Main Roster Stars At NXT, McMahon Family Angle Comes To NXT, Ohno Returns, Next Set Of Tapings

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WWE NXT news and notes from this week's tapings…

- Tensai beat Jake Carter in a dark match prior to this week's tapings.

- Ricardo Rodriguez worked under his masked Luchador gimmick, El Local at this week's tapings. He taped a match against Sami Zayn that will air on September 18, 2013.

- The Triple H/McMahon family storyline continued over to NXT at this week's tapings. Triple H "relieved" Dusty Rhodes of his duties as NXT General Manager and named JBL as the interim GM. Bradshaw appeared live as the transition will be highlighted on the September 18, 2013 episode.

- Santino Marella worked this week's tapings in a match with Emma to oppose Fandango and Summer Rae.

- As we reported here on, Kassius Ohno made his return. He taped a match against Luke Harper of The Wyatt Family that will air on September 25, 2013.

- Brooks Oglesby was in attendance and noted that Bo Dallas taped a match against Sami Zayn that is "absolutely" worth watching.

- Rob Van Dam beat Aiden English in the Superstar Showdown match.

- The next set of NXT tapings will take place on Thursday, October 10, 2013 and will feature Alberto Del Rio and Christian as the featured guests.

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  • David

    I could be wrong, but if I had to guess it’s Triple H’s doing of using actually WWE storylines in NXT. I think that’s great, now only if they can remember there only story lines a few months later (I.E Big Show)

    • iwc

      triple h sucks, he’s totally burying detain Bryan and now he’s going to bury the anerican dream on nxt next week. i hate teiple h, if shouldnt rven be coo. vince shoulf of handed it doen to shane bit hr didnt because hes a lousy father in resl life. i hate triple h snd randy orton. i

      • David

        I don’t understand what you just said.