Magnus Defends Jeremy Borash, Implies That Eric Bischoff Is Immature

Magnus posted the following today on Twitter in response to Eric Bischoff's comments regarding Jeremy Borash:

Again, Bischoff is the type of guy to get the Internet buzzing then turnaround and laugh so don't overanalyze his comments. Maybe he is that arrogant but it could also be one big inside joke.

  • ChromeyDaniels

    Could be an angle. Never know now a days.

  • Matt Scott

    If this isn't an angle Magnus may have just done something very silly.

    • Brandon

      Everyone have their edges but I hope Magnus still can keep his job after this.

  • Steve l

    Ive always liked JB, and I like anyone who trashes Bischoff. Punishing an up and coming wrestler with international appeal would be silly. I would rather have Magnus on a,roster than Bischoff anyday

  • J_Dog

    Unfortunately even with the disclaimer, Bischoff’s already won by having you run this if it is an angle because obviously you’ve got to post it in case it’s not