Main Event Changed, Axel/McGillicutty, AJ Lee As Champ, Shield Exceeds Expectations

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Why did WWE change John Cena vs. Ryback at WWE Payback from an Ambulance Match to a Three Stages of Hell Match?

I haven't heard the reason why but I can speculate it was due to the company thinking an Ambulance Match wasn't a strong enough stipulation. When the match was announced last week, I wondered how it was any different than the Last Man Standing Match they had this month. Remember, the match that saw Ryback as the Last Man Standing but didn't receive the victory. Three Stages of Hell is a better stipulation but I'm not sure there is enough interest in it. Wins and losses mean very little these days but how is it WWE has pushed Curtis Axel for two weeks and he's already more credible than Ryback, who they've been pushing for over a year? Someone remarked on Twitter that Axel had "victories" and not victories but can someone please tell me Ryback's "victories"? Seriously, what has he accomplished, other than squashing enhancement talent, that makes him a viable WWE Championship contender?

Why is his name Curtis Axel if many fans still remember him as Michael McGillicutty?

First of all the Michael McGillicutty name was horrible. He hated it, fans hated it and no one had a good reason for it. Here they have a talented third generation guy and they stick a name on him that pays no significance to his family lineage or one that people can even spell. Curtis Axel is a much bigger deal than Michael McGillicutty, much like Ryback is a much bigger deal than Skip Sheffield. Axel's name pays homage to Larry The Axe and Mr. Perfect and is a great catalyst to take him right on up the card.

When will AJ Lee challenge for the WWE Divas Championship?

When AJ Lee won the number one contendership for the WWE Divas Championship there was talk about strapping both her and Big E Langston so the entire Dolph Ziggler trio would hold titles. Now with Ziggler out, dissension between AJ and Langston is teased. It certainly appears they're going in a different direction but we'll have to wait and see.

How key is patience in WWE in regards to the success of a worker. One can look at a worker like Kaval and see it didn't work while The Miz and Daniel Bryan, while not immediately successful, ended up getting over.

Patience is very important in this business. The problem with many critics is they want to see the full picture right now and I'm guilty of this myself. We all want something to be successful so when we see things considered to be problematic out of the gate, we get online and complain. However, I warn everyone that will listen that it's important to see how things play out. It's also important that I remember this myself. While Curtis Axel appears primed for a run at the top, Tensai pinned John Cena clean and we all know how that worked out. On the other hand, The Shield is a group that had nearly unattainable expectations and have exceeded them. However, there are times, when we can take one look at something and know it's not going to work. Some good examples would be the aforementioned Michael McGillicutty and Skip Sheffield.

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  • pow

    Who has Ryback beaten?,what about Kane,Daniel Bryan,all three members of 3MB at the same time and he also totally destroyed Dolph Ziggler.
    How on earth can you say that Curtis Axel in just two weeks has become more credible then Ryback is once again one of your most hilariously bad comments you have made and let’s face it you have made a great number of them,and why should we care about what some idiot said on Twitter, get a life.

    • PegLeg1069

      Don’t trolls live under bridges? If you don’t like the site, find somewhere to get info!

    • chad

      Kind of hard to take the guy as a serious title contender when the last time he won a pay per view match was money in the bank 2012. Who was the top star he beat you ask? None other than the legendary tag team of Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks.

    • Did you just say a victory over 3MB means Ryback is a viable WWE title contender?

    • Christian

      I agree, Richard simply waits for a story to break and then adds his own biased opinions, for breaking news I certainly would not use this website, I use this site for results only.

      • Justin Daniels

        I’d hope Richard would add his own opinions, since he owns the place…adding in some personal commentary is a good thing, gives another perspective to a story. Virtually all opinions are biased to some degree as well, since, well, an opinion is a personal thing. You’re entitled to yours, he to his, especially on his own site.

        • Christian

          I agree and I like Richards opinions some of the time, just when he spouts nonsense about ryback based on his own opinion and the sheep take it as gospel I have a problem.

          • Justin Daniels

            I agree, Richard is over the top sometimes, but if I were answering some of these questions, I probably would be too.

            Ask WNW is definitely an opinion-driven piece, people are sending in questions to get an answer, and given how this business operates, opinions based on how things are going is about mandatory. It would be hard to stick only to the “facts” and answer lots of the questions, given the “facts” can change week-to-week as things leak.

            On Ryback, I put in another comment in another thread above, but I think he’s in the wrong place on the card if they aren’t willing to give him clean wins that aren’t on enhancement talent. Same for Curtis Axel. Same for virtually anyone they bring in.

            The writers keep booking themselves into a corner on these newer guys — they have long-term plans for them, but they seem to have problems getting from A-to-B. There’s this perception that a clean loss is a bad thing — it doesn’t have to be, have them move on and build characters up further. Make them red hot so when a feud does culminate, the payoff is so much more.

    • FactionZer0

      They booked Ryback poorly. But I think he’s stepping up and doing a pretty decent job. Once he got away from that “Feed Me More” crap and went heel, he’s said more then 3 words and his promo’s aren’t that terrible. I like the feud for the fact that John Cena is finally facing somebody his build.

