Major Shift In WWE's Future Plans For Ryback

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Last month we reported here on Premium about candidates to carry Smackdown if Sheamus doesn't work out as hoped.

I'm told when the WWE Hell in a Cell buyrate came in better than expected, some in the company were pushing for Smackdown to be built around Ryback next year. The idea was to have Ryback as the "face of Smackdown" much like John Cena is for Raw.

Right now Ryback is "penciled in" to win the Royal Rumble and there have been ideas pitched for him to win the World Heavyweight Championship from either Big Show or Mark Henry at Wrestlemania 29. Plans are always subject to change until they actually happen but it's worth knowing the company's current thinking and and current direction.

  • I am okay with that. I don’t ever see hom bigger than punk or cena, though would be okay with him challenging show Sheamus henry or even Orton

  • Henry

    I like this. Raw is already packed with stars such as Cena and Punk who can't be dethroned by Ryback, the idea of him becoming the dominant one on the blue brand is welcomed by me as I think we could see some interesting character development. I'm not saying he doesn't belong on Raw but at the moment he needs valuable time at the top of the card without actually being at the top.

  • Daarko

    I love reading backstage news and all the premium content, but I also hate myself for (POSSIBLY!) spoiling the RR-winner for myself, I like to be suprised by the RR.

    But the plans sound very interesting, I just haven't bought Ryback yet. He looks cool and could probably deliver some devastating moves if allowed to, but I just haven't bougth him yet. But they should use all the time they need, IF he has the potential.

    • XKonn247

      I agree but find myself pondering the potential of a guy in his 30s to have decent longevity in the business.

      • Daarko

        Actually had the exact same thought, Cena is 35 but has been going ’10 years strong’ with at least 5-6 on the highest level.

      • christopher525

        Big look there would be Batista, he did pretty well for his time with WWE, I actually think Batista and Ryback could put on a pretty decent "super match."

  • [email protected]

    I wonder what happens to zigger if that does happen. altho they could have the shield or mark henry cost him the rumble. personally i think either the miz or daniel bryan should win to get that underdog feel like when benoit won. I dont wanna see ziggler vs ryback unless its a back and forth match and nothing like sheamus vs bryan from last year

  • Pluto

    I think Sheamus wins his title back from Show then Ziggler cashes in his MITB briefcase and beats Sheamus, then Ziggler defends his title against Sheamus or Sheamus/Show in a triple threat match and wins then goes on too successfully defend his title in the Elimation Chamber giving his title run some credibilty heading into WM where he eventually loses the title too Ryback. Then Ryback/Ziggler feud thru the Spring. If Show or Henry go into WM as Champ and then with Rock/Cena fighting for the other title on RAW I don't see how that leaves room for Ziggler title run.

  • Pluto

    That''s why I think it's crucial that Ziggler come out of this PPV with the win over Cena and the title. Ryback/Ziggler isn't much of a draw at WM I know but with Cena/Rock II, Austin/Punk (hopefully) & Taker/Lesnar (hopefully) that match can afford too be on the card and there is no pressure on Ryback or Ziggler too have too be the a DRAW and they both get tons of experience being in a high profile match at the biggest PPV of the year. I think it's a win/win for both guys. What do you gys think?

  • _JIM_

    Ryback vs Big Show could be a pretty interesting match and feud. Though so could Ryback and Mark Henry. So that’s a toss up IMO because either of those feuds have the potential to carry Smackdown for a little while. Looks like Sheamus is getting the old shaft though. Which is kind of surprising to me since he’s so over right now.

  • jchoff1

    Ryback winning the rumble was what I predicted as soon as he got pushed to the top at hell in a cell. I knew they wouldn’t take the title off punk because of the emphasis they were putting on his lengthy title riegn and because the plan is to do punk vs rock at the rumble. The only problem I have with all of this is that Dolph hasn’t cashed in the briefcase yet. If he had cashed it in at hell in cell or night of champions then that would be fine giving him a decent title reign to lose to ryback at mania. But he hasn’t even been mentioned in those plans and me fear is that the greatest worker in professional wrestling could end up a transitional champion !

