Magnus Wins TNA Championship - Video Highlights & Fallout

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Magnus beat Jeff Hardy on this week's Final Resolution episode of Impact Wrestling to win the TNA Championship Tournament and the TNA Championship.

Below are #Impact365 videos posted after the match aired:

#IMPACT365 Magnus, Dixie, EC3 & Spud Moments After World Heavyweight Title Win:

#IMPACT365 Jeff Hardy Reacts To Magnus Winning The Heavyweight Title:

You can watch video highlights of the match finished at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • _JIM_

    I saw the swerve with Magnus going with Dixie coming a mile away. What made it so obvious for me was how he was all over Hardy for his meeting with Dixie when Magnus is the one who has been on the fence between heel and baby face since the last weeks of the Main Event Mafia. I again say that I just don’t see what everybody else seems to see in Magnus. He’s not World Champion material in my opinion. Maybe someday he could’ve gotten there but not just yet I don’t think. Guess we’ll just have to see where it goes from here to see how he does as champion. I just think it’s too early for him. Even though he’s been there for quite awhile now. I still think by not getting a deal done with AJ that TNA has wasted about 6 months of stolryline and build for him to be champion. They should’ve got a deal done no matter what, and let him have a long run as champion to try and rebuild some stock in the championship. Instead of short runs and lots of title changes. As I see it, that lowers how important the title is perceived to be.