      As for Curtis Axel. I like the new gimmick, great theme and with Paul Heyman at his side he’s going to do well. He still needs to work on his mic skills (“Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa…nobody asked for your opinion) and his in ring skills too. But then again he was up against the face of the company so he was probably really nervous. That Perfectplex though, awesome.

      • Justin Daniels

        I think Ryback’s situation is improving by being a heel, but he’s still in the wrong place on the card. If they can’t book him cleanly in the main event, he should be in a feud or place on the card where he can be. Wins build legitimacy, ideally clean wins.

        From my POV, Curtis Axel is in a OK place. He’s not getting clean wins yet, but I’m concerned that by putting him with Triple H and John Cena this quickly, it’s going to lead to the same place we are with Ryback. If they’re not willing to give him clean victories, it’s all for not, as they’ll book themselves into a corner. The guy has the family history and pedigree, but that’s not an immediate guarantee of anything.

        Curtis does need more work on his mic skills, and his in-ring skills shown so far have been decent — not great, not horrible, but decent. Nerves could be part of that, which is another reason why he should have had a good slow, steady burn, instead of straight into the pan.

        Whatever happened to someone coming in and moving up through the ranks? I get the WWE wanting a talent to make a splash, but there’s so much risk doing that. Tensai is a good recent example — slammed to the front of the card, and floundered.

    • Cubed56

      Axel is more credible solely cause his bloodline and Paul Heyman along with his superior in ring work compared to Ryback. I’m not saying its right, but he’s already taken more seriously then Ryback.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    The only problem I have right now with Curtis Axel is his look. I mean he looked exactly like he does now when he was Michael McGuillicutty (I can spell his name!) I saw a pic of him without his beard and its crazy scary how he resembles Curt Hennig! It sucks that he has to have that ridicules looking haircut to cover his bold spot but I wish be would do something with his look. Other than that I like the name, I like his wrestling style, I LOOOOVE his theme song and I really love that he’s with Paul Heyman.

  • Jason

    what gets me the most is that hell in a cell 2012 was the first PPV that ryback has lost. why? because he was booked poorly. i mean if they were not going to drop that title from cm punk than the match shouldnt of never happened period. especially how brad maddox went into the whole mix. ever since its been one poor booking after another in PPV bouts. and you wonder why they cant take ryback seriously? come on now people you need to be smarter than that. i mean in rybacks career his main matches was against 2 people at once during his rookie days. he was even breakout star of the year. when sheamus was breakout star he was already wwe champion at the expense of john cena. so if sheamus can do it, why not ryback?

  • Lex

    When you defeat 2 multi time champions who mainevented wrestlemania, have paul heyman in your corner and come from a legendary family; you are a much more credible threat than the big guy who loses all PPVs (and Im not talking about Big Show).

  • thepowerserge

    Gone are the real 3 Stages of Hell matches I guess. Looks like we’re stuck with a 3 Stages of Heck match instead. I mean the 3 Stages are Lumberjack, Tables and Ambulance? Really? Since when does a Lumberjack match qualify as hardcore?

  • Christen

    Right now the only thing creditable to Curtis Axel is who his father and grand father is. Also the fact that he is being lead by paul heyman. But so far he hasn’t really done anything to basically be put over Ryback. He has only won by count outs twice. Ryback has worked harder to get to where he is now. He went from being in Nexus one of the memorable groups in the WWE. To having a new character gimmick after Nexus ended. At first people didn’t warm up to him but after awhile he started to get over with the crowd. Ryback has done some good things that makes him a contender for the title. Ryback got his Wrestlemania moment by shell shocking Mark Henry. Whether you love or hate Ryback his in ring skills are good. He has worked hard to be where he is. If you go and ask someone about Curtis Axel they will most likely oh you mean Mr Perfect’s son. So far in the two weeks Curtis Axel has done NOTHING to be more credible then ryback. He has only won by count outs and has paul heyman on his side. His in ring skills and mic skills still need working on. He needs to work a little bit more harder to be credible

    • Jason

      Lets not forget Curtis Axel, under his previous name was a member of nexus w/ barrett and the new nexus with cm punk and was a team with otunga during and after nexus. and than he just disappeared after that. but as i said in my statement Ryback was under poor booking since hell in a cell with punk. and apart of brad maddox and the shield being involved he caused him to sink during PPV’s and as i said when sheamus was breakout star he was wwe champion at the expense of cena. Ryback was breakout star and he has yet to be wwe championship, but it could very well be at the expense of cena. sheamus done it, why cant ryback.

  • Jay El Bee

    In the past 6-8 months Ryback has beaten Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, Kane, Cesaro, Sandow, Tensai & the Miz among others. So basically you just called all of these guys enhancement talent that Ryback has squashed, even though one of them is the current World champion and 4 of the others are former WWE/World champions.

  • Loren Goldstein

    What’s with all the deleted comments?