Complete WWE Battleground Kickoff Coverage - Battle For The Crown, More

WWE Battleground 2015 Kickoff Results
Sunday, July 19, 2015
From the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri
Report by Brooks Oglesby of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Welcome to the WWE Battleground Kickoff!

Renee Young welcomes us to the Scottrade Center as fans file into the arena. She is joined by panelists Booker T, Corey Graves & Byron Saxton. Corey tells us to use #WWEBattleground to join the conversation on social media.

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Lounge. He announces that Paul Heyman will be joining him later on during the Kickoff. Use #AskPaulHeyman to send in questions. He also brings up the news that Ryback suffered an injury earlier this week, and shares some of Ryback's tweets. Tom notes that the Intercontinental Championship will not be defended tonight. A tweet from The Miz is also shown, in which Miz claims that Ryback is scared to lose the title, so he made up an excuse.

Back at the panel, they preview the card. A promo package detailing the feud between John Cena and Kevin Owens airs. Byron says that tonight's match will do the previous two, which is saying a lot. He says that Owens lost the NXT Championship, and his plans during the US Open Challenge haven't worked out, so his confidence may just be a facade. Booker says he's destined to be champion, but he's going up against John Cena. Nobody's defended it like him. Corey says Owens is a man possessed. He needs this title tonight. Owens picks Cena to win. Booker picks Cena. Byron picks Cena as well.

The conversation shifts to Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt. A promo detailing the beginnings of their feud at Money in the Bank airs, then Renee asks the panel what they expect from the match. Booker says he wants to know what's going on in Bray Wyatt's mind. Renee introduces a clip from Michael Cole's interview with Bray Wyatt on that subject. In the interview, Bray says he has to victimize the world. He could give a million definitions as to who Bray Wyatt is, because he has 1000 names, but the truth is that he is no one. Back at the panel, Renee asks what that means. Byron says we've all been in a situation in which someone doesn't want you to achieve your dreams, and Roman is going through that with Bray. Earlier, Roman said that he's going to beat Bray, but he doesn't know if that will be enough. Corey says he's been effective with mind games, but tonight, there's going to be a fight. Booker says that Bray's mission is all about gaining control of WWE.

Backstage, Eden Stiles is with R-Truth. He asks her what's up. He notes that he's "King What's Up?" tonight. Eden notes that Barrett said that he would make him bow down tonight. R-Truth gives her the royal scoop. He may walk around with tinfoil crowns and use a plunger as a scepter, but he knows what he's doing. Barrett says he worked so hard to be a king, but he busted his butt to be where he is too. Truth's beaten Barrett before. He can't wait to see Barrett's face when he sees a man with a plunger celebrating beating him.

Back at the panel, they review the feud between Randy Orton & Sheamus. Renee notes that Randy will be receiving a lot of love from his hometown crowd tonight. Byron notes, however, that Sheamus has been on a roll since winning Money in the Bank. Corey says the crowd support will lead Orton to victory. Renee asks who has more to prove tonight. Byron says both have plenty to prove. Booker says that nobody wants to lose in their own hometown. The Viper's going to strike tonight. Renee announces that Randy Orton vs. Sheamus will open the show tonight.

The conversation moves to The Prime Time Players vs. The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championship.  Byron remembers Darren Young and Titus O'Neil all the way back on NXT, and Booker notes how much they've improved since then. Corey says that The Prime Time Players proved that The New Day is fallible. Renee asks if The New Day will use the Freebird rule tonight. Booker says he didn't expect The New Day to become such marquee names in WWE, and they proved him wrong. They start a New Day clap, and The New Day shows up at the panel. They coach Byron and all do the clap together. Xavier says that tonight, he's going to put The Prime Time Players to rest. They're going to down tonight. Corey notes that they won at the last pay-per-view, so why will tonight be different? The New Day gets offended and starts making fun of Corey.

Michael Cole, JBL & Jerry Lawler are at ringside. Cole asks Lawler who has the edge tonight. Lawler doesn't know, but he'll say that it's good to be the king. They both want to be the only king in WWE, and he'd love to see King What's Up win tonight as he makes his way to the ring. R-Truth then puts the crown onto his head and asks "the Kingdom of St. Louis" to make some noise. King Barrett makes his way to the ring next.

Battle For The Crown: King Barrett vs. King What's Up?

They lock up and Truth works Barrett into the corner. He backs off and dances. They lock up again and Barrett works Truth into the corner. The referee breaks it up. R-Truth gets Barrett into the corner and hits a number of strikes. He whips Barrett into the other corner and lands a stinger splash for a near-fall. Truth applies a front headlock but Barrett fights out with a headbutt. Barrett gets some heat by shouting, "All hail King Barrett!" Truth gets up and taunts Barrett with another dance. R-Truth hits the ropes and lands an innovative roll-up for a two-count. Barrett rolls out of the ring and Truth hits a plancha to the outside. Truth gets back into the ring and Barrett gets onto the apron. Barrett pulls Truth's neck onto the top rope, rolls into the ring, and lands a big boot for a two-count.


