, grabbing the chair and using it to bury in Punk's stomach.  Miz tries to splash Punk in the corner but Punk movers, hitting the high knee in the corner.  Punk goes for the bull dog, but Miz fights it off, hitting a belly to back suplex, dropping Punk down head first onto an open chair.

Miz goes to the outside and props a ladder up on the ring apron.  He tries for the SCF on Del Rio, but Del Rio fights it off and back body drops Miz onto the ladder.  Del Rio grabs the ladder and tries to bring it into the ring.  Del Rio avoids a baseball slide, but Punk slides out of the ring and kicks the ladder into Del Rio's face.  Punk sends Del Rio into the barricade hard.  Punk tries to suplex Del Rio through a table at ringside but Del Rio fights it off.  Del Rio tries for a German suplex, but Punk fights it off and hits a neckbreaker.  Miz is in and attacks Punk with a chair, but when he swings for Punk's head, Punk ducks it and Miz connects with the ring post.  Punk wears out Miz with the chair, hitting him with it over and over.  Punk sits Miz on the barricade and sets up a chair, charging Miz and hitting him with a high knee, leaping off the chair and sending Miz crashing into the crowd.

Punk goes for a huge ladder and brings it back into the ring.  Punk sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and begins climbing up for the championship.  Ricardo is in and he grabs Punk's foot.  Ricardo handcuffs Punk to the ladder and Del Rio comes in from the side to lay the boots in to Punk.

Del Rio begins climbing the ladder that Punk is handcuffed to.  Punk kicks at the ladder and dismantles part of it, freeing himself.  Punk uses the handcuffs as a weapon, driving them into Del Rio's head, before setting the ladder up against the ropes and back body dropping Del Rio into the ladder hard.  Miz slides into the ring while Punk is grabbing weapons, and he's got a ladder.  Miz uses the ladder as a weapon, driving and dropping it down hard on Punk.  Miz climbs the ladder fast and he makes it to the top but Punk pulls him down.  Punk tries for the Go to Sleep, but Miz fights it off in the corner, hitting Punk with a couple of clubbing blows to the back.  Punk sends Miz out to the ring apron and he tries to superplex Punk to the outside, but Del Rio catches Punk with a kick to the side of the head and Punk falls out to the floor through a table.

Del Rio sends Miz to the outside and he follows, where he throws a ladder at Miz and begins hitting him with a chair.  Del Rio uses the ladder to choke Miz, before he wraps Miz's arm up in the ladder and locks in the cross arm breaker.  Miz is tapping out, but it doesn't matter in this match.  Del Rio breaks the hold and he grabs a chair, slowly making his way back toward the ring.  Del Rio grabs a second chair and tosses it on top of Punk when he gets back by the ring.  Del Rio uses the other chair to his the chair laying on top of Punk, wearing him out.  Del Rio stomps away at Punk before locking in the cross arm breaker with Punk's arm wrapped in a chair.  Punk is screaming, but it still doesn't matter.  Del Rio looks up, and he heads back into the ring to try for the belt.

Del Rio sets up the ladder, moving it to the center of the ring, and then he slowly begins climbing to the top.  Punk and Miz both make it into the ring and Del Rio's got his hands on the title.  They tip the ladder and Del Rio crashes down into the ropes, crotching himself.  Del Rio falls to the outside where Ricardo is quick to attend to him.  Miz and Punk trade blows in the center of the ring.  Punk gets the upper hand with a couple of stiff kicks, and both men fall back down to the mat.

Back in the ring, Ricardo sets the ladder up, and begins climbing for the championship.  Punk and Miz tip the ladder, sending Ricardo out of the ring, crashing to the arena floor, and through a table on the way down.  The crowd goes nuts and the replay from the overhead camera is absolutely insane, and a little hard to watch.

Punk lays in to Miz with a couple of kicks before shouldering him.  Miz fights it off and tries for the SCF, but Punk fights it off.  Punk charges Miz in the corner but Miz moves and Punk's shoulder connects with the ring post.  Miz somehow connects Punk's handcuffs to the turnbuckle post, stopping the champion from moving.  Punk tries to hit Miz, but he's just out of reach.  Miz gloats, but Punk catches him with a kick to the side of the head to take Miz out.