  • Patrick Peralta

    I like the Idea of Ryback being moved to SDS and being the face of that brand. He can get better expeience and on SD and working with Orton Big Show, Shemuas and others is a big help for him.

  • Justin


    Why do you continue to push this story about Sheamus not working out? I'm just buying it. His matches have been stellar all year and his recent work with Big Show has been better than what RAW is doing in their title scene. Sheamus is one of the biggest fan favorites so I'm not sure how he's not working out. I love the work you do Richard but I'm just starting to think that you have some type of issue with Sheamus. Are you still upset about the 18 seconds from WM28?

    As for Ryback he should NOT win the Royal Rumble. He still has a ways to go before he can carry a brand. I believe Ryback should wrestle Big Show at WM 28 in a grudge match.

    Here's what needs to happen for the WHC picture going forward:

    1. Ziggler retains MITB against Cena at TLC; Sheamus regains the WHC from Show at TLC
    2. Sheamus retains again versus Show at a late December-Early January Smackdown
    3. Sheamus starts feud with Mark Henry and retains at the Rumble
    4. Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble
    5. While Orton is still mulling his options Sheamus retains his WHC at the Elimination Chamber… thereafter Ziggler cashes in on Sheamus and wins the WHC
    6. Randy Orton decides to face Ziggler at WM 29 for the WHC; Sheamus wants his rematch
    7. Sheamus gets his rematch but Dolph gets Dq'd or Orton interferes.

    So at WM 29 it's a Triple Threat Match for WHC — Ziggler (c) vs. Orton vs. Sheamus
    *After this feud concludes Ryback should start a WHC feud with Ziggler into the Spring/Summer and Sheamus feuds with Orton

    As for Cena and The Rock they need to have Cena win something significant in order to warrant a title shot against Rock — it's not just going to be handed to him. That's why at Elimination Chamber I believe the WHC will be on the line and the RAW Chamber will be a #1 Contender's match since Rock will be champion (He can have a match or most likely cut a promo). Cena can win the chamber match to earn a WWE title shot versus Rock.

    • Slade6alpha

      Stellar??? his matches this year have been okay. His best being at Extreme Rules against Bryan, but that was mostly because Bryan carried him through that match.

    • Gary

      Cena will win Ziggler's MITB briefcase and then cash it in against Rock who beats Punk for the title, setting up the re-match at WM.
      Pretty easy to see where this is all headed, if you ask me.

      They didn't put this stipulation into the Cena/Ziggler match for no reason. They did it to begin the domino effect I mentioned above.

      • Pluto

        That's very possible. But I hope Cena/Rock comes about a different way. Maybe Cena wins the EC too earn his shot against Rock at Mania. If the WWE is serious about pushing Ziggler into the main event then he has too win this match or his push is pretty much dead.

      • Chris

        Can't happen if they, hopefully, keep some continuity and have the briefcase limited to a WHC shot.

  • Andrew Owsiak

    Would be epic for Ziggler to win the rumble and have the mitb case as well, that's a guaranteed title at Wrestlemania and possibly both world titles in one night

  • partyjereme

    That doesn't make any sense why would Ryback choose to face the World champion if he wins the Royal Rumble when he could possibly choose to face the Rock for the WWE title at WrestleMania, or CM Punk who I'm sure he will still have unfinished business with since their match at the TLC PPV was canceled.

    • AUSTIN 3:16

      Because Cena/Rock is 100000000000000000000000x the draw that Ryback/Rock or Ryback/Punk would be.

      • partyjereme

        So you're saying that Ryback would choose to challenge the World champion instead of the Rock because the Rock/Cena would draw better then the Rock/Ryback, that doesn't make any sense why would Ryback's character care which match draws better.