Major Backstage Heat On WWE Personality That Recently Returned For Suspicions Of Leaking Information To A Pro Wrestling Website - What WWE Is Doing To Monitor To The Leak, How It Has Resulted In False Information Regarding Brock Lesnar, Will This Person Be Fired?

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In news that shouldn't surprised anyone, Paul Heyman has major heat backstage in WWE. I'm told the company has strong suspicions that he's leaking information to a pro wrestling website in which employs a writer believed to be working with Heyman on

A lot of people view it as "Paul being Paul" so WWE isn't looking to fire him over it as they do need him to keep Brock Lesnar relevant without burning through all of the dates on Lesnar's contract. Remember, the most attractive thing about Heyman is his connection to Lesnar in which provides the company the opportunity to use him as Lesnar's on-air mouthpiece. As a result of the suspicions, WWE has been kayfabing Heyman about any future plans until it's "absolutely necessary" to tell him because they feel like he isn't going to keep his mouth shut about anything. This is one of the reasons why a story made rounds that WWE had nothing to do with Brock's meeting with UFC officials a couple weeks ago when we can confirm the contrary.

I'm told the whole thing is starting to drive an even further wedge between Brock and Heyman as Brock is a private person and doesn't like Paul talking about his career to outsiders. While the feeling is almost anybody else would be fired for this, Vince McMahon thinks so little of Heyman and already expects this kind of stuff from him, that now they just need to kayfabe Heyman as much as possible. As a result, expect other bogus Lesnar/WWE stories to materialize so WWE can keep an eye on the leak but of course they will not appear on this website.

  • Stephan

    I know I might get in trouble for defending WWE and going after Heyman, but WWE are pretty right on this.

    Say what you want about Vince (and there are many negative things to be said), but the guy really doesn't have a big mouth. Years later, and people are still asking what happened between him and Macho Man. And that's actually a credit to both Randy Savage and Vince that neither one went and aired their dirty laundry for the world.

    Meanwhile, Heyman has a history of this. And sometimes it goes beyond just leaking storylines too. Remember, when Lance Storm was going to WCW, Heyman went out of his way to leak out information talking about how unprofessional Storm was and how the ECW locker room hated him for turning their backs on him. The popular narrative on the internet is always 'Vince bad, Heyman good', but really, sometimes I would like to have someone be a prick to me to my face rather than being only a prick behind my back. Just my opinion though.

  • Dig Baddy

    Way to hide who it was in the title (sarcasm). Usually Heyman's name is not too far behind Lesnar's.

  • _JIM_

    Heyman sure knows what he can and can’t get away with without losing his job. He knows WWE needs him right now and I guarantee you that Paul Heyman is the type of guy that will get everything he possibly can out of the situation. Paul E definitely knows this business inside and out. So can you blame him for benefitting himself?