Lord Tensai Gets Apparent Name Change

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It appears that Matt Bloom is not Lord anymore as WWE is now referring to him simply as Tensai. You can view his profile on dot com at this link.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Fernando for sending this in.

  • Noah

    Ummmm ok

  • Hillbilly Jim

    Weird WWE refers him with one name, we refer to him with a letter and a locomotion!!!! A-train!!!

  • Hardy

    Personally would of preferred him going back to an older gimmick like a-train or Albert.

  • mathew30

    well we are getting somewhere, all we need to get them to do now is drop the tensai and give him a name of .hmmm ohh i dont know maybe a train

  • Monty

    Wwe has never used the big guts right way. Look at Kane coming and becoming a monster yet loosing to cena. Big show should be the biggest dog and his character should be a a lot different

  • Ellen Brennan


  • Endless Mike

    They probably got in trouble for using the word Lord, which would be gay if that were true. They should Just call him Prince Albert again, cure Droz's paralysis and make them tag partners again!

  • Terra Ryzing

    I wish Tensai would just go away.

  • Kleck

    …yet still sucks

  • BOB

    First he loses his Prince from his name and now the Lord, Matt Bloom doesnt have a good peerage

  • Tony P.

    Shut up with the albert a train names. We know his name they know his name so just leave it at Tensai.

  • Toby Tyler

    Call him whatever you want, he is horrible to watch.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – Moted!!!!!!!

  • _JIM_

    They can call him whatever they want. It isn’t going to change how incredibly horrible that gimmick is and it sure isn’t changing how horribly stiff he’s been working since his return.

  • Kevin

    He's got to be the only WWE Superstar to have multiple names (gimmics) in the WWE without any disguises to try to cover it. I mean, there was Owen Hart/Blue Blazer and Dr. Isaac Yankem/Kane, among others, but at least they gave them disguises. I know it didn't fool us, but to just bring Matt Bloom in as Albert, then back as A-train, and now as Tensai, without even trying to hide who he is, is just ridiculous. The Tensai gimmick is a bigger failure than Funkasaurus. They should just can him and be done with it.