Magnus/TNA Wrestling Update

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Magnus arrived late to this week's Impact Wrestling taping from Cleveland due to an apparent issue with paperwork. He is scheduled for this weekend's live events that we posted the schedule to at this link.

Magnus' late arrival caused a last-minute lineup change.

  • FrankTheTank

    He probably forgot to put cover sheets on his TPS reports.

  • _JIM_

    It’a a TV show that’s taped every other week and that airs at the same time every single week. How in the world did he not know what time he had to be at the arena? If that’s the case it’s pretty ridiculous. But if it was a paperwork error that had his flights at the wrong time then I could see that happening, and wiouldn’t have a problem with him. Though if he was just late because he supposedly didn’t know when to be there, then I would have a pretty big problem with that if I was a TNA executives.