Major Update On The Future Of AJ Styles

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The big story making rounds in TNA Wrestling right now is the future of AJ Styles. His short-term contract extension that he signed back in August is up later this month. He worked last week's Impact Wrestling tapings and was "taken care of" in storylines. You can read how it all went down at this link.

While negotiations are likely to continue, the two sides have been unable to reach an agreement on money. This has been the case with a number of TNA contracts lately and is what resulted in Hulk Hogan's departure. No name is immune to TNA's spending cuts and they're determined to lower the rate of every contract because they do not feel that ratings or product interest hinges on one particular worker.

Another thing hurting AJ Styles' leverage is the lack of interest from WWE. While people in WWE respect Styles and his body of work, he's seen as a guy they'd have to "start from scratch on" at 36-years-old. I'm told interest would be higher if they had a firm timeline on their prospective cruiserweight show on the WWE Network. Since they do not, interest is minimal at this time.

If Styles is unable to reach an agreement with TNA, which appears to be the case, he'll seek work on the independent scene immediately and is being represented by Bill Behrens. His final match in TNA as of now will air on the January 9, 2014 episode of Impact Wrestling.

  • KingJamsie

    Sad about WWE’s view on AJ, honestly think he could walk into the upper-midcard & main events

    • Ricky

      Just because someone is a Main Eventer/ Go to guy in TNA doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same in WWE. Despite guys like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio getting top spots. WWE still likes the bigger guys. While I don’t think “starting over” with AJ would be all that hard, I see where the WWE is coming from.

  • jdl

    It’s a shame, but WWE’s point of view is more or less correct. AJ is not someone they can invest in for the long term, as he’s too old. Fantastic wrestler, but he’s spent the majority of his career outside of WWE and in a business like professional wrestling he’s in the twilight of his career.

  • Its just Teddy

    The Bullet Club calls for AJ..

    • BIG M

      Love the New Japan reference its fitting too since AJ Styles would be better off going to Japan or Mexico.
      More money in Triple A or New Japan Pro Wrestling then say Ring Of Honor or Pro Wrestling guerrilla.
      I mean a match between AJ and Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP heavyweight title would be something to see.

      • Its just Teddy

        I’d love to see Devitt vs Styles.

        • BIG M

          How about AJ and Okada vs K.E.S.
          Or AJ vs Hiroshi Tanahashi the possibilities are endless with New Japan’s roster.

  • htjc

    Now we know why tna taped so many shows in advance.

  • Mohan Ramnath

    wen wwe does the nxt thing and moves up wrestlers for the ppl that dont watch nxt like myself wen i saw the shield and seen the ring work and was like cool a solid tag team not the best moves but a good team, to say to start from scratch with AJ is just tlk to make him change his entire style so it doesnt look like he is better than their current cena or orton. LIke right now punk and danny vs the bearded one’s they are at a handicap, to me i see an opportunity to AJ to make a springboard in wwe ring n light it up

    • Mysterion

      I have literally no idea how to even begin reading this comment. Can anyone translate?

      • xow

        I think he said he’s a John Cena fan. Not sure. Couldn’t quite understand.

        • Me Me Me

          Help, was that english..??? Or Cenish

          • GOR

            I didnt kno people here were such narrow-minded douchebags.
            Every1 in d world doesnt uz English as main language so they r not gonna be absolutely fluent. English does not take spellings n gammer very logically n seriusly any way.

            The guy above is saying that he likes new talent like shield etc.

            WWE would put aj in development to ruin his style so that he doesn’t outshine Cena/Ortan like Bryan, Punk, Wyatts(bearded ones). still AJ should try to get into WWE n light it up !

            This doesn’t sound like Cenaish to me !

          • Mohan Ramnath

            thank your Mr Gor . much respect!!!

  • Mohan Ramnath


    Not my fault if you can’t understand short hand sorry sorry

    • Mysterion

      No dude. It’s just short hand it used by children who have no comprehension of the English language. It makes the user look completely idiotic. You’ll literally get no where on this DISCUSSION bored if you are unwilling to portray yourself as an adult and not a child with a mirrored opinion.

  • Scott Davies

    Lose AJ I think TNA will suffer

  • GOR

    AJ still has 10 years of wrestling in him. So wat’s d problem in building him up for 1 year. He actually has main event experience. So he could easily succeed where Ryback goofed up if given d same opportunity.
    He truly is phenominal n deserves better than this. Its a pitty there is no WCW !