Miz goes to the apron to try and break the turnbuckle arm from the ring post.  Del Rio brings a ladder into the ring and he and Miz both set up a ladder, trying to climb to the top.  Punk is trying his hardest to unscrew the turnbuckle, and he's successful.  Punk runs up the ladder and all three men are at the top.  Punk fights everyone, hitting everyone with rights.  Punk knocks Miz off of the ladder, then knocks Del Rio down to the mat.  Miz pulls Punk from the ladder and climbs right up, but Punk pulls him down, hits the Go to Sleep, and sends Miz crashing out of the ring and down to the floor.  Punk reaches up, and he pulls the title down from the ceiling, winning the match.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

Punk sits at the top of the ladder with his title over his shoulder, shouting out to the crowd asking what's his name.  We get replays from the match, which really was pretty brutal, with a lot of nice spots, for the PG era.  Especially the table spot with Ricardo to the outside from the top of the ladder, that was pretty crazy in this day and age of WWE.

The PPV ends with Punk celebrating with his title at the top of the ladder.  Cole runs down the title changes from the night, and caps it off by announcing CM Punk retains.  Punk is shown nodding his head as the PPV fades to black.

  • eurosario

    I knew it would happened Ryder is champion and I knew Primo & Epico would have a championship match tonight

  • Marc

    Cant thank you guys enough for the mobile site you guys are practically as live and as quick to updating tlc…as tlc itself. Thanks again from a reader of two years

  • Bobby

    Is this a PPV or an episode of Smackdown?

    • WWE FAN

      r u kidding me you don't know if its a ppv wow with that question you just asked it seems like you don't watch it

      • Bobby

        I was being sarcastic.

        • j8duong

          Guess this was SmackDown's answer to WrestleMania being an episode of Raw…

  • snuggle

    Wtf why do they continue to let cody attack booker they better have the match and let booker beat that boy like he stole something. Booker new ic champion NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT…………….. SUCKAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Luke

    I agree, it’s more like an episode of smackdown but with tables

  • Woo woo woo you know your us champ !!!!!!!

  • Big mike

    Booker T. gon put a whipping on that boy like these saints did the vikings lol

  • DontAskMeForMyName

    Its so nice u have to watch it twice

  • Mike

    Glad Ryder won. Wonder if Kane is gonna do anything. They’ve added the Sheamus match, wouldn’t be surprised if they either add a Kane vs cena match or maybe add cena to the wwe

  • Carter


  • infamous743

    If this Henry vs show is another dq I swear to god I’ll watch tna instead of wwe

  • Alejandro

    Zack Ryder AND my boy D-Bryan becomes champ?Nice,sounds like an actually good PPV.

  • Devin

    Dainiel byan come on what happened to wrestlemania

    • tyrdea

      C'mon now, even Daniel Bryan's mom knows that someone who hasn't gotten even CLOSE to a main event on a ppv all year is HARDLY gonna main event Wrestlemania, MITB or not!! Especially with Cena/Rock being the main event, an Undertaker return HAS to be Smackdown's part of the main event. Everyone better enjoy D.Bryan being champion for now, especially with Mark Henry going out due to injury. He may get around a rematch with Big Show, but Sheamus & Orton are on the horizon, same as a returning Kane. Bryan should have cashed in MITB alot sooner than this..

  • infamous743

    Lillian botched the show vs Henry ending, db will probably not make it too wrestlemania as champ

  • ctw13v1

    So best things so far ryder US champ, bryan WHC, booker v Cody and no CENA. I hope the main event is good. Was it me or was the divas championship better the Nash v HHH

  • truckerbob3007

    Bryan Danielson and Punk as champs in the WWE, I just hope they let Bryan perform as Bryan can… They will probably let show or mark Henry win the title back on raw tomorrow..hope I’m wrong but it seems as if VKM will look
    Like he is getting behind Bryan then will lose his mind and make him look
    Like nothing, and any ” true” knowledgable wrestling fan who knows history understands, that Bryan is probably one of the

  • truckerbob3007

    My comment got cut off.. Like Bryan said I am worried d Bryan will get screwed on his reign, if VKM would let him be, db is one of the best in the world.

    • tyrdea

      Put it like this, you saw what they did to Alberto Del Rio the two times he had the WWE title, look back at what happened to CM Punk the first two time he won the title with the MITB.. Good as DBryan is, do not count on him retaining past a month, ESPECIALLY not until WMania..