Barrett has control with a side headlock, but Truth gets to his feet and hits the ropes, but Barrett drops him with an elbow to the face for another near-fall. Barrett sits Truth onto the second rope and lands a number of knees to the torso before the referee breaks it up. Barrett knocks Truth to the apron with a big boot for another two count. Barrett sends Truth into the corner and lays him on the top turnbuckle. He kicks Truth in the solar plexus, sending him to the mat. After another pin attempt, Barrett applies a rear chinlock. R-Truth gets up, but gets whipped into the corner. Barrett goes for a big boot but Truth dodges and Barrett gets hung up on the top rope. Both men are slow to get to their feet, but Truth makes it up first. Barrett runs at Truth, but Truth dodges and gets fired up with two clotheslines. Barrett sends Truth into the corner, but Truth catches Barrett with a boot and a missle dropkick for a two-count. Truth goes for a scissors kick, but Barrett gets him up for The Wastleland. R-Truth wriggles free and hits a heel kick to the face followed by a scissors kick. Barrett kicks out and Truth checks with the referee. Truth attempts a gordbuster, but Barrett counters with the Winds of Change. Barrett gets another two-count. Barrett then signals for the Bullhammer as R-Truth gets to his feet. R-Truth ducks and gets a quick roll-up attempt. Barrett goes to the ropes and R-Truth goes for the Little Jimmy, but Barrett holds onto the ropes. Barrett then hits the Bullhammer for the win.

Winner: King Barrett

Barrett celebrates after donning his royal regalia.

At the Social Media Lounge, Tom Phillips is live with Paul Heyman. The first question asks what Brock Lesnar's daily routine before a big match is. Heyman says "Eat, sleep, he'll do the conquering in the ring tonight, and then repeat." The next question asks how many suplexes will Lesnar do tonight. Heyman says as many as Brock Lesnar deems appropriate as penance for Rollins breaking the 11th Commandment.  The last question asks if Brock Lesnar will lose, and Heyman interrupts. He does not deal in "ifs." He deals in absolutes, and absolutely Brock Lesnar will take Seth Rollins to Suplex City tonight, and absolutely Brock Lesnar will become the champion tonight, and that man is Brock Lesnar.  Tom then thanks Heyman for his time before noting that the Divas revolution has been blowing up social media all week, introducing a recap of the debuts of Charlotte, Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch.

Back at the panel, Renee details the feud between the Divas. Corey says the NXT Divas are changing the game. They've redefined what it means to be a woman in this industry, and he's excited for them to reach a bigger stage. Renee announces that Stephanie McMahon has asked all nine Divas from the segment on Raw to be here at Battleground tonight.

The conversation shifts to Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Byron says that Seth's like a high school bully, and now, all of his friends are gone. Corey says that, on paper, Lesnar should destroy Rollins tonight. Heyman is underestimating The Architect, however. Booker asks Corey if he saw Raw. Booker says Lesnar is going to destroy Rollins tonight.

Renee introduces a recap of the main event of WrestleMania 31, in which Seth Rollins cashed in on Brock Lesnar, to end the Kickoff.

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          • It was the very best and the very worst…at different times. You can learn how to create great stories….and how to create awful ones from the same promotion.

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      • Nothing is sillier…except TNALogic.

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  • I wish they would have let this feud go in more sinister directions. They could have used this opportunity to make Wyatt far more evil.

    • It was a missed opportunity to not involve Reigns’s daughter.

      • RIGHT? They were already using her. Why not take that in creepier directions. Someone had the idea to do just that and they started to. Then, inexplicably, they pulled back on it. No clue why.

        • PG? Complaints? Who knows, but it’s a shame non the less.

          • They didn’t have to go “R” with it. The power of suggestion is a great thing and they could have suggested far worse.

        • Them having a actual Tea party and her being innocent believing Wyatt was a good guy. it would be far more devastating to reigns’s psyche

          • And that bit was from a commercial about parenting that Reigns did over a year ago.

        • But when they do use kids – Jarrett’s in TNA, Rey’s in WWE, people flip the F out over it.

          • Just *suggest* them. They did it already. They could have kept doing it. Use Reign’s significant other. Imply her use. Would have given this feud some juice. Get at anyone to make sure Reigns doesn’t succeed. Anyone but you, Reigns, at any cost necessary.

          • Anything could have given this feud some juice! It’s been horrid!

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        • As much as rumors fly. It’s all rumors right now.

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        He’s, hands down, my favorite of all time. It will be a huge undertaking (see what I did there) to change my opinion in favor of someone else.

        • I used to get up early on Sunday mornings in college just to see Taker on the recap show, as we didn’t have cable, and that’s all I could get to come in.

