Long-Time WWE Broadcaster To TNA Wrestling?

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There's a possibility that Josh Mathews signs with TNA Wrestling. While we can't confirm a deal has been reached, there are a few notes to make.

Just hours after being released from WWE last month, Mathews showed up backstage at TNA's Impact tapings in New York. Now, the company is following him on Twitter.

However, I will caution a Twitter follow is usually meaningless. In fact, the verified Impact Wrestling account follows Steve Austin and Roddy Piper but given Mathews' background and him being at TNA in New York, it's not beyond the realm of possibilities he ends up working there in some capacity.

Mathews was released from WWE as part of the company's ongoing budget cuts.

  • Vic Jose

    Jarrett should sign him, he needs broadcasters, TNA already has 5 or 6 of them last I checked.

    • Bob’s Diner

      But are any of TNA’s actually any good???
      I like Josh Matthews – I thought he did a good job and I hope he can find work somewhere else

      • Winnipeg

        Uuuh, Taz!

        • Bob’s Diner

          Taz is awful – he has never been any good as a commentator. He should go work in the imaginary land of GFW

          • Winnipeg

            This coming from a guy who likes Josh Matthews, bahahahaha, lmao, yeah, ok. *smfh* if Josh was so good they would of left him on commentary.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Just like Jim Ross?
            Btw liking your own comments all the time doesn’t make them automatically awesome or anything…

          • Winnipeg

            Jim Ross and Josh Matthews are two different stories. U honestly just compared Josh to JR, lmao, hahaha.
            Josh got let go cuz he sucks, JR got let go not because he sucks, but different circumstances.
            I don’t click like on my comments bruh, but I see u do, bahahahaha.

          • Bob’s Diner

            I don’t see ‘Bob’s Diner’ over any of my upvotes, dude.
            Funny how you get so angry and insulting at everything I do. Now resorting to derogatory homosexual references?
            Maturity obviously escapes you…

            Actually no one has ever said Josh Matthews “sucks” as you like to put it. Ever think maybe he was let go because he just didn’t fit their idea of what an announcer should be? Michael Cole is hardly the greatest ever yet he is the lead announcer – due to his ability to process the information he receives through the headset and how he follows what he is told like a good employee.

            I think you will find you are in the vast minority of people that actually think Tazz is even somewhat talented on commentary and think Josh Matthews was terrible at his job.

          • Winnipeg

            Josh Mathews made obvious on air mistakes and was corrected by JBL and King. Even on air he ligitmatly argued with JBL like a little suck and after the he was pretty much kicked off air. One day when u get a real job you’ll discover people who suck at their job get let go. People who are good at their job don’t get fired rather u fit in or not.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Kicked off the air? He’s been consistently hosting the pre-show panels since they started.

            Michael Cole gets pretty much everything wrong. He and JBL and Lawler fight and bicker on air all the time. Don’t see them getting fired. Mick Foley didn’t last long on announcing because he openly said he couldn’t handle Vince yelling in his headset all the time. Pretty sure that would put a lot of people off the job and could explain the revolving commentary team that has developed on the lesser shows.

            In case you haven’t realised, WWE are in the process of making cuts so anyone deemed unnecessary is in risk of losing their job. No one is saying ‘ZOMG JOSH MATTHEWS IS THE GREATEST EVA!!!~!’ – we’re just saying he wasn’t bad and certainly had potential

          • jason witten 82

            dont let this guy troll ya bro, your obviously right. and best wishes t josh, as long as he gets an honest chance at a paycheck im happy for him

  • I wish they hadn’t got rid of Josh Matthews, however I’d rafter GFW sign him than TNA.

  • BigMike

    Josh has potential and, given his actual training as an in-ring performer (( Tou Enough season 1 original)) he really just needs some seasoning and he could be good