  • snuggle

    Wow big ups to both bryan and ryder but I’m upset because I feel like booker after being attacked so many times he should have came out beat the shit out of cody and won the title he deserves a rematch with the rule if cody touches booker before the match he loses his belt. Looks like they wrote nash off tv tonight to allow hunter to leave for his injuries was looking forward to a revamped nwo. Jericho/punk either royal rumble or wrestlemania any money.

  • snuggle

    January 2nd the true best in the world returns to confront punk and challenge him for the title y2j next wwe champion!!!!!!!!!!

    • BigT

      lol ur on drugs or something. Jericho has stated over and over again he has no intention of ever wrestling in the WWE again.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Anyone catch the giant Jim Cornette portrait that was held up by a fan during the Nash and HHH match? You can see a wwe official confiscate the sign and walk away with it. Lol.

  • Dewy

    The fourth can be summerslam

  • Its was a real awsome show last night bryan won
    Mark henery is injured
    Big shiw stunned

    Cm punk retained
    Triple hhhhhhhhhh beat bash

    And zack ryder one the us title


    Agreed 🙂

  • D tucker

    SO glad I didnt get this ppv after reading report. What a terrible end to the year for wwe!
    Db champion is terrible news he is diabolicle!
    Zr champion even worse he has no real skill just a joke! Overall the last 12 months have been poor, granted a few highlights but as a whole not great. Glad jc wasn’t involved and hopefully he will be part of a non title related feud

  • Jimbo

    I thought they had to be standing to start the match when you cash in the MITB case? I’m sure this happened when Swagger cashed in his and also when The Miz cashed his in.

  • eddie27

    I like how people are saying the Nash HHH match was boring but loved the WM Taker vs HHH. It was the same thing. BORING

  • ptekin

    Wwe creative team sucks ass daniel bryan champ seriously

  • BigT


  • brandon

    Woo Woo Woo You Know It!!!!!!!

  • luke

    The nash vs hhh match exceeded my expectation. a good old brawl apart from the botched pedigree

  • Lindsay Anderson

    So far, only mad about the divas match otherwise, things have been GREAT! Keep it up!! Would have liked to see Cena in a match but I understand our true champ needs a breather. Triple H slaughtered Kevin Nash & was it beautiful! YES! Life is GREAT!

  • vivalajady

    if or when booker vs cody it will be a great match.

  • Bryan

    Kevin Nash was in the match, of course it was gonna be botched.

  • bryan

    As much as I am happy to see Daniel Bryan getting the title, Im also worried. He has obviously worked hard to get to this level and hes one of the best pure wrestlers in the company(Punk being the other one). Im worried that they are going to bury him and give him a short title reign. I really hope not, because I think he could be a great champion if he i booked right. Hes the perfect "underdog" story.

    • @RatedMKD

      He's in the record books! I'd love a solid title reign, but let's face it, he's accomplished more than anyone could've reasonably hoped for. LET'S-GO BRY-AN!*clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*

  • Jay

    I smell a Daniel Bryan heel turn like how Punk won his second MiTB championship

    By the way, how the hell did Miz lock the handcuffs to the Rope when it was already locked to the ladder??

    • Dangerous Lee

      You can push the handcuffs through and they will loop over…if that makes sense.

  • Van

    although there were extra matches included,this was the first ppv where all of the predictions I made happened

  • Bryan

    CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as champs…this is a true wrestling fan's dream come true

  • LeftyTosser

    This TLC may well be the worst PPV of the decade for WWE. No wonder Cena didn't want to be a part of this disaster. Putting DB over Big Show (no matter how it happened) is crazy. I must admit I am glad to see Ryder get a strap, if for no other reason than to quiet the masses that think he's something special. Hunter & Nash looked like two old ladies fighting over the last piece of pie. The only thing missing from this PPV was that stupid chicken suit that TNA keeps pulling out for Thanksgiving every year.

  • Nate

    ROH owns WWE. Whodathunkit?

  • Ben

    Finall y Zach as champ
    Bryon and cm punk champs 🙂
    About time they get respect
    No jc thank god

  • Good paper view I seen in a long time

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Daniel Bryan World Hvt. Championship

    CM Punk WWE Champion

    Ryder US Champion

    what a Great Christmas and End of the Year


  • Will

    Uhhhh, if cuffs don't have anything to cuff around they can be re-used over & over again. That's how The Miz used them again on the turnbuckle.

