Low Ki Back Under TNA Contract?, Chris Sabin Finishes Up

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Low Ki returned to work the company's Xtravaganza pay-per-view taping and the belief is he has a new contract with TNA. We cannot confirm that as of this writing but can tell you that was the word this weekend.

Chris Sabin finished up his commitment with TNA at the Xtravaganza taping, where he worked the aforementioned Low Ki.

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  • Stephen Cash

    Machine guns to wwe!!!!

  • justin

    I hope Low Ki signs another contract with TNA.

  • Dave Barton

    I knew Sabin’s TNA Title win over Bully Ray would lead to nothing big in TNA…its like TNA doesn’t even remember he was champ.

  • Sean Prem

    Chris Sabin has been sevrely misused in TNA. I writ that regarding his title reign. From being a champion to being carried on the shoulders by a knockout. This is why i writ about it in 2 articles back last year