Looking At NBA Figures & Their Pro Wrestling Counterparts

With the NBA Playoffs starting tomorrow, The Masked Man over on Grantland has a new article online looking at NBA figures and their pro wrestling counterparts. Below is look at who the piece compares:

  • LeBron James Is John Cena
  • Dwyane Wade Is CM Punk
  • Dwight Howard Is Mark Henry
  • Carmelo Anthony Is Triple H
  • Kobe Bryant Is “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair
  • The Celtics Are The nWo
  • Tim Duncan Is The Undertaker
  • Steve Nash Is Bret Hart
  • Dirk Nowitzki Is The Miz
  • Deron Williams Is Kurt Angle
  • Jeremy Lin Is Daniel Bryan
  • Metta World Peace Is “Macho Man” Randy Savage
  • Blake Griffin Is Dolph Ziggler
  • Jason Kidd Is Shawn Michaels
  • Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook Are The Rockers
  • Michael Jordan Is The Rock
  • Shaquille O’Neal Is Andre the Giant
  • Andrew Bynum Is Brock Lesnar
  • JaVale McGee Is The Big Show
  • Derrick Rose Is Chris Jericho
  • Kevin Love Is Randy Orton
  • Magic Johnson Is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
  • Greg Oden Is Edge
  • Anthony Davis Is Dean Ambrose
  • Marv Albert Is Jim Ross
  • Spike Lee Is “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart
  • Worldwide Wes Is Eric Bischoff

You can read the fun piece at this link.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Shawn Daniels for sending this in.

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  • Josh

    A lot of these make little sense, in my opinion, but Worldwide Wes as Eric Bischoff is pretty funny.

  • ArlenR

    Pointless and not very accurate, in my opinion.

    • Philg

      Accurate for a few.. Like Howard/Henry shaq/Andre Jordan/rock

  • DC

    This isn’t that good!!!!!!! At all….I’ll give a few to them but just a few

  • Steve l

    Some of this is pretty funny. I like the tough old Celtics being the nwo

  • Steve l

    Steve Nash as Brett Hart amd Lyn as Bryam are my favorites I dont get Lurt as Deron or Miz as Dirk though

    • christopher525

      What the hell is wrong with your keyboard dude?

      • kevin


  • Jim

    Would have been better if there was explanations as to why you made those picks! haha

  • Bob

    It makes perfect sense if you guys would read the descriptions….

  • Da KiDD

    If anyone wants to understand the Big Show Javale McGee one, just type in "javale McGee shaqtin a fool" in youtube, lmao. Shaq and the TNT crew had a field day with that goof this season! And after those goofy highlights of Big Show that Cody showed, you'd see the similarities hahaha

  • ChromeyDaniels

    Guy, everything would make sense to all of you in the picks if you read the article.

  • land grabber

    i think edge should be brandon roy force to be retired beacuse of their previous injuries

  • Michael

    Metta World Peace as MACHO MAN? Really? I dont see it. He is more like Brian Pillman, a loose cannon.

    • The Choice

      Elbows, man. Elbows.

      • Mr.Love

        He loves throwing them elbows lol

  • Nathan


  • Jim

    Q. What do any of these have to do with the other? A. Nothing at all.

  • Batch-pz101

    Metta world peace throws a mean elbow like macho now you get it

  • Double reversing…

    Dennis Rodman is Adrian Adonis! Lock it in!

    • “The Nightmare”

      Damn! Kinda beat me to it, but I was gonna say and if he was still playing…”Dennis Rodman would be….Dennis Rodman. Because he actually did used to wrestle some even after his cameo’s on several WCW pay-per-views”.

  • JakShowtime

    I can see Durant eventually superkicking Westbrook…