Major WWE Executive Departure

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Former Warner Bros. Exec Eric Pankowsi is out as WWE's head of creative and development, according to former WWE writer Court Bauer on Twitter.

Pankowsi was hired in January 2012 to head up WWE's TV creative development, including reality and kids programming. His duties included managing the creative team as well well as overseeing the sale of programming to networks, studios and other distributors.

He spent twelve years at Warner Bros.

  • 1molly23

    He managed the creative team? Oh brother, probably should have stuck with Daffy Duck!

  • Boogie

    TV 14! PG era is over! Right?

  • Maybe it’s just me, but WWE has had a very high executive turn over rate lately.

  • Dave L

    I had interviewed for his assistant job.

  • Yung

    Hopefully this means we get better, less predictable storylines now.