Major WWE Character Turn In The Works?

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Believe it or not, there was talk this week of turning Brodus Clay back into the original monster and dropping the Funkasaurus gimmick.

The timeframe isn't expected to be immediate as I heard there was talk of doing it towards the end of the summer/beginning of the fall, around the time the new WWE Studios film "No One Lives" (featuring Clay in a supporting role) debuts at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Many of the producers feel the Funkasaurus gimmick has run its course and he is over enough with the audience where they can turn him and repackage him before the gimmick now is completely dead. There were also plans pitched to remove him from TV for a few weeks or develop the turn with gimmick progression by having him "snap" after matches.

  • Ryder

    Good, me personaly I didnt find the whole funkasaurus gimmick entertaining at all but as you said Richard it did get him over which is a good thing 😀

  • Lewis

    thank god, I hated that gimmick

  • Ryan

    I actually have loved the funkasaurus gimick. I did wonder, however, if he might turn a few months ago when he was destroyed by the Big Show. Show had made comments about how he used to be the puppet singing and dancing but was now a monster, and then proceeded to demolish Clay. At the time, I thought it would be perfectly logical to have Brodus be out for a couple of weeks and come back as a monster heel, saying "you know what, Show was right!"

  • Sythian

    I do like the funkasaurus as a face though, not sure about turning him into a monster. Sure having him snap after matches could be interesting but I’d rather see him as a face that takes no crap from anyone

  • proud

    I really enjoyed the gimmick to begin with and I think that was due to the 2 FCW workers getting tv time and I hope that remains but I feel the death of his gimmick was Santino and the kids in the ring… A slow turn could be fun

  • Miles

    Show and clay heel tag chanps

  • stoney

    Another monster heel push that will most likely fail

  • eyepickcotton

    No more Funkadactyls? Sadface

  • Kleck

    That’s too bad. My daughter loves it. I hope it doesn’t end before the Chicago show. I know she’ll be dancing at our seats.

  • Patrick Peralta

    About dam time I'm glad they are going to turn him int a monster again. I didn't like his Rikisi wanna be gimmick.

  • Nostaljack

    But…funk is on a roll, darn it!

  • Hitman310

    the only thing i like about the funkasaurus is Naomi and Cameron.

  • PhilT81

    Bad move – with WWE being PG, this gimmick is very over with the younger demographic. It’s not a gimmick that would work during the Attitude era. Like Santino, he’s going to be popular with kids even if he’s jobbed repeatedly – but he needs to go over quite often so that he can dance with the kids at the end of his matches. It also fills time on RAW as a little light relief and works as a bathroom break for any members of the IWC who think that they’re too smart to be subjected to the gimmick. I’m happy to be a mark all day long. Yes! Yes! Yes! to the Funkasaurus.

    • n1ck

      except for the part where its ending