Main Events For WWE Elimination Chamber Revealed

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- Daniel Bryan will defend the World Heavyweight Championship in an Elimination Chamber match at the pay-per-view next month. Expect the participants to be announced at tonight's Smackdown taping.

- Speaking of Elimination Chamber, there are plans to blow-off John Cena vs. Kane at the pay-per-view so Cena can move on to an all-out program with The Rock.

- As noted yesterday and promoted on Raw Supershow, the Raw Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship will have CM Punk defending against a field including Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, The Miz, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston.

  • Chad

    hmmm with both elimination chambers being for the titles Im wondering how they'll decide the number 1 contender for the title that Sheamus doesnt challenge for. Unless they are planning on having Jericho going against Punk at Mania. Which frees up Sheamus to challenge for the World title which hopefully means Bryan will retain at Elimination Chamber.

    • [email protected]

      with it being over a month and a week or 2 after the elimination chamber ppv. they probably will have a tournament on raw like they did a few years ago where Jericho will more then likely win. Bryan will somehow retain unless they have orton win at the ppv and go with a triple threat match.

  • Wwe4L76

    If Cena just walks over Kane now I get so mad… Lett Kane be the monster he is. He does not Get beat by a childprogram host wannabe gangster….

    • XKonn247

      Yea because it’s really logical to have Cena go into mania with a loss at the PPV before hand.

      • Wwe4L76

        Yeah. My point. It sucks. We know cena will win

  • broski158

    Undertaker VS Sheamus WrestleMania 28

  • Louis

    This is to make John Cena the real hero find out the Rock paid Jane to try and wear down Cena and yet he still win at Wrestle-mania.

  • eurosario

    World heavyweight championship match will be Wade vs Orton vs Cody vs Big show vs Mark Henry vs Daniel bryan

    • Omar

      Or John Cena VS Wade Barrett VS Randy Orton VS Big Show VS Mark Henry VS Daniel Bryan.I hope either Orton then wins the tittle,or John Cena,Cena,because he hasn't won one for a while now.

      • @ease9310

        I agree with you 100%!

    • Kelly Murdoch

      Henrys out- Khali is the replacement.