  • stoney

    I hope Bryan has a long enough reign, but the WWE is notorious of screwing over talent that wasn't created by them

  • monty

    it just feels fresh not to have super cena be involved with anything. overall a good PPV i can't wait for wwe network so PPV like these can be on regular tv. 4 big PP a year will do wonders for WWE.

    survivor series
    royal rumble
    and 4th can be anything

    • eurosario

      What about Summerslam in the big Four

  • gpturbo81

    best booked WWE event in a while.

  • jay2681

    Punk was awesome afterwards. when the cameras were done rolling he handcuffed lillian and had her going around ringside shaking hans and greeting the fans

  • Doobie

    After watching the PPV, i was like something doesn't seem normal. hmm


    ROFL! =D

  • Laura

    I'm glad I didn't purchase this. That liar Ryder winning a useless title. WWE will be hearing from me today. FUTURE ENDEAVOR THAT POS ALREADY!!!!

  • An0n

    to the ones angry about daniel bryan being WH……Mad Bro? ;/)

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    1.) I have to single this out: "It doesn't matter. He has trended worldwide." That was Lawler in response to Cole saying Ryder did nothing to deserve his popularity. I'm not bothered by the Twitter thing, but that statement was just ridiculous. Ziggler used the Angle Slam? Tweet Kurt Angle! On the match, very good opener. I can't think of any other match to open TLC, so good choice. It was exciting, the backstory of Ryder's year added to it, and whether he would actually win the match. The nearfalls really helped, so I was somewhat on the edge of my seat. Ryder put it all on the line, and Ziggler was just amazing. To think Ryder pushed for a US title shot, it just made that title that much more important, added with Ziggler's long title reign. Imagine if he was campaigning for the WWE title. Craze. Also, Big O (wasn't mentioned by commentary) and Zack's dad was there. Nice, a genuine nice moment of him celebrating. Feel good moment.

    2.) Booker is 46 years old, he looks pretty good. I don't think the tag title match was advertised, but paying attention to Superstars and Tribute to the Troops, Epico and Primo have earned a title shot, but also are gaining momentum, with those wins, and their new valet, Rosa Mendes. I thought the Colons would win, just furthering the humbling for Evan Bourne, but no. That's fine. It was a nice filler match, it gave the Colons a PPV shot to show what they can do. Impressed, and I'd like to hope there will be more from this.

    3.) Racial joking, that was pretty funny. OH MY GOD! There's a Rosetta Stone for "Ebonics." Never mind the Lawler statement, that's even more ridiculous. Kicking in the ornaments? This was a humorous segment.

    4.) Barrett got cut and bled a little from a table hitting over the eyebrow. With table matches, there is a suddenness factor to it, some finishes do the job of catching one off guard. In this case, the RKO counter to Barrett's elbow through the table. Although that's kind of miniscule: Wade's legs went through the table. It was a very good match, I don't mind Randall winning. Especially when Wade had a good amount of time of dominating the match, so it wasn't very much a definitive finish to Wade Barrett. Some nice use of the table without it breaking, and nearfalls replaced with near bumps. Not bad.

    5.) Teddy has business cards? Nice segment with the Bellas. This doesn't surprise me, Sheamus is a face getting built to the main event, but with no Christian, he's feudless, and he's just beating down guys left and right. So next on the list, Swagger. Hmmm, Swagger getting another segment this week. I wonder if something more will happen in his future.

    6.) Now wait a second. I should've read the final card, because I'm not sure if this match was announced ahead of time. Where is Alicia Fox? Can Kelly Kelly call a match? Throughout the match, I heard Beth call moves, ask for time. Kelly Kelly followed instructions. That's how she can get a good match, follow Beth Phoenix, a true ring master in the women's game. Fine match, because of Beth Phoenix. A leg drop, and a reverse powerbomb, unique, great. Kelly Kelly, meh, she did her trademark stuff, but the fact Beth tried some different things, shows how deep her talent pool is. Kelly's? Shallow. Clean win, heel win.

    • Chapel Of Ghouls

      7.) Miz and Del Rio: Miz cheap heat towards Baltimore. Nice segment, but Del Rio insulting Miz's toughness, after Batista took a shot at Miz and his toughness? Hmm, but he bullied Ricardo, there's some toughness. Oh and he did beat John Cena, despite Rock's involvement, at Wrestlemania.

