Main Event Influence, Shawn Michaels' Limited Exposure, Santino A Main Eventer?, Putting Over AJ Lee

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What type of control to main event workers such as John Cena and CM Punk have in WWE over the direction of their characters?

Main event workers such as John Cena and CM Punk have considerable influence in the direction of their characters; however, Vince McMahon has the final say in what happens. Workers in the top of the card have much more power and influence than someone in the bottom of the card. For example, someone like Heath Slater is told what to do and when to do it. If he would refuse something, it'd be detrimental to his spot in the company. Cena or Punk are much more open to meet with Vince over things and he would be much more likely to hear them out.

Will Shawn Michaels wrestle when he reunites with Triple H as D-Generation X at the 1000th Raw next month?

Shawn Michaels has maintained he's finished in the ring but will appear when asked. He's still drawing a hefty six-figure salary from WWE where they are able to use him when needed. Obviously due to the fact that he's finished wrestling, his exposure is limited.

Do you think Santino Marella could ever have a serious main event gimmick?

Santino Marella is a great babyface that can be used for comedic relief but I don't see him going much further than that. He's taken advantage of opportunities when given but I'm not sure anyone would buy him as a main eventer. Remember when Santino stepped into the Elimination Chamber match earlier this year and proved he could get over with the best babyfaces in the company? WWE realized that and I feel he was rewarded with his current WWE United States Championship reign.

What do you make of the whole AJ Lee angle and her involvement in the main event scene?

I am intrigued with AJ Lee on WWE television and like the way she's been used in the main event scene with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Kane. How long it will last is anyone's guess but she's done a great job so far.

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  • UltimateOmega

    The whole Aj storyline kind of reminds me of the good ol wwe days…. Who agrees

    • Anand

      I do 🙂 Kane and a diva – a repeat of things we have seen many times in the past but AJ's character adds that new twist. Crazy chick 🙂

    • eric

      I do

  • Brandon, South Africa

    I could not agree with you any more. The angle with AJ is possibly the most intriguing storyline on WWE television right now. It’s not everyday a Diva convincingly portrays a character. She’s just perfect. Right now, the angle along with Daniel Bryan, Kane and CM Punk is totally underrated and shouldn’t be taking a backseat to Cena and his program with a revolving door of superstars.

    • Dave Barton

      "It's not everyday a Diva convincingly portrays a character."

      I agree. Last time I can remember was Mickie James as Trish's psycho-sexual stalker.

    • Anand

      They should give Cena a break and let this feud between punk, bryan and kane take center stage with AJ in the mix. Let people see some new storylines that are brewing so well instead of the same old good vs bad with Cena being the good guy going against all odds to face some random big guy…

      Moreover, Cena's body needs the break. He has been working non stop for months now and can really do with the rest.

  • Mike L

    Kane is AJ’s Mista J 🙂

    • Zevex

      funny, when I saw her outfit on RAW I thought of Harley Quinn lol

      • Rofn

        Hahaha me too!!

      • havoc525

        Thank you, glad I wasn’t the only one.

  • The Breaker

    I like Santino, and he's very entertaining….but I feel like we've already seen the best we'll ever get from him. However, he's proven to be capable in the ring. If WWE allows him to show a little more of his skill as a wrestler, I think it would really benefit his character. He's already the US Champ, so he shouldn't be jobbing out to Del Rio in a 2 minute match. Let him actually do some work, and make the title look respectable.

    • FactionZer0

      I agree. Seeing Santino job out to Del Rio not once but twice kind of makes me a bit mad. Sure he's not the model superstar the WWE is looking for, but he's put his heart and time into the company and deserves to at least HAVE a match with Del Rio. I'm not even upset that he has the US Champ.

      • Mike

        I’d love to see him as wwe champion!

    • havoc525

      He’s kind of a modern Koko B. Ware.

    • Jay

      He could only try and be a main eventer if he dropped his current gimmick and is taken more seriously this is comedy gimmick….

  • UltimateOmega

    Santino is actually skilled in wrestling, but sadly I think he is stuck in thia role forever. Im also proud to say he’s Canadian

  • Richard

    Theres a story about AJ being the next Miss Elizabeth on, decent read.

  • James

    Santino is a insult to wrestling. It pisses me off that tyson kidd, drew mcintyre, alex riley, and many others do not get any screentime but that joke does. Also, whoever asked that santino question, was that a joke?

