Living Colour Performing Live At Wrestlemania, Mason Ryan Is Jacked

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CM Punk's Entrance Theme at Wrestlemania

Living Colour is scheduled to perform "Cult of Personality" live at Wrestlemania 29 on Sunday.  Their hit song is the entrance music of CM Punk as it's likely this will be part of a grand entrance for his match against The Undertaker. The band confirmed their performance with the following post on Twitter:

Recent Photo of Mason Ryan

Have you seen Mason Ryan lately?  Seriously the guy is huge, below is a recent photo:


  • Dangerous Lee

    Why does everyone skip leg day?

    • JakShowtime

      I lol’d

    • _JIM_

      Spot on! Talk about being out of proportion.

    • JaMaaXL

      We call that Johnny Bravo

  • Terra Ryzing

    Living Colour should be awesome.

    • I think it’s a killer idea too, wish they’d do this more often!

  • jackkedx10

    that guy has always been jacked but it sucks that is doesn’t translate to the ring

  • gpturbo81

    leg day should be a favorite. dont want them chicken legs

  • Its no wonder WWE Raw Spanish commentators called him Batista II last year.

  • potato man

    Sorta makes up for puff faggy

  • Da KiDD

    Does he even lift bro?

  • Kleck

    Mason Ryan fears the wellness policy.