Matches Announced For Main Event & SmackDown, Paige Heel Turn, Stephanie McMahon "Arrested" On Raw

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- WWE United States Champion Sheamus will face Rusev tomorrow night on WWE Main Event.

- Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio has been announced for SmackDown.

- Paige turned heel and attacked WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee after they teamed up on Raw to go over Natalya and Emma.

Stephanie McMahon was "arrested" on Raw after an angle earlier in the show where Brie Bella appeared as a member of the crowd. After sharing words, Stephanie slapped Brie to end the segment.

  • Dave Barton

    And NXT’s “anti-diva” gets her time to shine as a heel.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    and Rusev will lose via DQ again while spreading his “undefeated streak” the next Smackdown taping. *sigh*

  • Jason

    AJ & Paige are 3-0 as a Team. But now that Paige turned heel i can see this as a Lita/Trish feud of this generation. Everybody has a better half to pull out the best Austin had Rock, Edge had Cena, Trish Had Lita, and now AJ has Paige. and no other diva on that roster and in that division can compare to the levels of Paige and AJ, since 3 quarters of the division is based on that damn reality show, and others Percentages are off making complete fools of themselves or doing Stephanies handy work against the Bella’s so it just goes to show you who really is the 2 top diva’s in that division

  • theresaSuttons
  • Ken

    Am I the only one that actually wants to see Stephanie’s mugshot? Daddy McMahon must be so proud. (Sarcasm)

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Arresting Stephanie took way too long, don’t see why they couldn’t have done it in the ring and gave its own segment though, it was just a bunch of people in a huddle and the crowd was too confused to what was going off.