Major WWE Legend Wants To Return For One Final Match At Wrestlemania - Shocking Details On Who It Is & Why There Is A Possibility It Happens

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In addition to John "Bradshaw" Layfield and Dave Batista, believe it or not, I'm told Ultimate Warrior is training for a potential comeback and wants "one last match." While nothing is beyond the preliminary stages, I'm told he would like to have the match take place at Wrestlemania.

For those that feel there is no chance of it happening, my source tells me the company is actually interested in inducting Warrior into their Hall of Fame although there are mixed reactions about him returning to the ring.

At 53-years-old, Warrior was training for an in-ring return earlier this year but was injured. Now I'm told he has turned his attention to a potential one final match in WWE.

  • Stephen

    That was a shock when I first read it was UW. I actually had to re-read to make sure I did read it right… As long as he is capable of putting on a decent match Im all for it.

  • Ryder

    Ultimate Warrior + Mic = Ratings

  • smithmiester


  • garbsxc

    Sounds good. Put him in there with Triple H and let Hunter squash him like he got at WM XII.

  • lokulosun

    Do we really need a 53 year old and balded guy who couldn’t wrestle back in the days and I doubt that he still has any charisma left to make it worth “one more match”? I don’t think so… There are too many good old wrestlers who could have one more match… No point o having the warrior back….!

  • Patrick Peralta

    Vince is crazy if he does this. I don't want to see the Warrior back.

    • Kleck

      I agree. We’ve seen far too many wrestlers fighting too far past their primes. I want to see UW fight as much I don’t want to see Flair or Hogan to wrestle. Some mic work/promo for old times sake is one thing. A match at WM is quite another.

  • Violet09

    It may be difficult to maintain his current booking until wm, but I would love to see ryback vs uw. If he can still go it would be great to see warrior no-sell some of rybacks hard bumps.

  • gpturbo81

    im down for some snorts and growls

  • smithmiester

    He’s never been worth watching without hawk anyway. Without hawk he’s nothing

    • seakc87

      I’m pretty sure you have the wrong person.

    • thedashingone

      thats road warrior animal as in Legion Of Doom, not the ultimate warrior

      • smithmiester

        I know, it was a joke as in how important he actually is

  • _JIM_

    10 years too late… This guy is the king of burned bridges so it would shock me if Vince went along with this. Unless he’s trying to let Warrior hold him up for more money the day before Wrestlemania. It would be funny if they had HHH squash him for some payback. Though I’m not even sure if a guy on Hunter’s level could carry a match with a guy who couldn’t go 25 years ago. Sting definitely had all the skills in that duo…

  • Fernando

    Maybe this is off topic, but wrestlers sholud retire between 35 and 40, as other professional sportsmen/women do.

    • PhilT81

      No, they shouldn’t have to at that age. Many wrestlers have their greatest matches beyond that age because they have spent many years learning their craft and mastering ring psychology and how to pace themselves. Somewhere between the age of 40 to 50 is when most wrestlers need to call it a day. In the case of Warrior and Hogan, they never had great in-ring skills. The reason Warrior always had squash matches is because anything longer was terrible to watch. He couldn’t wrestle, couldn’t sell moves and had no stamina because he had so much muscle mass from juicing. He just cut an incomprehensible promo, ran to the ring and had an adrenalin dump while shaking the rope and did his thing for a couple of minutes. Despite all of this he was, at one time, the second biggest draw in the company so it made good business sense to have him around and even give him a title run.

      If you want an example of a wrestler still being able to work beyond 40, try Undertaker. He has had the common sense to slow down but that’s because of injuries related to his size rather than age. Many wrestlers would be able to go much longer if they learned it was a marathon and not a sprint, avoided spots that were too risky, stayed off recreational and performance enhancing drugs as well as painkillers. If they’re in pain then that’s a warning from their body that they need to take some time off to let things heel. The problem is that wrestlers are too scared of losing their spot because there will always be someone eager to step up. Time off can be good though, some wrestlers are much bigger draws when they return from time off.

  • hurrigame

    Warrior to the "WWE Universe": "Splendiferosity of Restitutions"—> "hi."

  • Jaryd

    To be honest he wasn't the kinda guy you'd want around full-time. But I think 1 feud with 1 payoff match preceded by a few weeks of some of his trademark bat-dropping crazy promos would be pretty awesome!