Major Development In Steve Austin's Return To WWE - Will Austin vs. CM Punk Happen Next Year At Wrestlemania 29?

I'm told WWE has "given up" on trying to get Steve Austin to work a dream match at Wrestlemania 29 next year. The match would be Austin vs. CM Punk and I'm told Austin was willing to put Punk over so the finish isn't the issue. My source says Austin and WWE are "just too far apart on money." While Austin is willing to work one more match, he's only willing to come back for what he considers to be the main event match with main event money.

From WWE's perspective, they aren't going to spend severn figures on Austin for one match, which is what he wants. The fact that Brock Lesnar and The Rock are already working Wrestlemania under big money deals, there is no urgency to overpay for Austin's services.

From Austin's perspective, he's not desperate to return and unless the spot he's being offered is the type of spot that's going to pay him seven figures, he'd rather keep sitting out. Just to illustrate how far apart they are on money, Austin would be looking for approximately $1.5 million as a one night payoff, whereas WWE probably wouldn't go much higher than $500,000. So it's not even close.

As things stand right now, Steve Austin vs. CM Punk at Wrestlemania 29 is very unlikely unless one side completely caves. Those close to Austin say he's not going to budge on the money, so as far as WWE is concerned, it's no longer an option for next year's show.

  • yankess2401

    Noo..that just sucks..would’ve been awesome

  • PainOfDemise

    That sucks. Well hopefully Wrestlemania 30, they will be hurting for talent and will give into Austins demands.

    • Michael

      I don't think it matters whether its Wrestlemania 29, 30 31 so on, WWE just doesn't want to pay for one match, if Austin would agree to more matches they probably would, its a huge shame, I hope Austin does agree to more matches.

      • PainOfDemise

        Well I'm sure it would be one match, but there would be a bunch of appearances in there too. He wouldn't just be tweeting and touting the whole time. He would actually show up at the shows before Wrestlemania.

  • BigRich

    It’s a real shame.

  • markgillard21

    This match needs to happen sometime

  • J-Dub

    To Quote Ron Simmons DAMN!

  • HazMatt23

    Well Boooooo!

  • PhilT81

    $40 million on Mayweather. $100 million in a failed attempt to get a job in politics. $1.5 million for one of the most popular stars of all time is too much?

    • Richard Gray

      They didn't pay Mayweather 40 mil that was a work

      • Ranfery25

        Ahhh HA I knew it! But sadly I got worked -_-

  • aeaton45

    I think punk and Austin should have a year long rivalry and have the match @ WM 30

  • Miles

    Pretty sure Austin has earnt the right to ask for that much

  • HugeRockStar

    It’ll happen at 30. Austin is right. He should not be playing second fiddle to The Rock and Brock. He deserves the main event.

  • Zack

    It's ridiculous that they can pay The Rock as much as they have, considering how BAD he looked in the ring, and how lazy his promos seemed to be, but we can't spend 1.5 million, or even offer 1 million, to a guy who WAS the attitude era? We can't pay 1% of what Linda McMahon has spent trying to get into the Senate to get Austin? At least that 1.5 million will get a return on it, unlike Linda's Senate run.

  • dlink

    Stone Cold Steve Austin is the biggest, greatest, and most popular superstar of all time, PERIOD!!!!! Austin as much as I would like to see him at WrestleMania 29, SHOULD NOT come back for nothing less than the main event!!

    So I don't blame Austin because, he helped make the WWE what it was and he helped give the WWE an identity and a face (as well as relevance). So he shouldn't be treated that way at all. For everything Austin has done and the impact he has made on the business, what he's asking for shouldn't be a problem. As a matter of fact, he shouldn't have to ask, that should be given to him PERIOD!!

    • Ranfery25

      Thank You! Couldn’t said it better myself Dlink.

  • gpturbo81

    wont spend $ on austin, but they have no problem blowin 92 million on another pointless election. psssshhhh

    • partyjereme

      They are spending their own personal money on the senate compaign, not the WWE's money.