  • This feud has made absolutely no sense. It’s been totally silly and farcical…and Troof has been absolutely killing it!!!!!

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      I still say he should randomly cut promos on guys he not involved with like he did several weeks ago. Classic Truth!

      • He’s an absolutely trip! Only he has made this work. Barrett has been “boring heel”.

        • Barrett is boring all the way around, and I’ve said that all along. I don’t see anything special in him.

          • I did when he was with the Nexus. He was great initially as BNB. They took away the things that made him interesting and he can’t figure out how to adapt.

          • Moose

            Exactly. It’s obviously not natural, where BNB seemed fun for him.

          • I liked a couple of the guys in Nexus, but I saw him hurting people with his finisher, and I was quickly turned off. For me, he’s no Regal, even though they’re trying to push him in that role.

          • Yeah, Wasteland had to go. Dangerous move by a guy who didn’t know how to execute it.

          • It was bad, but Barrett isn’t great in his own right.

  • Misconfused…..LOLOLOL!!

  • R-Truth is entertaining. but this feud is boring.

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    Orton vs. Sheamus is kicking off Battleground tonight.

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      • To give Sheamus some time to rest before a potential cash-in?

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        • Highly doubt it, but it would be nice for him to lose quickly and get the case out of play for the rest of the year.

        • I reckon it’ll be too soon. I think Rollins will hold the title a bit longer.

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  • Corey is a total and complete rock star when he’s used this way. I absolutely don’t like him as a heel announcer. Heck, even Byron is fun this way.

    • Byron is growing on me, but Graves is going to be a voice of the WWE in a couple years when he finds his spot.

  • Troof didn’t make a mockery of anything. The very idea is a mockery.

  • Truth is a very reliable vet.

    • He’s a workhorse, the way Kane is. They do whatever is asked, and work hard to make it look great, and help make others look great.

      • Yep.

      • He’s also got charisma for days and he’s incredibly funny.

        • And has the same moves he started with when tagging with Road Dogg. Not that he hasn’t grown, just that he can still hit the moves, dance, and make it all look as good as he did back then.

  • That Awkward moment of an ad during a match on the pre-show.

  • No, *do* miss “Swerved”. Like…totally miss it….with everything you have.

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      Like a storm trooper?

  • Nice close-up of Barrett spot calling to Troof.

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      *Taker grabs HBKs throat*

  • Unrelated but I hope The Tough Enough kids took to heart what Big Show had to say to them last week.

  • Note to Jerry: When you’re funny, you’re high-larious. When you’re not, you’re duller than pumpernickel bread.

    • Moose

      …I like pumpernickel bread. It has a bit of a kick to it.

  • This feud is finally over!

    • I know. Now Barrett can return to not mattering and Troof will have more charisma in his pinkie finger than Barrett does in his whole body.

      • Barrett’s promo on Tough Enough was amazing… Seriously though, I thought he could have been the first English champ, but he’s really let us Brits down

        • He’s made of glass. That’s how it goes.

          • Hopefully Neville can pull it out the bag now, I’ve lost faith in Barrett.

          • Moose

            I have high hopes for Neville’s future as long as the WWE utilizes him.

          • He has the skills, only thing I worry about is his size and most importantly his mic skills, being he has a thick Geordie accent.

  • Barrett wins at 9:21

    • Moose

      1-0 so far for me.

      • Andrew

        me too

  • Zack

    King Barrett, congratulations! You managed to beat a career mid/low careder

  • Mike McCarthy

    It’s funny the one time in Barrett’s career he can stay healthy he’s stuck at the bottom of the card.

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  • Heyman takes no crap from anyone. LOLOLOLOL!!

  • Segment of the year!

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      Absolutely not!!! This segment was GARBAGE! But! It did introduce 3 new AMAZING divas and stacked the Diva’s Division so it’s worth it.

      • WHAT?!?!? It was masterfully done. They were introduced and they killed it! Even Stephanie has said so.

        • Zack

          They all killed it. The whole “Stephanie stacks the teams” thing was dumb. It would have made WAYYYY more sense for Paige to come out and say she went down to NXT and got herself some back up, and then have Naomi and Tamina say they did the same thing. Shoving Steph into the segment made it awkward and lacking logic (she is the one who helped Nikki get the title in the first place and is still a heel). But I loved how all the NXT divas did.

      • Tell us how you really feel! In an article?

        • Zack

          I might be able make that happen

          • Maybe a pro/con with someone else? Just a thought.

  • If looks could kill, tom phillips would be dead

    • They were both so good there!

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      Heyman gave that same look to the Cadillac and we saw what happened there

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    • I’m sure there’ll be an impromptu match, I mean you can’t have a card with no Ambrose, Cesaro and Rusev, when they’ve been featured so much this past month.

    • They would be an EPIC feud! But I expect to see both tonight, even if not in matches.

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    In case you didn’t see my comment already, the “official” Battleground Open Thread is now open! Go there!

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