Major WWE Network Update, Wrestlemania Chairs, Jericho & Cena To NXT

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- DirecTV is surveying customers about the proposed WWE Network. According to their survey, the network will be offered for a fee each month and will include all pay-per-views except for Wrestlemania. Pay-per-views will still be available for purchase for those that do not subscribe to the network.

- Wrestling News World reader Ben sent word that Kmart is currently accepting pre-orders for the Wrestlemania 29 chair. They're priced at $129.99 and located at this link.

- Chris Jericho is advertised to appear at the 3/21 WWE NXT tapings. John Cena is being advertised for the 4/11 tapings as Ryback was originally scheduled.

  • Kleck

    It’s hard to put a price on 11 PPVs, classic matches, and footage from the WWE library. I’m a buyer.

    • Johnny C

      Well according to shows that have already been proposed, they would probably have shows like legends house and that diva’s reality show and stuff like that mixed in with the wrestling programs. *shudders*. Major turn off for me.

      • Razmos

        Also all the old raw, smackdown and ppvs re-showing, wonder if wcw nitro gets a showing to

  • If the network is priced lower than $49.99, it’s worth every penny because that’s how much PPV’s cost. Honestly though, I wouldn’t buy it unless it’s around $24.99 or less.

  • lee

    I don’t see alot of people gettingthe network if its just on DirectTV.

  • Nostaljack

    Direcyv? No yanks.

  • Nostaljack

    DirecTV? No , thanks.

  • Crysknife

    Lol. $130 for a chair. I like the way they note its dent resistant :).

    • Awesome2323

      Wrestlemania 28 chair from Kmart sold on ebay on January 22nd for $80 plus $30 shipping- $110 total. I guess people really like these chairs.

  • I pay 55 dollars per PPV (High definition) so really anything cheaper than that a month would be worth it. Especially that they would more than likely charge 20 or less a month. I would pay that price BEFORE they throw in the PPVs. I hope this is true.