Mae Young Breathing With Assistance, Kidney Shutting Down

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Mike Mooneyham provided a health update on WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young in his latest pro wrestling column at this link. Moneyham reports Young is breathing with the assistance of an oxygen machine and a kidney is in the process of shutting down. She's currently under hospice care.

Young, 90, was at one point in the plans for this week's "Old School" Raw, however, she won't be there due to her failing health.

  • Brian

    Thoughts and prayers to her and her family.

  • AJ Punk

    Come on Mae…Pull thru!!!

    • Nostaljack

      She’s in hospice. She’s not going to “pull through.” I take no pleasure in saying that at all but hospice is the end of the line. It’s not like Intensive Care where you can eventually leave that unit. You are in hospice until you die. They’re doing what they can to make her comfortable until the inevitable occurs.

  • Jaed

    Mae Young does need to eat healthy and not drink more than 32 oz of liquid in a day and watch her potassium, sodium and carbohydrates! I have to do the same and if she has to go for dialysis she should not ever miss dialysis treatments! She needs to eat healthy and work out and do whatever exercise she is able to do and begin gradually and work up toward a goal. Weight training, doing calisthenics and doing aerobic/cardio activity is also fantastic for optimum health and warming up and stretching out before and after workouts is also extremely important!

    • Bbbb

      R u 90 Years old?

    • jim

      its clear u do not kno who mae young is…weight training,stretching out…etc.

    • the arbiter

      I think we have an early runner for “worst comment of the year”

    • Kleck

      Dude, she is dying. Let’s us pray she can make it through the day instead of giving her a workout regimen.

    • Nostaljack

      Wow. For the first time on WNW, I’m actually nearly speechless. This speaks for itself. Mae is a legend in this business. All Mae *needs* to do is remain as comfortable as possible before she passes. That’s really the only thing that matters. She’s just adorable and I’ll miss seeing her on WWE programming.

  • josh

    Praying shes okay.

  • Snap

    Having watched a grandparent deteriorate from failed kidneys, as well as requiring oxygen in the final weeks of his life, I can only wish Mae as much comfort as possible until the inevitable comes to pass. I only hope she doesn’t suffer in the time she has left.