Low Attendance For Smackdown Once Again, Photo Of Tarped Off Side Of Arena

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Wrestling News World reader Josh is at the Giant Center in Hershey Pennsylvania for this week's Smackdown taping. He sent in the following picture of the crowd opposite the hard camera, which shows huge portions tarped off:

  • Dangerous Lee

    Why are they taping Snackdown at the Impact Zone?

    • The Spellchecker

      What's Snackdown? a WWE Competitive eating show?

  • robert

    That's what happens when you don't have d-bryan as heavyweight champ even mark henry got people coming.or maybe just stop going to these shitty cities Dallas was full when i went.

    • Daniel Lim'ass

      That's true/ YES! YES! YES!

  • whitethought_

    In cases like this they should move some of the audience members to allow for better viewing and better seats where/when available.

    • Anand

      Yeah. Whats the point of having seats tarped off. Atleast let those citizens who have paid to see you have better seats when they are available 🙂

    • Dunstan

      That would be the decent thing to do, but it makes it harder to make the arena seem full for TV

      • TakerMania


  • AJG316

    Am I the on,y one that noticed that it said NXT to the far right of the picture???

    • DLee


    • DUH!!!

      They tape both on the same night buddy…There is not a separate taping for NXT alone.

    • dusty588

      They start taping at the new location on Thursday, so tonight was the last NXT taping help during a SmackDown taping (I think).

  • Brendan

    Seeing stuff like this is always dissappointing, especially when they've only held two house shows in my area in the last 3 years. Demand for tickets is always extremely high, that even nose bleeds cost you $75 a seat. And considering the Giant Center is only about 11,000 seats to begin with, I wouldn't expect them to go back for quite a while.

  • Standards

    Jeez why must we continue to harp on the Hard camera side being tarped off.. TNA Did that at the Lockdown PPV. and no one posted anything or said anything about it. or the TNA did it at the Knoxville and Macon GA Impact tapings last year as well. and no one complaigned about it. but its the WWE and Smackdown Doing it. ARE WE HAVING DOUBLE STANDARDS HERE

    • Jim

      I think everyone is just used to TNA having such poor turn-outs for their shows. WWE, on the other hand, fills large arenas on a consistant basis. So when they don't have a sell out and have to tarp off so many seats its news worthy IMO. Especially for a TV taping. A house show would be a different story.

  • Jim

    The arena in Hershey is not very big at all. It sure as heck isn't the Georgia Dome that's for sure. So its pretty surprising to me that they had to black out so many seats. Pretty sad state of affairs for Smackdown.

  • bettysteve

    l'm just saddened that WWE isn't coming to adelaide south australia this time around, but l 'spose it does keep Mr. CM P from dropping homophobic, (who really cares), slurs towards the crowd to rile them up, l mean it IS his job, yeah?! and its not like he really IS homophobic. In oz we call it "sledging" the opposition. (but even here we made "rules" about what your NOT "allowed" to say to rile your opposition). Sorry Vince. l don't have the ability to travel over 700 miles to attend the nearest WWE event scheduled for australia. *cry*