      8.) A straight up one on one match between Booker and Cody being delayed like it has been, is smart. This rivalry is pretty fresh, and they need as much momentum and heat as possible, so the attacks on Booker from Cody is justified.

      9.) Lawler continues with the ridiculosity: HHH never looked better? Uhm, 2000. Cornette Face! What in the name of Christian is wrong with Nash. There was already a tables match before this, so what need was there for him to fall from a ladder through a table? That was pretty impressive, a 50+ year old falling from ladder to table, that's fun, but man, it seemed they wanted to steal the show. Towards the end, Nash stumbled in taking the pedigree, maybe because his knee was messed up, by Hunter's use of the ladder. So Take 2 happened. I got the feeling they wanted to exceed any expectations. Respect to them, it was a pretty violent fight. The ladder was used in great fashion, the knees of Nash and all. When Hunter got the hammer and set up for the finisher, people were drawn to it, and Hunter guaged the crowd's interest in either another pedigree or sledgehammer shot. Still a great psychologist. Then that rather nice little Kliq/crotch chop exchange. Great stuff.

      10.) Johnny Ace, clown shoes. Miz, not tough. This is too coincidental with the Batista criticism. Ehh. Punk had a nice interview. Johnny is the bigger man, he's taller. Ha! That's pretty funny.

      11.) Another filler match, but pretty good. Jack Swagger looked good, maybe I'm thinking too much into this, but Swagger could go places. With Ryder as champion, there's a face guy for him to get a championship out of.

      12.) What just happened?! A damaged right hand ended Mark Henry's world title reign? I don't complain about the right hand knockout, but this one, what? Then Daniel Bryan cashed in on Show and is now the world heavyweight champion. What the fudge is happening?!?! Oh, Bryan now has to be a heel after this. Fans chanted for him, and popped bigger for his win rather than Show's, but come on, this screams heel to me. Got to wait what happens next, but shock and awe. Must see is an understatement. Man, and I'm not commenting on the match itself. Well, it was shorter than I'd expect, and fine until that sudden ending. It's definitely weaker than their two previous world championships. I read Mark Henry is having ankle problems, Road Dogg mentioning Henry had to go to the hospital. Monkey wrench city.

      13.) Wow, Booker looked good, put up a great performance, but when Spinaroonies cost him. The pre match attacks sold that, making him rattled before the match even started. A great way to put Cody over, not too dirty, pretty clean, and it continues the feud, as it's still fresh. Cody did a tremendous job, stepping up to the plate. Two beautiful disasters, focusing on the rattling Booker had. Great stuff. A really good match, and has to be considered a career high for Rhodes. The future is bright!

      14.) God, Lawler. Hypocrite to Cole…new world champion to Lawler. What a great comeback! Ricardo Rodriguez stole the show! Before getting to that, commenting on the match, what a main event! With TLC and its history, there needs to be something unique, something unique. Getting handcuffed to a ladder, ring announcer going through a table, unscrewing the middle rope with your bare hands. Wow, excitement. Even a table bump from a vicious enzuigiri added excitement. Who cares about toughness? It's about smarts, man, and both heels executed that. Miz cuffing Punk to the middle turnbuckle, brains over brawn. Brawn? CM Punk kicking that ladder brace whatever and setting him free? Is that brawn? Anyways, Ricardo falling from the top of the ladder through a table, and the replay that slow motioned it, holy crap. That was pretty awesome, the deserves my utmost respect. Punk closing the show, a changing of the guard? It's not Cena closing the show, Cena didn't even freaking appear! Twitter users, comments, doubted him, saying he lied. Well here they are. Best match of the show, bar none. Excitement, nice spots, and the storyline comeback of Punk fighting adversity, that's what gimmick matches are best for. Not spotfests or how hard someone gets hurt, but by telling a story under different environments. Nice job.

      Well now: Ryder is US Champion, D-Bryan got the world title, Air Boom stays as champions, Cody defeated Booker T, CM Punk keeping the WWE title. The future is very very interesting, if not bright. Great show basically. Ending the year with a bang? I'd say so.

  • Punker79

    that Ricardo drop made me cringe. But that was awesome

  • Logan_Walker

    Erm Doesnt the Oppsing Wrestler Have to Atleast Stand UP ? Before The Match Can Start ?

  • Adam saleh

    WOO WOO WOO!!! you now it:D