    • Richard Gray

      WWE needs people like Santino that can get over with something other than in-ring ability. You have to understand WWE caters to a large and diverse audience and some people don't understand a good match from a bad match. Nor do they care. Vince McMahon understands this thus has been able to grow his business. If it were all about in-ring work, Ring of Honor would be the biggest promotion in the world and everyone would be trying to make their products as wrestling-heavy as possible. Sometimes I think a lot of people get so caught up with the IWC mentality they forget we are only a portion of the WWE audience. Don't get me wrong, the work is my favorite part too but it's going to take more than great wrestling matches to keep everyone interested.

      • James

        I understand what you mean but there have been so many wrestlers that have been fired and wrestlers still on the roster that are way more entertaining all around. Muhammad Hassan, Shelton Benjamin, Justin Gabriel , Tyson Kidd, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler (very underrated), Carlito and many others.

        Also, look at the ratings. They are way lower than they use to be.

        • Richard Gray

          You're confusing talent and potential with entertaining. All of the names you mentioned have favorable characteristics but are largely unproven (even Ziggler who hasn't quite gotten his break). Further, the ratings situation is not linked to Santino in any shape, way or form so I'm not sure where you're going there.

          • James

            I dont see santino shirts as a top seller on I dont see his merchandise at any of the stores. Also, whoever though his elmination chamber match was exciting is crazy.

            If Santino is so entertaining lets have him vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 or Santino vs. Randy Orton lets see how that goes. Fans of Santino are probably fans of hornswoggles work.

          • Zack Ryder

            Sorry pal, but you are crazy.

    • Fish

      Well putting Tyson Kidd and Drew McIntyre above Santino when talking about in ring ability is fine, dont kid yourself about Alex Riley. Santino is better than Riley in every aspect of the wrestling business.

    • Dave Barton


      I'm getting that you don't like the ultra-comedic workers. But have you seen the Rock vs. Mankind matches? That's some undeniable proof that peppering some comedy into a match CAN work when done properly, even in a main event atmosphere. Rock, Mankind, and DX all really hit it big when they started getting funny, so try & keep an open mind to Santino…his work in OVW was just the opposite (ultra-skilled, zero-comedy), so he could make the transition if given the chance.

      • James

        You are comparing the "ROCK" to Santino. Enough Said

        • unknown

          actually i think he was camparing Santino more to Mankind than The Rock

        • Dave Barton

          Are you saying Rock isn’t as funny as Santino?

        • XKonn247

          James, allow me to speak for the whole lot of us when I say “pull your head out your ass and enjoy the show”

  • AnacondaVise

    I loved AJ even before her push, so seeing her alot more is awesome. I would actually like to see her wrestle more as well but I will take what I can get.

  • UltimateOmega

    What if they re-vamped Santinos gimmick by putting a mask on him, kind of like Suicide from TNA, he has the ring ability and also a fun persona? What so you think?

  • Maximv1

    Santino actually reminds me of Mankind at the time of his championship run. Not who you would expect to win the belt

  • Drapeau

    Dunno how Richard feels about posting links, but here's the link for the article about AJ on Really compelling stuff.

  • I am so loving AJ's crazy chick gimmick. I really don't see how anybody can criticise her for it.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Santino is perfect the way he is, he is nothing like Koko b ware. Santino has the IT factor, and he can wrestle when needed. The WWE HOF is waiting santino marela.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Son a ma gun

  • A.C.

    A.J. Lee is awesome! She is going to be one of the greatest Divas and Divas Champion – and she will be champion- as well as a future hall of famer.

  • Jbreed

    Santino Marella in his current goofball gimmick would be a joke and travesty to the main event scene.

  • Adam

    Santino Marella is one of the best workers in the company at the minute, but has been saddled with a ridiculous gimmick for far too long.

    Comedy characters can be main eventers, provided they are serious when it matters. Look at Edge, Jericho, Angle, Rock and Austin.

    We need Santino to start asking why he isn't being taken seriously as champion. Then have him issue an open challenge, debuting a new finisher of some sort and defeating a few lower mid-carders, such as heath slater. Then a serious contender would push him in a non title match, trying to prove that he is a joke. Santino would drop the comedy shtick once pushed, and out wrestle his contender (Christian springs to mind)

    We have seen that Santino can tell a story in the ring.He holds the crowd in the palm of his hand, and has the athleticism and technical ability to e a superstar. Just lose/ tone down the gimmick.