  • izblack

    This goes too show Austin’s character, this is the same dude who walked out of the WWE twice because he didn’t wanna out talent over, the same dude who beats his wife (real men don’t hit woman period) and the same dude who wants sprayed the “N” word on Ahmed Johnson’s car back in the day. And now he’s crying over money. Austin has always been about Austin and nobody else. Why everybody is so surprised over this is beyond me. Anybody who’s paid attention long enough knows this is just Austin being Austin.

    • ericdraven86

      Are you serious? This is the guy that on WM 19 weekend was hospitalized OVERNIGHT the day before the event, and STILL wrestled that match AND put Rock over in it. I don't advocate hitting women, but as far as business goes Austin is worth the 1.5mill easily. The buyrate of WM, the increase in ratings for the shows leading up to WM, AND the torch being passed to a new generation outweighs the money they would have spent on him.

      • izblack

        Pass the torch too the new generation my ass. Austin walked out of the company because he didn't wanna put Lesnar (the future) over.As far as putting Rock over that's laughable, Rock was already well established as a mega star before Austin jobbed to him at WM19. And besides, Austin owed Rock seeing how Rock jobbed too him at WM15, Backlash 1999 & WM17. Quit defending people with poor character.

        • aeaton45

          Austin didn’t want to put lesnar over on raw. He felt that was a big money match and should happen at a PPV not on free TV.

  • prettywhenucry

    i would think SCSA would bring more money and more hype for Wrestlemania, more so than Rock since Rock was the main event last year. Vince should think about the new merch he could make bank on that would pay for that 1.5 million, and maybe for once, think about the fanbase. It could be a bring back the attitude era gimmick for wrestlemania with Rock, Brock and SCSA, maybe some cameos, it would be awesome and his PPV buys would probably be the best in years.

  • _JIM_

    Vince is willing to let his wife spend nearly 100 million dollars on what is looking like it’s going to be two consecutive losing runs at becoming a Senator, but he isn’t willing to spend 1.5 million on something that will actually have a HUGE return on the money he invests. That’s just stupid IMO. If Austin was to work Wrestlemania the PPV buyrates would be through the freakin’ roof! People are dying to see Austin have one last match. I know I’d sure buy the PPV and I never buy them. Not unless something huge is happening. Which doesn’t happen very often anymore. I just follow along with every PPV as it happens right here on Shameless plug for the site there. You’re welcome…lol.

  • _JIM_

    PS: An Austin return for a last match would bring back that audience that disappeard after the Attitude Era was over. The build for the match would help Raw’s ratings significantly also. It would do nothing but good things for the company because all those fans that Austin draws back would be exposed to the current product, and since Raw has been a bit edgier recently a lot of them could continue to watch after the match is over with. I say that because the people I know that quit watching always have the same complaint. They always say they don’t watch because of the PG rating, but if they begin watching to see Austin back they will see that the show is a bit edgier than it has been in the past. So. A lot of them could stick around because they are fans but have no interest in a product that is overly geared towards kids.

  • partyjereme

    I didn't think Austin was even going to be recovered from his knee surgery until early next year, so why would he risk wrestling a match so soon after unless he was going to get paid. I'm sure next year when he's healthier his asking price will go down, or the WWE's price will go up since it will be WrestleMania 30.

  • dektcmpunx

    so now what? no austin? possibly no taker?
    where do u go from here?
    rock vs cena 2 lesnar vs punk
    cena vs lesnar 2 punk vs rock 2(if it happens the first time)
    rock vs lesnar and cena vs punk(w/ cena finally getting a win from punk?)
    or u could have a 4 way for the title or even a mania1 style tag main event rock and cena vs punk and brock

  • izblack

    People were complaining about wrestling long before the WWE went PG, the attitude era ended in 2001, WWE went PG in 2008 because Punk won the title and watered down the product with his “I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs” PBS/Dare Gimmick. Rather the product is PG or PG13 Doesn’t guarantee that fans will comeback for good.